tagGay MaleXolt 2 Ch. 04

Xolt 2 Ch. 04



The shower looked confusing from afar, but when I got closer I noticed that there were two buttons. They had alien prints on the buttons and I had no idea what they were for. I pushed one anyway. Warm water started to fall down on me and when I looked up I noticed that the shower head was above me on the ceiling. I pressed the same button and the water turned off. Well that made sense to me, I guess. So that left the other button. What the fuck was that for? I turned the shower back on and scrubbed by body with my hands before I decided to press the second button. I was thankful that I did because it was a soap dispenser.

Thankful for my curious mind I washed my hair and my body using the same scentless soap. The one area I refused to go near was my pelvis. I was afraid that if I got to close I would touch myself and give myself pleasure when I was told not to.

I don't know why Xe'Zhi wanted to talk to me. There was nothing wrong me...perhaps. I couldn't come up with any reason, at least not verbally. I knew exactly what was wrong with me but I was afraid to say it.

I was washing my hair when I felt the base of my neck. There was a scab. I knew that was where the translator was, Xe'Zhi told me about it so I wouldn't be worried. But to know that there was a foreign object in my brain was kind of creepy. But then again that happened all the time on Earth too. I got many needles. I have a nipple ring. I ate food. I used sex toys, none of those things naturally came with me when I was born. I guess the creepy factor is that I was right. I always had a feeling that there was Aliens, but to be right is a whole other story. To know that my best friend is an Alien is another story. To know that my brother is married to an Alien is just weird. He hated aliens; he got so freaked out by them that one time he fainted when we were watching Independence Day. How the hell did he overcome his fear of them to get pregnant and marry one?

"Brandon, are you almost done?" I heard from outside the door. His voice was so low, gravely and sexy. It was the voice I always imagined he'd have. Back on Earth when I rubbed my cock thinking of my lover that was the voice I always imagined it would be. And now...my fantasies no longer have a human male in them but an Alien one. What did that mean about me? Was I some kind of slut or a nut-job because I wanted this alien to fuck me as hard as he could? Was it a bad thing that I was turned on by the thought of him tying me to the bed and slowly touching me? I wanted him to bite me; I wanted to suck him off. When he was touching me, and I could feel his cock and sucking him was the only thing I wanted from him. But then...I don't want children. I don't like kids.

Men aren't supposed to have children; we aren't made to have children. We were made to help procreate but to actually birth one? No, that's not what we're for. I felt myself float away into my thoughts again but was helpless to stop it.

"Brandon, are you okay? I asked you a question."

"Sorry! I got lost in this wonderful shower of yours," I smiled. His words sent shivers down my back even though I was in a nice warm shower.

"You should probably get out the shower now. Breakfast is ready for you," he said.


After I got out of the shower I dried and walked naked to the bedroom, hoping that he was there waiting for me. I was slightly surprised to see that he wasn't. On the made bed there was a small black shirt and short shorts. They were a size too big for me and it made me wonder where he got these because he was way too big to fit them. Perhaps he got them from my brother?

I pulled the clothes on and walked out the open door. Xe'Zhi was at a table reading that small computer thingy that Ryan had as well. I took a moment to look at him. I know I seem to do that a lot but when you first arrive to an alien world you have a right to stare. I was amazed that green hair looked so good on him, but he had those weird clips in his hair. It looked like they were made to imitate pigtails, but they rested on his shoulders with the clips close to the end of his hair. I didn't like the glass clips, they didn't suit him because he looked so much better with his hair down and at rest. His eyes looked half closed because he was reading something and he had a cup of something in his other hand. Across from him he had a plate of food waiting for me. The light from a sun was shining into the room from a large uncovered window on the other side of the room. It was kind of cool to see space from outside your own window.

"Hey," I said giving a weak wave. I felt strange in these clothes, all I could say was at least the shirt was black. The shorts were really short, like if they were any shorter they'd be showing my ass, but around the waist it was too big so I was holding the shorts up.

"There you are." He gave me a puzzled look. "Is there something wrong with your clothes?"

I nodded as I walked over to the seat across from him. "The pants are too big." I said picking the fork-like-thing up to eat some eggs.

"Really? They are the smallest size your brother could find," he mumbled with concern in his voice, though you could tell he was trying to hide it. I was beginning to see that this culture was more of a 'don't show how you really feel' kind of deal. Me being a very emotional person may not work here.

"It's fine. If you can get me a sewing machine, thread and some needles I can probably tailor some of my clothes if not make them myself." I shrugged it off like it was nothing and finished eating. The food was great and I just couldn't stop eating.

"You can sew?" He asked. He had his iPod thingy on the table as he watched me eat. Only occasionally did he take a sip of what he had in his cup.

"Yeah, it was one thing that my mother and father was super against..." It hurt to say those words. But out of everything I did—my clothes, the fact that I wore makeup, my friends, and my artistic nature—they were really against homosexuals and men who could do feminine things, like sewing.

"Brandon, are you okay?" I looked up at him; he was starring right into my eyes. I looked down again and nodded. If I looked into his eyes again I would cry, and he's already seen me bawl. He needs a strong lover and not a weakling like me. I shouldn't cry because they couldn't accept me. I already knew about them...

"Don't lie to me, Brandon. I need you to tell me the truth if you want us to play. How will I know if you're hurting if you'll only lie to me? That is not a healthy relationship. Tell me the truth."

"I don't know what to say," I whispered. I heard a chair scrap the floor and in no longer than two minutes I was on his lap while we sat on the couch opposite of where we were eating.

"How are you feeling about your parents?" He asked. He probably was trying to judge how I was emotionally. Steven took it poorly and he was probably trying to see if I was the same. He took his hand and brushed it against my cheek.

"Honestly, I could care less about them." I said trying not to look into his eyes. It was hard to do though because I was straddling his lap and he was staring into my eyes.

"Don't try to be emotionless, Brandon. Men who cry—who can show their feelings no matter how weak they think it is—are very strong indeed. I need you to be strong and show me how you feel. Remember, we need to be a vocal couple." He reminded me. "How do you feel about them?"

I felt tears threaten to fall. They were prickling at the edges of my eyes just waiting to caress my cheek. It was painful almost because I knew that no matter how hard I'd try I wouldn't be right for him. I'd always be a small, twink like Goth boy who was hated by all his family members. Who was weak and couldn't hold himself together no matter how easy it should have been.

I wasn't right for him or anyone else. I could understand why my brother hated me so much. I was weak...

"I...I knew how they felt about gay people. But I wanted them to know about you because they're my parents. I just didn't think that they'd try to kill me!" I felt a tear fall down one side of my face. "When I think about it scares me! I could have died by the hands of my father...I-I just feel happy that they didn't try to kill Steven. He was always sheltered, and now that I know that he has a child in him..." The tears wouldn't stop falling now. "It's not fair! They'd rather have me dead because I'm the weird one! I'm the one who 'had no future'. Who was the freak of the family...I was the one they were willing to kill." By then I was trembling in his arms and the words wouldn't stop flowing. But yet, at the same time it felt good to have finally said it. It was killing me more trying to be strong, but that didn't mean that it was okay for me to be weak. "I don't want to die, Zhi! I want to be in your arms. I don't wanna die...I don't want to die...."

I let my face rest on his shoulder as the tears spilled, wetting his clothes. I felt his hand rub my back as I let all my frustration out. He rested his other hand on the back of my head, letting me know it was okay to let it all out.

Once I started to calm down he kissed the top of my head and lifted it using a finger. He made me look into his pupil-less eyes. For once I saw real strong emotions swirl inside them. Sadness, happiness, concern, even a little hatred was in there. But one emotion that really stuck out to me was pride. I could tell that he was proud of me. Proud because I faced whatever was sneaking inside me, because I showed him something he knew had to be shown even though it was hard to do.

"How do you feel now?" he asked, still holding my head in place.

"I feel better," I whispered. A tear ran down my face and his tongue slipped out of his mouth and he licked it away. His tongue was soft and smooth and a pale pink.

"Do you truly want to live with me? To be my partner, my lover and my friend? Are you willing to take the chance of getting pregnant to be with me no matter what?" He brushed my hair with his fingers. "Because there will always be a chance, no matter how careful we are. Do you understand? We can and will get through this, Brandon."

I started to cry again. It sounded like he was proposing to me, like they did in those chick flicks on Earth. Zhi was blushing, slightly but enough that you could see it on his white scaled face. I knew that his words meant more than what

I could comprehend. I couldn't speak, so I nodded. I nodded as I kissed the crevasse of his neck; I nodded when he lifted my head with both hands and kissed me deeply. I nodded as we hugged.


I knew that he was filled with pain and sadness because of his father, but I didn't realize that his distress was to the point of absolute fear. As a doctor I have vowed to never kill another being, but if I ever met that man again I would kill him in the most painful way I could think of just because he had hurt my Brandon. No one would be able to stop me because that man would deserve it. I fought myself not to storm to Hul and demand that I go back to Earth. I knew that Brandon needed me more than his father needed my fist wrapped around his still beating heart. Plus I couldn't leave him alone, it was hard enough that I had to go to work and leave him in my home. As the head doctor on the ship I needed to be in the office. I had called Hul to see what I should do and he said that Steven should teach his brother the ways of our culture. I wasn't too sure if that was a good idea considering the fact that there was still much animosity between them and that their father was a psychopathic freak.

And so I asked if Jing could also be there to be a cushion between them. If there were arguments or awkward moments Jing would be there to soften them.

After we spent the better part of the morning on the couch cuddling I told him that I had to go to work. He was disappointed and I could easily see it. It was heart breaking because I didn't want to do that to him but it was important that I had to work. He said he understood but whether he truly did or not was hidden from me.

He followed me into the bedroom. I opened the closet and he was surprised that it was even there.

"I thought that was just the wall. It blends in so well," he mused. His voice was still shaky but at least the quivering had stopped.

I pulled my uniform out and stripped myself of my current clothes. I was naked standing in front of my Brandon. I was semi-hard as I pulled my feet through the bottom half of the uniform. Brandon was fully hard, clearly showing in his shorts. As I finished pulling on the one piece outfit we were both ready to get out of our clothes.

Brandon's hand slowly made its way to his cock and began to grind and pump. I could tell he wanted release but all the fun in getting release was the teasing that came before it. I watched as he slowly began to masturbate. I let him even touch his cock bare. He was leaking and pumping fiercely, but not once did we break eye contact. He was about to lose his control when I pulled his hand away from him. I wagged my finger at him and let a ghost of a smile appear on my face.

"Not yet, Brandon. Wait." I brushed my lips against his ears and whispered, "later."

"Ungh...But Zhi..." he moaned. He was really struggling to stay by the edge and not jump over it. His hips were still thrusting into the air in vain hope that he would earn release.

"Brandon, take a deep breath. I asked you to wait and you will wait. Now is not the time for release. I have to work and it would not be fair if I couldn't get any release as well, now would it?"

Brandon's blue eyes looked up to me, he was struggling so much. Trying his hardest to do what I said, but being so young he didn't have the experience to do so. He inhaled deeply and exhaled as softly as he could. He repeated the action until he was calm.

"Are you better?" I asked looking at his semi-hard cock. He was no longer thrusting into the air but it was still evident that he wanted to.

"...Yeah...Kind of," he gave an airy laugh.

"Can you put your clothes back on so we can go before I am late for work?" I didn't tell him that if we left at that moment it wouldn't have mattered. I was going to be late anyways. In my opinion it was good we did that, so he could experience some of my power and relish in my sexual teasing.

"Yeah..." He got off the bed and pulled his shorts back on. His legs were a little shaky but after *that* it was understandable. I had a rock hard erection that I knew I couldn't hide and so I walked proudly with it; proving to my shipmates that I was proud of my lover and my attraction to him. Many of them walked past me giving me second glances, even after Brandon left in the care of Jing.

When I walked into my office I found Trygg sitting in my seat. His eyes widened at the sight of me.

"Well, I hope that's not for me. I must say I am flattered, big brother, but I am married." He gestured at my cock and laughed. I didn't get the joke, but then again I also didn't live on Earth for the better part of my scientific life.

"Brandon...Um, getting you up in the morning?" He asked, his face turning crimson. Between the three of us, Trygg was the most shy. He was always uncomfortable talking about sex. I was the best of the three of us and that was why I became a doctor. The information just stuck with me the best.

"He is doing just fine. Still struggling with his father, but we made progress this morning." I motioned for him to get out of my seat. He sighed and stood up.

"I'm *sure* that's what you guys did this morning. Judging by the bulge in your suit it was certainly hot and steamy progress."

"No, you idiot. He was struggling with something completely different, much like Steven. More in the sense that the fucking idiot father of theirs tried to kill Brandon and that was not something either of them should have gone through." I sighed as I turned my computer on.

"Sounds like you hate that man." It wasn't a question. Trygg knew exactly how I felt, and probably for the same reasons.

"He tried to kill Brandon and in the process he traumatized your mate. Of course I hate him. I despise him from the very depths of my heart. If I could eradicate him from the Earth they would benefit greatly without him." I said it so calmly that I'm sure that was what scared him more than the words themselves.

"I've never heard you say that. Normally you're all about preserving life. What happened to that?"

"He touched what was mine. He hurt what is mine. I will not stand for that, you of all people should understand that Xe'Trygg." I looked into his cold blue eyes.

"You're right. I can't tell you how hard it was for me not to go back and kill him. Even I didn't know how bad his father was. I guess his family really cared about appearances because I couldn't even guess that behaviour would come from them." He walked to the door and smiled. "All I can say, though, is that Steven really appreciated my presence last night." He chuckled and walked to his office, hopefully, to do some work.


Throughout the just the morning I had over five patients. That was at least three more than usual. It very well could have been due to the fact that I wasn't at work for a few days, or there was something going on that I was not briefed on. My assistant told me it was because they all refused to see him but rather me instead. I laughed because he soon began to ask if he was a good nurse. I told him he was and that was the honest truth. He had been the best nurse I had ever had.

It was the end of the work day. I walked back to Jing's home and waited to be let in. When the door was opened all three of the males were sitting on the ground. Jing and Steven held the young and Brandon sat talking to them.

"Really? Wow that sounds like a messed up society." I heard Brandon say. Trygg, who had opened the door for me, walked me into the living room; Brandon's back was to me. I placed my finger to my lips, they didn't show it but Steven and Jing looked as if they understood.

"Well, it's no different from the Earth society. How many wars have there been just over religion? Now think about all the wars there have been over land and succession. We just happened to have a much more devastating war than you. Arcaina was a pretty land, from what I was told, but it had changed drastically since I had been there last. Right, Xe'Hul?" My oldest brother walked in from the kitchenette area with a formula bottle. He noticed me and gave me a slight nod, so slight that only I noticed. Part of the joys of being his brother and most trusted co-worker.

"It was beautiful at one point, but yes it has changed a lot," He said as he joined his mate on the floor.

"Think of New York City, Brandon. Kinda just like that," Trygg laughed. Brandon and my youngest brother seemed to be getting along just as they always have. That was a good sign. Perhaps their relationship wasn't destroyed when Trygg stole his brother.

"Only, with aliens everywhere," I said. Brandon jumped and turned his body to me. He gave me a pout and crossed his arms.

"That wasn't very nice, Zhi," He grumbled. I smiled as I walked closer to my Brandon. The twins looked at me and cooed; I smiled and blew the young kisses. They giggled and squealed at each other. Once I stood with my leg at Brandon's shoulder I placed my hand next to his head and scratched it, in turn receiving a small moan.

"I am okay with that," I said quietly, "Are you ready to go home?"

The eyes that Brandon sent my way were the most sinful pools of blue I had ever seen. All at once calling my name silently and begging to be fucked wildly. I could smell his desire pouring off of him and I knew my brothers could as well. While it pissed me off that they would know his scent it also pleased me to know that I was having that effect on him and I hadn't even done anything yet.

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