Xmas Surprises at the Murphy's


She looks down at Lizzy. "You! I expect this out of you. You little harlot. Desecrating our home like this...again."

Mom turned to me "But you David. I never..." She stopped as emotions overtook her and tears streamed down her face.

I stepped towards her and tried to place my hand on her shoulder. She quickly slapped me away and said with pain in her voice.

"Don't touch me. Get out of my sight David. I will try to overcome my disgust to deal with you later."

"Sorry momma. I wasn't trying to..."

"Stop! Go now! Up to your room and stay there."

I grabbed my shirt from the floor and quickly made my way out of the living room towards the stairs.

I caught a glimpse of mom grabbing Lizzy by her hair and pulling her to her feet. As I turned the corner to the stairway, I heard a very loud slap and mom say,

"The work of the Devil is not welcome in my home. You have pushed your luck for too long. May God have mercy on your soul. You little SLUT." Then I heard another loud slap.

I should have run back to the living room to the rescue of Lizzy, but I was in complete shock. I felt like I stepped outside of myself and had no more control over my body or my thoughts. I felt paralyzed from the shock until I was at my room and able to collect myself a bit. I shut and locked the door to my room, sat down at the edge of the bed and put my head in my hands as thoughts rifled through my mind...

'What the fuck was I thinking? What is everyone going to think? Mom, Dad. Nobody will ever look at me the same again. What am I going to do?'

All of the sudden there was an extremely loud bang from the front door getting slammed shut. I ran to the window but could not see anyone outside. I could hear Colleen, Darren and Dad in the hallway trying to figure out what happened. I couldn't bear opening my door to explain what had happened. I then noticed outside the window, Lizzy streaking across the front lawn completely naked. I couldn't let my little sis freeze to death outside, but I couldn't risk exiting my room either.

Then I remembered how back in high school, I used to sneak out of the house by going out my bedroom window onto the roof of the front porch and climbing down the pillars.

I quickly grabbed some of my clothes from my suitcase and stuffed them into an overnight bag. I put on my shoes, grabbed my cell phone, wallet and a fleece blanket from my bed, then headed out the window. I dropped the bag and blanket from the roof to the ground, then quietly climbed down the porch as I used to do in my more limber days.

I crept around the yard, as quietly as possible, softly whispering for Lizzy. I heard no response for several minutes, then recognized something in the shrubbery at the back corner of the house. I stepped into the shrubs and found Lizzy curled up at the base of the house shaking and crying uncontrollably. I reached down and lifted my little sis from the ground. Every inch of her skin was ice cold already. I swiftly carried her to the front of the house where I dropped the bag and blanket. I was able to get her to stand on her own while I quickly grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around her.

"I gotta get you out of here Lizzy. I will take you to a hotel."

As I looked into her face I could see that she received more than a few slaps from mom. There was actually a gash in her lower lip and her cheek was swollen.

"Oh my god Lizzy. What did Mom do? I am so sorry. What the hell were we thinking? We shouldn't have done that? That was wrong?"

Lizzy took a step back and said to me with tears in her eyes, "If you really thought that what we did was wrong, you wouldn't be out here with me. You'd be in there putting the blame on me, telling lies to try to make everything right with Mom."

Lizzy was right. I didn't regret what I did, I just regretted getting caught. I thought that what we had experienced was beautiful.

"You are right Lizzy. You are such an amazing young woman. We need to get away from here and I will call a cab." I scooped her up in my arms and started walking.

Once we were several blocks away, I called a cab company to picks us up. We waited in between two houses to stay secluded from any cars that passed by, especially police.

After about 30 minutes, the cab arrived. We climbed into the vehicle and I told the driver to take us to a specific hotel downtown. When he saw that I was in pajamas and Lizzy was wrapped in a blanket and her face was busted up, he said "Hey mister. What happened to you two? I cannot take you anywhere if you beat up on your girlfriend like that."

Lizzy leaned forward, allowing the blanket to fall enough to expose her tits, and said "Hey mister. If it wasn't for this man right her, I would have been gang raped by three masked men. Now please, mind your fucking business and take us where we said."

The cab became completely silent as if coasted off towards the highway. Lizzy snuggled against me, then leaned up and gave me a kiss on the lips. "I love you David. Thank you for saving my life."

To be continued...

I understand that the story was quite lengthy, but I am hoping it is a good basis for several other related stories. If the readers find it worthy, I have at least six other stories planned that are not as long, but stem from this story, and are told from different character's point of view. Please, your honest feedback is greatly appreciated.

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by beanburner6901/16/18

very nice

some stories are nice but outside of sex not much to them. I personally think you had a good blend of sex and drama to your story.

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