Thursday night was always party night at the small suitcase college I attended in the late 80's. Whether or not the events that follow occurred on a Thursday night I cannot be sure. I enter this only as a frame of reference for the events that follow.

My roommate Wade and I had been rooming for the 1st of what would be 4 years together total. We participated on a sports team together, were members of the same fraternity and had a radio program on the campus station.

The radio program was the source of a good deal of our fame around this small campus. As the hosts of the Thursday night all request show, we spoke with hundreds of students getting geared up for the party of the night.

This volunteer position had elevated us to the level of local celebrities and had brought with it a small taste of the trappings that this type of recognition can offer. We were constantly greeted on campus, given entrance into almost all events and clubs without paying the door charge. For a lower middle class kid from a single parent family, this was the equivalent of being a Rockefeller.

As we geared up for another great Thursday night gig, there was a knock on the door of the otherwise abandoned station. The station was a small cluster of offices off the main floor of the older of two campus gymnasiums. The live studio was a windowless, enclosure about the size of a small prison cell, with a large Plexiglas window that separated the live studio from the engineers booth which was ½ the size of the live studio. We worked without an engineer as I was fully trained as a board op.

Being wedged between a tower of amps and Wades chair, he was the one to leave the studio and answer the door. I heard a commotion at the door and Wade reappeared at the door with a cold case of beer and two female students who I don't recall ever meeting.

Wade introduced me to Lisa and Donna. Lisa was a short, thin, long-haired brunette with an interestingly large chest for a girl of her frame and proportion. Donna was a thicker girl, also large chested but less impressive in comparison to her waist size. She wore her sandy blonde hair short. They both sported the letters of the largest sorority on campus and they boisterously announced that they were here to assist with the show in, and they emphasized, ANY way possible.

Wade and I shared a quick glance of mutual approval and invited the girls into the studio, such as it was. With quarters so confined, I ended up with Donna on my lap and Wade rode Lisa on his knee.

The girls were loud, and giggly and typical of young coeds at the time. I had to quiet them down more than once as I prepared to take the recorded feed offline and go live. We cranked up whatever upbeat song was rocketing up the college airplay charts and then potted up the microphones and started the show.

"It's the big dogs, coming to you live and we are here to play all your requests, no matter how awful, call us at 546-WXXC." Wayne belted out the intro to our show.

I shut off the microphones and cranked up the tunes. Grabbed a beer and swallowed it down in 3 chugs. (I had some catching up to do to get anywhere near the high these two young cuties were experiencing). Wade did likewise and before long we were into a rhythm of playing a song, chatting with a caller, drinking a beer. By the end of the show we had a nice buzz, and we made our way out of the station, handing the keys over to the late night guy and his Goth dressed cronies.

The girls said they needed to stop by the dorm before we headed out to the party du jour. Wade and I followed them up to their dorm room and made ourselves at home. Wade lounged on the lower of a set of bunk beds and I plopped myself down in a oversized beanbag chair.

When the girls returned from their cluster bathroom, Lisa went over to Wade and began immediately kissing Wade. Likewise Donna stood above me, straddled my legs and slowly sank her body down on top of me, leaning in she kissed me sensuously.

A good buzz, an attractive girl, what more could a guy ask for. We made out for a good 15 minutes when that pressure between my legs was indistinguishable from that pressure in my bladder. If I didn't get to the can soon, I was either going to blow a load or piss all over this beanbag.

Reluctantly I advised Donna of my predicament and exited to the bathroom. Being in the girls dorm there was no men's room. Not caring I simply went into the girls bathroom to pee.

I had just about finished producing the long overdue stream when I heard the bathroom door open and close, Expecting Donna, I said "Hey Sexy". I felt her move up behind me in the toilet and then I felt her arm move around me and grasp for my emptying cock. This was indeed going to be a good night.

She found my prick and began to slowly milk it from head to base. At 19, my cock got hard when the wind blew, so I was at attention quickly from her firm grasp. I turned to kiss her some more and get another grasp of her fine ass, when on turning I realized that this was Lisa grabbing my cock.

She looked up at me and smiled.

She said "I want to give my roommate a surprise, do what I ask and you won't regret it". Well how does a horny guy with his cock in a girls hand argue?

I said "I'm all yours"

"You will be" was her reply. Then without warning she simply began to undress and motioned for me to do likewise. When we were completely naked she grabbed my hand and led me out to the hall. My cock throbbed at attention, but nearly burst from the view of this amazingly hot coed's assets. What a body on this girl. He large breasts jiggles very little for their size and her thin waist and narrower hips made her overall physical appearance extremely arousing.

We walked into her dorm room, closed the door and Lisa announced

"Hey, look what happened to us"

Donna and Wade's faces both showed signs of shock and excitement at this announcement.

Lisa dropped my hand and walked straight to Wade on the bed and before climbing on him motioned for me to join Donna on the beanbag. I walked to Donna who was busy removing her top and as I reached her, she leaned forward on her knees and took my now fully engorged cock in her mouth. She sucked me with the eagerness of a novice. Her tongue slipped and slobbered all over my heated dick.

Her hands cupped my spit covered balls and before long one of her well lubricated fingers made it up between my ass cheeks and slowly turned circles around my asshole.

I turned my head slightly to see what was going on with Lisa and Wade. Lisa was straddling Wades head, holding on to the side rails of the top bunk she thrashed on Wades face as his tongue lavished her certainly soaked pussy.

Donna squeezed my balls ever so slightly drawing my attention back to her. She let my pulsing cock slip from her lips as she stood up before me. She wiggled out of her button fly Levi's and panties in one fell swoop, leaving her completely naked. She looked up into my crystal blue eyes and said the 3 words every college man longs to hear.

"Fuck me now!" she said so plainly there was no room for discussion.

Then without any pomp or circumstance Donna got down on all fours, facing the bunk beds and pushed her ass up in the air towards my waiting cock. Wasting no time I dropped down and pushed my hard dick straight into her dripping pussy as deep and as hard as she would take it. My cock head bumped against her cervix as I thrust deep and hard. Her moans of "Fuck me, fuck me harder" echoed off the concrete block walls of the dorm room and grabbed the attention of her roommate who continued riding my roommates face like it was a bull at the rodeo.

Lisa looked up and winked at Donna. A wink I also noticed and then Lisa leaned down and whispered into Wade's ear. She rolled of Wade and he got up and stripped off his clothes. I had seen Wades cock numerous times in the course of our living arrangement, but never like this. It was red and throbbing and just looked angry. It appeared to be a bit longer than mine, but also somewhat narrower, my cock being of average size but a healthy girth.

Wade positioned himself in front of Donna and she quickly engulfed his dick. She sucked it like she had sucked mine, with intense passion and lots of slobber. Before long his cock was dripping with her saliva much as mine had been just moments before. He grabbed her head and began face fucking her, I gauged his rhythm and soon we were fucking her in tandem. She emitted a low rolling grunt as we fucked her hard and fast. Within moments I felt the kegel muscles that controlled her lower functions clamp hard around my cock and I knew she was having her first of what would surely be many orgasms.

Lisa pulled Wades cock from Donna's mouth with a resounding pop and pushed him to the side, she lay down on the floor and scooted up under Donna. Within seconds I could feel Lisa's head under my cock and my balls bumping into her nose as I continued to fuck her roommate. I finally realized that Lisa's surprise was that she was giving her roommate an orgy. Not being able to see below, I assumed Lisa was licking Donna's clit, and this was affirmed when I felt Donna begin to rock back against Lisa's mouth and therefore back against my cock at the same time.

Donna reached down and slid 3 wet fingers into Lisa's pussy and then motioned for Wade to return, which he did with great pleasure. Donna took him into her mouth a second time and while she finger fucked Lisa's soaking wet pussy, she licked and sucked Wades cock.

The scene of this was almost too much to bear, and I was soon on the brink of orgasm. Sensing my pending explosion, Donna moved forward and Lisa took my now pussy juice soaked dick in her mouth and I exploded immediately. My cum jettisoned spurt after spurt into Lisa's hungry mouth. She swallowed as much as she could and the rest dripped down the sides of her cheeks. She then spit out my cock and buried her cum covered face back into her roommates waiting snatch.

Donna's three fingers jamming Lisa's wet pussy was finally enough to get Lisa off and she came hard, sucking firmly on Donna's clit as wave after wave of orgasm rocked her body. Wade noticed this activity and soon he too lost control and fired his load directly into Donna's mouth. Donna's big "O" followed right behind the rest of us.

The girls sat back and caught their breath while Wade and I got up and grabbed everyone a fresh beer. This night was going to be a blast for sure.

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