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Xanthe Files XXX005


Author's Note: This series of short stories are intended to be episodic and thus can be read alone. Any feedback, criticisms or improvements are always welcome. The author also invites reader suggestions about what they would like to see Xanthe do next.

Xanthe leaned over the polished cherry wood counter that constituted the elaborate bar of the gentleman's club. She had flown into Japan that morning with a senior delegation from work and they had spent the entire day, almost from the moment they stepped off the plane, involved in hectic negotiations with their client's distributors.

They had finally reached the end of their negotiations, successful, but tired and left in a alien country which most of them had never been too. One of the senior company executives from the Japanese company had cordially invited them to what he considered the perfect place for the seven weary travelers to have dinner, learn a bit about his country and find a relaxing environment.

Xanthe remembered the hushed talks between her boss, Mr. Phillips, and the Japanese executive and his aides. She got the strange feeling that they were talking about her, their quick glimpses towards her and animated discussions only made her more suspicious and that conclusion easier to reach.

Xanthe was the only woman in the seven member delegation and she surmised that the discussion was about whether they could bring a woman into the exclusive gentleman's club. She was surprised that her short, dumpy, balding boss was so adamant that wherever the party went, Xanthe had to be included.

The senior Japanese executive did not appear to be happy with the decision and as soon as they walked into the luxurious surroundings of the club's inner sanctum he promptly disappeared to visit with other executive colleagues, thus leaving his aides to apologize and cater for his foreign guests.

Xanthe had heard of the famous Japanese gentlemen's clubs, they were somewhat of a secret brotherhood for the wealthy and powerful, a combination of a bar, restaurant, health spa and brothel which catered to the rich elite of Japanese society. The club was nothing like she had ever seen back home. She tried to remain somewhat unnoticed when they walked in, not wanting to be the source of any offence to the patrons' sensibilities.

After dinner they retired to the bar. It was the middle of the week and most of the businessmen who frequented the club had left early for home. Only a smattering of businessmen sat in the lounge with their female hosts, who served drinks, talked to them and provided entertainment. The dimmed lighting, soft tranquil music and exquisite flowing artwork of the interior all engendered a soothing atmosphere.

The longer the party had stayed the more at ease Xanthe began to feel. The other patrons of the club had stopped gawking at her and uttering comments under their breath, doubtlessly shocked by the presence of a woman. Their Japanese accompaniment gradually filtered out and the seven foreigners were left to the gracious company of several Japanese female hosts.

The women brought them drinks and playfully sat on the laps of a couple of the senior associates who shared a laugh with them. Mr. Phillips, the short bald rotund boss watched quietly from the end of the bar with a grim look on his face as his employees enjoyed their time. He looked down the bar and saw the petite red headed Xanthe sitting at the opposite end, isolated from everyone else. She seemed to be half asleep.

Xanthe felt extreme relaxation, her senses turned off to the outside world. It was an extraordinarily blissful state to be in. All of sudden she snapped back to attention, a vibration running through the heavy wooden counter and up her elbows deep into her being. Her eyes shot open and she turned to see what had disturbed her peace. It was Mr. Phillips.

"We should be heading off soon, we'll have another long day tomorrow," he announced, his gravelly voice carried with it the connotation of authority. None of the senior associates behind him paid the comment any attention, they continued to drink and unwind with their hosts.

A tall lean Japanese woman walked up to Mr. Phillips. Xanthe eyed her as she bent over, wearing a traditional floral kimono she whispered in his ear. Her long flowing black hair caught Xanthe's attention. It was tied up in an intricate arrangement with a pair of chopsticks skewering the knot. He shook his head and took another sip from his drink. The woman continued, her hand delicately resting on his shoulder, but he seemed adamant that he wasn't interested. The woman turned and looked Xanthe in the eye. Her crimson lips formed a broad smile. She turned and left the two colleagues to continue their conversation.

"Damned women won't leave you alone in this place," Mr. Phillips bellowed to Xanthe but also calculated for the others to hear. "I told her I'm married and I didn't want to have a 'massage' as they keep saying."

He finished the last of his drink and roughly clanged the glass on the bar counter, the woman who had talked to him was now standing behind the counter in the process of cleaning up the empty glass with another respectful smile and bow of the head. Xanthe followed her across the room. She seemed to float calmly around the drunken bodies of her colleagues but offered them limitless attention when necessary.

The woman returned to Mr. Phillips side again whispering to him, again he seemed to refuse her advances. He stood up, the woman stood a few inches taller than his short stubby figure. He reached into his pocket and produced some notes giving them to her. She turned and headed for the main door disappearing behind one of the paper walls.

"Right you guys, I'm going back to the hotel," Mr. Phillips declared. "I expect all of you to be back at the hotel shortly after me. We have a lot of important work tomorrow and I don't need any off-color team members. Remember you're here representing the firm, no trouble."

With that the bullish man followed the same path as the Japanese woman to the front door and cloak room. The senior associates didn't seem to be too fussed by the boss's demands and as soon as he was out of hearing range they shared a laugh, undoubtedly at his expense.

Xanthe went back into her slumber, thinking to herself, her mind descending into total relaxation and her body mellowed in turn. She watched as one of the senior associates stood and gave his host a small peck on the cheek and with a round of laughter headed for the door. He was followed shortly thereafter by another, and then a third.

The club seemed to be emptying gradually. Xanthe remained alone but enjoyed the peaceful ambience. The same Japanese woman materialized in front of her. Xanthe gazed innocently at her, watching her perform a variety of tasks.

Suddenly the sound of voices erupted to her left and she turned to see what the commotion was about. A middle aged Japanese businessman, in his immaculate suit strolled jauntily out of the rear hallway with a female host on his arm. The two shared a few laughs and a rapid fire conversation that Xanthe could not readily understand. She had seen men and their hosts go back and forth from the rear hallway all night, it appeared that the rooms behind the bar were for more 'personal' entertainment.

Xanthe turned back towards the bar and met the woman's gaze. She had stopped tidying up the bar and was watching Xanthe intently. The Japanese woman smiled and gave a polite nod. "You are all alone?" she asked in a quiet respectful voice.

"Ummm, yeah I guess," Xanthe replied, she looked down the bar to see that her colleagues had disappeared and there was no sign of their hosts. "Yeah, I'm alone. My name is Xanthe."

"Hello Xanthe, my name is Kimiko." The woman's voice was delicate, almost childlike, but still had all the elegance of a woman of age. "I am one of the hosts here. If there is anything you need or desire I am only too willing to help you."

"Thanks, but I don't know if I ..."

"It is alright, some people are a little hesitant, but I assure you it is quite natural," Kimiko interrupted Xanthe. She quickly apologized for cutting the fiery redhead off. Xanthe examined her pale complexion obviously well covered in makeup, her crimson lips and her strikingly well defined brown eyes. Her features were so warm and welcoming that Xanthe was left in a quandary; she didn't know quite what Kimiko was offering.

"So what do they do in the backrooms?" posed Xanthe. She was pretty sure that she knew the answer but asked anyway.

"Oh, backrooms ... they are for, how do you say? Massage," replied Kimiko in a calm everyday voice. "Do you want to see the rooms?"

The question penetrated deep into Xanthe's psyche, she was never backward about being forward, and after a couple of drinks the tranquil, sedate surroundings had peaked an interest inside her. She opened her mouth to respond but found Kimiko holding a solitary finger up as if to stop her. She watched as Kimiko rounded the edge of the bar and stared down the hallway before turning back to Xanthe and offering a cursory smile.

Xanthe climbed onto her feet, they felt light and she effortlessly caught up to Kimiko who glided down the carpeted hallway. To each side were thin paper walls and sliding doors which were common to Japanese architecture. The lights from each small room shone through the paper walls casting shadows of their inhabitants. Xanthe could trace the shapes of at least two people in close proximity to each other in each of the rooms. She could also make out the soft chatter of the inhabitants.

Kimiko stopped and pivoted gracefully, her robed hand gently sliding the door to one of the last rooms open. A dim light burned inside the little room and Kimiko stepped back urging Xanthe to enter first.

She stepped into the doorway and noticed the sparsely furnished room. A plain white futon mattress lay half sunken into the center of the floor. Two spindly indoor plants sat in the far corners, the back wall was an extravagant water feature with a steady stream of water trickling down its rock face from the ceiling to the floor. The soft lighting and subtle splashing sounds of the room echoed the relaxing atmosphere of the entire club.

"If you would like, I can give you a massage. To relax you?"

Xanthe spun on the spot having drifted off again and totally forgetting Kimiko's presence. "Ahhh, yes ... sure, where do you want me to sit?"

Kimiko gestured with her hand and Xanthe knelt down on the edge of the mattress, sensing Kimiko hovering behind her. Xanthe drew in a deep breath as Kimiko's long slender fingers firmly worked through the fabric on her shoulders and gradually squeezed all resistance out of her neck. She could feel her head lull, her eyes shut and the determined motion of Kimiko's skilled hands coaxing her to relaxation.

"Wow, that is great Kimiko," purred Xanthe feeling relaxed but also strangely invigorated. The shoulder massage continued for a couple more minutes before Kimiko abruptly stopped and Xanthe was forced to bring herself back from her blissful state.

"Would you like to continue?" Kimiko's polite voice rang out.

Xanthe turned slightly so she could see Kimiko who had stepped back away from her shoulders. Her eyes ran down the gorgeous Japanese woman's body. Despite being clad in a kimono, Xanthe knew that Kimiko had a trim figure. Without any conscious thought she could feel herself beginning to get wet, just at the thought of seeing Kimiko naked.

"Yeah, that was great. I'd love you to continue."

Kimiko smiled briefly but then returned to her conservative demeanor. "If you would like to get undressed and lay down on the bed I can give you a full body massage. I will just step outside so you have privacy."

Xanthe was a little disappointed that Kimiko had left, she watched as the subservient woman bowed and guided the paper door shut. A naughty thought crossed Xanthe's mind. She couldn't see Kimiko from inside the room but she knew that Kimiko could see her silhouette from the hallway. What better way of subtly heating the evening up than with a slow seductive striptease.

With a smug smile Xanthe wiggled her blazer off her shoulders and lowered it to the floor, letting it drop lightly. She turned side on in the light to accentuate her petite frame as she leaned over she ran her hands down her legs and slipped her conservative heeled shoes off. She pivoted to her other side and eased her blouse free from her waist with a slow seductive display, plucking each button open.

The little display only heightened Xanthe's own sexual lust, she could sense that familiar tingling between her legs and noticed her nipples had grown hard and sensitive to touch. With a quick jerk she peeled her blouse open and slid it from her shoulders and down her back. She took a deep breath to emphasize her pert chest, her hands sliding back up her taut stomach and over her clad breasts.

A cheeky notion crossed her mind, without much modesty she groped her pert breasts through the lace of her delicate bra. The straps dropped to her shoulders and with a quick flick the undergarment fell to the floor, leaving her pointy nipples jutting out of her lean silhouette.

A brief shiver ran down her spine, her sexual heat growing ever more. She fidgeted with the waist of her skirt, the zipper giving way easily and with a sexy thrust she pushed her ass out and slid the skirt to her feet before slowly stepping from it. She faced the paper door and spread her legs in an open stance which highlighted her firm torso and trim legs.

Xanthe gently rubbed broad circles over her mound, her tiny thong giving way to her every whim. The feeling of toying with herself in close proximity to a stranger was exquisite. Xanthe had to quell a deep seeded moan which threatened to escape her lips.

"Are you ready?" Kimiko's calm voice penetrated the paper door. Xanthe was caught off guard. She quickly turned back to the mattress and almost threw herself onto it. She lay face down as the door began to slide open.

Xanthe eased into a comfortable position, subtly parting her thighs, baiting Kimiko on. She took a deep breath as Kimiko leant over her and cast her shadow over her bare back. Xanthe couldn't see what Kimiko was doing but could smell an alluring scent spread throughout the room. She inhaled the intoxicating aroma, a mixture of floral and perfumed scents.

She quivered sharply as a jet of golden massage oil splashed onto her pale skin and trailed down her spine. Kimiko's gifted hands made sensual contact with her shoulder blades and began to tease her flesh. Again Xanthe inhaled deeply, refusing to let out a beckoning moan as Kimiko kneaded every inch of her back, coming tantalizingly close to her buttocks before reversing course.

A second jet of oil splashed across her shoulders and Kimiko's slippery fingers eased up her spine and to the base of her neck. Xanthe finally let out a soft moan, trying to muffle it as best she could, she could feel the tingling in her crotch becoming more intense and pleasurable. Without wanting to be too obvious she rocked her pelvis side to side bringing a little relief to her growing urges.

"Are you enjoying the massage?" Kimiko put succinctly.

"Oh yeah that is fantastic Kimiko," moaned Xanthe, a faint shiver spreading through her body as Kimiko tweaked another nerve.

Xanthe squeezed her eyes shut and let the pleasurable sensations further excite her. Another low moan escaped her lips as a third squirt of warm oil spread across the small of her back. She let herself drift off into the abyss, the soft poking, prodding and kneading putting her into a state of total relaxation. Xanthe could feel the tight skin on the back of her thighs melt under Kimiko's touch.

With a sudden jerk Xanthe snapped back to reality, she could feel Kimiko rubbing the length of her calves and heels. She hadn't appreciated how far she had drifted off. She dipped her head around her shoulder and looked down her body, Kimiko catching her eye and politely smiling, her glistening hands continuing to do their work.

She watched as Kimiko's fingers slid up her thighs and over her buttocks, she could feel them subconsciously tighten, but they soon gave way as Kimiko began to manipulate the soft tissue. Xanthe expected Kimiko to snare her thong, but no such feeling thing occurred, when suddenly she realized that tiny garment was gone. Kimiko must have removed them while she was unaware.

Xanthe took a measured breath. She could feel herself getting hotter and hotter, her pussy getting wetter, and her delicate nipples catching the soft fabric of the mattress. She pressed down firmly on her lips and felt her body squirm under her as her desires began to peak. Kimiko's deft massage was bringing her dangerously close to climax and that well-known need for release ran through her mind.

"How do you feel?" asked Kimiko softly.

Xanthe couldn't take the stimulation any longer. She swiftly rolled over onto her back, her slick skin squishing against the mattress. Kimiko appeared to be shocked by Xanthe's boldness and straightened up. Xanthe cast a piercing stare into her soft brown eyes.

"You're making me feel so hot, I just want to get off," purred Xanthe in a low seductive tone. Xanthe kicked her legs out a little further, showing her bare mound. She watched as Kimiko's eyes darted down at her crease then back up to her gaze. "Will you get me off?"

Xanthe toyed with her hairless mound, her fingers dancing across her skin and down over her puffy folds. She pried the engorged flaps apart with a longing look, exhaling gradually as her efforts further stoked the fire burning inside her.

"Umm, I will see what I can do," Kimiko responded tentatively. She stepped back and slid the door partially open and slipped out of the room, shutting it firmly as she disappeared.

Xanthe stopped almost immediately not sure what had just transpired. She looked down at her naked body and then back up at the door. Perhaps she had overstepped the mark. Maybe she had scared or offended Kimiko. She sounded unsure in reply.

It seemed like a couple of minutes had passed, the room sat still, the air silent. Xanthe looked over at the folded pile of clothes next to the bed. She sat up and contemplated getting dressed and the precarious situation that would greet her as she tried to slip out of the club. Suddenly the door eased open and she looked up to see Kimiko enter, an indeterminate look on her face.

"Oh, I thought you had left," stammered Xanthe, not used to being on the back foot.

"No, I just needed to retrieve some things," was her curt reply. Xanthe noticed that Kimiko was holding an item in each hand, but her long kimono obscured her view. "Would you like an intimate massage?"

Xanthe gulped, her throat had gone dry all of a sudden as she looked on in anticipation. The polite manner in which Kimiko had put the issue was stimulating in itself. "Sure, I'd love an intimate massage."

"Good," Kimiko smiled warmly, "please sit on the edge of the futon." She coaxed Xanthe closer with a wave of her clad hand, Xanthe still unable to see what she held under the long sleeves.

The petite red head stretched her legs out across the floor in front of the bed, her rear perched on the edge of the low lying mattress. Kimiko bent over and for a moment Xanthe thought she was about to kiss her, but she moved straight past her and looked down at Xanthe's moist lap.

"Have you ever had internal stimulation?"

Xanthe didn't know exactly what Kimiko was saying. Her delayed response caused Kimiko to look back up at Xanthe, she offered a friendly smile. Xanthe caught a quick reflection from whatever Kimiko held in her right hand. She tried to get a better look but to no avail. "Umm, I don't know," answered Xanthe honestly not knowing what her Japanese host had asked.

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