tagNonHumanXXXanth Novels: Dana 7

XXXanth Novels: Dana 7


Arthur and Dana rode long and hard with infrequent stops to renew their passion. Arthur had bypassed his own home and ridden on with her to the Magician's castle, where she would be left for her years visit. Then he had turned on his own way and headed home. As he neared his birthplace, nestled safely in the woods, a strange and familiar scent assaulted his nose. He cautioned himself not wanting to become the victim of some trap. But as he neared his house the smell grew stronger and stronger. After some hard thinking he recognized the scent of a mare in heat. This new revelation caused his long member to extend and hang painfully from between his legs. The scent was different then normal and he couldn't determine why. His pace quickened as he was drawn on by the powerful smell. His response to the smell was uncontrollable and soon he was racing through brush and forest ignoring the branches whipping about him.

Finally he cleared the forest and slowed in a clearing, where on the other edge a beautiful centauress bathed in a small pool. Rahni had heard the sound of the approaching stallion or centaur and tried to ignore the urge to turn and invite the male to breed. She smelled the scent of his arousal and knew that he would make a fine mate. Arthur slowly approached, not wanting to startle the female. He was urged on by the sight of her soft hands caressing her large breasts and hard nipples as she bathed. His eyes travelled down her back to her tail region where his goal ultimately lay. There with every flick of her tail a small moist pussy was revealed. He was within five feet of her before she turned. His arousal almost flagged when he realized it was his mother. Rahni, too was surprised by the revelation that her hopes for breeding was her only son. She stared at him her hands still stroking her nipples lightly as she tried to fight the urge to offer herself.

Arthur couldn't control his own urges and his cock still hung hard between his hind legs. His eyes travelled from her face to her breasts which were now dripping clear of the water. Rahni needed to breed, and her internal clock was demanding that she do it before her time was up for the season. But this was her son, she screamed to herself. Her pussy still clenched and unclenched at the prospect of a mate. Rahni tried to change her thought process, but it had been many years since she had taken her last mate. And at 34, breeding was a necessity. Her hooves nervously pranced under her as she struggled against her biological and physical needs. Arthur would be a wonderful mate, she thought as she involuntarily eyed his large cock. And how she would like to feel him press deep into her. Her minds fight was beginning to flag as her moral workings weakened. She found herself turning her backside to Arthur and holding her tail away from her pussy, exposing it to him in an offer to mate. She wondered how he would react to this action. Her unvoiced question was quickly answered as she felt his strong hand on her flank. He stroked her backside softly

sending shivers up her spine and causing her breath to come hard. She soon felt his other hand working alongside the first, softly gripping and stroking her muscled legs and tail. She recognized the touch of a practiced male and knew that someplace Arthur had done this before. Arthur could barely contain the excitement of his first centauress, especially since it would be with his mother. He had long fantasized about taking her but never thought that the chance would arrive. He caressed her backside slowly working his hands closer to his mothers dripping cunt. The mere sight of it had him spasming in anticipation. He slid one hand around the entrance to her hot hole, sampling the moistness. He pressed two fingers against the entrance and listened as she gasped in pleasant surprise.

He continued his foreplay, his strong fingers slowly circling her cunt, stretching and pressing deeper in an effort to prepare her for his invasion. He pressed his hand in deeper and felt the warm walls of her pussy close around his palm. He began to slowly slide it back and forth inside her spread lips. Rahni couldnt believe the pleasure Arthur's hands were bringing her.

The feeling of having something other then a branch or a piece of tree entering her long unused cunt was exquisite. She sighed heavily as the tips of his fingers found her pleasure spot deep in her hot cunt. She began to thrust back on his arm enjoying the friction building between his muscled arm and the moist walls of her cunt. She increased her pace as the pressure of a coming orgasm

began to overwhelm her. Arthur sensed this and abruptly pulled his hand free leaving her wanting more. Rahni turned wondering what had happened and was answered by Arthurs weight across her back. She felt his arms encircle her as he ran his hands up and down her smooth stomach teasing and circling her breasts. His hands went closer and closer to her nipples which were aching to be touched. Rahni felt his cock press against her waiting hole, just out of reach. Then just as his fingers found her nipples she felt Arthur lunge forward forcing his cock into the back of her cunt. His cock was larger and thicker then his arm had been and Rahni felt herself stretched to the limit by her son. His hands were slowly pinching and teasing her nipples as he began to thrust in and out of her. Soon Rahni was panting, moaning, and thrusting back on the massive cock. She clenched her eyes shut as she felt his cock slide in rubbing her pleasure spot and then move out again. She felt the twitch and spasm of every muscle and vein in his cock as it pressed deeper and deeper in her. In an effort to give him more pleasure she encased his hands over her breasts with her own, while she squeezed his cock with every muscle in her tight cunt. Arthur had been surprised at how tight she remained after 20 years of breeding. He felt himself respond to her squeeze as his animal instict took over. Rahni let out a silent scream as he thrust hard and fast losing all control over himself.

She too had returned to her bestial nature as she let out snorts and whinnies like a natural mare in heat. The increasing speed and power was causing her too near her orgasm as his massive head brushed the rough spot on the inside of her cunt that gave her pleasure. She felt his hands frantically gripping her breasts beneath her own as he pounded into her faster and faster.

This increase in momentum brought about a new sensation as she felt his tight sack hammer into the outside of her pussy sending more waves a pleasure through her. The thought of her mating with her son and the feeling of the invasive cock inside her was too much. With one last brush against her G-spot her pussy clamped down and a flood of her juices poured out over his cock.

Rahni lost all control over her body and almost collapsed as every muscle shook and spasmed. The sudden increase in grip, fluid, and heat sent Arthur over the edge. He exploded inside her releasing a massive load of cum into her womb. Rahni continued to stand beneath him as she felt herself be fertilized by her son. She turned her head and her lips found his as she whispered,"Thank you." That was all that was said as they continued to caress each others bodies and lightly thrust back as they waited for Arthur's cum to take hold inside her. Arthur's thoughts were drawn back to the smell as he wondered why it had smelled strangely when he arrived. He concentrated on the smells that currently filled the clearing in an effort to decipher their meaning. He smelled distinctly

the smell of his mating with his mother, the smell of her own heat, the smell of some grasses and other plant life, and one strange one. He slid backwards off his mothers back and allowed her to lay in the grass and rest. The smell was strange and he found that it was arousing him again. Rahni glanced upwards at her son and noticed that he was hardening again. Maybe she was luckier then she had thought previously.

A snap of a twig disturbed Arthur's thoughts and he quickly focused on a shadow on the edge of the forest. Myrian had been coming to bathe when she had smelled the scent of male arousal. She had just arrived in season herself and was eager to have her first mating. She had watched as the male had turned out to be her half-brother, Arthur. She was even more surprised to watch her mother breed with her son. The sight at first had disgusted her but the scents and sight soon aroused her. She had found a stubby branch which she had eagerly pressed into her cunt as she fucked away while watching her family mate. The branch had been small and not very pleasureful and she was still filled with her own need to fuck.

The rough surface of the branch had brought her near to orgasm and she had worked furiously to finish before her mother.The branch had been just about to finish serving its purpose when the couple had completed their love-making, leaving her alone. She tried to hurry before they parted but in her ensuing thrusts the branch had broken from the tree with a loud crack. Arthur had spotted her, she realized, as his head turned sharply and his eyes focused on her. Another mare, Arthur's mind screamed. More fucking, more mating, follow her, it yelled as it forced his body into action. "You in the forest come here," Arthur said in his most authoritative voice. Rahni by now was interested and stared intently at the stranger until he stepped into the sunlight. Rahni felt a red wave cover her face and chest as she blushed furiously and realized her daughter had seen the entire episode.

That blush disappeared when her nose picked up the scent of arousal and Rahni realized that Myrian had been aroused by the going ons. Myrian practically galloped into the clearing and quickly turned her backside towards Arthur. Arthur recognized his sister but wasnt deterred in the least after what he had done. He noticed her inflamed cunt lips, dripping with her honies, and immediately mounted her, ignoring any foreplay. Myrian gasped as she realized her brother would be her first mate and that thought alone almost drove her away, but the feeling of his cock pressing into her quickly banished it. Arthur gripped her small breasts harshly as he thrust forward hard into her, eager to breed again. Myrian was overcome with pain as his massive cock stretched her painfully.

She tried to pull out from under him but found her way blocked by her mother. Rahni didn't know what she was doing but the sight of her son and daughter mating overcame her as she pressed her human torso against Myrian's. Rahni leaned forward and began to circle Myrian's open mouth with her small tongue. Myrian began to feel pleasure through the pain and she quickly replied to her mother's soft touch. She felt her small nipples harden as they pressed into her mothers larger breasts. She thrust back on Arthur's invading member, suddenly enjoying the feel of its massive girth stroking the deepest recesses of her cunt. Rhani was gasping heavily as she pressed her breasts into Myrian's and kissed her daughter deeply, tongues intertwined.

Arthur was overcome by the sight of his mother and sister kissing each other passionatly and felt himself spurred on once more to fertilize this mare's womb. Myrian was even tighter then his mother and Arthur knew he was her first. Her cunt gripped him tightly as he hammered himself deeper into her. He could feel nearly every centimeter of her tight hole as he neared climax. Myrian too was gasping as she was pleasured by her mother and brother. She lowered her head away from her mother's passionate kissed and gently suckled on Rahni's large hard nipple. She circled it with her tongue as Arthur's thrusting forced her against her mother's flesh.

Suddenly a feeling that had been building inside of her exploded and she bit down on her mothers nipple as she orgasmed. Rhani grasped her daughter's head as pain and a good of amount of pleasure shot from the bitten nipple. Rhani noticed Myrians shuddering and realized she had climaxed on her brother's cock. Arthur too, knew it and he was sent over the edge as his eyes met his mother's and the thought of what they were doing passed between them. Myrian continued to shudder and climax as her lips remained tightly closed around her mother's tit. She felt relief as her brothers seed poured out into, fertilizing her womb. After several minutes of playful grasping and stroking the three disengaged and collapsed to the ground. Arthur lay on his side while his mother and sister's tongues went to work cleaning his cock of cum and blood. Damn, he thought, I can't wait till Dana comes!

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