tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWVC Ch. 07: Int. Drawing Class #1

WVC Ch. 07: Int. Drawing Class #1


The Intermediate Drawing Class, Part 1

The next morning, I woke with a typical morning hard-on, although this one was persistent. It was as if I hadn't had the wet dream at all the night before. Checking my computer, I found another e-mail in my inbox, this one from the Art Department. It must have arrived late on Friday.

"Bill, I am sorry for the late notice, but our scheduled model has called in sick for Monday's class. I was hoping you were free and would be willing to substitute. I'll be waiting for your reply. Thank you."

It was signed, Meredith Reynolds, Adjunct Professor of Art. I hadn't known her first name. I was surprised since she usually just asked me at the end of class to schedule one a couple of weeks later. I wasn't scheduled until the next week, but I was glad to earn the extra money.

"Ms. Reynolds, I would be happy to pose for your Monday class. The regular time?"

She must have been online as she responded almost immediately.

"Bill. I'm delighted that you'll be able to make it Monday. Can you come to class a few minutes early? I have a new posing costume for you."

This one was just signed, Meredith. I was puzzled. What costume could it possibly be? I'd been wearing just a pair of black Speedos for the last few sessions. They didn't hide much, but I was intrigued by what she could have for me. A thong maybe?

"I'll be there 15 minutes early."

The rest of the weekend was uneventful, although I still found myself with frequent erections. I slept a lot, but managed to make it on time for my Monday morning classes. That afternoon, I arrived 15 minutes early for the art class, just as I had promised. Ms. Reynolds was wearing a ponytail and was carrying her glasses instead of using them to hide her face. Suddenly, I realized that she was quite attractive, with high cheekbones and a long aquiline nose.

"Bill, I'm so glad that you are able to fill in on such short notice."

"I am too."

I cleared my throat, thinking about the extra cash. She seemed nervous, shifting her feet. I noticed that instead of the oversized shapeless blouses she usually favored, she had on a knit top, one that clung the full curves of her breasts, revealing more than I'd seen before.

"You have a costume for me to wear?"

"Um, yes, I do. Let's try it on in the changing room."

I admired the way her rounded hips swayed from side to side as she led me toward the tiny closet. Standing aside, she let me squeeze past her before she shut the door. Crammed into the miniscule space, we were barely 3 feet apart. Avoiding my eyes, she took a deep breath while I tried not to stare at the imprint of her nipples. Beneath the thin cotton top, they seemed to be quite large, and firmly erect.

"As you may have noticed, I have our model wear fewer clothes as the school year progresses so that the students can advance from drawing how clothes reveal the human figure, to being able to draw the body itself."

Evading my gaze, she wet her lips before she continued.

"The male body presents distinct advantages as well as unique challenges."

She paused again, and then held up a tiny black garment that seemed to be mostly narrow strings, letting it dangle from her fingers.

"This is your costume for today, Bill. Although the Speedo that you've been wearing has revealed most of your body for the students to draw, this will allow them to study the muscles of your bare buttocks."

As I took the flimsy costume from her, she stole a quick glance below my waist.

"Called a posing pouch, it will allow you to maintain your modesty as it securely conceals your uh, - your male genitals. At least, I think it will conceal your male, - uh, genitals."

She cleared her throat once more, still not looking at me.

"I want you to try it on. I need to make sure that you are properly covered."

"Yes Ma'am."

She made no move to leave, so I turned around and quickly undressed. I heard her quick intake of breath as I dropped my pants and yanked down my underwear. I wondered if she could see my balls hanging between my thighs as I bent over to step out of my briefs and into the elastic straps. Pulling them up my thighs, I carefully arranged the thin pouch so that it was snug under my balls and stretched tight over my cock. Once it covered as much as possible in front, I tugged the straps high on my hips, feeling the string in the back slide deep into the valley between my ass cheeks.

Looking down, I realized that with a center seam, the pouch was engineered so that my balls were lifted up and out, supporting them, almost as if they were suspended in midair. Reaching down, I cupped my balls and lifted them even higher. My cock felt thick and heavy inside thin nylon, pressing the material out so that the edges of the thong pulled out away from my lower abdomen.

"Is it too small?"

"I'm not sure, Ms. Reynolds."

I turned to face her and her hazel eyes widened as she focused between my thighs.

"What do you think?"

Speechless for a long moment, she stared at the bulging pouch before she cleared her throat once more. Silently, I shuffled my feet apart.

"I guess it will work."

"Yes Ma'am."

She wet her lips again, keeping her steady gaze fastened between my thighs.

"I was afraid the pouch might be too small since you are uh, - so well-endowed."

My cock twitched beneath the thin nylon. Gradually, I pushed my hips forward until my back was arched and the distended front of the thong jutted out before me, almost as if I were offering my cock and balls to the pretty brunette. She tilted her head to the side.

"I like that you shave your pubic hair. It really affords an excellent view of the muscles of your lower abdomen."

Blood was flowing below my waist, and my cock was starting to fill and thicken, pressing out against the black material. She licked her lips again as my cock began to swell, twitching beneath the black material.

"The students will be arriving shortly. Put your robe on and I'll come get you when we're ready to begin the class."

With one last glance at my crotch, she left, closing the door behind her. I slipped into the robe and waited, listening to the chatter of the girls as they arrived and greeted each other. After a few moments, Ms. Reynolds returned, opening the door and sticking her head inside.

"We're ready for you, Bill."

Although she met my gaze and smiled briefly, she quickly dropped her eyes, glancing at the front of my robe before swinging the door open wide.

There was an air of hushed expectancy as I entered the room and climbed up the single step to the raised platform. As I turned to face the class, I noticed that there were only six students today, and that the drawing easels seemed to be closer to the front. Valerie was in her normal spot in front to my right, but she was less than six feet away.

Ms. Reynolds had placed a stool at the front edge of the platform and I fingered the belt holding the robe in place as I turned toward her. Sometimes she liked me to keep the robe on and let it gradually fall off so that the draped material contrasted with my bare skin, kind of like a measured striptease. She cleared her throat.

"Class, today our model has graciously agreed to work for us on short notice and I want to thank him for being so flexible."

The girls gave me a round of polite applause. Embarrassed, I nodded, ducking my head.

"He has also agreed to wear a more revealing costume today, a brief posing pouch, so that we better observe his gluteus muscles and his lower abdominals. Bill, please discard your robe."

I could feel my face start to flush as I complied, loosening the belt and letting the robe drop to the floor. The class was silent as all eyes immediately focused on the black pouch between my thighs.

"Bill, please turn around and let the class start drawing your back."

Grateful for the chance to turn away from all those staring eyes, I followed her directions.

"Good, now spread your feet apart, put your hands on your waist, and turn your upper body so that you face us. Perfect!"

The odd position gave me a chance to forget the revealing suit, at least for a while. The pretty teacher directed me in a few more quick standing poses, and then directed me to sit on the stool, facing the class with my knees spread well apart. She had me put both hands behind me so that I was leaning back on the edge of the stool, and then slide forward until my hips were almost off the seat. It left my balls hanging in midair, supported by the curving seam of the posing pouch.

The girls were sketching furiously, concentrating on their work. I noticed that Valerie and the busty blonde especially were focused between my thighs. And then it started. Blood began to flow into my crotch and I was helpless to stop it, the gradual swelling that signaled the beginning of an unwanted erection.

As the blood continued to flow and the bulge in the pouch grew bigger, my burgeoning cock pressed the nylon out from my body, the edges of the material stretching away from my bare skin. Ms. Reynolds was in the back, talking with one of the chubby students, not paying attention. But Valerie was.

She froze when she saw my cock twitch beneath the thin cloth, her eyes growing wide. The curly haired brunette watched it for a moment, and then glanced up at my face. I met her gaze and started to blush. Her green eyes flicked back down to my expanding pouch, before glancing back up at my face once more. She smiled.

I could feel the flush in my face deepen as the top-heavy blonde noticed. Her blue eyes bugged out as she stared, her mouth gradually falling open. Without raising her eyes from my crotch, she whispered excitedly to the brunette to her right.

By now, my cock was nearly completely erect, the elastic waistband bowing out away from my lower abdomen. Still without looking at me, the instructor moved on to the next student, the excellent artist with bad skin. The blonde had alerted the second brunette in the Gang of Three, and now they were whispering and giggling as they kept staring between my legs. Valerie's grin grew bigger as she completely abandoned her drawing to lean closer and study the twitching bulge in my pouch.

Finally, Ms. Reynolds called a break, never once noticing that my cock was fully erect.

Immediately, I grabbed my robe and threw it around my shoulders, covering my swollen crotch. Still feeling the heat on my face, I stayed up on the platform and turned away for the class, trying to get my stiff cock to relax. By the time the Ms. Reynolds ended the break a few minutes later, I had succeeded and my hard-on had finally softened.

Thankfully, the rest of the class was uneventful. I focused my mind so that I wouldn't my earlier exhibition, and I avoided making eye contact with Valerie or any other student. When I emerged from the changing room, the Gang of Three was waiting for me.

The slightly overweight blonde smiled brightly at me, her very large breasts stretching her cotton T-shirt, her excited nipples puckering the cloth. She had a cute, slightly upturned nose to go with rosy cheeks and cascading blonde hair.



A brilliant beginning, I thought. Standing on either side of the blonde, her brunette friends were nervous, shuffling their feet, sneaking glances at the front of my pants.

"I'm Whitney and these are my friends, Blair and Veronica."

"Hi. Glad to meet you. I'm Bill."

Blair, the tall one with dusky skin and large dark eyes finally raised her gaze up to my face and grinned. Her lower lip protruded just a bit, giving her a pouty look.

"Yeah, we know."

Veronica, the cute one with laughing blue eyes and nicely rounded figure, tried to stifle a giggle, which sent her prominent breasts into motion jiggling under her loose blouse. I wondered if she was wearing a bra. My cock suddenly felt very uncomfortable inside my jeans. Whitney took a step forward and thrust out her large breasts, reasserting her position as the leader of the group.

"We were wondering, do you do any private modeling?"

"Private modeling?"

"Yeah, you know, outside of class, on the weekends or maybe late at night? Just for the three of us. We get extra credit for any outside work we do."

Blair was smiling as she glanced down below my waist.

"Yeah, we like drawing you, especially today."

The cute brunette giggled again, causing her breasts to sway freely beneath her blouse.

"We'd pay you, of course. Whatever you make in class, we'd match it."

"Oh. Okay. I guess I could do that. I could use the money."

The full-bodied blonde beamed at me, her blue eyes sparkling. She had a pronounced dimple in her chin.

"Great! We'll work out the details and let you know when."

Whispering excitedly, they left through the front door of the building, Blair and Veronica taking one last peek at the front of my distended pants. Pulling on my jacket, I followed them outside and found Valerie waiting for me on the front steps. Smiling quizzically, she fell into step beside me as we headed toward the Student Union.

"What was that all about?"

"They wanted me to pose for them outside of class, something about extra credit."

The attractive brunette smiled.

"I'll bet. Would you like me to be there? To protect you?"

She was teasing me now. Our relationship had taken on a bantering tone that I liked. As we were discarded our jackets once we reached the coffee shop, I again couldn't help admiring her rounded breasts beneath the thin T-shirt. I could feel my cock growing thicker as we sat down, her green eyes twinkling, almost as if she were laughing at me.

"You looked like you were enjoying yourself in class today. What were you thinking about?"

I blushed as I started to eat my pineapple chunks.

"Nothing specific."

"Really? It looked like you were getting excited about something."

Blushing, I shrugged, trying to be ignore the swelling in my crotch.

"Well, I guess it just happens sometimes."

She leaned forward so that her scoop neckline of her loose top gaped open. Reflexively, I glanced down her shirt and was rewarded with a view of the round curves of her substantial cleavage. My cock continued to fill and lengthen, stretching uncomfortably down my pants leg. Trying to be discreet, I reached under the table to adjust the swelling bulge in my crotch. She smiled as she whispered.

"Is it happening now?"

"Is what happening?"

"Are you becoming sexually aroused? Is your dick getting hard like it was in class?"

Blushing furiously, I hesitated and then nodded.

"You flatter me, Bill."

Suddenly, she straightened up and turned in her chair.

"Stand up. I want to see it."

Aghast, I stared at her. She was serious.

"Stand up, Bill."

Panicked, I looked around the coffee shop. No one seemed to be watching us, so I took a deep breath and stood up. Taking me by the waist, she pulled me around the side of the table until I was standing right in front of her. While she stared intently at the bulge in my crotch, I nervously glanced at the two girls talking at the next table.

Almost indignantly, they looked up at me, and then at Valerie. When they saw where she was gazing, their eyes widened. My cock had continued to expand until now there was a very obvious tent in my pants. My blush deepened but I stood still, letting her examine me. Another group of three girls farther away were too busy laughing and talking to notice, yet.

I whispered to Valerie.

"Can I sit down now? Others are starting to notice."

"What? Oh, sure."

Hurriedly, I sat down. The two girls next to us whispered excitedly as they kept glancing in our direction, although Valerie seemed oblivious to their attention. As we continued to chat, I tried to will my erection to go away.

"I've broken up with my boyfriend."


"Yeah, he kept talking about getting married. And the last straw was when he refused to go along with a play scenario."

"A play scenario?"

She glanced sideways at the two girls who were still watching us, and leaned closer.

"An idea I had for us in the bedroom, well, - it really wasn't in the bedroom. It was in, uh - never mind."

Her green eyes narrowed. It dawned on me she might be looking to gauge my reaction.

"It included some toys."

She waited to see how I would respond. I swallowed, trying to play it cool.

"I see."

"And another person."

Her green eyes bored into mine. At this rate, my erection would never subside. I nodded as if a threesome was an everyday occurrence.

"I guess it wasn't meant to be, Valerie."

Looking steadily at me, she nodded and continued.

"He just wasn't adventurous enough. Would you have that problem?"

I swallowed again, forcing a tight smile.

"Well, not if you were involved."

Valerie leaned back and laughed.

"Very good answer."

Her green eyes were twinkling again as she smiled at me. She was about to say something else, but she changed her mind. Abruptly, she rose from the table and grabbed her knapsack.

"Got to go. Let me know when Whitney and her friends ask you to pose for them."

As she left, I realized that her last comment was loud enough for the two girls to overhear. I tried to decide if my still thickened cock would be the object of attention if I left now. I was still debating when the blonde at the next table leaned over.

"Excuse me, but was that your girlfriend?'

Startled, I looked up into her large brown eyes, just a bit too close together as her dark blonde hair framed her narrow face.

"Uh, no. She's just a friend."

"She must be a pretty close friend."

She was smirking at me, and her brunette companion pulled her chair closer to me, her blue eyes sparkling. She was very pretty, a clean fresh faced look.

"Yeah, right. You certainly got close enough to give her an eyeful of your dick."

I blinked, surprised by the words coming from this innocent looking girl. The blonde tried to regain control of the conversation.

"So, do you pose for her?

"Um, yes. She's a student in a drawing class that I model for."

"Does your dick get hard when you model?"

I blushed at the brunette's words. The blonde scowled at her, but she ignored her friend, peering into my reddened face. Quickly, my cock was filling with blood.

"I knew it. You get a big stiff cock in class and you like showing it to her, don't you."

I was silent, wondering if I should just get up and leave, or wait and see where this would lead. My cock was now quite thick and awkwardly poking down my pants leg. The pretty brunette leaned closer as I tried to avoid her piercing gaze.

"You're hard right now, aren't you? Your dick is hard and erect just by talking about it, isn't it?"

I tried to protest, but they waved aside my feeble attempt. The brunette took my shoulders and pulled me to my feet while the blonde pushed the table aside so that I stood facing them, my swollen crotch only a foot away from their probing eyes. They fell silent as they examined the bulge in my pants. Although I was not yet fully erect, my cock extended out toward my hip. Nervously, I glanced around the room as I started to cross my hands to cover my arousal.

"Keep your hands down by your sides!"

The brunette's command was sharp and unexpected. I obeyed and they continued to stare. Almost in slow motion, the brunette reached out and cupped my shaft through my pants. I caught my breath as she squeezed. More blood continued to flow into my crotch.

"It's really big. I can barely get my hand around it."

"Let me see."

The blonde pulled her friend's hand away from my crotch so she could grab my thick pole. Warily, I looked around again to see if we were attracting any attention. So far, we were being ignored. The closest patrons were clear across the room, two dark haired girls deep in conversation. The only other customers were sitting in booths by themselves, reading and drinking coffee. The group of three girls had left.

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