tagNonHumanXXXanth Novels: Dana 6

XXXanth Novels: Dana 6


Arthur and Dana rested till morning after their encounter with the fairies. Both hardly slept as they thought about what they had done. Arthur could hardly forget the feeling of her soft tongue on his hard prick and her tight mouth sucking him deep into her throat. Dana had a hard time forgetting the taste and texture of Arthur's huge cock. She could barely keep from touching herself as she imagined him breaking her maiden head in a wonderful session of fucking.

When morning came both were very tired and very horny. Once again as they got onto the road, Dana busied herself on Arthur's back, stroking her raw cunt lips across his coarse fur and muscle. While she was receiving pleasure, Arthur was constantly aroused by her scent and the touch of her moist pussy. They encountered a few inhabitants who generally snickered or gasped at Arthur's arousal and Dana's flushed face. Finally the path ended with a sign telling the pair of adventurers that they had arrived at the Mountain. Dana could hardly contain herself and eagerly climbed the steep hill ahead of Arthur.

Finally she would learn how babies were made. She still harbored her sneaking suspicion that it had to do with their many encounters along the way. As Dana hurried ahead, Arthur was given yet another tantalizing bit of encouragement for his arousal. Dana's short skirt and lack of panties, left nothing to the imagination as she climbed. Arthur followed her like a puppy as his eyes were locked on the hairless pink lips of her most secret and private spot of anatomy.

Arthur watched as some of her juices dribbled down the lips and down her smooth bare legs to the ground. The climb got rougher and rougher the higher they got. Dana's skirt was soon shredded so that Arthur no longer had to imagine her tight ass or her tits and hard nipples. Eventually getting frustrated by the tears and restraints that her skirt put on her, Dana took it off entirely. Arthur already had seen her in her most intimate moments so there was no point in hiding anything from him. Arthur's wide eyes engulfed every portion of her body as she stripped and stood before him blushing in spite of herself. After climbing higher and higher they came to the top of the mountain. And just as the magician had said there was an egg there.

As soon as they laid eyes on it, Arthur and Dana knew this was no ordinary egg. The egg was easily as tall as Dana and wider still. It sat in the middle of a large nest that had apparently been empty for some time. Dana couldn't figure it out. They had found the egg but learned nothing. Then an idea popped into her head. Maybe it had to hatch.

"Quick Arthur, we must get the egg to hatch. Rub against it to warm it up. I have heard that helps eggs in the hatching process." Dana rushed to the eggs side and wrapped herself around it, using her body to stroke the eggs smooth surface. To her surprise she found she was pleasured by the heat of the egg on her nipples and nether regions. This only encouraged her.

Arthur meanwhile calmly rubbed the eggs surface while he watched Dana masturbate herself on the egg. Her juices were pouring off the egg in a torrent. Arthur was worried because it appeared she was rocking the egg. Then he realized that whatever was inside was preparing to hatch. Dana had noticed it too, and with a frown on her face retreated next to Arthur. Soon small cracks appeared in the eggs surface and after a while longer an amazing creature, rarely seen by humans or centaurs, emerged. A baby Drake! Despite its youth the Drake was born fully aware and intelligent. It possessed of itself every memory of its species long history. After breaking entirely free of its shell it looked around. The drake spied Arthur and Dana right away.

Ignoring Arthur it studied Dana's nude body with obvious intent. Dana watched nervously as the creature eyed her with the same look as all the men she had encountered. It soon became apparent what the Drake intended to do as a large cock slid from a slit b/t its legs. Arthur tried to step between the Drake and Dana, but he was soon forced aside by the beings strength and magic. The Drake arrived at a dilemma when it realized cross-species breeding had been forbidden for dragonkind. But he quickly solved that and once again moved close to Dana on all fours. Dana backed away in fear but tripped over a rock and fell to the ground. Moving with amazing speed the creature soon stood over Dana's fallen form. Dana rolled over and huddle in a ball with her hands covering her head in fear.

The drake was amazed at his luck, she was in just the position he wanted her. He lowered his head and licked Dana's raw pussy with his long tongue. Dana gasped and shuddered, remaining in her protective ball. The drake pushed its cold wet snout right into her cunt and extended his tongue to lick again. Dana realized how long his tongue was as it went deep b/t her forcibly opened cunt lips and up to her cherry. It began to stroke in and out with amazing speed, its rough cover causing her unbelievable pleasure. Her pussy clamped down on the Drake's tongue and Dana involuntarily forced herself backwards on his tongue, trying to force it deeper. The tongue was as thick as a cock, rougher, and more flexible. These three points were driving Dana to the brink of orgasmic bliss.

The tongue pulled out and flicked over her sensitive clit causing her to shudder and spasm as she came. Her juices flowed freely out her lips and down her legs. The Drake took several tastes then raised his tongue and licked up into Dana's one unviolated area. She gasped in surprise, pleasure, and fear as she felt her tight asshole being licked by the amazing tongue. It extended itself down into her dark recesses and began to stroke in and out, lubricating her for her coming anal rape. Suddenly the Drake rose up on its hind feed and lowered itself with its claws on Dana's bare shoulders. The sharp claws extended and dug into her white skin, sending pain and strangely pleasure shooting through Dana's young body. Dana gasped in terror as she felt the tip of the drake's cock press against her tight hole. Then the drake thrust in hard and deep. It tore through muscle and skin as it forced deep into her bowels.

Dana began to sob and scream but Arthur was held still by magic and his own lust for what was happening. Blood poured out around the cock as it plunged repeatedly in and out of her asshole. The anal rape continued for hours as the Drake tested its stamina. After the first 2 hours the pain had faded to the back of her mind and Dana had realized pleasure pouring from the ripped hole. Soon one hand was buried in her cunt, plunging repeatedly into the sopping hole. Her other hand was gripping her white soft tits fiercely as it forced pain and pleasure out. The feeling she was experiencing was wonderful and finally she came. When she did her asshole gripped down on the massive dragon member and finally forced the Drake into orgasmic bliss.

The Drake pulled out of her and retreated to his nest, leaving her lying on the ground panting and gasping for air, blood and cum pouring out of her ass and cunt. Arthur was more aroused the he had ever been, precum leaking in a steady stream from his tip. The sight of the naked virgin lying on the ground, clawmarks on her shoulder, blood and cum pouring from her holes was sending him to places he never imagined. Suddenly Dana let out a loud wail and forced herself to her feet. Sobbing she cautiously paced in circles as the pain returned to her asshole in new levels.

The drake glared at the sobbing girl in annoyance and yelled, "What is it?!!?"

Dana responded quickly in a tortured tone, "We will never ever ever know! The Damned Magician lied to us and we'll never know how babies are made!" The drake let out a long hard chuckle as he wondered at what he had heard. "Stupid human, all you have to do is get fucked by a man and have him cum in your cunt. 9 months later you will have a baby delivered by the stork."

Dana looked at him in surprise, "That's it?!! That's all it is.... Finally we have discovered the secret of the Adult Conspiracy!"

Arthur didn't really care at this point, all he wanted to do was fuck Dana's brains out. Baby or no baby. Arthur approached Dana and reached out and held her by her shoulders. She stared at him in fear and curiosity as his hands moved down to her soft globes and began to stroke and pinch. She moaned as she realized she soon would be doing everything and more then she had ever imagined with the handsome centaur. One of Arthur's hands slowly drifted to the wet hole between her legs and pinched her throbbing clit. He lowered his mouth and began to suck on the now abandoned nipple. Dana thrust her hips forward trying to allow the centaur better access to her cunt. Arthur's hands responded eagerly as one long finger slipped inside her up to her cherry.

The finger began to slide in and out slowly but gradually picking up speed. Arthur continued to suck on her small, hard nipple causing Dana to clench her eyes shut in pleasure. Arthur then slid another finger into her cunt alongside the first and began to slow the pace then speed up again. He pulled both fingers out quickly and began to circle them around her wet lips. Dana couldn't stand that torture and so bent her knees a little and tried to lower herself onto his fingers. Arthur shoved another finger into her hole alongside the first causing her to gasp as she was spread to her limit. Arthur twisted the fingers back and forth, in and out of her cunt in an effort to spread her further.

Dana could barely stand and finally with one final twist of Arthur's fingers, she orgasmed and collapsed on the ground. Arthur picked her up and lay her on a rock that was elevated off the mountain side. He lowered his head to her pussy lips while watching her face. Dana pulled her legs as far apart as they would go in an effort to give him better access. Arthur eagerly ran his rough tongue over Dana's tight virgin hole. He circled it slowly and softly around her clit and sensitive lips. The he darted it in for a quick taste and back out again. Dana gasped and grabbed Arthur's head in attempt to force him back in. Arthur slowly allowed his head to be forced into her snatch. His tongue began to circle the inside of her hot tight pussy causing her to shudder and gasp with each stroke.

Arthur loved the taste of her juices and eagerly lapped deeper and deeper into her cunt until he came to her cherry. Making one long stroke with his tongue he began to retreat. Dana released him as that final stroke sent her plunging into an orgasm. Dana may have been pleased but Arthur wasn't. Rearing up he walked forward 3 steps on his hind legs and positioned himself so his hard cock was pointing straight into her moist hole. He looked down at Dana who had braced herself for the coming plunge and was staring back up at him in lustful hunger. That one look was all it took and Arthur jumped forward ramming his cock into her. Dana was forced to grab onto the rock to keep from being forced off the edge as Arthur plunged repeatedly into her, breaking through her cherry, and burying himself deep in her womb. He stood there for several seconds enjoying the feeling of the tight, wet, hot inside of her cunt.

Dana grabbed Arthur's forelegs and began to slowly pull herself up and force herself back down on his cock. She too was loving the feel of his massive member and its every twitch deep inside her. She began to grind her groin and pelvis as they thrust on his stomach, rubbing her enflamed clit on his undersides hair. Again and again they plunged in and out Arthur gasping and moaning as the tight tunnel only got hotter and wetter. Dana had clenched her eyes shut and was eagerly rubbing her tits as she fucked up and down on his cock. Dana wrapped her legs around Arthur's torso and began to hammer herself up and down on the amazing cock.

She was extremely horny and needed more cock even though Arthur filled her cunt completely. With a gasp and small flick of her hand she beckoned the hardening Drake closer once more. When he approached she began to stroke his member in her soft hands and lightly circle the tip with her tongue. She moaned again as Arthur's hair caressed her swollen clit causing her to shudder. She bobbed her head up and down on the shaft and the Drake began to fuck up into her face as Arthur fucked into her spread cunt. The Drake knew he wouldn't last long. The human girls mouth was even tighter, hotter, and wetter then her asshole had been 30 minutes earlier. Now the sight of the young female gasping and plunging her head on one cock while taking another in the pussy was driving him insane. Arthur too was spurred on by the sight of Dana sucking down the Drakes hard cock. He began to thrust harder into the dripping pussy. Dana herself was lost in a pleasure world.

She knew she shouldn't be doing what she was but that thought only spurred her on. She loved the taste of sweat and cum on the Drake's cock and loved the sounds of Arthur plunging in and out of her cunt even more. Once again a tuft of Arthur's hair brushed forward over her cunt and then back finally driving her over the edge. She gasped and sucked in as her pussy tightened and released a flood of held back juices down Arthur's cock.

The sudden spasm of Dana's pussy was too much for Arthur and he exploded emptying a gallon of his centaurian cum into her womb instantly fertilizing her. The Drake also lost control as Dana began to gasp and whimper on his cock, each vibration sending pleasure waves up its length till he too exploded down her throat. Dana hastily sucked down the cum trying to swallow it all but some managed to overflow onto her chin and then drip down to her naked breasts.

Dana licked her lips and lay back on the rock as the Drake returned to his nest. Arthur and Dana's eyes met as he stood there still buried deep in her cunt, the last remnants of his orgasm leaking into her and they knew they would be together for a long time.

Author's note: I would like you all to know this is not the last in the series of Dana and will probably have a 2-3 more. Thank you all for your support and mail.

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