tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWVC Ch. 02: Nomination Ceremony

WVC Ch. 02: Nomination Ceremony


Many thanks to nickitaylor for editing and suggestions.

This takes place immediately after 'WVC - Intro & Interview'.

Chapter 02: The Nomination Ceremony

"Congratulations! You have been accepted as an applicant for membership into the White Vampyres Club. For your Nomination Ceremony, eat lightly and dress casually. Be at 734 Elm Street promptly at 7 PM this Friday. You are not to discuss this with anyone. And you are forbidden to touch your penis except for bathing and urinating"

I stared at the computer screen. At first, I thought it was a joke, not really believing that they would even consider me for membership. And then, I wondered exactly what I was getting into. Still, it was flattering to get this far, so I figured I'd follow the instructions and see just where it went.

By the time Friday arrived, my erections were more frequent and much stronger. I felt like I was walking around with a constant hard-on. Fortunately, I wasn't called to pose for any art classes during the rest of the week. What I did notice was that my attitude toward my classmates started to change.

Who had been there for the interview? I thought that it was likely that Valerie was there, but who else? I began to look at the coeds in my classes differently, wondering if they had seen me totally nude. And that just made my rampant erections worse.

Promptly at 7 PM on Friday, wearing the same uniform of polo shirt, khaki slacks and loafers under my jacket, I started to knock on the screen door to knock when I noticed another note taped inside.

"The door is unlocked. Inside you will find a chair with a blindfold, a robe and a pair of sandals. Fasten the blindfold securely around your head. Take off all your clothes, put on the robe and sandals, and wait. You will receive further instructions"

I took a quick look over my shoulders. No one else was in sight. I stepped inside and followed the directions, neatly folding my clothes on the seat of one chair while I sat in another to put on the leather sandals. Constructed like those in ancient Rome, they had soft straps that wound around my ankles and lower calves. The robe was white cotton, thin and soft. I belted it tightly around my waist and then I slipped the blindfold over my head. It worked. I couldn't see a thing as I sat waiting.

After a few minutes, I heard soft footsteps echoing in the hallway. Two pairs of strong feminine hands took my arms, guiding me up out of the chair, down the hallway and out the back door. Thick and heavy, my cock swung loosely beneath the thin cotton as we walked. A car was waiting outside, and the two helped me into the back seat. Not a word was spoken as the pair climbed in the back with me, sandwiching me in the middle. Discreetly, I inhaled the air, catching whiffs of clean floral scents, but with no spicy undertones.

We drove all the way out of town. I could tell since there were less stop lights and fewer passing cars. While we waited at one, it suddenly occurred to me that my blindfolded head might be visible to other cars. I was grateful I didn't know anyone off campus that might recognize me. And then further thought -- with a blindfold in place, it was unlikely that my own mother would recognize me. I felt silly for worrying.

Another ten or fifteen minutes driving and we turned off onto a gravel road, one that became bumpy. Finally, we stopped.

All four doors swung open and the hands helped me out of the car. After crossing a gravel parking area, we mounted some steps and entered a building. My escorts led me down a long hallway and into what felt like a tiny room. After having me sit on a small stool, they left, closing them quietly behind them. I heard the door swing open and someone else entered. I caught a hint of a familiar perfume, floral sweet and spicy sharp, just before she spoke.

"Good evening, Bill. I am Mistress Shannon. I trust you had a good trip?"

I murmured my assent and she continued.

"I hope you are prepared for this evening, your Application ceremony to the White Vampyres Club. Stand up and open your robe. Assume the 'Present Position', and show me your penis."

Surprised by her abruptness, I gamely obeyed, facing her as I unbelted my robe. Sliding my feet apart, I held the robe open, showing her what she wanted to see. Thrusting my hips forward, I let go of the robe so I could clasp my hands on top of my head.

My cock hung down between my thighs, slightly plump and lazily rolling to one side under her silent gaze. I could feel blood starting to flow below my waist.

"Have you masturbated since your interview?"

"No Ma'am."


She stepped forward, close enough that I could feel her breath on my skin. Gently, her fingers slid onto my chest, cupping both of my pectoral muscles, circling my nipples, teasing them. My cock twitched.

"You have an excellent body, Bill. Are you excited about sharing it with the Club?"

"Yes Ma'am, I guess so."

"You should be excited. This will be a momentous evening, the first of its kind in Club history."

My cock began to lengthen as she caressed my chest, filling with blood and stretching down toward the floor.

"Yes, this is very nice body you have, Bill. You should proud of it, and willing and eager to share it with those who will appreciate it."

As she tweaked my nipples, my cock twitched, growing thicker as it lengthened down toward the floor. I caught my breath as she pinched my rigid buttons.

"You'll be totally nude. The Club members will see all of you, including your penis."

I swallowed before I answered.

"Yes Ma'am."

Leaving my nipples straining for more attention, she slid her hands lower, her soft fingertips gliding across my tightened abdominals.

"I have a confession to make."

I held my breath again. Here it comes.

"I lied to you during your interview."

Her persistent fingers slid lower still, brushing the edge of my pubic hair. I felt her eyes on my cock as it continued to swell, slowly expanding downward until it began to stretch out away from my legs.

"I lied when I said that your genitalia was only adequate."

I remained silent as her fingertips drew lazy circles on my lower abdominal muscles, slipping in and out of my thin pubic hair as my cock continued thicken and fill, rising up from between my thighs in short twitching spasms.

"I'm sure that the Club members will find your male equipment more than adequate."

I swallowed again as my cock jerked higher, stretching out away from me as her relentless fingers slid lower, and caressed my lower abdomen just above my throbbing pole. It felt like it was nearly fully erect, trembling with excitement as jutted straight out in front of me, about level with the floor.

"You have a beautiful penis, Bill, long and thick, eager for attention and pulsing full of blood."

Her fingertips were right at the base of my stiff cock. She pressed down, causing the thickened shaft to dip. Holding me steady, she continued.

"During your interview, you said that no one had ever touched your erect penis. Is that really true?"

My voice was barely a whisper as she pressed harder.

"Yes Ma'am."

"Then I shall be the first."

I caught my breath as she curled her fingers around the base of my quivering stalk, not daring to move as she just held me. Then, she squeezed. It felt odd, yet strangely wonderful to have a soft feminine hand wrapped around my hard-on.

With my cock throbbing urgently in her grasp, she let her fingertips of her other hand dance across the taut skin of the swollen bulb, delicately tracing the rounded surface. I shivered.

"Yes, this is a most impressive penis you have."

Finally, she sighed and released me entirely, leaving my raging erection to quiver forlornly in the space between us.

"The time has come, Bill. Tighten your robe. Come let the members meet you."

After I belted the thin robe around my waist, she took my arm and guided me out of the tiny space, down the hallway and into what felt like a much larger room. I could feel my hard-on tenting the thin cotton out in front of me, swaying back and forth with each step. She led me up three steps, onto what felt like another platform, gently pushing me forward until I felt myself on the very edge.

"Welcome sisters of the White Vampyre Club! Tonight promises to be an historic evening in our chapter."

Nudging my feet farther apart, Mistress Shannon stepped up close beside me and paused as a pair of hands expertly fastened soft cuffs around both of my ankles. I could feel myself starting to blush as my stiff cock bobbed beneath the robe, surprised that my raging erection showed no sign of wilting. Resting one hand on my shoulder as I stood with my feet spread wide, she continued.

"Tonight I am privileged to introduce the very first male to apply for membership to our Club."

Deftly, she untied my belt, leaving the robe hanging loosely on my shoulders, one edge barely covering my protruding cock. I could feel the flush in my face spreading down my neck.

"Behold Sisters! I present to you, Bill."

With that, she stepped behind me and whipped the robe off my shoulders, leaving me totally nude with my rigid cock jutting out from between my legs, quivering in eager anticipation. I heard a gasp from the unseen audience. In the silence that followed, I swallowed heavily, feeling my blush deepen and creep across my shoulders.

"Put your hands on top of your head, Bill. Arch your back. Let the sisters see you, all of you."

As I obeyed and thrust my hips toward my unseen audience, my swollen cock bobbed energetically. Stepping behind me, she slid her soft hands across my shoulders and down my sides. I held my breath as she inched closer and reached under my arms and around my torso onto my chest. As she pressed against my back, I felt the sharp points of erect nipples, the fullness of bare breasts, and the warmth of fine leather against my skin as she cupped the underside of my chest muscles. She must have been wearing some kind of leather costume.

"Notice his chest, the strong muscles of his well-developed pectorals, the firm, excited nipples."

As she spoke, she squeezed my chest muscles, lifting my pecs as much as she could. When she tweaked my nipples, I gasped. She squeezed much harder than she did during the interview. After several breath catching pinches, Mistress Shannon released my rigid nubs and slid her hands lower, caressing my stomach as she continued. By now, my face must have been beet red.

"Admire his abdominal muscles, tight and well-defined, toned into a classic six pack."

After tracing the ridges of my abs, she reached lower, her fingertips sliding down the outside of my hips, onto my thighs, bypassing my throbbing cock. Squeezing my taut muscles firmly, she poked her head under my right arm to speak again.

"Observe his muscular legs, the thighs finely sculpted and spread wide for you."

Her fingers moved to insides of my thighs, sliding higher until the backs of her wrists nudged my balls. I caught my breath at the contact while my hard cock jerked higher, bobbing eagerly. Slowly, she pressed her wrists together underneath my balls, lifting them and my quivering cock higher still.

"And finally sisters, behold his penis, so big, so full, so eagerly anticipating spilling his milk, his male nectar, just for you."

Twisting her wrists, she cradled my balls in the palms of both hands, cupping them and causing my bloated cock to bounce up and down.

"His testicles are full, Sisters, swollen with his white cream. And this penis, this large scepter jutting excited and erect from between his thighs ---"

Leaving my balls to hang down between my parted thighs, she curled first one, and then the other hand around my straining cockshaft. Squeezing gently, she slowly began to post up and down the thick pole.

"This male organ is almost ready. Yes Sisters, this erect penis of his is almost ready to spurt forth the froth of his masculinity."

After several firm strokes, she released her doubled fisted grip, leaving my throbbing hard-on to wave desperately in the air before me. Stepping back away from me, she gently took my hands from on top of my head and guided them down my body.

"Stroke it, Bill. Use your hands and bring forth your male milk."

Obediently, I wrapped my right hand around my shaft and began to pump, slowly at first, feeling awkward with the blindfold and my unseen audience.

"That's it, Bill. Show us how you do it.'

Spurred on by her voice and the strangely compelling eroticism of performing for an unknown audience, I knew this wasn't going to take long. I picked up my pace, feeling the first rumbling in my balls, pumping my hips back and forth. Panting heavily as my urgency increased, I aimed my swollen cock directly out in front of me.

"Now, Bill. Cum for us. Show us how far you can shoot."

With a sharp cry, I jerked my hips as far forward as I could and let the first burst of cum fly from the tip of my cock. I was too far gone to hear any reaction from the crowd. Quickly, a second blast flew through the air, although not nearly with as much force. I kept pumping and a third soon followed. This time, it was more of a weak dribble than a true ejaculation.

My hard-on started to fade and I was gasping for air. I gave my shrinking cock one more squeezing stroke, feeling the last one wad of cum slide over the back of my fist hand as I felt a cool hand rest on my shoulder.

"Well done, Bill. I'm optimistic that with the proper training, you could be a very productive member of the White Vampyres Club. Hold your head up high.'

Obediently, I stretched my neck up, still breathing erratically.

"And now, receive the sign of a true candidate of our Club, the collar."

Carefully, she buckled a narrow collar around my neck.

"When you are directed, you are to wear this collar with pride and honor. Do you understand?"

I nodded, mumbling my assent.

"Then you may go. Your participation of tonight's ceremony is now over."

That surprised me. I would have thought that the ceremony, or whatever this was would have lasted longer. But while the cuffs around my ankles were released, I realized that the members probably needed to discuss me. Mistress Shannon helped me back into my robe, leaning close to whisper in my ear.

"You did well tonight, Bill. Wear your blindfold until you're back at the house in town. You may remove the collar then as well when you change back into your clothes. You'll be hearing from us."

As she moved away, two pairs of hands took my arms and guided me off the stage. I started to try to close my robe, and then I realized that there was little point in doing so. In silence, we walked back down the hallway to the small room with my still thickened cock slapping against my thighs with each step.

Once we arrived back at the tiny room, the hands guided me down onto the stool, my robe falling wide open as I sat down. I realized that with my knees apart, my two helpers had an unobstructed view of my spent cock as it hung heavily between my thighs. Without thinking, I started to close my knees, and then I stopped. Instead, I spread my legs even wider so the two could get a better view.

I began to blush again, but I didn't change my position, forcing myself to remain still. Slowly, my cock begin to fill with blood once more, gradually growing thicker and reaching down toward the floor. After another minute or so, I heard them leave, quietly closing the door behind them.

Sitting on the uncomfortable stool, I waited for what seemed like a very long time before anyone returned. My budding erection had long since vanished and I was tired when the door swung wide.


I struggled to my feet, belting the robe tightly around my waist. Two pairs of hands escorted me back outside and into the car. The ride back to town was just as silent as the way out. Once they guided me into the room where my clothes were, they sat me down.

"Count to 100 before you take off the blindfold."

Not recognizing the feminine voice, I started to count as they left. Reaching the count limit they set, I took off the blindfold to find my clothes exactly as I'd left them. The collar I had received during the ceremony was plain black leather, soft and supple, and about ¾ of an inch wide. It still had a faint whiff of her perfume. That night, I slept very well.

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