tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWVC Ch. 16: The Blue Goose

WVC Ch. 16: The Blue Goose


After returning from trying on the display suits (WVC Ch.15 - The Canceled Art Class), I found this e-mail waiting from the Sociology Department.

"Meet your trainer for dinner at The Blue Goose cafe Wednesday, March 25th at 7 PM. Keep taking your supplements as well as the blue pills tomorrow and the next day. Wear your new white shorts, but with no underwear. You are not allowed to ejaculate."

The Blue Goose was a small room upstairs in the Student Center, a hangout for the arty types on campus with bohemian inclinations. I'd never been there. The food was rumored to be mediocre, but the coffee was supposedly superb. The main attractions were the private booths that lined the walls.

Although it wasn't described as a date, it still sounded like one to me. I hadn't been on a date since high school, and I couldn't help thinking how lucky I was to be going out with such a stunning girl. And when the vision of her cum-streaked face flashed across my mind (WVC Ch.14 - The Supplicant Ceremony), I blushed, and had to adjust my crotch as my cock began to thicken and fill.

I wanted to be punctual and arrive precisely at 7, but the journey across campus was nerve racking. I had pulled on an oversized shirt that I thought would be baggy enough to hide the sizeable bulge in my crotch, but as I started walking, I realized that it was just a bit too short to cover the front of my shorts. The soft cloth caressed my cock and balls so that I quickly developed an enormous erection that swung freely inside the loose pouch, back and forth, back and forth with each step. I was grateful that the campus was almost deserted.

When I arrived at the base of the stairs that led to the Blue Goose, I took a moment to compose myself. The vigorous walk had softened my raging hard-on, but the architecture of the white shorts held my cock up and out. Taking a deep breath, I hiked up the steps.

As I reached the reservation desk, the pretty hostess smiled at me and then took a quick peek down at the protruding lump in the front of my pants. Blushing furiously, I automatically resisted the urge to turn away or cover myself. Surprised by my response, I realized that all the exposure that the Club was providing me must be having an effect.

"And you are Bill?"

Dumbly, I nodded. She was short, probably just over five feet and very cute. Long blonde hair fell around her smiling cheeks, and she had a pronounced dimple in her chin. Stealing another glance below my waist, she motioned me to follow her.

"Your friend is already here."

As she led me across the darkened floor, I had ample opportunity to admire her tight ass. Her shiny hair passed in and out of the spotlights that dotted the room, casting a sharp contrast with the murky shadows that filled the booths. There were only six them lining the walls, and all appeared to be occupied. Four tables were arranged in the center of the narrow room, and unlike the booths, they were empty.

Erika was in the booth at the very end. She gave me a warm smile as she slid over to allow me to sit next to her, facing the rest of the cozy cafe. Her full breasts jiggled loosely beneath her blouse as she moved, and my cock twitched.

"Thanks, Janice. I'll see you later."

With that, the cute blonde smiled at me again and left.

"Let me see your shorts, Bill."

Startled by her direct command, I obeyed and lifted up the bottom of my loose shirt to reveal my swollen crotch. Once she had a good long look, she sat back against the cushion and I started to drop the shirt down over my lap.

"No. Leave it like that. Tuck the hem of your shirt into the top of your waistband."

Following her instructions, I stuffed my shirt into my pants and started to lean back against the leather seat. Suddenly, I became aware that a single overhead spotlight had been focused so that its bright beam shone directly onto my lap. Changing my mind, I hunched over the table and hid the pole sticking straight up between my legs. Even though I wasn't erect yet, my cock was stiff enough that my diamond shaped pouch looked incredibly full.

Picking up the menu on the table, I pretended to read it while I was really scanning the room to see if anyone had noticed. So far as I could tell, the cute hostess was the only one. And of course, Erika.

"Here's the scenario for tonight, Bill. You are to relax and let me take control. You are not to do anything for yourself without asking for permission first. Address me as 'Miss Erika' when you speak to me. Do you understand?"

I nodded, struck once again just how lovely she was.

"Yes, Miss Erika."

She brightened as I replied, taking the menu my hands, laying it back on the table top and snuggling closer. The brief pair of shorts she wore left her tawny legs bare, and I could feel the heat from her skin warming mine.

"I've already ordered for you. And when the waitress returns with our drinks, I'll introduce you."

Looking down at the shadow my torso was casting on my lap, she frowned.

"This won't do. Lean back against the seat back, and put your arms up along the top."

Slowly, I complied with her order, sliding one arm around her shoulders, bringing her warm body into mine. Glancing down at the large lump in my pants, I realized that outlined by the red border of the codpiece and illuminated by the overhead spotlight, it was quite obvious that my cock was beginning to engorge.

Surveying the room, I saw that there were now two coeds at a table in the middle, but the ones in the booth directly across from us had the best view of our activities. A plump black haired girl caught my eye and smiled. Blushing slightly, I nodded back at her as my date slid one hand across my torso, feeling the ridges of my abdominal muscles.

"I think you'll enjoy yourself tonight, Bill. But you must relax."

Agreeing with her, I took a deep breath and exhaled. Erika sat up and ran her other hand up my arm and over my shoulder, pausing to squeeze my deltoid before rubbing the back of my neck.

"My goodness, you're much too tight. Turn around."

Motioning with her hand, she had me turn away from her so she could massage my shoulders. It felt good, and after a couple of minutes, I did start to relax, letting my head droop down onto my chest. And then the waitress arrived with our drinks. Erika had ordered a club soda for both of us.

With my head hanging low, I watched the waitress' long tanned legs flex as she leaned over the table to place our drinks. When I glanced up, her bright blue eyes were twinkling. While not as strikingly pretty as the hostess, she was quite attractive.

"Claudia, this is Bill."

"Hi, Bill. I'm pleased to meet you."

She broke into a warm open smile as she extended her hand.

"I've heard a lot about you."

Shaking it, I mumbled my response, wondering what exactly she'd heard, and from whom.

"Bill, where are your manners? Don't you know you should always stand when you greet a lady?"

Trying to keep my stiffening cock from waving too freely, I struggled to my feet and shook the tall brunette's hand once more. With my shirt tucked tightly into the waistband of my shorts, the enlarged bulge in my pants was very obvious.

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Claudia.'

The waitress's dark eyes darted below my waist, zeroing in on my wobbling pouch.

"I can see that you are."

Immediately, I turned red.

"I don't know if that's for me, but it's very flattering to a girl to get that strong a reaction."

She held my hand longer than necessary, forcing me to stay standing so she could ogle the projecting codpiece. My trainer was busy as well, sliding her hand up the back of my thigh so she could palm my butt. As Erika began squeezing and kneading the muscles, I could feel the flush spread down my neck.

"Oh my, Bill! You're very tight back here too."

As she began massaging my ass more vigorously, the protruding lump in the front started to bob up and down, moving freely beneath the soft cloth, which stimulated my hardening cock even more. Still clutching my hand, Claudia watched with rapt attention as my growing log danced energetically inside the loose pouch, brightly illuminated by the light.

Across the room, I noticed that we'd drawn the attention of the two girls in the booth opposite. The plump coed, the one with black hair, stared with her eyes wide and her jaw gradually falling open. By this time, my face was flaming.

"Miss Erika, may I please sit down?"

She was so focused on working my butt that she'd lost track of what was going on in front. Poking her head around my hips, first she saw my waggling hard-on, and then she spotted the girls in the other booth. The two of them were now whispering excitedly and pointing toward me. And Claudia was speechless, studying my jerking cock beneath the thin cloth, still holding my hand.

"I suppose so. Although tonight, it's going to be difficult to conceal your penis."

That seemed to break the spell over the brunette waitress. Blinking rapidly, she released her grip, and I gratefully sat back down, although my trainer made certain that my swollen crotch stayed under the spotlight.

"I'll get your salads while you try to relieve his tension."

With a last longing glance at the brightly lit tent in my shorts, she retreated toward the kitchen. Erika leaned across my body to wave gaily at the coeds in the booth, resting her other hand high up on my thigh as I gulped down the cold sparkling drink. I was thirsty.

"It looks like our audience is enjoying the show. Lean back and relax."

She began rubbing my thigh, first with just the one hand, and them with both. Her deep blue eyes darted from our audience to my bulging codpiece and back. Her massage grew more vigorous the nearer she inched to my crotch, causing my stiffened cock to wave proudly as it stood tall between my thighs. If I wasn't fully erect yet, I was really close.

Playing to the two girls watching, Erika had both hands working high up the inner thigh of my right leg when Claudia returned with our salad plates. Setting them down on the table, the waitress hesitated as she gazed down at the twitching bulge in my lap.

"He looks like he's really big

"He is."

Leaving one hand stroking my right thigh, my trainer picked up her fork and paused, turning to look up at the standing girl.

"Would you like to see it?"

I froze as my heart leaped into my throat. Had I heard her right? Standing right beside me, the brunette licked her lips and nodded.

"Yeah, I would."

"I think that can be arranged, maybe you can even play with him later. Bill, you may go ahead and begin eating."

The tall waitress lingered a moment to watch Erika stroke my leg as I began to eat, and then she left. In silence, my trainer ate with one hand, pretending that she wasn't getting closer and closer to my now fully erect cock. As I ate, I spread my knees further apart so she could have easier access. By the time she finished her salad, the back of her hand was jostling the underside of my balls in the loose pouch.

Setting her fork down, she smiled at me and curled her hand around the middle of my swollen shaft. I gasped, holding a last bite of lettuce in midair.

"It seems that you're still very tense."

Almost imperceptibly, she started to squeeze, slowly building in intensity until she was stroking up and down the full length of my hard-on. Our waitress reappeared to clear our salad plates, and came to an abrupt halt when she saw Erika's hand between my thighs. Without missing a stroke, my brunette date spoke.

"Claudia, my friend has a problem and I'm hoping that you can help him. Bill, lean back against the seat and put your arms on top of the cushion."

As I obeyed her order, the shadow that my upper torso had cast on my crotch moved so that my trainer's hand was spotlighted as she continued to pump up and down my swollen pole. The waitress' dark eyes grew wide as she watched.

"Bill has difficulty relaxing. His muscles always seem to be tight, particularly this large penis."

Before either of us knew what was happening, Erika deftly unsnapped the top of the codpiece and folded the white cloth down, revealing the purple bulb of my raging erection, the skin taut and shiny in the brilliant light. My face turned bright red, but nobody was looking there.

"Ever since I've known him, it seems like he's always aroused. This big penis of his is constantly erect."

Claudia stared down at the quivering knob, as my date methodically undid the two snaps on either of the diamond shaped cloth and left it fall down between my legs, exposing the entire length of my engorged cock, standing rigid and upright between my parted thighs. I could feel the flush in my face spread down my neck.

"So you see his problem?"

The wide-eyed brunette stared down at my twitching hard-on, still holding the plates as she stood beside our table. Behind her, the two girls in the other booth were trying to see what we were doing. Claudia cleared her throat before she answered.

"Yes, I do. And you're right. He does have a problem. A very large problem."

Erika deliberately wrapped one hand around my throbbing stalk and resumed her steady strokes up and down the full length of my cock. The waitress wet her lips as she watched.

"I can play with his penis like this, and you can play it, and your manager and that cute hostess, and everyone else in the café can play with it, but because he's not allowed to ejaculate tonight, I don't see any solution. Do you see any solution?"

Claudia slowly shook her head, still mesmerized by my trainer's fist steadily posting up and down the full length of my erection.

"No, I don't, but if I examine it more thoroughly, I might be able to think of a solution. You said I could play with him?"

As she continued to fondle my stiff cock, Erika chuckled. By this time, the flush covered most of my shoulder.

"Certainly. He needs all the attention he can get. But first, go ahead and finish clearing the salad plates. Then tell your manager that we have a problem that needs her attention. Don't be any more specific than that, and then bring us the entrees."

The tall brunette licked her lips again and nodded.

"Yes Ma'am."

After she left, Erika was silent, content to keep pumping my raging hard-on. With the tall waitress out of the way, the two coeds in the opposite booth had a direct view at our table and my trainer's relentless fist as she jacked me. My face must have been beet red by now.

After another minute or so, clear fluid started to bubble up out of my cockhole and dribble down my stalk, lubricating her grip as she continued her rhythmic hand action. Smick, smick, smick - the familiar sound was faint but unmistakable under the soft jazz that the café was playing. Claudia reappeared with our entrees and set them on the table, her eyes fastened on my protruding cock as my date kept posting up and down.

"The manager will be here shortly. I told her you had a problem, but I left it vague, just like you asked."

She eyed my shiny bulb, now glistening from all the pre-cum flowing out of the open cockslit.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Erika smiled wickedly as she gazed up at the tall girl.

"My hand is getting tired, and he needs to be monitored constantly. Once your manager comes to us, follow her about a minute later."

Claudia nodded and grinned, displaying a set of beautiful white teeth that contrasted sharply with her tanned skin. Still smiling broadly, she turned and left, her slim hips swaying with each step.

My trainer ate with one hand, balancing the brown rice on her fork while keeping the other firmly fastened around my slick shaft, maintaining a leisurely pace up and down, up and down. I tried to eat as well, but her steady jacking of my erect cock was more than a little distracting. The girls in the booth across from us were pointing and giggling, drawing other patrons' attention.

Another pair of coeds had taken the table closest to us. The tall brunette had beautiful hair, long and silky looking, with highlights that sparkled under the spotlights. I'd almost given up trying to eat by the time a short, stocky brunette emerged from the back office, bustling toward us with the distinctive importance of a supervisor intent on assuaging an upset customer. Her glasses hid her dark brown eyes, but her tight blouse did little to conceal her large breasts. They swayed heavily as she strode toward us. As I was leaning over the table with my fork in hand, I realized that she probably couldn't see Erika's hand in my lap.

"I'm Kay, the manager here. What seems to be the problem?"

"Hi, Kay. I'm Erika, and my friend here has the predicament. Bill, why don't you lean back and show Kay your problem?"

I took a deep breath and leaned back away from the table. Kay's eyes grew wide as she stared down at my gleaming cockhead, wet and shiny from all the fluid seeping from my gaping hole. My date kept posting up and down the full length of my bloated stalk, keeping me hard and erect. Totally embarrassed, I could feel the heat in my face as it turned a deeper shade of red.

"Oh my!''

"Bill is in training and is not allowed to ejaculate tonight, and yet his penis requires constant attention. I need both hands to eat this delicious meal, so I can't properly concentrate on providing him the necessary exercise."

"I see."

The stocky brunette adjusted her glasses as she continued to gaze down at my lap, watching Erika's fist pump more juice from my trembling cock. Smick, smick, smick.

"How can I be of help?"

"If you would squeeze into the booth beside him, I would greatly appreciate you taking over for me. My hand is getting tired."

Without taking her eyes from my oozing cock, she slid in next me just as Claudia approached. As Erika delicately removed her hand, the busty manager immediately wrapped both of hers around my thickened stalk and began to pumping up and down, up and down, vigorously milking the clear fluid out of my yawning cockslit. Watching enviously, Claudia stood next to her and cleared her throat.

"That's the biggest dick I've ever seen!"

Erika smiled as she was finally able to cut herself a bite of chicken.

"Yes, he is rather generously endowed."

She took a mouthful of food as the women stared at my erect cock, gazing as the sparkling liquid continued to bubble up from the open eye. I had lost my appetite. I was more interested in what Kay's hands were doing.

"I promised Claudia she could play with his penis. And I think that cute hostess would like an opportunity as well."

The manager didn't look up, completely focused on the stiff log she was fisting.

"I'll give them a chance later. For now, this big dick is mine."

She meant it too, energetically pumping both fists on my hard-on, pounding them against my lower abdomen. The brunette waitress hovered at the end of the table, hoping to get her chance as Erika calmly ate her meal. The two coeds at the nearby table had both turned toward us, trying to see what we were doing.

"Claudia, why don't you check on the other customers? I'll make certain that Kay leaves something for you."

Reluctantly, she left us to attend to the couple at the table. From the way the waitress turned in our direction and gestured toward us, I believed she was describing the action in our booth, and I swallowed heavily. At this rate, the whole café would soon be gawking at my exposed cock.

Smick, smick, smick - the chunky manager's enthusiastic pumping had caused me to generate even more juice than usual, drawing my attention away from the other diners. My hips responded and I began to rise up off the seat with each stroke, matching her persistent rhythm and thrusting my throbbing hard-on deeper into her grasp. As she leaned closer, I could feel her hot breath on my drooling cockhead as she spoke.

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