tagNonHumanXXXanth Novels: Dana 4

XXXanth Novels: Dana 4


Arthur meanwhile was having problems of his own. He had been taken to and locked up in a giant clear bubble that kept the water out but kept him in. He had sat for hours wondering where Dana was and what cruel tortures the lecherous underwater people had devised for her very maidenly body.

Those thoughts had led to others, and his mind was still dwelling on her very very maidenly body. His cock hardened as he remembered the scent of her juices and the feel of her wet virgin cunt on his back as they rode. Then the memory of her giving oral sex to the Sorcerer caused his massive cock to spasm and jump with excitement. A popping sound disturbed his thoughts and he turned to see a young mermaiden lying in the bubble next to him.

She closed her eyes and seemed to concentrate. Immediately her fishy fin began to morph into human legs. Now Arthur had the chance to appraise her. She was totally naked except for a shell necklace hanging between her two large breasts. He noticed that only briefly as his eyes darted to the hard nipples whose pink color was a strong contrast to that of her gorgeous pale skin.

He followed the curve of her waist down to a beautiful pair of sculpted legs that glistened with sweat from their transformation. Tracing her inner thighs upward he noticed she had assumed human female maidenly areas. Once again his cock began to dance in wonder and hope. She teasingly walked around him admiring what hung b/t his back legs. He blushed as he watched her gaze but he saw she seemed to enjoy the sight of him as much as he enjoyed the sight of her.

"Mermaids are a cross breed between fish and man. To survive we must have adequate supply of both breeds in our blood, or we become almost entirely fish and vice versa. We have plenty of fish willing to mate us down here but it is all to seldom we get a man, or even a half breed. If you wish to ever leave then you will fulfill our breeding program and mate 3 young mermaidens like myself. If you do not then you will remain under the sea till you die. What do you choose centaur?"

Arthur didn't even really need to be asked. His cock answered for him as it spasmed again and droplets of precum ran down his head.

"I will take that as a yes. Come and mate me now!" the mermaiden said to him in a voice filled with need. Arthur nearly bowled her over as he galloped to her and she kneeled before him. She lowered her head to his cock and began to run her smooth, soft hands over his length while her small dainty tongue darted and teased his tip.

Arthur lowered his human torso to watch her while she worked. Her tongue caught a droplet of precum as he spasmed again and she giggled. The sound itself was filled with sexual lust. Her hands stroked up and down the length, their years underwater leaving them soft as a down. He lurched forward and let out a long groan unwillingly as she used her long prepared skills to ready him for his coming breeding. She enveloped his cock in her hot mouth, bobbing her pretty head up and down his length.

He began to lunge forward as she pulled back matching her pace and speed. She was letting out soft feminine gasps as he thrust into her mouth. Arthur watched as her hand slid down her neck to one of her breasts as she continued to please him wonderfully. She pinched and played with each nipple letting out louder moans and gasps as she did. Then her hand slid down to her pink patch b/t her legs where two fingers went to work on a virgin cunt.

They thrust in and out and played with a hard clit with obvious practice. She began to lunge on her own fingers as she prepared to orgasm. Arthur to felt one building in his stomach also. He managed to control himself for a while longer. But she was lost in a mindless lust thrusting her fingers, which now shone with fluid lubrication, deeper into her cunt. Finally a loud scream escaped her lips as she came. She fell backwards onto the soft bubble floor and lay there panting before emitting a little squeal and standing beneath him bent in half. Arthur knew what to do after his time with the harpies and the Sorcerers daughter.

He lunged forward in one powerful motion pushing his cock head deep into her cunt. Almost immediately he met with a strange resistance he hadn't experienced in any of his other fucks. So this was the famed maiden head! he exclaimed to himself mentally. He pulled back steadily and lunged in harder breaking through it in one swift movement. The mermaid bit her lower lip in pain but the expression soon disappeared as Arthur pulled back with a low groan.

He began to lunge in and out, in and out at a steady pace enjoying the feeling of her warm cuntal juice and the little blood flowing from her tear. She lifted her feet off the ground as he impaled her again and smoothly turned herself over so her hard nipples and large breasts were pressed against his furry underside. She used his body for leverage and began to grind her wet pussy up and down on his massive cock.

She couldn't accommodate his entire length but enjoyed the feeling of him deep in her womb. She gasped as a tuft of hair worked her clit over as they fucked. Soon she her body was spasming as she orgasmed again and she collapsed hanging from his cock. Arthur reached down and supported her body as he too neared orgasm. He steadily fucked in and out of the now soft and lubricated cunt. Several muscles deep inside her gripped his cock with every lunge and finally the tightness and the wonderful pleasing heat were too much.

Arthur rose up on his hind legs with her deeply impaled on his cock as he orgasmed. It was the most powerful he had had in his adventures thus far. When his forelegs landed she slipped off his cock still very wet with her juices and landed on the bubble floor. She moved herself so that her cunt was facing upward and none of Arthur's cum would escape.

She lay there panting slowly stroking herself as she smiled and stared up at Arthur. Arthur's cock began to soften from the exertion of the extended fuck session. His rest was disturbed as two more beautiful mermaidens popped into the bubble and morphed into human form. He enjoyed the sight of the two creatures approaching him but his recent work out left him unable to respond. They walked slyly over to the resting merwoman (She was no longer a maiden) and sat beside her stroking their own bodies.

"In case you hadn't figured it out we are your two other breeding partners but it looks like you are a bit incapacitated," one of the mermaidens spoke as she glanced down at Arthurs limp member.

"We will play for a bit until you are ready again, and by all means feel free to join in," the other said as she glanced over at her two counterparts. With that the two new visitors turned and lowered their heads to a hard nipple of Arthur's first partner. They began to softly caress the tip and circle it with their tongues. The "victim" of these two began to stroke her clit with one hand while her other hand buried 3 fingers in her tight snatch. Arthur was mesmerized as the two got on their knees while supporting themselves with one hand and fingering themselves with the other. They kept their mouths glued to their friends breasts which they were eagerly suckling.

Arthur's excitement was only increased when he remembered watching his young sister slurp milk from their centauress mother's well endowned chest and dark olive nipples. He had wanted to breed the both of them right then and there but knew he would be refused. Here however he had to willing toys for him alone. The rhythmic stroking of their fingers in and out of their moist waiting cunts caused Arthur's cock to immediately respond. He slowly approached the kneeling maiden on the left and as he did so she thrust her waiting ass into the air.

She used 3 fingers to spread her cunt lips wide in an effort to accommodate his cock. He positioned himself so his cock was at her entrance and made a powerful lunge that broke through her maiden head on the first try. She gasped and lightly bit her friends nipple who let out a moan in turn. She thrust her beautiful smooth ass back up at him burying him deeper inside. Arthur began to sweat as he moaned and gasped as he fucked deeper and deeper into the amazingly tight cunt. Both of the other maidens were watching him as he fucked into her cunt but they didn't stop their other activities.

He heard the girl beneath him let out a loud extended groan as her body trembled and she orgasmed. Arthur completed several more eager thrusts into the smooth hole before he two whinnied with orgasm. He slid his member free of her cunt and watched the juices from their exertion flow out her cunt and down her legs. The female who was being nursed off wiped up some of the juices with her free hand and brought them to her mouth and licked them clean.

These two sights immediately hardened Arthur for his third attempt. He circled around the girls to his final partner. She two readily raised her ass for the fuck. She was younger because her breasts were smaller and her cunt also appeared to be smaller. Arthur rammed his hard member deep into her, as deep as he could go. She let loose a scream of pain and it became obvious to him that she was too small to accommodate him. The other mermaid silenced her by turning and forcing her head down into her wet snatch. Soon the sounds of pain subsided and a loud slurping came from the impaled mermaid as she sucked on her friends juices.

The third mermaid positioned herself over the girl being eaten out and lowered her cunt to her beautiful lips. The girl flicked her tongue out over the sensitive cuntal flesh and drew a long moan from her friend. Arthur meanwhile was enjoying the sensation of having the tightest cunt he had ever had thrusting back on his member. He thrust forward several times holding back his cum to the best of his ability but he knew soon he would have to cum.

The girl beneath him also seemed on the verge of release as she began to tremble. Then her entire body tightened up and her cunt gripped down hard on his cock. Arthur and the mermaid orgasmed simultaneously with a loud groan. The orgasm was so strong Arthur collapsed backwards pulling the young mermaid with him b/c she was so tight.

They lay there for several minutes just letting themselves rest as her juices flowed down his cock and onto his stomach and balls. Then she pulled herself off and lay on the ground. The three mermaids reverted to fish form and slipped through the bubble leaving Arthur alone.

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