tagGroup SexWrong Shower Turned Right

Wrong Shower Turned Right


Wrong shower turned right -- Aided by her brazen friend, Julia pushes her boundaries

Anna smashed the ball towards the back corner of the squash court. With Julia's long legs it didn't take much effort to reach it in time. She effortlessly placed the return in the opposite corner. Anna really tried to get it, but she wasn't even close. She lacked Julia's athletic build, and was getting increasingly tired and frustrated.

"Why do I even play with you?" she panted.

Julia just shrugged her shoulders as she picked up the ball. Anna had joined a big firm, and they were using the company fitness center for exercise. It wasn't big -- just a squash court and a small gym -- but it was conveniently close to Julia's home. It might have been a good idea to let her friend win from time to time, but that just wouldn't have worked. Anna would know if Julia played at less than her best.

Just as she was about to serve again, Anna whispered loud enough for her to hear. "Looks like my colleagues are here to check you out again."

Julia didn't let the comment distract her, and she aced the serve, much to the irritation of her opponent. But as she turned around, she saw that Anna wasn't lying. Just like last time, Adam, Luca, and Carl had shown up to watch them play. They were dressed for the gym. Anna greeted them with an exaggerated curtsy, and Julia gave them a far more reserved wave. They waved back, and asked if it was OK if they watched them play for a bit.

"Of course. We don't mind," Julia said before Anna even got a chance to reply. The short woman grinned. As she turned, she whispered again. "I think they like the shorts I gave you."

Julia's new training outfit was a birthday present, and a far more revealing one than she'd normally wear. Her first reaction had been to return the outfit, but after trying it on at home, she couldn't help thinking that she liked what she saw. Those tight shorts hugged her ass, accentuating its round shape, and at the same time showed off her long, slender legs. The matching singlet kept her toned midriff exposed. She knew her friend was right -- she was a pleasing sight for the guys. Julia missed the next serve, no longer unmoved by the presence of the audience.

Anna chuckled, picking up on Julia's sudden loss of concentration. "Something distracting you, hun?" she teased.

"Yeah, my hair keeps getting in the way," Julia lied and stopped to retie her bright red locks in a ponytail. Determined to not let it happen again, she pretended that the audience weren't there. Within a few minutes, she'd beaten her friend with three games in a row.

"Do you want to go again?" she asked, her voice not giving away the satisfaction of having silenced her friend's mocking.

"No, I give up," Anna moped.

Julia began her post-game stretching routine. After catching her breath, Anna again brought up the topic of her colleagues.

"I wasn't lying you know," she said, lowering her voice. "They only showed up to check you out. They usually workout somewhere else, but when I told them we were playing here today, they were suddenly very keen on using the company gym."

Julia turned and noticed that the guys were still there.

"You should totally hook up with one of them," Anna whispered. "It's obvious they all keep hitting on you."

This wasn't all nonsense... Julia had joined her friend for company outings a few times, and she had picked up on a flirtatious vibe from each of those guys. She wasn't making it easy for them though. She didn't think of herself as shy, but she was definitely an introvert, and conversations tended to get awkward.

"Come on, it would do you good to get laid," Anna continued, a crude statement even by her standards. "Just make your pick, girlfriend. Or maybe you want them all, you dirty girl!"

Anna raised her voice for the last part, and Julia's face grew red with embarrassment as she turned to see if the guys might have heard. Anna laughed, telling her that they had already left.

Julia shook her head. "I never should have told you about that."

On a tipsy night a few months back, Anna wanted to talk about sexual fantasies. Julia first refused, but fueled by generous amounts of red wine and Anna's peer pressure, she eventually gave in. She told her friend about her most recurrent fantasy -- to be shared by a group of men. Since then Anna had not stopped teasing, even to the point of mocking Julia about not having the guts to go through with it. It was probably true, but the idea nevertheless excited her, and the fact that her friend kept taunting her about it lately didn't make these fantasies go away. She was thinking about it more than ever.

"It's always the quiet ones," Anna said and smirked as she packed up her racket in its cover. "I think you should just do it, but I assume you have better plans for the evening?"

Julia glanced to where the guys had just been standing, her green eyes momentarily sparkling with lustful yearning. She sighed. "Well, I thought I might try that fancy risotto recipe I found. It's pretty advanced you know, so I never dared cooking it before."

"I guess that takes courage in its own way," Anna chuckled. "But I'm sure it will be no problem for you."

"Thanks," Julia said, happy for the change of topic. "This one is pretty challenging though. Not sure I can pull it off."

"Well, you'll have to let me know how it goes, and more importantly, when you will cook it for me. I have to take off. Did you say you're getting changed here?"

"Yes, if you think it's OK that I let myself out afterwards. You know -- since I don't work here."

"Don't worry about it, hun. No one cares. And there is rarely anybody here after-hours anyway. I don't think we've ever seen anyone, right? Except for my three hot colleagues.

Anna whispered the last part with a sultry voice, and grinned as Julia pretended not to hear. She chuckled at her own wit.

"You know where the female changing room is, right?"

"Yeah, I think so. Down the hall and to the left?"

"No, to the right," Anna said and smirked as she shook her head. "Your sense of direction is just terrible."

Anna gave her a quick hug and took off. Julia normally went home to change after their games too. But the cooking she was planning required some grocery shopping, and she wanted to shower before going to the store on her way home. As she found the changing room, she double checked to make sure the door had an "F" for female. It wouldn't be unlike Anna to prank her by sending her into the wrong changing room.

She moped as she undressed. Why was she even friends with Anna? They were such opposites, and it seemed Anna got some sort of kick out of embarrassing her. Then again, she would have missed out on a lot if it hadn't been for her brash friend. It was Anna who pushed Julia to get her nose out of her books, dragging her along to social events, holidays or other little adventures, most of which had been admittedly rewarding. It had also been Anna to convince her to come along for that cooking class that had made her discover her latest passion. Anna soon lost interest, but Julia excelled.

Slipping her panties off, she caught a reflection of her slender body in a full length mirror by the wall. Thinking about how Anna's colleagues had checked her out, she spun around to look at her own ass. It was indeed a thing of beauty -- round and firm, and accentuated by little dimples in her lower back. What would the guys think if they saw her naked like this. Her tits were clearly on the small side, but she thought they were sexy -- perky with pink little nipples that always seemed to be begging for attention. She caressed them softly as she watched herself.

She let her eyes follow one of her hands as she traced it along her body down to her pussy. It was perfectly smooth except for a narrow strip of dark red hair above her slit. She gasped softly as she ran her fingers over her naked lips. Her hand lingered, and she was just about to let her fingers get busy when she realized where she was. This wasn't the place for such pleasure. She smiled at her reflection in the mirror, planning to reward herself after her challenging cooking tonight. Her secret collection of toys had grown lately, and she was looking forward to self-indulgence.

Grabbing her towel, she headed for the showers. There were no private booths, so she was glad to be alone. She knew she had no reason to hide her body, but she liked her privacy. Anna always said she was too modest, and maybe she was right.

Turning on the water, she waited for it to get warm. Her mind returned to Anna's taunting comments about her fantasy. No doubt was it likely to remain just that -- a fantasy. But if she was to ever live it out, Anna was right about her colleagues: they seemed like the perfect group for it. Julia didn't know them very well, but they were always friendly, and as far as she could tell, they were all bright. Giving her body to a bunch of morons simply wouldn't do, even in her fantasies.

She slipped under the suiting stream of warm water, the subject of Anna's colleagues still spinning in her head. Their personalities weren't the only reason she found them attractive. Fit and sexy, they sure were easy on the eye too. She found all of them manly, but none of them macho. And while she wasn't one to care about race, the diversity among them made them even more alluring. With Adam white, Luca Hispanic and Carl black, she felt like being with them would be like having her body shared among men from all over the world. She recognized that it was irrational, but her dirty mind knew no logic boundaries. Soaping up her body, she imagined that it was their hands.

Reluctantly she stopped herself from getting off right there in the shower. It was better to save it for later. She turned off the water to put shampoo in her hair, longing for her toys back home. There was no doubt who the guys would be in her favorite fantasy tonight.

Her trail of thoughts was suddenly interrupted as she heard the door of the changing room fling open. She heard voices. Male voices! It was them -- Adam, Luca and Carl had just walked into the changing room! She started panicking. How could this be? She was sure she had checked the door to make sure she was in the right one. Unless...

It dawned on her that Anna must have changed the signs for the door, tricking her to use the wrong changing room. Julia was getting furious -- this was so typical for her so-called friend. It wasn't the first time Anna played a prank on her, but this was more ambitious than ever before. How could she do this to her?

Julia's head was in a frenzy. What could she do? Her first instinct was to cover up, but she'd hung her towel on the other side of the opening to the showers. She'd have to run naked in clear sight of the guys to reach it. She hysterically contemplated her options.

Perhaps they weren't going to use the showers. With the water turned off, they probably couldn't tell someone was in there. If she was lucky, they might just leave without ever realizing that they weren't alone. Her bag was out there with them, but it was just a normal sports bag. It showed no signs of belonging to a woman -- especially a woman who was standing all naked and vulnerable only meters away from them.

Trying to control her breath, she listened in on their conversation. At first it seemed to be about boring work stuff. But then Luca changed the topic.

"So, how about that Julia?"

The other two chuckled and Carl continued. "Are we bad for perving at her?"

"At least we actually used the gym this time," Luca said. "I'd feel guilty about it, but Anna kind of asked us to come check out her friend, right?"

Julia shook her head, thinking that she was going to have a serious talk with Anna after this. She clenched her fist, and had to stop herself from furiously banging the wall.

"Yeah, and I think with that outfit she must know it's impossible not to stare," Adam added. "Man, did you see that ass?"

The other two laughed. "Always the ass man!"

"Come on, you can't deny that's an amazing ass though."

The other two pleaded guilty. After a brief pause, Luca continued.

"She's a weird one, that girl. She's super-hot, but she acts like doesn't know it."

"It makes her even sexier I think," Carl said.

"I know," Luca agreed. "She comes off real shy, but there is more to that girl than you first notice."

Adam chuckled. "Like I've said before -- she might not be your typical feisty redhead, but there is definitely something naughty brewing underneath that calm surface."

If they only knew. Julia was starting to feel guilty for eavesdropping on them. She was trying her best to remain calm, but given that she was the topic of their conversation, it was getting harder and harder.

To make it worse, the shampoo was running down over her face. As much as she tried, it was getting difficult to keep it out of her eyes without making a detectable sound. Eventually she had to give up and just closed her eyes, barely believing the predicament she was in -- naked and exposed, and now temporarily blinded.

They were no longer talking, but she could still hear them out there. Hopefully they were leaving soon. Perhaps they were putting their shoes on right now.

But she had no such luck.

"Wow, Julia! What are you doing here?!" Adam suddenly shouted out in surprise.

"Are you OK?" Carl asked.

Covering her private parts with her hands, she tried to open her eyes. She only got a brief look at the three men with towels wrapped around their waists before the stinging sensation forced her eyes shut again.

"I'm so sorry!" she yelled. "It was Anna's fault..." She wasn't making much sense, and in her vulnerable state she didn't know what to do or say. "Can you please leave?!" she begged.

"Of course. We'll wait outside."

She forced her eyes open briefly to make sure they were gone and quickly reached for the tap. As the water poured over her body, she felt her heart pound in her chest. She was ashamed beyond belief. What must she have looked like to the guys who just walked in on her?

As the water rinsed the shampoo from her hair, she realized she was not out of the woods yet. Her towel was still hanging on the other side of the shower entrance. The guys weren't talking anymore, but she could tell that they were still sitting out in the changing room. Should she ask them to not look while she fetched it? How could she ask them to be more considerate than they already were? Maybe she should just go and grab it, risking that they all might see her naked body? As if they hadn't already seen enough of it just minutes before...

She was trembling with angst. But mixed with her despair was a much warmer sensation. Was she getting turned on by this? Was the idea of being caught naked by a group of men exciting her?

She shook the thought out of her head. This was no time for her dirty imagination to run wild. Contemplating her options, she cursed her friend for putting her in this humiliating situation. Anna had really gone too far this time.

But then again, didn't Anna usually push her into doing things that actually turned out to be good for her? Countless examples started running through her head. Could it be that this was another opportunity to expand her horizon? Her dirty mind started convincing her that this was indeed the case. The more she thought about it, the more she was getting turned on by how they had walked in on her. Maybe she could make them do it again...

No. Surely she couldn't. What kind of girl would do such a thing? And after begging them to leave, she couldn't just ask them to come back, could she? She didn't have it inside her to be so brazen.

But Anna did. How would she have handled this? If Anna had put her in this compromising situation, could she also help her turn it into something positive? With excitement building her body, Julia slipped into a mindset that she felt her outgoing friend might have this situation. Supported by impersonated confidence, her curious desire seemed to outcompete her feelings of doubt. Her legs felt weak as she slowly walked towards the opening.

Just before she reached it, she took a big breath. Not giving herself a chance to change her mind, she peaked around the corner. Her body remained hidden from the three pairs of surprised eyes staring back at her. They were still wearing towels, and she let her eyes wander among them, swiftly admiring their well-toned bodies. Carl looked quite different without his glasses, his appearance more hunky than his normal "sexy nerd" look. With his face and head completely shaved, he was a contrast to the two bearded men beside him.

"Are you OK?" Luca asked, looking both concerned and curios.

"Yeah, I was just a bit startled, that's all."

Julia felt her body stir with a cocktail of emotions. Fearing she might chicken out, she quickly channeled her friend's audacity.

"You know, I was thinking..." she began, surprised by how steady her voice sounded. "Since it was my mistake to use your shower, it's not right that you should have to wait for me."

The guys looked at her and then at each other, not following what she was hinting at. It seemed she would have to spell it out for them.

"I mean, if you don't mind, we could all just use the showers at the same time."

The guys again stared at her, slowly catching on.

"Are you sure?" Adam said. He sounded both hopeful and confused.

"Yeah, I'm sure," she replied, trying to convince them, as well as herself. "Like I said, it was my mistake after all."

With butterflies in her stomach, she quickly turned and headed back to her shower. The room wasn't big, just six shower heads aligned along two opposite walls. She picked one in the middle of one side. Her heart pounded in her chest as she awaited them, knowing that they wouldn't miss out on this opportunity.

She kept her back against the entrance and didn't acknowledge them as they entered. They seemed to pause a bit, and she knew they were admiring her naked ass. She heard them approach behind her, and one after the other, they picked a shower along the wall opposite to hers. Not ready to give them the frontal view, she kept her back to them, acting like they weren't even there.

But the curiosity grew inside her. She slowly turned her head to peek at the three naked men behind her. The guys spun around in synchrony, facing away from her to hide that fact that they had been perving at her. She smirked at their feigned discretion. With all of them looking at the wall in front of them, she gradually turned her body around. There was an enticing row of naked male backsides lined up before her, arranged by skin color with Carl on the left, Luca in the middle and Adam on the right.

She felt her chest move with nervous excitement. She could barely believe she was doing this. They just had to turn around to get the frontal view of her naked glory. She both dreaded and hoped that they would.

It didn't take them long. One after the other, they started peaking over their shoulders, curious to see what she was doing. Noticing that she was facing them, they first seemed unsure of what to do. But as Carl turned around, the other two followed his lead. Suddenly she was standing there, naked and face to face with three equally naked men. She resisted the urge to cover up, acting like she didn't care. That's what Anna would have done.

They smiled nervously at her, diverting their eyes from her private parts. At first she did the same, but borrowing strength from her friend, she allowed her eyes to wander among the men. Exaggerating her boldness, she stared openly at their cocks. They were growing before her eyes, and the sight filled her body with a lustful hunger.

Since she wasn't averting her eyes, the guys also grew increasingly shameless. They glared openly at her body, paying particular attention to her exposed pussy and perky little tits. She soaped up her body, tauntingly running her hands over her naked skin, and they did the same for her. It was a war of voyeurism, and she was outnumbered three to one.

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