tagInterracial LoveX-Ray Lisa Ch. 02

X-Ray Lisa Ch. 02


The trip was planned (this is a follow-up to X-Ray Lisa) and Lisa was starting to see that there was a different world out there to explore.

Living a very sheltered life in the midwest (Wisconsin), she was about to explore the rest of the world with her girlfriend Diane. They (Diane and Lisa)had been talking about it for years, but Lisa never thought her jealous husband would ever let her go on a trip where he couldn't monitor what she was doing and who she was with. After all, who would take care of her three sons and her husband while she was gone? Lisa had a job that was flexible enough that she always had dinner on the table for the family when they arrived home. So who was going to take her place if she went on this trip?

Lisa, knowing how her husband would react, just never asked of such a thing because she knew what kind of response she'd get from her husband. He was old fashioned and that's the way it was at their house.

Diane on the other hand, was very much a free spirit and was always going on trips throughout the world by herself as she would win trips through her place of work. Diane, being a tall blonde and very attractive, always had so much fun on her trips and would always tell Lisa about her excursions when they got together for a beer. Just once, Lisa wanted to live that lifestyle of being somewhere tropical and having some fun. She couldn't do it in her home town as her husband knew everyone and she'd never get away with having fun without her jealous husband finding out and getting mad at her.

Diane kept asking Lisa to go on a trip with her, but Lisa always knew what the answer at home would be, "NO." So she never asked.

Lisa had done some soul-searching when she had her first affair and had decided to just forget about the conference in which she had sex with someone other that her husband. It wasn't a bad experience for her, in fact, she loved being with her new found black lover as it was an experience that she will never forget, EVER!

So, while having a beer with Diane one night, again, Diane and Lisa were talking about how nice it would be for the both of them to go on a trip together to somewhere like Barbados. Diane liked that island because she herself had a secret lover waiting for her there and she would at least make one trip a year to see him. She knew that if only Lisa could convince her husband to go with her that she would have a good time there also.

A week went by and they got together again and Lisa hadn't asked him about the trip. Diane had asked her what the problem was on asking him if she could go on this trip.

She just said, "Are you kidding me? Do you really think that my husband would let me go on a trip with you?"

Diane said, "Well, why wouldn't he let you go with me?"

Lisa said, "He's just too damn jealous that I'd fuck someone there or something that he'd never let me go."

At that point, Tim (Dianes husband) and Lisa's husband arrive at the bar and sit at there table after getting their drinks. They all sat there talking about the days events when Diane had asked Lisa's husband if he'd let Lisa go on a trip with her.

His response was less than favorable to begin with. But Lisa's husband had asked Tim if he had thought anything had ever happened on any of Diane's trips.

Tim said, "Shit, just let her go as it's time away from each other."

Lisa's husband was thinking in his head that Lisa would be fucking someone else if the opportunity would present itself, so he really didn't want her to go anywhere where he couldn't keep tabs on her.

Lisa had gotten up enough nerve to ask her husband on the way home from the bar if he would consider letting her go.

Her husband had thrown up all kind of objections without coming out and saying what was truely on his mind. It was: we don't have the money, who's going to take care of the kids, who's going to pay the bills, etc. So he came up with all these reasons on why she couldn't go and that just pissed her off!

She had to find a way to take away all the objections from her husband in order for her to go before it was even a maybe.

She worked overtime and put the money away, she had her mom come over and check on the kids and made dinner for them, and pre-paid all the bills for the time that she'd be gone. Now it was time for her to approach Kevin with her plan on going.

Kevin was not happy about the way she was sneaking around making the extra money and so on but he asked her how much it was going to cost.

Lisa just told him, "I already got it covered." Much to Lisa's surprise, he agreed to let her go on the trip! So the planning began for their trip to Barbados.

Diane was experienced in getting the best price possible and booked the trip. Diane was excited that Lisa was able to go with her, finally! Diane was going to make sure that Lisa had a great time together.

So upon arriving at the airport, unlike Diane, Lisa was a little nervous because she had never been out of the country before. As soon as they were up in the air, Diane had ordered drinks to loosen Lisa up a little and to try and have her relax a little. They were going to have a great time away from their husbands!

Once in Barbados, Diane had led the way as she had been there numerous times before and was comfortable on driving around the island. After checking in at the resort, they made their way to the bar and toasted each other for being there. They both toasted, "To a great time!"

Lisa was in awe of how beautiful the island was. The sound of the waves, the color of the water, everything about it was paradise.

After having a couple of cocktails, they returned to the room to freshen up for dinner. Diane knew a great place to eat just up the road from their resort and was seated in minutes after they got there.

Suddenly Diane got a big smile on her face and a tall black gentleman arrived at their table and Diane gets out of her chair to kiss him.

Lisa was shocked at what was going on and Diane introduces him as Lamar. Lamar takes a seat at their table and they all start talking about everyday stuff.

At the end of dinner, Diane and Lamar talk about getting together the next day as they were a little tired that night. They got up from their chairs and Lamar walked away and Diane looked at Lisa and said, "Isn't he just adorable?"

Lisa responded, "So, how did you ever meet him?"

Diane said, "I've been coming to this island for a long time and had run into him everywhere I went, so we just starting talking to one another one day and the rest is history."

So Lisa had to ask, "Just friends I'm assuming."

Diane said, "Well, I guess you could say that."

Lisa could tell it was more than that. They returned to the resort and went to the bar again and then went to the disco where they had a few more drinks before retiring to their room.

The next day was a free day as they didn't have anything special planned so they just sat around the resorts pool having a good time.

You could tell that Lisa was not used to being in a tropical place as she had a one piece swimming suit on with shorts over that. One sign of leading a sheltered life. Everyone else was wearing just a swimsuit or bikini. Nobody wore shorts over their bikini. Anyhow, Lisa's first day on the island was a lot of fun as she never once thought about her husband.

The following day, Diane had booked a dive and hounded Lisa to go along but to no avail.

She just wanted to relax by the pool and have a few cocktails. As many times as she went up to the bar, the bartender got to know her first name and Lisa made sure she tipped him well and he was always making her laugh a lot.

Diane left early in the morning and returned to find Lisa pretty buzzed up from all the alcohol she had consumed in the hot sun. After seeing how drunk Lisa was, Diane thought it was a good thing to get her back to the room to sleep it off and so off they went to the room.

The next day, Diane had booked a shopping trip for them in order for Lisa to buy some things to bring home for the kids and her husband. When they returned back to the resort, Diane wanted a drink so they went to the bar inside the hotel and Lisa's favorite bartender was working and he just started laughing once he saw her.

Lisa had thanked him for her headache that she had in the morning.

And he told her that "I have just the cure for her hangover."

She replied "You do huh?"

He continued smiling at her and made her a bloodymary to help ease the pain.

Diane had a fruity drink and all of a sudden a smile came to her face as Lamar had came over and sat down by them. Lamar and Diane then went to a booth and were talking about how and where they would meet up.

Diane came back to Lisa and told her that she would be back later, but she didn't know when and left Lisa sitting all by herself at the bar.

Davis (the bartender) was making small talk with Lisa and she was starting to feel comfortable with him as he would just smile at her the whole time that she was talking with him.

Davis started looking at his watch and Lisa had said, "Are you in a hurry or something?"

He said, "No, my shift ends soon, and my relief is supposed to have been here by now!"

Lisa said, "Oh, that explains it!" Then she asks, "Then what are you going to do?"

Davis then told Lisa, "Normally I would go and work out, but I feel like doing something different tonight."

Lisa responded, "And what might that be?"

Davis leaned over the bar and said, "What I'd really like to do is go for a walk on the beach with you when I'm done. But I can't stay here as it's against resort policy."

Lisa said, "Well, I think that could be arranged" and asked where she should meet him.

They had planned on meeeting at the property line in fifteen minutes and Lisa returned to her room to freshen up a bit and then went to meet Davis.

Going by the bar, Lisa had noticed that Diane had returned and Diane had told Lisa that she would be back to the room around midnight as Lamar was taking her out to dinner.

Lisa then said to Diane, "Don't do anything that I wouldn't do!" And off she went.

Lisa then headed to the meeting spot to see Davis.

Upon meeting up with him, they took off walking along the beach just making small talk. Lisa had told him how much she loved it there.

And Davis was telling her a little about how he lived and she was starting to feel sorry for him.

Davis and Lisa were walking past a pier when Davis took her hand and led her to the end of it. The moonlight was bouncing off the water and it truly made for a romantic setting in Lisa's mind.

Davis then put his arm around her waist and she didn't object at all to his advances.

Lisa then turned to Davis and asked him, "This is so romantic, how could you ever get sick of living here?"

Facing each other, Davis had planted a soft kiss on Lisa's lips.

Lisa opened her eyes and made the comment to Davis, "I'm feeling warm all over."

Davis then put both arms around her and said,"That's the way that you are supposed to feel here in Barbados." then he told her, "Let yourself be free!"

Lisa didn't know what to say, what to feel, but she knew that she'd be in trouble if she didn't end it right there and then.

She told Davis that she should get back to the resort and took his hand and started to walk off the pier with him.

At the end of the pier he said, "Just take one last look at the ocean, isn't it beautiful?

Lisa agreed and when she turned back around, Davis planted another kiss on her lips and his hands found her nicely shaped ass.

As they started kissing, the kiss became more of a grind on each others lips and Davis knew that Lisa was getting turned on at this point.

Their lips parted, and Lisa had whispered to him, "My friend won't be back for a while, ummm, would you want to go back to my room with me?"

Davis had probably been to every room on the resort with this wife, or that girlfriend, so making this offer come true was an easy decision for him.

He asked Lisa, "Are you sure?"

Lisa responded, "You know that warm feeling that I had told you about?"

He said, "Yes."

Lisa then told him, "Well, I think it's gone to the mid-section of my body."

Davis then said, "Well then, let's go and see what we can do about that, shall we?"

They started to head back to the resort and once they reached the property line, they stopped holding hands and walked up the stairs to Lisa's room.

Once inside, they kissed once again and that warm feeling became more intense to Lisa.

Standing in the hallway of the room, Lisa's hands were going all over Davis's back as they were kissing.

Davis in return was feeling Lisa's ass and trying to spread Lisa's ass cheeks apart as he was kissing her.

After a minute, Davis broke from their kiss and headed for the patio door in order to hear the waves crashing in the ocean. Then Davis went to turn off the light as Lisa waited for him in front of the bed.

Davis then came back to Lisa, and in the cover of darkness, slowly began to undress Lisa, piece by piece as he was kissing her.

Davis had noticed her huge tits the first day when she was sitting by the pool and as he unbuttoned her top, he slowly put his hands inside her bra and then began to softly pinch her nipples.

This drove Lisa wild, as her husband never had that effect on her, but this was different for some reason. Davis took his hand out of her bra and pulled her shirt out of her jeans.

He then moved his hand down to work on her zipper. First came the top button and when he was unbuttoning her pants, she let out a soft moan.

Once her pants were unbuttoned, he went back to kissing her and rubbing her nice round ass through her jeans. He did this for a few moments and then took his right hand and started to work on her zipper.

With the sound of the waves crashing on shore, you could just hear her zipper, tooth by tooth coming down all the way to expose her silky panties to him.

He felt her panties with the back of his hand and made the comment to her, "Very nice."

She said, "Thank you, I'm glad you like them."

Davis then said, "I do like them very much."

At this point, Lisa had to take a break and promised Davis that she would return in just a moment and walked toward the bathroom.

While Lisa was in the bathroom, she was wondering to herself how this could be happening and was begining to have second thoughts about the whole ordeal.

But she decided to see what was going to happen next as her pussy was still on fire and she just couldn't help herself.

She was going to zip her pants back up when she left the restroom, but decided to leave them the way Davis had left it.

As she left the restroom and returned to where Davis was standing, she assessment was this: Davis was still dressed, and Lisa's shirt was undone, and her pants were unbuttoned and unzipped. What did she expect to happen next?

Lisa then walked back to Davis and said, "Now where were we?"

At this point, Lisa figured that she had to even the score and started to unbutton his shirt. Her hands found his bare chest and she just loved the feel of all his muscles that he had and kissed him as her hands roamed over his chest and belly.

Davis then turned her body to where her back was towards the bed and slowly laid her down on the bed.

Davis then broke from the kiss and slowly unclasped her bra to let her huge tits fall out of her bra. Davis didn't stop kissing her at her tits, he continued to slowly lick his way down to her bellybutton.

Lisa at this point was moaning, as she never had such treatment from a man as she had only been with two other lovers her entire life.

Davis reached underneath her ass and began to pull her pants down to her knees and stopped at that point. He left her jeans at her knees and went back up to kiss her soft lips.

Lisa made the comment to him as he was kissing her neck and ears, "Do you realize what you are doing to me?"

He said, "No, what am I doing to you?"

She then whispered, "You are making me so fucking horny, I want to make love to you."

Davis then moved his head down, kissing and licking his way to her tits. He then pushed aside her bra and shirt and slowly begin to move his tongue around her nipples. On occasion, he would take a little nibble of her nipple just driving her crazy!

He then put his hands behind her back and lifted her back off the bed and took off her bra and shirt and tossed it off the side of the bed. He then cupped her huge tits and laid her back on the bed and again gave her a soft kiss.

Davis said, "You know I want you, right?"

Lisa said, "I sure hope so, as I'm dripping wet right now!" "I don't normally talk like this, but I just wanted you to know that I'm ready when you are."

Davis then broke from their kiss and slowly worked his way down her body until he got to her underwear. Davis noticed a scar than ran almost the entire width of her underwear. He had seen those types of scars before so he didn't ask. He then brought his right hand down and rubbed his thumb over her underwear. Feeling her moistness through her underwear he said, "My God! "You really are wet aren't you?"

Lisa said, "Yes, it's because you are soooo good that I'm almost ready to cum right now!"

Davis then pulled her underwear down to where he had left her jeans (at her knees), exposing her well manicured triangle and found the bottom cuffs of her pants and pulled off her jeans and underwear tossing them aside.

He then picked her feet off the floor and spread her legs and began kissing her legs up to her thighs running his tongue all around her legs up to her pussy. This was driving Lisa wild!

Davis was an experienced lover. After all, she wasn't the first women that he had made love to, there were hundreds! All the girl trips that women make, it wasn't uncommon to have a different women every week. Even a threesome now and then. It was just a fringe benefit for working at the resort.

At that point, Lisa came up off the bed and said, "I can't have you with all you clothes one, I need to get them off of you!"

Davis took off his shirt and Lisa started working on his shorts. She could feel a big bulge in his shorts and as she unzipped his shorts and pulled them to the floor, Davis was helping her by pulling off his underwear for her. Lisa had one big cok before and was about to get another one.

Lisa looked up and said, "WOW, looks like you're ready!"

Davis replied, "Yes, but I'm not done with you yet."

He then laid Lisa back on the bed and continued where he left off, kissing and licking between her legs.

This time he went all the way up and ran his tongue along her inner thigh and brought his hands up and finally parted her vagina and slowly began running his tongue around the inner folds of her pussy. Her pussy smelled so good, not like some of the others that he went down on.

Lisa was about to cum and put her hands on his head as she started to have the best orgasm that she had ever had in her entire life. Lisa was shaking her head from side to side until her orgasm was finished.

At that point, she raised her back off the bed and asked him to stand up. Davis stood up exposing his manhood to her and then positioned his body between Lisa's spread legs.

She grabbed his cock like she was going to suck it when she had to explain something to him and said, "I'm not that good at giving head, but I'm willing to try it."

Davis reassured her that it was going to be ok.

Lisa then stroked his cock and then attempted to suck on it but it was too big for her mouth and began running her tongue over the outside of its length down to his huge balls hanging from his sack.

Davis started to moan a little which gave Lisa some encouragment that she was doing just fine in giving him head. Again, she attempted to insert the head of his cock in her mouth but it was just too big for her.

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