tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWrong Ship, New Life

Wrong Ship, New Life


Kia sat huddled in the corner of the storage tent, her eyes streaming tears. Her thoughts drifted to the recent events that had led her to be on this ghastly island. The attack on her village, her fathers body lying limp on the floor, the voyage upon the ship. From the start nothing had gone right.

Kia was your average 18 year old girl. She stood dainty at just over 5 foot and her dirt blonde hair framed her angel face perfectly. Her eyes were that of cut blue sapphires and her button nose complimented her full lips. Considered the village beauty, Kia had remained single, waiting for her prince to one day come and whisk her away from the dull county of where she lived.

The idea of an attack on the village was considered unlikely so they were unprepared for when the savages attacked. They came in the middle of the night, torches blazing. Kia had been returning from her late night walk when she saw the smoke billowing from the houses. Bodies of her people were strewn across the roads. She ran frantically to her home, stumbling blindly in the darkness. Inside she found the body of her father lying in the kitchen, blood staining his shirt. She couldn't stay there, she'd be found for sure. Her thin top and skirt would not do for travelling. She ran to her father's room, grabbed one of his shirts and ran out of the back door. She turned away from her village and ran as fast as she could, never looking back.

Her plan had been to smuggle herself aboard a ship to America. However, her timing couldn't of been worse. She had landed herself on a ship of 200 prisoners destined to colonize a newly discovered island. The captain of the ship was a former navy officer and had hired 30 crew men to help bring order to the island as well as organise the prisoners. Any prisoner seen to be safe was put on the ship. It was crowded below deck, men and women were split into cells separated by iron bars. No one had enough room to breathe. The stench from the unwashed bodies was unbearable. Kia had smuggled herself in with the food storage. She fed when necessary, only coming out from her hiding spot when no one was around. The voyage took several days but eventually the call that land had been sighted rang out across the ship.

The island was small when viewed from the ship. Kia peered through a porthole at the island, realising all too late what she had got herself in to. The unloading process was slow as all the prisoners were accounted for and told where to go. Kia climbed into one of the barrels just in time as two men came in to unpack the food. She felt herself being lifted and carried off the ship before being placed with the rest of the storage. The hours passed as the rest of the ship was unloaded and tents were assembled. People began to sort themselves into tents as the light slowly faded and food began to be prepared for the evening meal. Kia climbed quietly out of the barrel and huddled in the back corner of the food tent. The murmur of people outside could be heard as they ate and talked the night away.

When everyone had finished eating, the murmur of conversation began to change. Soon screams could be heard as the prisoners began to take control. Kia peered out from under the tent wall and the scene that met her eyes caused her to gasp in shock. Everywhere men had women on their backs, enjoying their first real night of freedom. The officer and his men could only stand back and watch as men chased woman across the island, taking them against their will. Kia heard shuffling outside the tent she was in. She had to move, what if they found her?

Before she realised what she was doing she was on her feet and sliding out the back of the tent. Before her lay the ocean in all it's midnight glory. The waves moved slowly up the sand. She looked around, to her left a forest loomed up; the trees would at least hide her for the night. Quickly she ran towards the trees, it wasn't far, she's be there soon if she just kept running.

She ran slightly into the trees to make sure that no one could see her. The dark and gloom of the forest surrounded her, fear rose up in her belly. Looking back, the colony was awash with flesh. How could this happen? The colony was supposed to be a new beginning for these people, where their past sins could be forgotten, and here they were committing yet another crime. Turning away she walked into the trees, she had to find shelter for the night.

A snap of a twig behind her caught her attention. Spinning around her sapphire eyes met soft brown ones hidden beneath shaggy black hair. The man was well built, Kia wondered if she even came up to his shoulders. He was shirtless, wearing only a pair of ripped black breaches. His chest was toned and his arm muscles bulged beneath his skin.

Kia was held motionless by his eyes. The smile upon his lips and the slight bulge in his trousers told her his intentions. Even if she ran fast, she knew she'd never out run him, but she had to try. Quickly she turned and darted into the trees, her bare feet struggling on the harsh ground. The twigs and brambles snagged at her legs but the adrenaline in her body kept her from feeling the sting. She knew he was following; his heavy footsteps fell on the ground not far behind her. He was fast but her size made it easy to dodge between the trees and to her luck she was creating a greater distance between them. Hoping to get away before her energy ran out, Kia dodged sharply to her left, taking a different path. Hoping he would be so far behind that he wouldn't see her turn. After about 40 feet she turned left again and headed back towards the entrance to the forest. If her plan worked she would come out not far from the colony and then she would decide what to do once she got there. She wasn't sure if the man had followed her, his footsteps were no longer pounding behind her but she couldn't risk turning around to check. Looking ahead she saw the trees clear, she was nearing the edge of the forest, the familiar sound of the breaking waves reaching her ears.

Running out of the trees she glanced around, where was the colony? It couldn't have moved. Yet here she was staring out at the ocean, no people or tents in sight. Maybe she hadn't run in the direction she thought she had. Footsteps brought her back to focus and she glanced around to see the man breaking clear of the trees. Turning she ran along the edge of the forest, there had to be somewhere she could hide. Lost in her thoughts her foot caught on an open tree root. She let out a screech as she fell roughly onto the floor. Before she could even begin to scramble up the weight of a foot pressed down into her lower back. She squirmed about, trying to work her way free. She felt the weight on her back shift as a strong hand replaced his foot. His warm breath tickled the back of her neck.

"You don't half put up a good chase, hey little one? I might have been chasing you all night if you hadn't fallen. Must say I'm glad that you did though. It's been a long time since I've had a beauty like you."

A blush warmed her cheeks as his laughter met her ears. The hand on her back slipped down to her hip and gently rolled her to face him. Her eyes followed his gaze as he glanced over her, his hand trailing lightly over her stomach, rising to rest below her neck. Holding her chin with his hand he bent down to catch her lips with his. His other hand moving to cup her face and draw her deeper into the kiss. Kia was helpless; her thoughts lost in the feeling of his lips on hers. His tongue gently teased open her lips, darting in to tangle with her own. A moan escaped her lips as his hand found her breast. Gripping the top of her shirt, he yanked down causing the thin cotton to rip in two. His lips left hers to kiss a trail down her jaw, moving past her neck to place gentle kisses on her chest. His mouth engulfed her already hardened nipple, causing her to gasp in pleasure as he worked her skirt down and off her legs. This couldn't be happening, she had to stop it. Planting her hands on his shoulders she shoved hard, pushing away from him and giving herself enough gap to crawl out from underneath him. A strong arm encircled her waist and pulled her back against his bare chest, the rip in her shirt giving him a view of her cleavage. He suckled on the sensitive skin at her nape, anchoring her with his arm as she wriggled under his pursuits. The cold night air worked it's way through her thin shirt causing goose bumps to form over her smooth skin. She shivered as he rolled over, trapping her underneath him. His warm hand caressing her thigh, rising slowly to touch her curls. Kia struggled helplessly against his advances but soon stopped, realising it was pointless. His hand cupped her mound, a finger slipping down through her lips. He found what he was seeking and slowly pushed one finger in causing a moan to escape her mouth. Working it's way slowly in and out before another joined it causing Kia to wriggle in discomfort. His other hand shifted beneath her to gently caress her left breast, pinching her nipple every so often. Kia bit down on her lip, willing herself to ignore the feelings his hands were creating. His head moved close to hers. His breath tickling her ear.

"You may put up a good fight little one, but you can't deny that you like this."

His deep voice sent a shiver through her spine, he was right, an ache was growing between her thighs and she knew only one thing could cure it. Reaching behind her, she ran her hand over the large bulge in his trousers, feeling it jump beneath her touch. He shifted off her slightly so she could turn over. His hand returning to her breast while his other helped her in untying his breaches. Once undone she curiously pulled them down, she'd never seen a man naked before but from talking with the other girls in her village she could tell that he was very large. His deep laugh met her ears as he noticed the fear on her face.

"It will hurt at first little one but don't worry, I'll make it as pleasurable as possible."

He spread her legs with his knees before aligning himself. Her weak attempts to push him away did nothing to stop the inevitable. He thrust into her a couple of inches causing her to scream out. His mouth covering hers with a passionate kiss, silencing her cries of pain. Thrusting again he penetrated a couple more inches. He felt her barrier press against him. Withdrawing nearly all the way he thrust hard into her tearing through her barrier until his pelvis rested against hers. He waited, allowing Kia to adjust to the uncomfortable feeling of him inside her.

"Relax, fighting it will only cause you pain little one."

As Kia's cries subsided into soft whimpers he slowly began to move again. Inching nearly all the way out before thrusting back in. Soon the pain was gone and had been replaced with pleasure. Kia began to move with him, coming up to meet his thrusts. He sped up causing her to cry out in pleasure. It was like nothing she'd ever felt before. He settled into a rhythm, adjusting the depth of his thrusts every once and a while. Causing Kia to scream out in pleasure. He sensed she was close and kept up the pace. Biting and licking his was down her neck to latch onto her left nipple. This sent Kia over the edge. Her body tensed, her back arching off the ground. She clamped down on him, causing him to come deep within her. His body shaking as he rested his weight on top of her.

After what seemed like hours but was really only minutes, Kia positioned her head so her mouth was next to his ear.

"Am I to know your name?" she whispered.

"James" he smiled, kissing her softly on the forehead.

He rolled off of her, but kept an arm firmly locked around her waist, taking her with him till she lay against his side. His eyes fell shut as sleep overtook him. She wanted to say more but found that she had very little energy to do so. Following his example she rested her head on his chest and dozed off under the night sky.

Kia awoke to the sensation of fingers trailing slowly over her cheek. Opening her eyes she gazed up at those familiar brown eyes as the events of last night came flooding back to her. The scenes at the colony, being chased through the forest and finally... Oh god what had she done! Shaking off the remnants of sleep from her head she sat up suddenly.

"Morning little one. Sleep well?" James sat up bringing his face close to hers.

"How is one to sleep well after being raped and forced to lie next to the perpetrator all night long?" Kia remarked, edging away from him.

"Ah, so we're back to the feisty lass again are we? If I remember correctly you were participating in last nights event just as much as I was. Are you telling me now that you didn't like it?" The same smile that she'd seen last night moved across his lips as he said this.

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying, it was repulsive, the very thought of it makes me ill"

"Liar" he murmured as he moved, throwing himself on top of her as she tried to roll out of the way, pinning her face-up with her arms trapped at her sides by his large hands. "You're body needs me, cries out to me" He said this as he manoeuvred her hands above her head, grasping both wrists in one hand. His other moved down, pinching a pert nipple as it continued its way down past her belly button to rest in the curls between her legs. Parting her lips with his fingers, he pushed his middle finger into her, causing a moan to escape from her lips. His thumb brushed her in a place she'd discovered long ago that sent thrills shooting through her lower body. He rubbed the small bump, her back arching in response. A second finger joined the first inside her. The continual thrusting of the fingers inside her coupled with his thumb relentless on her clit soon had her on the edge. Gazing up at him with a mixture of anger and lust, James thought how amazing she looked. She needed this, she needed him. Never had he wanted a girl so much. Adding a third finger, he had her crying out as he sent her over the edge, writhing underneath him. He silenced her cries with his lips as she slowly came down from her peak. Pressing a kiss against he lips he whispered "Still think it's repulsive little one? A lazy smile crept onto her face.

"Perhaps not repulsive, just a little bit boring I'd say" she answered, followed by a gasp as he rolled her onto her stomach and brought a hand down on her behind. She squirmed under his hand holding her to the floor.

"Boring am I? We'll see" he said as he grasped her hips bringing her up to rest on her knees, pushing into her without allowing her time to adjust. Her struggles ceased the minute he began to move inside her as the now familiar feeling began to build inside her. Reaching around James found her pleasure point and began to rub in time with his thrusts. Within minutes he had he screaming out in pleasure as she climaxed for the second time that morning, tightening around him until he too came inside her. Collapsing on top of her, he lay there, still inside her as they both caught their breath.

After a few moments had passed he rolled off of her onto his back and put his arms beneath his head as he glanced over at her, still on her front, her body rising and falling as she breathed slowly.

Kia shifted her head to look across at him. Lifting her arm she brought it up to his lips, softly tracing them from one side to the other before trailing down to his chest where she rested her hand, feeling the smooth hard muscle beneath her palm.

"You wear me out little one, and yet I still can't keep my hands off you" he said, smiling at her. To what name do you go by? Forgive my manners but I seem to have forgotten to ask."

"Kianara, but most people call me Kia"

"'Tis a pretty name, which suits you perfectly." Kia blushed at this comment. "And may I ask what wrong you have done to bring yourself onto this island?"

Kia hesitated a moment, the memory of her burning village still vivid in her mind.

"I did no wrong. My village was attacked, my father was killed and I had no where to go. I thought I could board a ship and start a new life in America. My friends had told me so many stories of the wonders that are there. Was my bad luck that I ended up on this ship." She finished, sitting up and turning her head towards the ocean, gazing out at the horizon.

"I'm sorry about your village, and your father too." He said, sitting and putting an arm around her, drawing her into his warmth. "You lost a lot. Maybe this colony is what you need after all. A new start. That's what everyone else is here for. To forget the past"

"But did you not see what happened at the colony, the women's screams could be heard for miles, and the captain did nothing to stop the attacks. How is that a new start I ask you?" Tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

"I can't erase that memory from your mind, but Kia you have to understand, those prisoners have been kept in cells for years. That was their first night of freedom. If you return to the camp things will probably of calmed down by now. They aren't killers. The people who were brought here were deemed safe, their crimes minor. Like myself for example." Kia turned at this, she had yet to ask him of the reason for his being her but it seemed she might get her answer any way. Smiling at her sudden interest, he continued. "I was imprisoned for stealing. A minor crime, of which I only did to feed my family. I couldn't see my mother and sister starve. Yet I was arrested none the less and like many others on the ship I regret what I did. But it doesn't make me a bad person, does it?" Kia looked up into his eyes.

"No, I suppose not. But still, if those events of that night repeated themselves..."

"Then I'd be there to protect you" He tightened his arm around her to emphasise his point. A smile spread across her face causing James to smile back.

"I don't know what it is about you Kia but I feel this overwhelming desire to keep you safe. I've never felt this strongly about anyone and yet in less than twenty four hours you've crept into my heart and rooted yourself there".

Kia's only response was to lean over and press a kiss onto his lips which James quickly took over, pushing her back down onto the sand as his body covered his.

James released her lips to whisper "I won't let you get away from me Kia, not now, not ever. And believe me when I say I'll be proving that point on a regular basis" Kia smiled.

"I'd like nothing better" she murmured, before recapturing his lips. His soft moan of happiness lost in their passions.

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