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Xena & Gabrielle Ch. 11


Author's Note: Welcome to the eleventh chapter of the "true" story of Xena and Gabrielle. You will find this section extremely subtext-friendly. If two women showing their love for one another and having kinky sex is not your cup of tea, please find another story you'd like to read. This story will be submitted in several parts and is based off the series, yet the "history" has been changed somewhat to suit the purposes of this story. Not all sections will contain erotic sex scenes as there is a plot.

Also, I'd like to note that I do not own Xena: Warrior Princess, the series, or the characters and I will not be receiving any payment whatsoever for writing this story. It is intended for entertainment purposes only.

I would like to thank my dear readers for the feedback and suggestions. If you are enjoying this story and would like to read more, please let me know so I can decide to continue with further chapters. I have lots of ideas remaining for Xena and Gabrielle's sexual adventures...

Chapter Eleven ::: Secrets and Lies

It all happened in an instant. In the space of a single heartbeat, Xena's sword struck down, the razor-sharp blade just missing Hope's chubby thigh as Gabrielle whisked the child out of the way, grabbing her small form into her arms. "Xena, no! NO!!!" screamed Gabrielle, rushing to her feet and making her way to the door. Hope's tiny hands clung to the bodice of her mother's green blouse as Gabrielle clutched the child tight while exiting the cabin.

"Gabrielle, come back!" Xena called out, swiftly reaching out for the bard. Her fingers just grazed Gabrielle's arm, but the bard had adrenaline rushing through her blood. She was trying to save her child. At any other time the warrior princess could have outrun the bard, but knowing her child was in danger made Gabrielle act with incredible speed. Xena watched in amazement, seeing Gabrielle running toward the cliffs just south of the cabin. Where was she going? Didn't she know Xena would stop at nothing until Dahak's spawn was destroyed? Xena knew she had a fight on her hands. Gabrielle wouldn't give the child over willingly. Xena hated what she must do.

"Gabrielle, you won't win," Xena said with a heavy sigh, going to the stables to get Argo. With Gabrielle on foot, it would be relatively easy to locate her and the child.

Blood pounded in Gabrielle's ears as she ran and ran, feeling sharp rocks cut into her bare feet. There hadn't been time to grab her boots. Blood was sticky between her toes, but she kept her relentless pace, holding Hope protectively against her chest. "I'm so sorry, Hope," she crooned to her daughter as she ran. "Xena doesn't really know you. If she knew you, she would love you, too. I won't let her hurt you. I promise. I would die before I let anything happen to you. You're going to be okay, baby. Mama will keep you safe."

Gabrielle nearly lost her footing as the terrain became steeper. She stayed at the edge of the cliff, knowing exactly where she was going. She had a plan in action. She had known that one day Xena may feel the need to dispose of Dahak's child, so she had developed a plan incase of such a threat. She had hoped she would never have to it carry out, but now she had no choice. Tears stung her eyes, knowing that the end was so near.

There was no time to lose as Gabrielle came to the cave. Once inside, she reached for the basket she had left there some days passed. It was waterproof and large enough to carry Hope. Only a small blanket padded it, and Gabrielle checked quickly, making sure that a particular object was tucked underneath the padding. "Hope ~ honey, I am so, so sorry," Gabrielle said with a heavy sob as she carefully approached the cliff near the cave, climbing down the embankment until she reached a rocky ledge overlooking the rushing water of the river there below. There wasn't time to look up to see if Xena had followed. There wasn't time for anything, just goodbye.

For a moment she sat on the sand, clutching her daughter close. Tears rushed from her eyes, landing on Hope's little face. "I love you, Hope. Never forget that," she said, with one last look at that tiny face so dear.

For the first time ever, Hope gave out a whimpering little cry, her tiny face screwing up into a grimace of despair. That look rent Gabrielle's already broken heart. Tucking Hope into the basket, Gabrielle sent it into the water, giving it a shove. The basket floated away swiftly, headed down river. The waves washed it down stream as Gabrielle's tears streaked her dirt-caked face. "Hope," came a mournful sob.

There was no time for tears. Not now. Although her body was screaming in protest, she scaled the rocky ledge, feeling the flesh of her limbs tear unmercifully as she climbed back up the side of the cliff. It seemed hours had passed when she got to the top, blood streaking her flesh in rivulets were the rocks had torn her delicate skin. Her nails were ripped and jagged, her knees scraped beyond recognition. She feel upon them, sobbing uncontrollably.

"Hope... Hope...." she cried out, the blood throbbing in her ears with the wild beating of her heart.

That's how Xena found her. Sliding off Argo's back, Xena ran to her love. There was so much blood, Xena wasn't sure what had happened. "What is it? What happened?" Xena demanded, pulling Gabrielle into her embrace to look over her wounds. They were just superficial, just dozens of scrapes and cuts and thankfully none of them were serious.

"It was Hope. She... She turned on me...." Gabrielle lied as she was crying. "She tried to strangle me. So I fell and I... I dropped her. She tumbled.... down there..." Gabrielle pointed down to the jagged rocks far below the cliff. Xena's gaze went down, seeing the rocks and the crashing waves of the river below. There was no way that Hope could have survived that fall. No possible way.

"Ohhh Gabrielle, I'm sorry," Xena spoke as she clutched Gabrielle in a comforting hug. "It's okay, little one... it's okay." Tenderly Xena ran her hands over Gabrielle's long golden hair, soothingly caressing the bard's tresses.

"My baby... my baby..." came Gabrielle's heartrending sobs.

"I know, Love. Shhhhh...." Xena murmured, continuing to hold the bard and caress her lovingly. Although she regretted the pain and sorrow Gabrielle was going thru, Xena was actually relieved. Now she would not have to slay the demon's spawn. Thankfully, that grim task had been taken from her hands and it would not drive a wedge between herself and her love.

Suddenly a sound caught Xena's attention. What was that? It sounded like a cry. A distant cry. Could that be Hope? No... No, Hope never cried. Xena tensed, her arms falling away from Gabrielle. Suddenly she stood, pushing the bard away.

"Xena, what is it? What?!" Gabrielle demanded, steadily rising to her own feet and seeing Xena's stance, as though she were about to charge something unknown.

"I heard something.... I heard...."

"No, Xena! No!"

But before Gabrielle could stop her, Xena went running. Gabrielle went after her, but Xena was too fast. She had entered the cave. In the near darkness, the warrior princess glanced around, seeking the source of the sound.

"Xena, what are you----?! Ohhhh!" Gabrielle gasped, seeing Xena overturning some rocks, as though looking for something.

"There!" Xena called out triumphantly as she revealed something beneath some rocks. A small animal scurried out, most likely a squirrel. Xena looked dazed. She hadn't expected that.

"Xena, you didn't believe me. You did not trust me," Gabrielle spoke sadly, her face pale with grief.

"I'm sorry, Gabrielle, truly I am," the warrior princess crooned, enfolding Gabrielle once again into her embrace. "I do believe you... and I trust you with everything I am. You would never lie to me. There are no secrets between us. Not a single one."

Pressing her face to the flesh between Xena's neck and shoulder, Gabrielle cried. Tears rushed, wetting Xena's skin. It was just the beginning of Gabrielle's betrayal, yet she felt she was doing the right thing, protecting the child she loved. Deep within, she ached as she believed she had no other choice. If she had ran away with Hope, Xena would have followed. The warrior princess would not have stopped until Hope was dead. There had been no other way. Now the choice had been made, and Gabrielle had to live with her decision. It wouldn't be easy. It wasn't in her nature to lie, especially to the one person she loved above all others, the love of her life, Xena. "Forgive me, Xena," she silently spoke to her beloved as they clutched each other close. "I knew no other way."

"Xena, make me forget," came Gabrielle's soft whisper. It had been so long since they had made love. Before Hope, before Dahak's rape. It had been weeks. Gabrielle's fingers slid over Xena's flesh, tracing her muscles, reclaiming her skin.

Xena looked at Gabrielle in surprise. Gabrielle was asking her to make love to her now? Now, why now? Then Xena understood. Gabrielle wanted the pain to disappear, if just for awhile. If they made love now, it would be like a new beginning. Maybe there as a chance for them to put this all behind them. Gabrielle's rape in Britannia by the evil Dahak, Hope's birth, all of it.

"Gabrielle, I want you," Xena said thickly. Then with no further preliminaries, she pushed Gabrielle up to the wall, kissing the bard hungrily. Xena's lips claimed Gabrielle's, her tongue sweeping into the bard's mouth to taste her sweetness.

Gabrielle tangled her fingers into Xena's hair, returning the searing kiss. As Xena pressed Gabrielle to the wall, the younger woman wound her legs around Xena's waist as though to never let Xena go. "I love you, little one," Xena said in a hot whisper, kissing her way down the bard's neck, nibbling on the soft, delicate skin. Gabrielle shivered, feeling the sharp nip of Xena's teeth. She forgot all about the wounds marring her skin, all she could feel was Xena's touch and the press of her body against hers.

"I want you so much, little one. You're mine. Only mine," Xena murmured, ripping at Gabrielle's clothing. After awhile the fabric tore, revealing Gabrielle's soft flesh. Her breasts were swollen with milk for Hope. Nourishing milk of which the baby had never partaken.

"Ohhh Gabrielle, you are beautiful," Xena breathed, tenderly squeezing the bard's aching breasts, her fingers molding the swollen flesh.

"Xena," Gabrielle shivered, embarrassed as droplets of milk began gathering at her nipples. It had been over a month since her daughter's birth and although the baby had never nursed, Gabrielle's milk had remained as though her breasts longed to nourish her child who had no need for such sustenance. A soft scream tore from Gabrielle's throat, feeling Xena lips wrap around a stiff pink nipple, drawing on it. Xena drank from Gabrielle's breast, kneading the other with her large hand. It felt like sweet Elysia as Xena nursed upon her breast, tasting Gabrielle's sweet milk.

"Ohhh sweet Aphrodite, that feels soooo good," Gabrielle moaned, her milk rushing into Xena's mouth. She pushed more of her breast into Xena's hungry mouth, loving the sensation of Xena's lips suckling upon her so sensuously. Her head fell back, scraping against the rocky ledge of the cave as Xena continued to nurse at her swollen breast.

"Gods, you taste so good," Xena groaned, her mouth shifting to the other breast. "I have to have more." Her lips clamped onto the second nipple, drinking as though she were a babe. Gabrielle caressed Xena's dark head, feeling great relief as Xena drank deeply. All she had ever longed for was just to be a mother to her baby. Now that would never be. At least she had Xena... at least she had this. She was determined never lose the woman she loved.

"Xena, please... ohhh yes... you are making me so wet," Gabrielle whimpered, squirming in Xena's embrace as she was pushed up tight against the wall, the warrior princess's body covering her own. Gabrielle quivered when Xena's lips ceased their suction on her nipple with a distinctive wet sound.

"Does my little bard want to be fucked?" Xena asked in a sexy whisper.

"Ohhh yes... please... make me yours again. Xena, I want you so much," Gabrielle pleaded, wanting nothing more than to belong to her warrior princess once again.

In a swift motion, Xena tore away the rest of Gabrielle's clothes, her movements frantic and slightly rough. "Gods, you are so wet," Xena spoke, seeing the glistening moisture clinging to Gabrielle's inner thighs in the near-darkness of the cave. She had pulled back a fraction from her young lover, kneeling on the floor of the cave between Gabrielle's slightly spread legs.

"Put one of your legs over my shoulder, Gabrielle," Xena commanded, reaching for Gabrielle's leg to help her comply.

"Ohhhh Artemis!" Gabrielle cried out as her leg was swung over one of Xena's shoulders. This left her vulnerable, her quivering sex exposed to Xena's lustful gaze. With a firm hand, Xena pressed on Gabrielle's abdomen, pinning her against the wall tight so she could not move.

"Stay open for me... and don't move," said the warrior princess, a single finger tracing the slick lips of the bard's desire.

"Xena... ohhh yesssss..." moaned the blond as her raven-haired lover began to seek her clit.

"Tell me you are mine, Gabrielle. Say the words."

"I'm yours, Xena. Only yours...." came the soft gasp of Gabrielle, feeling her clit caught in between two of the warrior's fingers.

"Open your legs wider. Let me fuck you," commanded Xena, reaching for the bard's other leg and assisting Gabrielle so it too was wound around her shoulder.

"Yes, Xena... I'm yours... fuck me...." begged the bard.

"Tell me you want me fingers... tell me you want them deep inside of you!"

"YESSSSSSS! Fuck me with your fingers... fuck me hard... fast... and soooo deep!"

With a vicious thrust, Xena sent her fingers into Gabrielle's heat. The bard was so wet, three fingers slid in easily, sliding into her silken sheath. Xena grinned in triumph, seeing the digits disappear into Gabrielle. "That's it, little one.... take them all...." Xena urged, thrusting them in as deep as they would go.

Gabrielle let out a choked gasp as Xena's fingers impaled her even tighter against the rough wall of the cave. "Xena, please... I want it... I want...." came Gabrielle's hoarse cry.

"What do you want, my sweet little bard? Tell me... say the words," Xena demanded, holding those fingers deep, deep inside, feeling the inner muscles of Gabrielle's silky sheath holding them ever so tight.

"Fuck me.... please fuck me," Gabrielle pleaded. "Fuck me hard... fast... fuck me, Xena!"

"Like this?" Xena said with a sexy sneer, sliding those fingers in and out fast and hard, spearing them into Gabrielle.

"Yes... yes...... ohhhh Gods, YES!" screamed the bard.

Roughly then, Xena's fingers reclaimed the bard again and again, making Gabrielle scream in delight. Her fingers were covered in Gabrielle's hot juices as her teeth nipped the bard's quivering thighs. She could smell the musky scent of Gabrielle's desire which made her want to fuck the bard even more wildly.

"XENA!!!" the beautiful blond cried out, her body arching toward her lover, but Xena's other hand held her against the wall so tight, pressing against those straining muscles in Gabrielle's abdomen. "Please, Xena.... let me cum... ohhhh please!"

Hearing Gabrielle's urgent cry, Xena withdrew her fingers, licking them clean. "I'm not finished with you yet, Gabrielle... I want all of you...."

"You have all of me... I'm yours," came Gabrielle's whisper.

"Yes, I've had this..." Xena murmured, kissing the moist curls above Gabrielle's slit. "And this," she spoke, brushing her lips against the slightly gaping opening of the bard's sex.

"Ohhh, Xena... please... I need to cum...."

Xena looked up at Gabrielle, still holding her tight to the cave's wall with a palm pressed to the bard's belly. "Not yet," she said, eyes dark with desire.

"Gabrielle, I want more of you... I want it all," Xena said, suddenly turning Gabrielle in her arms.

"What are you doing?" the bard asking in surprise, as Xena repositioned her so that she was on her hands and knees. Now Xena was sitting so her back was to the wall, and Gabrielle was completely naked before her, kneeling on the cave's floor.

"Mmmmm..." Xena murmured lustfully, taking in the site which was Gabrielle. "You have no idea how sexy you look like that, your ass in the air, your pussy exposed to me...."

"Ohhh Xena...." Gabrielle gasped, feeling the warrior princess's caress slide over her buttock.

"I have to taste you... all of you..." With those words, Xena began to kiss the trail her fingers had taken over Gabrielle's buttock. Her lips grazed downward, toward the backside of Gabrielle's inner thigh. She nibbled there, hearing the bard moan. "Open to me... open wider," she encouraged, pressing her young lover's legs farther apart.

"Your lips feel so good," Gabrielle cried out, needing release so badly, yet Xena was intent on tasting her. A tiny whimper floated from her throat, feeling Xena's tongue tracing the cleft of her buttocks.

"Xena? What are you... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Gabrielle moaned, feeling the warrior princess's tongue tease against her anus with a tiny flutter. Her whole body went limp as waves of pleasure overtook her. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined that Xena would want to taste her there. The licks were so kinky, so passionate; she felt as though she might pass out.

Brushing the tip of her tongue against Gabrielle's tiny hole, Xena locked her arms around the bard's waist to hold her still. "Does that feel good, little one?" she murmured.

"Ohhh yes, Xena. So good," Gabrielle replied. "Please don't stop... I want... more......"

Xena buried her face into Gabrielle's ass and pussy, licking and kissing. Gently she bit Gabrielle's tender flesh, scoring it with her teeth. The bard was beyond caring. The passion was so hot, the air was sizzling. "Do you want my finger there? In your ass?" Xena asked softly against the tender flesh of Gabrielle's inner thigh.

"Maybe... I don't know. Yes... I think....." came Gabrielle's confused little gasp, thick with passion.

Brushing her fingertip against Gabrielle's sodden pussy, Xena made sure it was quite wet. Tenderly, she began to stroke around the tight little hole of Gabrielle's ass. "Tell me you want it..." she urged.

"Xena.... I want... please... your finger," came Gabrielle's breathless moan. "Please put your finger in my ass...."

"YESSS," came Xena's triumphant groan as her finger began to sink into Gabrielle's tight virginal anus. Gabrielle let out a confused little gasp, somewhere between a cry of pleasure and a murmur of pain.

"Ohhh yes, little one... all of you. You're mine," Xena said passionately, placing a hot kiss against Gabrielle's buttock as her finger sank deep, completely entering Gabrielle's ass.

A moment or two passed, and Gabrielle's inner muscles clenched, grasping the single finger ever so tight. Her clit tingled as all of her felt so incredibly claimed by Xena. Xena had left no part of her untouched; she was Xena's now in every sense of the word.

"Gabrielle?" Xena said in a hot whisper. "How does it feel? Do you like my finger deep in your ass?"

Gabrielle arched back toward Xena's finger, sending it a bit deeper. "Yes, Xena. I love your finger inside me. It feels so good. Please..... please fuck me with it."

"Does my sweet little bard want me to fuck her tight little ass with my big finger?"

"Ohhh yes, Xena. Please!"

Slowly then, with a tender motion, Xena withdrew her finger, feeling Gabrielle's muscles unclenching. "I love fucking you," Xena said in a sexy voice, gliding the finger back inside the bard's ass. Again and again, she finger-fucked Gabrielle's tight ass, hearing her young lover moan and beg for more.

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