tagGay MaleXolt 2 Ch. 05

Xolt 2 Ch. 05



He was serious. There were no glimmers of a joke in his eyes, he wanted to spank me. And while his eyes held no laughter they held lust. He wasn't going to hurt me but there was going to be spankings whether I wanted them or not. And I just knew I was going to enjoy them...

"Over my knee, Brandon," he ordered. His voice was steady, his voice was lower, and his voice was huskier. I shivered. Without telling my body to listen it did so on its own. Slowly I crawled down and over his knee while he still lay on the bed. I kept my knees bent so my ass was in the air. I felt very exposed and I could feel my face burning. I heard a chuckled from above me.

"What is it?" I asked, afraid that I had done something wrong.

"Your little ass is shaking for me." He used the palm of his hand and rubbed my bottom. "Do you want this?" I could tell that he was testing me, but even though I knew that I didn't know what the right answer was. I was frightened but I knew that whatever I said he would be okay with it.

Xe'Zhi was nice and caring and would understand. I bit my bottom lip. "I don't know," I replied honestly. I felt his hand lift my face so that I could see into his eyes.

"I will never hurt you. If you feel uncomfortable you say yellow, we will find out how to make it better. If you want me to stop completely you say red, especially if I am hurting you and you don't like it. I will never do anything you don't want me to, but I will not stop fully unless you say red." He kissed his finger tips and placed them on my lips. "I will never hurt you, Brandon."

I couldn't say anything, not to that. He was right and I knew he was right. If he thought I couldn't handle it he wouldn't have said it in the first place. He would never hurt me.

"Do you want to try?" He asked, still rubbing my ass.

"Yes, please Sir," I moaned. I was surprised in myself because I said that. I was thinking it but the words fell from my lips.

"Mm, good boy," his words sounded as if they were dipped in honey. "Get ready, boy." I didn't have time to brace myself because he had already spanked me by the time 'boy' was said. I jumped and he soothed the sting away with the gentle rubbing of his palm.

"Get ready, boy," he said again. Every time he said that I was spanked before 'boy' was finished. He would rub my ass before he did it again. Occasionally he would spank harder, and other times it would be a soft tap. It didn't matter how hard he spanked though, each time he did it I let out a small moan. "Your ass is red," he smiled. "How do you feel?"

"Ungh..." I moaned, "Please...I need more..." I heard the snap of a lip being opened and cool fingers at my entrance. "Ahh!" I gasped. His digit slowly traced my entrance and slowly made its way inside. It was cold and it was long. There was no pain but it felt different having his finger in me opposed to one of the sex toys I had at Earth.

"You are quivering, Brandon. How do you feel?" He was checking in on me. He stepped out of his role as Dom and into the role as Zhi to see if I was okay. At first I didn't understand what he meant, and then it hit me. My legs were shaking, as were my arms, and my entrance as well.

"I feel good," I gasped and pushed back on his finger. I wanted more and I wanted it faster.

"More, please. Sir, more..." The air in the room changed and two fingers entered me.

"Good boy," he purred. The Dom was back. "Tell me what you want, boy."

If I was going to be honest I wanted everything. Everything about him, I wanted to please him, to make him happy. I would do whatever he wanted me to. I was his and at that moment I could feel that connection so strongly that I stopped breathing—just for a moment, but it was there. The connection, the line, the chain that linked us together; I wanted more.

"You," I moaned into my arm. He was pumping two fingers in and out of me. I was shivering with delight. "I want more of you..."

"Good boy," he chuckled as his fingers left my body. I groaned in protest but that quickly changed as he flipped me onto my back. He was straddling my waist and his cock bobbed in front of my face. The tip was blue. I looked at it and for a moment admired the beauty of it. It went from a deep blue and faded to his normal pale white scales. It was gorgeous.

"Suck it," he ordered. My eyes flashed up to him. He was about to cross a line we drew in the very beginning. I wasn't going to stand for that. I was a sub but I was strong. Zhi placed his hands on my face and pleaded with his eyes. "I will tell you before I cum. I want to be inside you when I do." I took a deep breath and nodded. I was okay with that... We just had to be verbal.

I reached out and touched his length, it jumped and I smiled. He was very excited. I could see desire in every form on his body. His green eyes were darkened, his body was trembling, his voice was deep and husky. I knew this was true for me as well but it was more exciting to know that I was doing that to him.

I was having a hard time reaching him with my mouth so Zhi moved up my body a little. Once he deemed he was at the right distance I latched my mouth over the crown of his cock. He shivered and I hummed. I licked the underside of his cock. I sucked in deeply and pulled off his cock. With an audible popping sound, I licked up and down the dripping blue hued flesh.

It felt like I was sucking his cock for a really long time but I knew it wasn't. I was happy because he was twitching all over the place. His tail was swishing behind him which was my cue that he was close. I was going to get fucked hard now.

I gazed into his lust filled eyes and pleaded him to fuck me—preferably hard and fast.

"Mm, good job, boy. You get your treat now..." He got off of me and stared. I looked down at my body. The only thing I could see that was different was the hue of my cock. It went from kind of pink to angry reddish-purple.

"Are you needy?"

I tried, oh how I tried but I couldn't tell him how badly I wanted him. My voice was stuck. It was like my voice was too busy to register what was going on to focus on speaking. I nodded as I licked my lip.

"I can see this," he smirked, "I will fuck you well, boy. You may not be able to walk tomorrow." He gave me a sinister chuckle. I shivered and gave him a loud moan. He pinned my legs towards my shoulders and lined himself up. "Are you ready?"

I nodded and tried to push back on him.

"Good boy."

It was one fluid motion and he was inside me. There was a little resistance but it wasn't horrible, I was able to tolerate it. He started out slowly, it wasn't much first. But the more I moaned the more he pushed into me. The more I cried out for him the faster he went.

I was being plowed and I could no longer even moan. He was in no better condition. All we could do was grunt, gasp, and give each other vague grunts of pleasure. I could feel my orgasm start out as a little fluttering feeling within my belly, but as soon as I recognized the signs of my orgasm it boomed into an explosion. I gave a scream of pleasure and cum gushed out of me like I never thought I could.

Zhi just kept plowing, even though I was sure my channel was squeezing his cock to an almost painful extent. He started to grunt, louder and louder before I felt him pull out of my body and cum all over my belly.

He flopped down on top of me and smiled.

"Well worth it," he whispered before he kissed my nose. "I love you, Brandon."

I felt tears threaten to fall. Love was a powerful word, and it was a word people rarely used with me.

Through muddled sounds of happiness I whispered,

"I love you, too."


I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to Zhi talking to someone in the other room. When I got up he walked in and picked me up.

"Just go back to sleep, Brandon. Don't worry about it," he smiled.


I woke up early the next morning. There was the smell of coffee and my stomach growled. I had missed my favorite drink of all time. I hadn't had it since I left Earth.

"Zhi? How did you know that I liked coffee?" I pulled on the overly large shirt that was left on the floor and walked to the living room area that Zhi liked to be in during the morning. When I looked into the kitchen I saw Steven at the stove.

"Sorry I'm not Xe'Zhi," he smiled, "But he had asked me to come in for him about an hour ago."

"Where is he?" I asked sitting at the table. My ass was cold on the wood chair.

"He got called into work early. Jing wants to know if you want to come with him to his check-up. You'd get to see Xe'Zhi in his workplace." Steven turned around and set a mug of coffee in front of me. Two cream and three sugars. He still remembered how I took my coffee...


"Our food will be done soon. I just started and the machine is slow when it comes to Earth foods. Xe'Trygg thinks it's because the computer takes files directly from the Earth database and it takes a while to decode."

"Good to know," I smiled. My coffee was perfect. We kind of just sat across from each other, drinking our hot drinks, thinking. We acted like nothing had changed between us, but we knew that was a lie. Everything had changed, and it changed so fast it was kind of hard to comprehend it all. We didn't quiet know how to act and it clearly showed.

"So...your baby. Do you know if it's a boy or a girl yet?" I asked, trying to break the silence. I don't know why I choose birth as a subject. That was stupid of me.

Steven rubbed his belly and smiled.

"We know he's a baby boy. There is no such thing as a female Xolt, everyone is male. I'm okay with that though. I'm sure he'll be a beautiful, strong baby." He looked at his belly with such love that it was kind of admiral. I was touched by his show of affection.

"Well, considering it's you and my best friend I'm sure he'll be great," I laughed. It's been a while and it still felt weird to call...Xe'Trygg my friend. I know that the only difference between him and Ryan were appearances and names but it's still so much...He was an alien the whole time and I didn't know it.

"Are you scared?" I looked up. My brother didn't look angry, or sad, but I could tell that he understood how I felt.

"Yeah," I gave a nervous laugh. "I mean, I don't even really like kids. So the chance of me having one is fucking scary."

Steven laughed. "Understandable, I know exactly how you feel. I was so frightened with the idea as well. But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to have children." He rubbed his belly again. "Xe'Zhi has some concerns for us. He thinks the reason why it's taking so long is because I'm human. My body might be reacting poorly to Xe'Trygg's DNA. I just don't want anything to happen to Wil'Han."

"You named your baby already?" Steven nodded and went to the machine to pick up our food as soon as it chimed.

"We were expecting to have him about a month ago and that didn't happen. We were so scared that something was wrong, but when Xe'Zhi did tests on me we found that Wil'Han was still developing. He was just slower."


"Yeah, it was awful at the time. We understand more now. Being a parent won't be that bad though, it'll be scary and stressful but I think that there are more moments of happiness than there are anything else. I can't wait to experience it."

"I can see you being a good dad." I stated. I could also see him being a good teacher. "Did you ever happen become a teacher?"

Steven's face lit up. Probably because I mentioned his dream job. "Yeah, actually. I can't believe you remembered. I always thought you kind of never cared about me." It wasn't like I didn't care, I just tried not to.

"That's good. So you teach here then?"

"Yeah, I'm on Young Leave though. I'm too pregnant for the classroom," he chuckled, probably because of the very Human terminology that the aliens were using. "Though my students thought my belly was cool. When they see me walking in the hallways they always ask how my baby is. I think it's cute."

I nodded, "yeah that's pretty cute." I smiled and took a bite of the pancakes Steven placed in front of me. "Wow, so I'm going to be an Uncle...That's pretty freaking weird...".

There was an awkward silence as we ate our breakfast.

"Brandon," Steven started, "I'm sorry. I know that when I saw you back there I was...I was an asshole. I just couldn't handle seeing you being so hypocritical the way you were. I never knew that you were also..."

I knew exactly what he was talking about. That night when Zhi picked me up neither of us were very happy about seeing each other.

"It's okay. I didn't really know I was gay either until I went through your laptop. I kind of went through some of the sites you had favorite and explored." I blushed. It was kind of embarrassing to talk about this kind of thing with your brother.

"Oh..." Steven blushed a bright crimson. "Well at least you know what you like now." We both gave a nervous laugh.

"I'm also sorry about Dad," Steven said. "I-I didn't know what he was really like. I didn't realize you were going through that all by yourself...I-I can't say I agree with what you did but I can understand why you did it...I mean you knew what they were really like and they were being *tolerant* with me. It would have been worse for you." He took a deep breath. "I just can't believe that he tried to kill you. Brandon, I am really sorry! I should have been more understanding!"

I put my hand up to stop him.

"Please, don't worry about it. Zhi has been taking good care of me so I'm healthy and safe. I'm just glad he didn't touch you. I would have been...I would have been pissed if he hurt you and your baby." I said. Time seemed to sit still as Steven and I looked at each other. We were finally getting over that bump in our lives. The bump that was pulling us apart. He finally nodded at me and picked up our dishes and put it back into the machine.

"Today, after Jing's appointment let's go to the library and we'll pick up some reading material for you." Steven was happy and putting his shoes back on.

"Why?" I asked walking back into the bedroom. I needed to put on my 'too big to fit' clothes.

"Well, I think that you'd be interested in the History of their Race. It's kind of insane," he smiled.

Great, no matter where I went I was still going to school...


I went to work early this morning. I didn't want to but after my talk with Xe'Hul I couldn't sleep. I was worried for Jing... Hul had called because Jing was having sever pain but neither Jing nor Hul could find out where or why it was happening. My only advice was for Jing to take some mild pain killers. Before I left for work I called Steven and asked if he'd be willing to take care of Brandon while I was at work. He seemed eager to do it so before I left I gave him a hug. Something I rarely ever do.

As soon as I got to my office I started to prepare a few tests for Jing. Both Hul and I were certain that Jing was going to have another baby. Whether or not his body could handle it was uncertain. Chantures were made up of both male and female and so there was no reason for him to have to give birth. I was more worried about him than his baby. During his last pregnancy he looked deathly ill at one point and he had twins.

I had to find out now how many he was going to have this time and see if it were really worth having the young. Having an abortion wasn't unheard of but it was a last resort. It was dangerous mainly, but we've also been taught to take care of our young no matter what. It was going to hard for us to do if that was what needed to be done.

It was just about time for Jing's appointment when I heard my nurse trying to calm a sudden commotion. I walked out of my office to see three familiar faces; Jing, Steven, and Brandon.

"I'm sorry but you two can't come into the appointment with him. That goes against the rules! You'll just have to wait out here." My nurse said. He was doing his best to sound calm and collected but there was a frustrated tone in his voice.

"I can take it from here, thank you." I smiled at my nurse. He sighed and walked back to his desk at the front. I turned at looked at the troublesome trio. I pressed my lips into a tight line and stared at them. I was not impressed with their behaviour. "What is going on here?" I asked. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Brandon flinch at my tone. I wanted to touch him and sooth him but that would be unprofessional. I had to remain calm.

"They just wanted to come in with me," Jing smiled. He had his hand on his belly. I ended up doing a double take at his stomach. He was about the same size as Steven was and Steven had been pregnant for almost a whole year. This time his pregnancy was coming even faster. This was going to be difficult...

"I see," I nodded. I understood why. Steven probably put it into Brandon's head that he would be able to see me in my element. Though Steven was wrong. I never made exceptions to the rules, even if Brandon was my boy. "I'm sorry you two, but you might as well go somewhere else and wait. The rules are the rules and the rules state that the appointment can only be witnessed by the mate."

Steven looked sad and regarded his brother with an apology. All the while Brandon couldn't take his eyes off me. I could there was a faint trace of Brandon's desire in the air. Brandon and Steven decided to walk to the library and find some books while they waited and off they went.

As soon as they were out of sight Jing just about fell to the ground.

"I never thought they'd leave," he groaned as I caught him.

"Tell me what's wrong." I carried him into my medical office and placed him on the bed.

"She's being difficult," Jing muttered.

"She?" I couldn't wrap my head around it? A female was on board the ship? Surely I would have heard of that. Hul was good at letting me know when there were visitors on the ship, even if they were minor.

"My baby..." Jing's tired eyes opened. "I think my baby is a girl."

(And on that note Happy Valentines Day!!! This is my Early gift for ya'll!! I'll see about writing a short story for before the big day, but have this for now! It's kinda short but hopefully it'll make some of you happy! Have a good one and I'll talk to Ya'll soon with the short--Hopefully!


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