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Wulfwinter Weight Loss Clinic


All names and characters contained herein are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either living or dead. This story is a work of fiction, a fantasy, so read it with a grain of salt and an open mind.

Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Heather McCormick and I'm a thirty-something m.i.l.f. living in suburban Atlanta, Georgia. The story I'm about to tell you is the God's honest truth, and I wouldn't lie, because lying is a sin. Six months ago I was a slovenly 158 pounds of bored, impetuous, spoiled housewife. Now I am a svelte 115 pounds thanks to the Wulfwinter Weight Loss Clinic. Here's my story.

Day 1

Tuesday is lunch day at the club with my friends Carli and Liz. Usually we gab about the usual stuff: who's banging who at the club, which employees got fired for stealing or for screwing the members, who's giving the Chairman blow jobs under the table during board meetings in order to get the ladies locker room remodeled, etc., etc., etc. Today was special, however, because we hadn't seen Carli in four months – she was at some posh weight loss clinic and came back weighing under 120 pounds. She looked fabulous! Her abs were rippling, her calves thin and sexily muscular under her cream stockings. She had a fresh tan and a smile permanently plastered on her face.

"Oh my God! You guys, it is sooo good to see y'all again!" gushed Carli as she sipped her low carb Grey Goose martini. "It seems like I've been gone for years!"

"You look awesome, Carli – I am sooo jealous!" Liz moaned pitifully.

Liz, like me, had succumbed to the ravages of having a couple kids and fifteen years of marriage under her belt. She was pushing 180 and showed no signs of slowing down. She absent-mindedly speared a piece of cheesecake with her fork and delicately ate a large mouthful.

Carli's ponytail bounced up and down as she animatedly told us how her dramatic weight loss had positively affected her relationship and boring sex life with her husband, Drew.

"Like, Drew can't keep his hands off me! Every night for the last four nights, and even this morning before work he has fucked my brains out! If I'd known that losing this weight would change him like this, I would've done it years ago. Y'all have to do it! They have a payment plan..."

"Gosh, Carli, I don't know. Maybe if you had Drew call and talk to Bob, he might pay for this. Bob's kind of tight with our money, being an accountant and all. I'm not sure."

Bob is my husband. He's faithful, handsome, steadfast, and booooooring. But I love him, and I pride myself on the fact that I've never cheated on him. Our sex life the last few years has petered down to almost nothing. With two kids and soccer and karate and

PTO meetings, we have had little time for intimacy. Bob used to have quite the libido when we were young. He was always trying to get me to do yucky stuff like blow jobs and anal sex. That kinky stuff just isn't for me. I was brought up a lady, and a lady does NOT put her husband's thingie in her mouth or her butt.

"Y'all just gotta do it! I'll have Drew call Bob tonight!"

Day 2

By the morning of the next day Bob had arranged for the kids to stay with his parents for the summer, and I was packed and ready to begin my stay at "the fat farm," as I called it. Bob was uncharacteristically excited about this new chapter in our lives, and I began to wonder if he was planning on having an extramarital affair in our house while I was away. Bob is usually slow in making decisions, I mean he always ponders and mulls over everything, but after his hour long hushed conversation with Drew, he practically packed my bag himself. I have to admit, my curiosity was definitely piqued.

That afternoon, I was standing in the crisp, clean, ultra modern lobby of the Wulfwinter Weight Loss Clinic located in the trendy Midtown section of downtown Atlanta. Eighty inch HD plasma screen TVs hung on the walls showing testimonies from women and men extolling the healing powers of the Wulfwinter Clinic. A few people sat quietly in plush armchairs reading Vogue, Men's Health, Outdoor magazines. Employees dressed in crisp, white lab coats quietly and efficiently went about their business ushering customers inside for consultation. After a few minutes of waiting, my name was called and I followed a tall, leggy, pony-tailed brunette through a set of doors into a small, elegantly decorated conference room.

"Hello, Ms...McCormick, is it? Yes. I see you want to lose 40 pounds." The last part was a statement, not a question, and the speaker was a lean, distinguished man with salt-and-pepper hair and a polished year-round tan.

"My name is Doctor Wulfwinter, and we guarantee you will lose the weight in just 2-3 months. Yes, I said guarantee. Here at Wulfwinter, our methods are, well...alternative, but our results are without a doubt, the best in the industry."

As he spoke, I was mesmerized by his steel blue gaze and his commanding presence. I wondered if hypnosis was going to be part of the curriculum.

"Before you can be admitted, we just need you to sign a few pesky consent forms, and then we'll check you into your state-of-the-art living accommodations. If you could just sign, here, here, here, here, and here. Initial here, here, here and here. Sign here, here, here..."

For a brief moment I hesitated, wondering if I was too hastily jumping into something, but then I noticed that Bob had already signed and initialed all the forms.

"Bob has already signed these?" I asked incredulously. Bob never signed anything without reading it three times and having his lawyer present.

"Yes. We had the forms couriered to your husband last night and he obliged nicely. See, you have nothing to be worried about, your husband has paid in full and is completely supportive of your weight loss endeavor."

Wow, I thought, as I signed and initialed the forms. These guys don't mess around.

My "living accommodations" were unbelievable! Huge king-sized mahogany sleigh bed, tasteful, yet elegant dresser and night stand. Hanging over the bed was a beautiful gold and crystal chandelier. The walls were painted in a muted, but soothing Tuscany cream, with a stucco-like wall treatment. At the far end of the room stood a huge, modern exercise bike and an equally imposing digital stairmaster. Strangely enough, the wall at the end of the room was one giant mirror, with two large flat screen plasma TVs placed about shoulder high. The floor was a rich dark hardwood with a thick, plush multi-colored shag area rug covering the space under and around the spacious sleigh bed.

I plopped down on the bed, spread-eagled, looking forward to the experience. I imagined myself taking long walks with the other "guests", playing outdoor exercise games like badminton or tennis, and generally living it up for the next few months.

The plasma TVs abruptly came to life and the image of Doctor Wulfwinter smiled benignly at me.

"Thank you for choosing the Wulfwinter Clinic, we are please to have you join us. Our methods are unconventional, but our results without peer. We are happy you chose us, and hope you recommend us to your close friends. Without further ado, your treatment will now begin."

From the ceiling, a soft mist drifted down, and the last thing I remember was thinking "Mmmm, that smells like Paul Sebastien cologne."

Clinician Notes, Patient no. 437F

Patient DOB 12/17/1969, weight 158 pounds, 5' 8" tall, body mass index 33, hair brown, pixie style cut. Patient exhibits lack of muscle tone indicative of stationary lifestyle. Blood test results show patient is free of disease and infection, teeth clean albeit a bit dingy. Hair is limp, lacks luster. Prescribe 50mg per day of multivitamins, focusing on vitamins A, D and B12. Patient has excellent bone structure, very long legs, and broad shoulders. Eyes are hazel in color, with no myopia or astigmatism.

Standard caloric intake recommended for the first five days until Wulfwinter treatments begin.

Day 3

I awoke refreshed and invigorated, then realized that I was under the covers in the giant sleigh bed entirely naked! I vaguely remembered smelling Paul Sebastien, then after that, nothing.

Slipping out of the bed, I noticed that my suitcase was absent from the room. I padded to the dresser, and as I attempted to open the top drawer, discovered that it was locked.

"Good morning, Heather. We do hope you slept well last night. You will not be needing clothes again for the duration of your stay. Please take your vitamins and then shower. Breakfast will be ready shortly."

The voice was coming from the monitors at the end of the room, and were being spoken by a rather small, mousy, bespectacled man with a cheesy thin moustache.

"My name is Doctor Smith, and I will be caring for you during your initiation period."

Initiation period, hmmm. That sounded ominous. "I want my clothes, and I want them NOW!" I said sternly, as I gathered the comforter from the bed around my fleshy frame.

Smith smiled at me, and repeated "Please take your vitamins and then shower." With that, the monitor went blank and silence filled the room.

I moved to the room's door and found it to be tightly locked as well. For a moment I panicked and took in a large breath to start screaming, but then composed myself and began knocking on the inside of the door, calling "Hellooo?!! Anyone out there?!! Someone open this door!!"

After about 10 minutes of banging and yelling, no one responded and I resignedly decided to complete my tasks. After downing the vitamins and taking a long, hot, luxurious soak, I stepped out of the terracotta tile, three person shower only to realize that there were no towels. As I stood there dripping, an intense blast of hot air enveloped me, swirled around and buffeted me, and in ten seconds I was completely dry.

Nice trick, I thought, as I peered around the corner of the door into the spacious "hotel" room. Sitting on a small tray on a small café table was a plate with a carrot, a piece of celery, and a very small smoothie of some sort.

I leaned towards the mirror and smoothed my hair down, and then crept out of the bathroom towards the table to my so-called "breakfast."

The monitor came to life, and Doctor Smith intoned "After eating and drinking, you will do 45 minutes on the exercycle and 45 minutes on the stairmaster. After completing these tasks, you will be rewarded with a healthy snack."

Eight times during the day, Smith ordered me to exercise and the reward was a small piece of carrot or broccoli or celery. By the end of the day, I was starving and getting quite cranky. At ten pm I smelled Paul, and the lights went out.

Day 7

Five days had passed since I awoke naked and cranky. In that time I had exercised for about eight hours a day and eaten maybe three entire carrots and celery stalks. I was past being pissed off and cranky.

My hunger had reached a point where just the thought of food made me cramp up with need, and I daydreamed about thick, juicy steaks and lobster dripping in butter. I resolved to divorce Bob and personally castrate him for getting me into this unholy predicament. I had no idea that my life was about to change.

Clinician Notes, Patient no. 437F

Patient weight 152 pounds, BMI 32. Patient is showing signs of complicity, nightly hypno treatments are going extremely well. Begin patient on 15 minute nightly course with the Wolf SunScape 755 tanning bed. Phase two of treatment will commence tomorrow at 0800 hours.

Day 8

After my morning vitamins and shower, I eagerly looked forward to my carrot and smoothie, as my stomach was rumbling uncontrollably. As I entered my room from the bathroom, I stopped short at the lack of the table or the tray. Suddenly, the light in my luxurious space dimmed, and lights brightened on the other side of the mirror wall, displaying a clinical looking hallway and a man in a clean white lab coat. He was tall, with narrow hips and broad shoulders. His black hair was cut close, parted at the side, and trimmed above his ears in a quasi-military style. His skin was dark, not from any ethnic heritage, but from the sun – he was tan and tall and gorgeous.

He leaned into a microphone and spoke in a calm and soothing voice, "Hello, my name is Doctor Jones. I will be your physician for phase two of your treatment."

He pushed a button on the wall, and a small, five inch diameter circle of mirror set about waist high swung toward him. He casually reached down and unzipped his dark trousers and pulled out his semi-erect penis and began stroking it.

I gasped and covered my eyes, "Whuh-whuh-what are you doing?" I asked incredulously, trying not to peer through my fingers.

He didn't say a word, just slipped his now fully erect six inch penis through the hole into my room.

"Phase two of your treatment requires protein in the form of low carb sperm for maximum weight loss, Miss McCormick. Please begin sucking now."

"Are you out of your fucking mind?!!" I screamed, uncharacteristically using profanity. "I won't even do that for my husband, you think I'm going to do that for you?"

"I wanna see a lawyer, I wanna see Wulfwinter – I want my Goddamn husband RIGHT NOW!!!"

I was redfaced and gasping with breath. Jones just stood there smirking. "You have five minutes to begin, or this session is over and you get no breakfast."

He stood there smiling and stroking his penis for five minutes while I paced and ranted and raved and cursed at him. At the end of the five minutes he calmly put himself away and zipped up his trousers and leaned into the microphone, "If you do 45 minutes on each apparatus, I will return in two hours with a chocolate treat."

My mouth watered at the thought of chocolate, and I paced for a few minutes more, cursing my husband, Carli, and everything related to my predicament, but eventually hunger forced me to climb on the cycle to start my 45 minutes.

After two hours, Jones returned as promised and the little circle of mirror swung into the hallway. He once again unzipped his trousers and pulled out his erect penis and stroked it a few times. This time he pulled a squeeze bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup from a pocket of his lab coat, and drizzled some onto his hard cock.

He smiled as he pushed it through the wall and leaned into the microphone, "Chocolate, come and get it...lick it clean for me now."

For a moment I had an out-of-body experience and I saw myself drop to my knees and scurry over to the chocolate-covered, veined, pulsing cock and proceed to lick it like it was the first meal I'd had in a month. I grasped the cock by the base and made little mewling sounds as I licked it clean, from the base all the way to the hot, purple head.

Doctor Jones pulled back into the hallway and I made a small groaning sound and pushed my face up against the hole, trying to lick more.

"Back up, I'll give you more... back up a little, Miss McCormick."

He slathered his balls in chocolate and leaned into the hole, presenting me with clean-shaven, chocolate-covered nuts. I licked and slobbered them until they were shiny clean too. In the back of my mind, I thought of all the times that Bob had tried to get me to do these things, but I wouldn't, thinking of it as degrading or below me. Licking a penis was something truckstop whores do, not good, obedient church girls. Now here I was wantonly slurping chocolate off a strangers balls, and begging for more.

"That's great, Miss McCormick, now suck my cock like a good patient and I'll give you a chocolate snack bar."

He held up a small chocolate bar on the other side of the mirror and drool seeped out of the side of my mouth.

I put thoughts of Bob into the corner of my mind and began to softly suck the head of Doctor Jones' cock. Bobbing up and down, taking about 1-2 inches into my mouth, I moaned and flicked my tongue around and around his hot, fat head.

"Ohhh, yeah. Keep that up, Miss McCormick and you'll get your morning protein."

Doctor Jones began to pump his hips a little and his cock began moving in and out of my mouth. He drizzled a little chocolate on the shaft and spread it around with his hand. I moaned in ecstasy as I tasted the sweet, indulgent flavor.

"When I cum, you need to drink it all, Miss McCormick. If you don't, no chocolate bar for you. And no veggie lunch either."

Slowly, the realization that he wanted me to eat his cum to earn my lunch entered my starved brain. About the time I realized what he wanted from me, he let out a loud groan, arched his back, and his cock began to fountain hot cum into my sucking mouth. His cum tasted bitter, a bit like bleach, but with the chocolate background flavor, it wasn't really all that bad. The hard part was keeping up with the spurts. It gushed once, twice, three times in hard, violent spasms, which I gallantly tried to gulp down, but at the fourth spurt I choked a little and pulled off his cock. Bad idea. Sperm shot out and splattered my forehead and got in my hair. Doctor Jones tsked and leaned into the microphone.

"Lick it up, use your fingers to get it off your face and lick them clean Miss McCormick, or no chocolate bar."

I meekly complied, eyeing the candy bar with unabashed greed. Doctor Jones pushed his semi-hard cock through the window once again and said, "clean my cock, polish it off. That's good, Miss McCormick. You did very well for your first feeding."

I sucked his cock into my mouth and licked it clean from the base to the tip, tasting a surprisingly yummy mixture of Hersheys chocolate and cum. When I finished, Doctor Jones placed his cock back into his trousers, zipped himself up and dropped the snack bar into my waiting hands. I greedily gobbled it down, still on my knees and relished the feeling that, for the first time in a week, I was not hungry.

Clinician Notes, Patient no. 437F

Patient weight 132 pounds, BMI 26. Patient has adapted to the Wulfwinter Diet Plan. Estimated daily sperm intake 12 ounces. Continue vitamin supplements. Commence with nightly patented Wulfwinter epidermal tissue shrink ointment. Begin phase three at 0800 hours tomorrow.

Day 31

I awoke this morning, refreshed and eager to start the day. I noticed that as I brushed my hair, it was growing long and luxurious, about shoulder length now. I figured that the vitamin supplements that they were feeding me were speeding up the growth process, as my fingernails and toenails needed trimming as well. I also noticed that my skin, where before it was splotchy and pale, was now clean and smooth and even tan. I wondered if the lights in my room were tanning bed lights.

As I brushed my bright, white teeth (when did they get so white? It looks like I've had a lumineer, or a professional bleaching done), I couldn't help but smile as I eagerly looked forward to this morning's feeding. I felt a tingling in my crotch, and thought back to the day that Doctor Jones began making me finger myself and rub my clitty while I sucked him off. After about day 13, I found a razor and shaving cream in the shower, and had begun to shave my pretty little cunny clean.

When I stepped into my room, I saw that something had changed. Against the mirror, between the exercycle and the stairmaster was a new contraption. This thing looked like a raised saddle with a long, knobby dildo poking up out of the middle of the seat. The back side of it was flush to the mirror, and handles stuck out on the front side, facing out into the room. When seated, with my back to the mirror and my hands on the handles, my ass would be pressed up tightly against the glass, the dildo embedded deeply into my pussy. A flush crept up my bosom and into my neck and cheeks.

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