tagFetishXi High's Dangerous Darling Ch. 05

Xi High's Dangerous Darling Ch. 05


Wei Li shoved eighteen-year old Chang Zhuo.

Chang's back met the apartment complex's wall.

Wei gripped Chang's throat with his bruised right hand. He said, "Thought I forgot where you lived all these years? That motherfucker friend of yours isn't here to protect you now, is he?"

Chang scowled.

But he did not have the courage to spit on Wei's face.

Before Wei confronted him, Chang intended on walking to the restaurant he frequented the most, eat eggrolls, fried fish, rice there.

Near Wei, five tall boys stood, donning sleeveless shirts that exposed the tattoos on their muscular arms.

If Chang attacked Wei, the bully's friends would rush to defend him.

Wei pulled his hand from Chang's throat, slammed his fist into the boy's stomach, hurled his foot hard into the boy's side.

When Chang dropped to his knees, the boys laughed, as if laughing would give them ten beautiful virgins to have sex with.

Chang clenched his fists. Warm rage coursed through him. It was the agonizing rage a person has when they have the deep urge to kill a person but don't want to face the negative consequences the murder would bring.

Chang rubbed his side, which was sore from Wei's kick and Mei's fists.

The eighteen-year old Mei had given Chang the best orgasm he experienced, made him leave her home when the boy longed to spend the nigh at her mansion.

While he had lied in his bed after returning home from Mei's home, Chang forced himself to muster rage emerging from the fact Mei had kept the prize money she promised she would split with Chang, had spat on the anti-drug rug in his living room, had threatened to tell people Chang raped her if he decided to no longer cooperate with her, had forced him to be unfaithful to his girlfriend-Sa Sa.

But Chang had an growing urge to not view Mei as his enemy, from the moment he had cummed while she used a strap-on to please him and his ass.

But Mei was ruthless and enjoyed letting Chang suffer.

Chang had a girlfriend to please, be loyal to.

If he longed to have Mei be his girlfriend, it meant he would have more trouble dealing with Sa Sa.

The frustration and his lacking freedom made Chang grit his teeth before saying, "Li Wei, fuck you!"

Wei grabbed Chang, dragged him close to his nearby tough friends. The bullies kept their eyes trained on Chang, smirking, ready to unleash a fierce beating.

"Beat this motherfucker until he has to be eating from a tube in a hospital room." Wei said with utter sincerity, zero remorse, zero empathy for the hurt boy on the ground.

Chang shut his eyes.

He hoped the boys would kill him on accident, so he wouldn't have to take his own life in the future.

Fists and feet battered his body.

The sun glowing in the sky offered physical warmth but no emotional comfort.

Wei crossed his arms as his friends beat Chang, listened to the beating with an music concert attendee's excitement.

Wei released an contented sigh before saying, "Zhuo Chang, you're a real piece of shit, you know. You're lower than a roach covered in shit."

A foot collided with Chang's back.

A fist struck his head.

A person squeezed his ear, yanked on his black hair.

He longed to become aware how much time it would take for the boys to beat him to death on accident.

"Kill me!" Chang had the deep urge to say. "Get it over with! Kill me already!"

Wei pulled his cellphone from his pocket, turned it on, started recording the beating. He said, "Regardless of this motherfucker dies or lives, I'll have a good video of it."

Tears fleed Chang's eyes, pain flooding his body, the becoming worse as Chang's attackers assaulted his body with more intensity.

"Someone get some rocks. We can throw them at him when the beating stops." Wei said before chuckling.

"Stop!" a voice said.

Chang's attackers didn't stop the beating, not caring if the person who yelled for them to stop was a police officer or not.

"Hey, guys. Stop now." Wei said.

Wei's underlings stopped the beating, panting with excitement, as if they cumming into a pussy.

Chang spit warm, red blood onto the ground.

He groaned, struggled to move onto his knees, collapsed.

"And who the fuck are you?" Wei said, still holding his cellphone as it recorded a video.

"Not someone you should say that to," Chang heard a person say, who was the same person who yelled for the boy's attackers to stop.

Chang, his eyes open, trained his eyes on his former attackers as they moved to the spot near Wei.

The schoolboy shifted his focus to Mei.

"No. Get away. I'm fine." Chang said in a low, pathetic voice.

Mei donned a pink dress, black shoes. Her waist-length, long black hair was down.

She carried a pink purse.

It was the most beautiful Mei appeared to Chang.

Chang had the deep urge to protect his master's beautiful body.

"Mei, go! Get out of here!" Chang said in an urgent tone. He winced. "Ow. Fuck."

Mei turned her head to Chang. She moved to the spot near him, moved onto her knees, placed her hand on Chang's head.

"I don't run from anyone who thinks they have any bit of power over me." Mei said. She stroked Chang's cheek. "Stay down. I'll get rid of these guys."

Wei laughed, put his cellphone in his pocket. He said, "Did you guys just hear this bitch just now? Come on. Let's take her somewhere more romantic. I got something she can help me unload."

Chang shook his head, gritted his teeth. He was too exhausted and injured to stand.

"Run, Mei!" Chang said as Wei and the bully's underlings advanced towards Mei. Mei stood. "Fucking go!"

The bullies reached Mei, forced her away from Chang.

The thugs grabbed Mei's breasts, slapped and rubbed her ass, forced her around the apartment complex's corner.

The thugs and Mei were no longer in Chang's sight.

He prepared to hear the thugs rape Mei, dread filling his wounded body.

Yesterday, Chang would have smiled if he heard a couple boys gang-raping Mei.

But in that moment, Chang was aware he would or sob if Mei became a gang-rape victim.

When Chang managed to move onto his knees, a pained scream pierced the morning sky.

"Fucking bitch!" Chang heard Wei say in an loud tone. "You just fucking-"

Wei emitted another loud scream.

Chang furrowed his eyebrows.

Various screams emitted behind the apartment complex within one minute.

Chang stood, swayed, took a deep breath while attempting to stop his swaying.

Mei emerged from around the corner, holding her purse, no visible wounds on her slim body.

She had a grin on her face, as if she won ten marathons in one day.

Chang smiled.

He winced while walking, hugged Mei when he reached her.

"Thank you, Mei." Chang said while Mei hugged him with one arm.

"No one messes with my bitch. Those guys won't be a bother anymore." Mei said.

Chang and Mei later sat inside the restaurant Chang frequented most.

Eggrolls, fried fish, rice sat im front of Chang.

The two eighteen-year olds were inside a private room in the restaurant, away from other customers' views.

A painting displaying a red horse galloping as the sun sets hung on the room's brown wall.

"I'm really paying for all this. You can think of it as me making up for the fact I kept all the prize money from the dance competition." Mei said, causing Chang to shake his head. "Of course, you don't care what I say. You always know I'm going to pull something diabolical at any point."

Chang gripped an eggroll. He said, "You always do. But I'm still glad you dealt with Li Wei and his friends. They always gave me a tough time. It made me want to become a politician, so I would be way higher than them and doing better."

Chang nodded before saying, "And I will. Someday, I'll be a wealthy politician. I'll order food without even having to worry about how much it costs. I really want that to happen. And I'll send my kids to study in Japan, so it'll be hard for them to find drugs to overdose on."

Mei didn't speak.

Chang sighed, bit into his eggroll. He chewed, swallowed.

He had told Mei about his longing to become a wealthy politician, his urge to send his future children to Japan.

It gave Chang the urge to release an contented sigh.

Mei didn't have to remain as his enemy.

"And I'm fluent in English already. I'm already way ahead than the typical Xi High student." Chang said as Mei kept her eyes trained on him. Chang dropped his eggroll, made eye contact with Mei. "But what did you want before you got Wei's guys to stop hurting me? I know you want something from me."

Mei nodded.

"Don't worry about it right now. I want to hear you keep talking." Mei said to her slave. "So, talk."

Chang took a trembling breath, frowned.

"I wanted them to kill me." Chang said in a sorrowful tone. "Li Wei's guys were beating me, and I wanted to die. This whole situation you caused is making me crazy. I hate it."

Mei nodded before saying, "Scoot over. I'm going to sit next to you."

Chang obeyed Mei's request, moving to the spot on his right.

Mei left her seat, sat next to Chang.

She held his hand.

Chang's heart pounded in his chest at an quick rate.

While Chang remained silent, Mei said, "We'll see my friend soon at a hotel."

Chang nodded, relishing the warmth emitting from Mei's hand.

The pair took a taxi to a hotel after leaving the restaurant.

Outside a hotel room on the building's seventh floor, Chang trained his eyes on Mei as she knocked on the hotel room's door.

"Ivan, it's me-Mei." Mei said in English.

Chang gritted his teeth.

Mei must have intended on making Chang meet an American male in the hotel.

He hoped Mei wouldn't humiliate him in the American's presence.

Seconds passed.

A eighteen-year old boy two inches taller than Chang opened the hotel room's door.

His black hair cut close to his scalp, the boy stood with more confidence than Chang. He was a bit more muscular than the Chinese schoolboy. His dark brown eyes trained on Mei.

"Mei, finally I get to see you." Ivan said in an thick Russian accent. He wrapped his arms around Mei, who hugged him back. Chang ran a hand through his hair, nervous. Ivan and Mei separated from each other. Ivan trained his eyes on Chang. "He's the bitch you mentioned?"

"Yeah." Mei said in English.

Chang fought the deep urge to release an frustrated sigh.

He gritted his teeth as Ivan let him and Mei inside the hotel room.

Ivan closed the room's door, locked it.

Two beds sat in the room.

A black television in the room was on, displaying a female news reporter discuss a car accident that killed two families.

Ivan shifted his focus to the television. He said, "I want to fuck that bitch."

Chang shook his head. He assumed Ivan couldn't speak Mandarin.

"Two families were killed in a car accident." Chang said in English, directing his words at Ivan, who shrugged two seconds later. Chang turned his head to Mei, who moved to the desk in the room. She placed her purse on it. "Ivan, how do you know her?"

Ivan turned his head to Mei. He moved his gaze from Mei's feet to the top of her head. He said, "Mei is my closest online friend. She wanted me to take a plane from Moscow to here-Beijing-just to see her. So, I did. And you will record us, then Mei will send the sex tape to her American contact, who will pay her for the video. The American will post it online, too."

Chang sat on the closest bed, moved his hand to his forehead.

He didn't have the urge to gape his mouth in shock.

He was not surprised Mei intended on making him record a sex tape.

He stopped rubbing his forehead, trained his eyes on Mei, who pulled two masquerade masks from her purse.

She donned the red masquerade mask.

Ivan moved to the desk, donned the black masquerade mask.

Mei pulled a video camera from her purse, tossed it to the spot beside Chang.

Mei smirked.

Five minutes later, Chang held the video camera as he recorded Ivan and Mei sitting on the bed.

"We are both eighteen-year old high school students. I am a Chinese national. The big guy next to me is a Russian national. We are going to put on a great show for you today. Whoever you are, enjoy masturbating to this video." Mei said in English as she kept her eyes trained on the camera, making sure to not hide her natural Chinese accent.

Chang emitted a soft sigh.

Ivan averted his gaze from the deactivated television to the camera. He said, "I am Russian and ready to fuck. My problem is my serious yellow fever."

Chang emitted a sigh a bit louder than his previous one.

Mei moved onto Ivan's lap, keeping her back facing him.

She grinded her ass against the big Russian's cock while saying, "And my problem is Russkie's with huge cocks."

Chang gritted his teeth, the urge inside him to have Mei grinding her ass against his cock.

Six seconds passed.

Chang moved to the spot near Ivan, let the video camera train on Mei's ass as she grinding it against the Russian's cock.

Ivan stroked Mei's sides through her pink dress.

Ten seconds passed.

Mei stood, faced Ivan. She grabbed the back of his head, kissed him with an intensity that made Chang open his mouth a bit while he recorded.

"You should be fucking kissing me!" Chang fought the urge to say.

His eyes closed, Ivan slapped Mei's ass.

Mei stopped kissing Ivan, chuckled. She gave the Russian's cheek three light slaps.

"I'm going to give you my ass today." Mei said before smirking at the camera.

Chang's hands trembled.

He took a trembling breath, made his hands stop shaking.

Mei moved onto her knees.

Chang moved to the spot near Mei.

Ivan removed his black jeans and gray boxers, took off his socks, removed his shirt.

Mei stroked Ivan's eight-inch long cock.

She used her hands to give Ivan a handjob that made him nod and smirk with satisfaction.

Chang had the urge to slam his fist into Ivan's face for ten minutes without stopping.

"This Russkie is big everywhere, I see." Mei said with satisfaction before taking a couple inches of Ivan's cock into her warm mouth.

The Russian held Mei's hair.

Ivan winked at the camera while Mei bobbed her head up and down.

"Da, you fucking Chink. Keep sucking." Ivan said in his deep voice.

Chang emitted a trembling breath through his nose.

The blowjob's sound filled the room as Mei pleased Ivan with her mouth.

Chang didn't stop recording, not intending on making Mei long to have him sent to prison.

A minute passed.

Mei pulled her mouth from Ivan's cock.

She retrieved pre-cum from her mouth, smeared it on her right cheek.

Chang's cock leaked pre-cum, his huge cock hard, craving Mei's pussy.

But he was not allowed to have sex with Mei.

He would have to record Mei having sex with a person who was not him.

Ivan stood, removed Mei's dress.

Mei took off her shoes as she remained in her pink bra, pink panties, white socks.

"Ya tebya hochu." Ivan said, slapping Mei's ass.

Mei smiled, removed her clothes.

Chang shook his head, recording the naked Russian and the naked Chinese girl.

Chang moved to the spot between the two beds.

Ivan shoved Mei onto the bed, forced her onto her stomach after he moved onto the bed, plunged his cock into her ass.

A long moan filled with pleasure left Mei's mouth.

Ivan winked at the camera.

The Russian pulled his cock out Mei's ass at an slow pace, grinning.

Two seconds passed.

Ivan thrust his cock into Mei's ass hard, causing the girl to jerk forward.

Mei gripped the bed's comforter as Ivan moved his huge cock in and out of her with powerful, quick thrusts.

The bed shook.

Ivan squeezed Mei's ass cheeks.

Mei smiled.

Chang took a step to the right.

Ivan moved his right hand from Mei's ass cheek to her long black hair. He yanked on her hair, used his other hand to deliver a hard slap to the Chinese girl's back.

"Russkie asshole!" Mei said in a tone that revealed no anger. "Keep fucking my ass!"

"Konechno!" the Russian said.

"So fucking great!" Mei said in Mandarin, no longer using English. "Fuck!"

Ivan moved his hands to his chest, pounded on it with his fists, as if he was a gorilla in a zoo.

Panting, he moved his cock out Mei's ass, thrust it into her pussy. He said, in an loud tone, "I'm going to cum!"

Ivan gaped his mouth open, forced Mei's face into the comforter.

Mei screamed into the comforter as an orgasm arrived in her body.

"Da! I love China!" Ivan said before his thrusts slowed. He pulled his cock from Mei's pussy. Cum left Mei's pussy and Ivan's powerful cock. Some of it was female cum.

Ivan flipped Mei onto her back, kneeled next to her head.

Chang moved the video camera closer to Mei's head, wishing his cum was inside the girl's pussy.

Ivan dragged his cum-soaked cock across Mei's face, leaving both their fluids on her.

Ivan slammed his palm against Mei's face. He said, "Good Chink bitch."

Chang gritted his teeth, moved to the spot near the television.

"End the video now." Mei said in Mandarin, speaking to the sole boy in the room who was fluent the language.

Chang ended the video.

He placed the video camera on the desk before heading into the bathroom.

After locking the bathroom door, Chang walked to the spot in front of the toilet, dropped his jeans and boxers.

He was aware the last time he used masturbation to reach orgasm had been five years ago.

But he had an overwhelming urge to pleasure his cock with his own hands until he squirted cum from it.

He shut his eyes, stroked his cock at an rapid pace, filling his mind with the moments Ivan shared with Mei while he recorded.

His nine-inch long cock was warm in his hand as heavy breaths left his mouth.

A vibration emitted from his cellphone, which sat in his pocket.

With intense willpower, Chang released his cock.

After he pulled his pants and boxers up, he turned on his cellphone.

Sa Sa had texted him.

Chang read the text, smiled as warm joy filled his body, left the bathroom, left the hotel room.

He no longer had a reason to make himself cum.

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