tagNonHumanXXXanth Novels: Dana 3

XXXanth Novels: Dana 3


When Dana finally woke up from her unconsciousness she felt cold fluid flowing over her entire body. This brought two very shocking realizations to her. One, she was underwater and two, she was naked. She began to choke and cough in an effort to get air when she realized that she could breathe perfectly alright. As to the second problem there was nothing she could do about that at the moment.

She was chained to a large coral table by a very strong seaweed. She struggled for several moments before realizing that she was tied tightly and couldn't escape. Finally she settled down on her coral bed and tried to think of another way to escape. Oh how she wished Arthur were here. He would surely think of some way out. As she lay there, her nipples began to uncontrollably harden and her slit became very wet. The cold water seemed to be having a strange effect on her, much like the one she had felt in the harpies cave, as it flowed over her young naked body.

As this realization dawned on her a young mermaid swam through a small hole in the translucent dome where Dana was held. She carried some items in her hand which she set down next to Dana on the table. Dana couldn't believe the size of the girls breasts when she was obviously so young. The sight of the massive soft orbs of flesh inspired jealousy in Dana, who began to get wetter at the sight of them. The young mermaid giggled causing her chest to bounce and heave as if there had been an earthquake.

"I am very happy to see you awake. We did not know if you had survived your plunge into our homes. As you probably know as a land walker, we merpeople enjoy a little excitement at the hands of you who unwittingly fall into our hands. And because no one has ventured near our homes for some time, we are going to keep you for a while." Dana glared at the beautiful sea maiden and yelled," Where am I, I demand you set me free! And where is my friend?!"

"Don't worry about your friend, he will be quite well taken care of I assure you. And now for that little entertainment I mentioned." At that time, Dana saw movement in the corner of her eye and saw 2 mermen and another mermaiden swim in. All of them were naked from their waists up and the woman was blessed with an even larger chest then the girl who had been talking to her. Dana began to shiver as she wondered at what tortures would be devised for her. The girl next to her began to take the items she had brought with her and raise them. The first was a small octopus, and all of the merpeople grinned devilishly at the sight of that. The next two were creatures that were seemingly hard in appearance in the shape of a star. Starfish, Dana remembered as she tried to recall what her teachers had imparted to her. The young girl took the starfish and placed them directly over each of Dana's very hard nipples.

Dana felt thrills of pleasure shoot from her nipples into her unspeakable region. The starfish were attaching themselves to her breasts and sucking in the hardened nipples. She let out a small gasp before stopping herself in an effort to retain some kind of maidenly attributes. The mergirl took the octopus and placed it directly over her naked slit. Like the starfish, the octopus began to suck and stroke her cunt. She could no longer restrain a gasp as pleasure from the small creature tore through her body. She arched her back as the thing inserted one of its tentacles into her twat and began to suck.

The throbbing of it inside of her was amazing. The things leg went in farther then her finger had ever reached, and even farther then the harpies finger. The octopus seemed to be trained to do this and began to stab its tentacle in and out of her cunt. The starfish meanwhile continued to suck on her nipples and stroke her heaving chest. Dana looked around and saw that the merpeople had assumed human form and were doing something to each other, much like Arthur and the harpy or the Sorcerer and his daughter.

Each of the mermen had taken up a spot behind the mermaids and had bent them over another coral table. They were eagerly thrusting their hips at the girls slits, forcing massive manhoods deep into the mertwat. The girls and men were moaning in obvious pleasure as they fucked each other. Dana watched as one merman began to stroke the mergirls nipples as he fucked her. Dana imagined that the octopus and the starfish were a handsome merman and she felt wave after wave of pleasure ride over her.

Finally she couldn't take the treatment any more and her entire body shuddered and Dana collapsed back down on the table. A different colored fluid that was not the same as the water, poured from her cunt soon after. The mergirls appeared to have experienced the same thing as a very white fluid poured from between their trembling milky thighs. Dana's thoughts once again turned to escape and she wondered where was Arther?

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