Wrong Room


"Hey man, get her another drink, and then offer to help her put some lotion on her back. Oh, and I'll bet anything that if you rub the small of her back and the back of her knees it'll drive her crazy."Ryan said smiling.

"Sound like a plan man, but how do you know all this stuff?" Chris asked.

"I read it somewhere I think." Ryan replied.

Amanda was starting to relax in the warm sun. This vacation was just what she needed. Also, if her husband was going to ignore her then maybe Chris could keep her entertained.

"Here ya go." Chris said as he plopped back down on his chair.

Amanda took a big drink and then laid her head back down. Chris sat there a few minutes before working up the nerve to ask her about the lotion.

"Hey, I should put some lotion on your back before you burn out here." Chris said sheepishly.

Amanda smiled when she heard Chris' attempt at a come on. But who was she to stop him.

"That'd be great." She smiled.

Chris' face lit up. That was a lot easier than he thought it would be. He nervously put some lotion on his hand and began to rub it onto Amanda's back. Amanda took a deep breath as Chris' strong hands glided over her upper back and shoulders.

"Ummmmmm...." Amanda quietly moaned.

Chris looked over his shoulder to where Ryan was sitting. He mouthed the words "OH MAN!" Ryan gave him the thumbs up. Chris slowly worked his hands downward until he reached the small of Amanda's back. Here he began to more massage than apply lotion. He used his thumbs to apply gentle pressure as his fingers wrapped around Amanda's waist.

"Oh yeah." Amanda thought too herself as Chris exploited one of her weaknesses.

Amanda was beginning to bite her bottom lip and realizing that she was getting very turned on. As relaxed as she was she wasn't about to stop Chris though. After a few minutes on her lower back Chris took a chance and turned his hand slightly and let his fingers slip under Amanda's bikini bottom just slightly. At first he just sat still waiting to see if she would say anything. Amanda was very aware of what Chris was doing but as long as he didn't go any further she was going to let him enjoy himself. Chris began rubbing his hand back and forth wanting to see how much he could get away with. Emboldened by Amanda's lack of reaction Chris slid is hand down a bit further until his middle finger started to slide between the cheeks of Amanda's ass.

"Easy tiger." Amanda said realizing that she had to stop him.

"Oh, umm..sorry." Chris mumbled.

Before the moment completely cooled off Chris put more lotion onto his hands and began to rub it onto Amanda's calves. Amanda was just relieved that his hands were away from her rear. She was enjoying herself but there was a line she wasn't going to cross. For the next few minutes she just lay there in the warm sun as Chris applied lotion to her legs. Until, that is, he reached the back of her knees. Amanda again bit her lip as Chris expertly massaged one of her most sensitive spots.

"He knows all the tricks." Amanda thought to herself as her young admirer worked her legs.

Just when she thought she had herself under control though Chris' hands began to move upward to her thighs. By this time Chris wasn't rubbing lotion onto her legs, he was kneading her thighs. The sensation took Amanda by surprise at first and she didn't know what to do. When Chris' thumbs reached the bottom of her ass Amanda felt her pussy start to tingle. She knew she'd let him go too far and she had to put a stop to it. But she didn't want to hurt his feelings either.

"Thanks Chris. I think I'm done for today though." Amanda said sitting up on her lounger.

"Awww....really?" Chris groaned.

"Yeah, I think so. I think I'm gonna head up to my room and take a shower. Thanks again for the wonderful afternoon." Amanda said getting up.

"Hey, is there any chance that later we could.... I don't know; maybe grab a bite to eat?" Chris asked desperately.

Amanda starred at the boy for a few seconds. She knew that he didn't know she was there with her husband and son, but the fact of the matter she was. But Chris was such a nice boy; she really did enjoy his company. Maybe she could find some time later in the week to hang out some more.

"I'll tell you what Chris, give me your cell number and if I need some company later on I'll give you a call." Amanda smiled.

Chris quickly complied and Amanda walked off toward the hotel. Chris ran over to where Ryan had been sitting. He recounted everything that had happened to Ryan. They talked for a while and Ryan wished Chris luck before they parted ways.

Up in her hotel room Amanda was starring at herself in the bathroom mirror with a smile on her face. She looked down onto the counter and saw the piece of paper with Chris' number on it. She couldn't believe she'd gotten a guy's number. She hadn't done that in eighteen years. Amanda pulled off her top and slid her bottoms down as well. She looked herself over in the mirror and noticed that she was still rather flush and her nipples were very hard. She rubbed her middle finger over her pussy lips and realized she was very wet.

"Little devil." Amanda said to herself referring to Chris.

She then stepped into the shower and washed the sun tan lotion and sweat off. As the warm water washed over her she began to calm down a bit and she wondered what kind of dance club she and Don would end up at tonight. She'd had her flirty fun for the day but now she wanted to dance the night away with her husband.

After he changed clothes in his room Ryan decided to see what his parents were going to do later that night. He knocked on their room door and after a few seconds the door opened and Amanda was standing there with a towel wrapped under her arms.

"Oh, hey honey. C'mon in I was just getting ready for tonight. What have you been up to?" Amanda asked.

Ryan walked into the room and sat down on the bed. He was starring at his mother's very exposed legs for a moment before realizing what he was doing.

"Oh, I checked out the pool for a while." He said curious as to how his mother would respond.

Upon hearing him Amanda swallowed hard. She'd hoped that he didn't see what had happened between her and Chris. Not that anything wrong happened but she didn't want her son to see that.

"Really? I was down by the pool for a few minutes. I didn't see you anywhere." Amanda said nervously.

"I was playing volleyball, I didn't see you though. How long were you down there?" Ryan asked coyly.

"Oh, only about five minutes." Amanda lied very relieved.

Ryan smiled to himself as he heard his mother's lie. She didn't want anyone to know she'd been having a little fun with a young stranger.

"Well, I just wanted to know what you and dad were going to do later." Ryan said.

"He told me to call him earlier and we'd all go get something to eat. After that I'm going to hit the dance floors." Amanda said.

"That's cool. Just let me know when you two are ready." Ryan said getting up.

"Ok honey, see you in a bit." Amanda replied.

Ryan walked back to his room and watched some TV for a while. After forty-five minutes or so there was a knock on his door. He got up and opened the door to find his mom and dad standing there. His dad had on a nice sport jacket and slacks and his mother had on a very tight little black cocktail dress. From the looks of it they planned on a night of partying.

"You ready to go kiddo?" Don asked his son.

"Sure am, let me grab my wallet." Ryan said.

The three of them rode the elevator down to the lobby and caught a cab to a nice restaurant. They all talked and enjoyed their meal. Then they decided to go to this nightclub across the street. When they entered the club Ryan split from his parents hoping to find some people a little closer to his age. After sitting at the bar for about a half hour he struck up a conversation with a very pretty blonde. They flirted for a while until the girl asked him to dance. Ryan made his way to the dance floor and started to do his best to keep up with his partner. After a few minutes he noticed that across the dance floor his mother and dad were really going at it. His mother was a dance champion in her younger years and she still could really cut a rug. For the next couple of hours Ryan divided his attention between the cute blonde he was with and the even cuter brunette in the little black dress.

During one break from the dance floor Ryan ran into his dad who was getting a couple more drinks for him and Amanda. Ryan noticed that his dad was stumbling all over the place.

"Geez dad, maybe you should call it a night huh?" Ryan asked.

"Oh I'm about to son. Driving all day is starting to catch up with me. The only problem is I don't know if I'll be able to pry your mother off the dance floor." Don laughed.

"Yeah I see what you mean." Ryan replied looking at his mother still shaking her ass with no signs of stopping.

About an hour later Ryan had just gotten the blonde's number and walked her out to her car. When he came back in he saw his dad sitting at the bar with his head down. Ryan knew he'd had enough for tonight. Just then he saw his mother coming out of the bathroom.

"Hey mom! I don't think dad's gonna make much longer." Ryan shouted to be heard over the music.

"Yeah, he said he was tired from driving all day." Amanda said still shaking her hips to the beat of the music.

"So are you guys ready to call it a night?" Ryan asked.

"Oh honey, I'm just warming up." Amanda replied.

"What about dad though, he's through." Ryan smiled.

"Honey, do me a favor and see if you can't get your father back to the hotel safely. I'll take a cab later." Amanda said.

Ryan wasn't thrilled with the idea of leaving his mother alone at the club but he was tired too and he could see there was no arguing with her.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Definitely, I'll see you tomorrow sweetie." Amanda said before she kissed her son on the cheek.

Ryan smiled and watched his mother's ass as she walked back to the dance floor. He then went and helped his dad out of the club and into a cab. On the ride home his dad didn't even ask about his wife, he was trashed. When they got back to the hotel Don could hardly walk. Ryan managed to get him into the elevator and upstairs but in the hallway outside their rooms Don passed out in the floor. Ryan couldn't help but laugh a bit but when he tried to pick his dad up he realized how heavy an unconscious body was. He used his keycard to open his room up so he could set his wallet and his dad's coat down. That way he would have both arms free to pick up his dad. He bent down and gently slapped his dad a couple times trying to wake him up. After the third slap Don's eyes popped open.

"Dad! C'mon you've gotta make it to your bed." Ryan said standing his father up.

"Yeah yeah kiddo.......no problem." Don said staggering back and forth.

The only problem was that Don was so drunk he headed for the only open door he could see. He stumbled towards Ryan's room and quickly fell across the end of Ryan's bed.

"No dad, that's the wrong room!" Ryan yelled but it was too late.

Too tired and drunk to try and pick up his dad Ryan grabbed Don's key card from his back pocket and opened the door. His plan was to wait for his mom to come back and tell her that Don had passed out in his room. Just for the night they'd have to switch rooms. But after about twenty minutes Ryan had passed out himself.

Three hours later Amanda Schaffer got off the elevator and stumbled to her room. To put it mildly she was smashed. She kept giggling to herself for no reason. She been dancing for about four hours and the alcohol she'd drank had taken full effect. It took her a few minutes just to get the key card into the slot. When she opened the door the only light was coming from the bathroom. She dropped her purse by the door and pulled off her heels. As she tried to balance herself she knocked over a bottle sitting on the table. The noise was loud enough to wake Ryan from his coma. He opened his eyes and it took him a minute to remember he was in his parent's room. He looked down at the foot of the bed and saw his mother stumble by. Just as he was about to say something his mother stopped at the bathroom door and pulled her dress down to her ankles. Ryan's eyes lit up like pie plates. Before him now his mother was naked except for a black thong.

"Oh shit." Ryan thought as his mother closed the door.

Ryan laid there in the dark with his heart beating like crazy. In just a few minutes his drunken mother is going to come out of the bathroom and get into bed with him laying in it. He knew he should get up and turn the lights on and tell her what had happened but he couldn't help but want to see what would happen if he didn't. In the worst case scenario he could just pretend he was passed out. Just then the bathroom door opened and the light went out. Ryan was now safe in complete darkness.

Amanda felt her way to the bed and pulled the covers back. She lied down and snuggle up to who she thought was her husband. Amanda was drunk and horny, she thought that maybe if she tried she could stir her husband and they could have some drunken sex.

"Hey baby, are you awake?" She said gently kissing Ryan's neck.

Ryan was trying not to hyperventilate as his mother kissed his neck. He wasn't too worried about her noticing anything because he was built very much like his father. The only difference was that he had a little more hair on his head. Not knowing what to do he simply grunted. "Ummhmmm"

"Oh baby, I'm so wet right now." Amanda moaned as she kissed her way up Ryan's neck.

Amanda tilted her son's head toward her and pressed her lips against his. In her drunken state she didn't know anything was amiss. Ryan was in heaven, he was kissing his mother finally. It was wrong but he didn't care at the moment. Daringly Ryan reached over with his hand and groped his mother's tit. Amanda responded by forcing her tongue into her son's mouth. They kissed like lovers for a few minutes. Ryan didn't want to stop but what he felt next made him break the kiss momentarily. Amanda's hand had slid down and she was undoing his belt.

"Ohhh......god I need this." Amanda moaned.

Ryan could do nothing but lay there motion less as his mother's hands quickly had his pants undone. Ryan took in a deep breath waiting to see what would happen next, and he didn't have to wait long. Amanda reached into her son's pants and wrapped her hand around her son's rock hard cock. She was surprised that for some reason Don's cock was bigger than usual. Her drunken mind didn't dwell on it very long as she began unknowingly stroking her son's cock.

"Oh godddd....."Ryan quietly moaned.

Amanda's lips once again found her son's and her tongue danced with his as she jacked his cock. After a few minutes she got up and in the darkness Ryan couldn't tell what she was doing. Then the most wonderful feeling he'd ever felt happened as a warm wetness engulfed his cock.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Ryan thought as his own mother sucked his cock.

Amanda rarely gave her husband a blowjob but since he'd managed to get it up that well she was going to reward him. The room went quiet except for slurping sounds as Ryan's cock went in and out of his mother's mouth. Boldly he grabbed the back of his mother's head and began to control the pace of the best blowjob he'd ever had. Before long he was fucking his mother's mouth. It didn't take much longer and Ryan knew he was about to cum.

"Oh god!" Ryan hissed doing his best to disguise his voice.

He knew he could ruin the whole thing buy cumming in his mother's mouth without warning her but he just couldn't resist. He wouldn't be able to live with himself if he didn't do it. Amanda felt the cock in her mouth began to swell and she knew her husband was about to cum. Part of her hoped he would've lasted a bit longer because she could really use a good fucking but another part of her was in the giving mood. Ryan's hips bucked uncontrollably as his cock erupted into his mother's mouth.

"FUUUUUUUUCKKKK!!!" Ryan moaned deeply.

Amanda sucked harder and harder being careful not to let any cum go to waste. Normally swallowing cum made her a little sick but as drunk as she was it went down easily. Even after she'd milked her son's hard cock of all its cream she still sucked. Finally relenting Ryan's cock slipped from his mother's mouth with a loud pop.

"God baby, that was hot." Amanda said running her finger nails down her son's thighs.

It usually took her husband at least an hour to recover but to her amazement when her hand brushed against his cock it was still rock hard.

"Oh baby, gimme that cock!" Amanda moaned as she straddled her son.

Ryan couldn't even speak he was so drained from his orgasm. He laid there amazed that any of this was happening. He felt his mother grab his cock and guide it to her pussy. In one slow motion Amanda sat down onto her son's cock. Her eyes rolled back into her head as her son's cock penetrated her pussy deeper than she'd remembered ever being penetrated before.

"Oh fuck baby! God what's gotten into you?" She moaned.

Slowly but surely Amanda increased the pace as she rode her son. Ryan reached up into the darkness and squeezed his mother tits together. All that could be heard was the sound of Amanda's ass slapping against her son's hips. After ten minutes or so Ryan rolled on top of his mother and kissed her deeply as he slowly fucked her wet pussy. Amanda was in pure ecstasy, her toes curled as she felt her orgasm building.

"C'mon baby, fuck me harder!" She groaned.

Ryan took her cue and began to pound her harder and harder. He raised her legs to her chest and began fucking his mother as hard and as fast as he could. It only took a couple of minutes before he knew he was about to lose it again. Just as he felt his balls tighten he felt his mother's body began to tremble.

"OHH FUCK BABY, I'M CUMMING!" Amanda screamed.

At that moment Ryan tensed up and unloaded a massive torrent of cum inside his mother's hot pussy. Amanda groaned loudly as her son's cock emptied load after load of hot cum inside her convulsing cunt. The two lovers remained joined for another minute or two before Ryan leaned down and kissed his mother again. Their tongues coiled around each other as Ryan's cock softened inside his mother's soaked pussy. After a bit Ryan rolled off his mother and went to pee. He looked at his self in the mirror and smiled. When he walked back into the room he heard his mother snoring. She'd finally passed out.

After the euphoria of what happened wore off a little Ryan knew he had to get his dad back into his own room. A quietly as he could he opened the door and knowing that his life depended on it, Ryan managed to get his father back into his own bed. To complete the scene he pulled his dad's pants down then he went back to his room.

As he lay down on his own bed Ryan couldn't believe he'd just fucked his own mother and she was none the wiser. This vacation was shaping up quite nicely he thought to himself as he drifted off.

To be continued...

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