tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYearly Exam Ch. 03

Yearly Exam Ch. 03


That Friday I made my way to the OB/GYN for the third time that month.

As I walked down each block I felt like everybody knew. Everybody could see me for what I was, in my short skirt and my low-cut blouse and my knee-high boots. I felt embarrassed just walking in the building, I couldn't make eye contact with the security guard. But he stopped me anyway.

"What floor?"


"Here for the meeting?" He looked me up and down.

"Uh...yes." Meeting?

The elevator was swift this time, and I arrived at 10 minutes to seven.

Kelly greeted me at the door. "Here she is! Everybody is eager to meet you."

Eager to eat me was more like it.


"A little. What's going on? There's a meeting?"

"That's what we told the guards, yes," she said sweetly. "But they don't know how we're going to use you like the filthy slut you are," she continued in an equally sweet voice.

I gasped. "How- how many?"

"Oh, I'm not sure. There'll be ten people watching you, but whether they'd like to use you is up to them. Then there's me...and Andrews and Matheson. So that's 13 in all."

"Jesus!" Tears started welling up again and I started trembling. Kelly rubbed my back.

"Shh, shh calm down. Why are you crying? You like this. Your body loves it."

"But not my mind!"

"It'll follow."

"I don't want it to! I don't want to be like this!"

"But you are like this."

I shook my head. I didn't care how often my body betrayed me.

"Well you can't do anything about it, Lila. We basically own you now. You actually showed up."

"You know where I live! You threatened me!"

"You didn't even try to get out of it. Sure, we would have come for you, but you didn't even bother. You just came here - dressed like a slut, by the way - ready to be used like a slut."

I shook my head again. It wasn't true, I couldn't believe it.

She led me to a large room in the middle of which was an examining table, a stool, a table with a variety of tools, and a video camera. There was a projector set up. They were going to film me!

I turned and tried to run, but Kelly grabbed me and slammed the door.

"Get undressed. They'll be here soon. Do it."

She shoved me towards the table, then left and locked the door behind her.

I thought about what it would be like to be used by all those people as I stood frozen in the middle of the room. And on video camera...

I felt a tingling in my groin. Why, why was this happening to me? Why couldn't I help it?

I went to the door and peered out the window. Kelly was right outside. She turned her head and glared at me, then unlocked the door. I stepped back as she walked in.

"If you won't do it, I will."

She kissed me hard and grabbed my breast, then pulled my skirt down. She tore my top off and unhooked my bra and threw those to the ground. She pushed me, making me walk backwards until my ass hit the table. She pulled my panties down to my ankles.


I hoisted myself up on the table, panting. She pulled my panties off and unzipped my boots. She took those off, plus my socks, and I was completely naked.

"Lay down. Feet in the stirrups."

I laid down and put my feet in the stirrups. On either side of me were restraints. She wrapped the cuffs around my wrists tightly.

"I'll see you soon."

She gathered my clothes up and put them in the corner then walked out, leaving the door wide open. I pulled on the restraints. I wasn't going anywhere.

I watched the clock. It was 7:20. I just wanted to get this over with. I shut my eyes.

Minutes later I heard voices. I opened my eyes to see a crowd of people file in, mostly men, two were women. The two women were alright, one had very short red hair and looked to be in her forties. The other was a little younger, brunette, slim, her hair up in a tight bun.

The men ranged in age from thirties to sixties, some were good-looking, others not so much. A few of them were of the same overweight build as Matheson.

They all took their seats and looked at me, nodding in approval.

Dr. Andrews, Dr. Matheson, and Kelly came in. Kelly shut and locked the door and walked over to me, smiling.

Dr. Andrews started.

"Thank you all for coming tonight. We'd like to share our new subject with you, she's very accommodating in the ways that truly matter. Lila, please, spread your legs and scoot down. Kelly, help her out."

Kelly undid my restraints and let me scoot down so that my pussy rested on the edge of the table. I spread my legs, showing everyone my pussy.

Matheson turned on the camera and the projector. I could see myself through the translucent screen. He looked into the camera and zoomed in on my vagina, centering it on my hole.

Dr. Andrews put his gloves on, although I really don't know why. He then sat on the stool and said, "Tonight we wanted to show you what female arousal looks like from the inside."

Didn't they already know this already? Why couldn't they just get on with using me and cut the crap?

He continued, "The reason why we're using this particular female is because she gets extremely wet. She even squirts. So if you don't want to get wet, move to the sides."

There were some "Oohs" around the room. Nobody moved.

He sat on the stool and took the speculum from the tray. "Now normally, I would use lube for this, but I don't think I'll need to. Kelly?"

I thought she was going to do the same thing she did last time and go down on me, but she didn't. Instead, she climbed up on the table and lifted her dress.

"Eat," she commanded.

I started eating her, licking her labia, her hole, her clit. She was so tasty, I savored her.

I heard Andrews talking as I ate her out.

"Now, I'm going to insert the speculum."

He slipped the cold metal tool inside me and opened it, stretching my hole. "No lube necessary," he commented. "This bitch gets nice and wet just from eating pussy for a couple minutes. How is she doing, Kelly?"

"So good," she moaned, looking down at me.

"Now I'm going to show you what her pussy does when it's actually stimulated."

I felt his fingers on my clit, he started massaging me. I started moaning into Kelly's cunt as I licked and sucked at it.

"Ah, see? Already she's dripping. The walls are just oozing with juice, preparing themselves for penetration. This one was made to be used."

There were a few "Mms" and "Oh yeahs" and one man said "I'm gonna eat that pussy till she's screamin'".

I wanted to see, but I couldn't because Kelly was blocking my view.

"Now, I'm going to bring her to orgasm."

He took his hand away and I heard a buzzing sound. Oh no...

He applied the vibrator directly to my clit. I cried out, there were some gasps, and then I moaned and continued eating Kelly out.

"You like the taste of me, don't you baby?" she asked.


Some people laughed, a few men groaned.

"Note how her juices get thicker now. She must really want a cock inside her."

"I'll fuck her," said an older man.

"You'll all get a chance, don't worry." He turned the speed higher, the vibrator assaulted my clit like a jackhammer. I started screaming as I ate.

"She'll cum any minute...any minute..."

It welled up inside me fast, without warning, and I felt my cunt gushing cum onto the table and floor.

"Mm there it is. Look at all that juicy cum flow out of her hole. She's made to be used. She loves it. Don't you, Lila?"

I didn't answer. Kelly slapped me.

"Mhm!" I answered. Everyone laughed.

I felt Andrews withdraw the speculum from my tender pussy.

"Who wants to go first?"

Someone volunteered, I heard pants unzipping, then felt the bulbous head of a hard cock at my entrance. He plunged into me and groaned, then started pumping me slow.

"This one's a good little fuckslut. You like the feel of a strange man's dick in you? Huh baby?"

"Mhm!" I answered.

I kept slurping at Kelly's pussy, teasing it, bringing her to the edge and back. She was going wild, sliding it back and forth on my tongue, moaning my name. It felt good, it tasted good. I suckled on her clit hard and made her cum. She gushed all over me, I lapped it up.

"Ugh! You filthy slut!" she slapped me. "Ladies, she loves eating pussy. I recommend you use her mouth."

Her cum dripped down my chin and from the corners of my mouth.

The man who was fucking me was old, about 65. He was stocky, clean-shaven, and had thinning grey hair. His cock was decently sized, not like Dr. Andrews or Dr. Matheson.

"You like this cock baby?" he asked, leering at me.

"Yes," I moaned quietly.

"What was that, slut?"

"I said yes! I like your cock!" I shouted.

He started pumping it faster and faster. I gripped the edges of the table and came, squirting all over him.

"Mm that's good baby. Drench my cock with your cum. You've got such a nice, needy vagina."

As I stopped cumming he pulled out and walked to my face, holding his dick out.

"Clean your filthy cum off and swallow my load, bitch."

I leaned over and licked his dripping cock off, then sucked it hard. He exploded in my mouth, his thick, bitter seed pouring into me. I swallowed it.

"Good girl," said Dr. Matheson.

The man smacked my face with his cock and walked away, sitting back down again to watch. I noticed the projector was now showing all of me - including my face. I started getting nervous again.

Another man came up. He was in his thirties, brown hair, dark eyes, fit and attractive. He got on his knees and started licking my pussy. I wondered if he was the one who'd made that comment before? I watched through the projector as he ate me, swirling his tongue around and sucking at my clit. He inserted two fingers inside me and probed me hard. As I watched I got hotter and hotter, I liked watching myself get eaten. By a strange man. In front of a roomful of people. Like a slut.

Kelly whispered in my ear, "You like watching yourself get eaten out? I bet you'll like watching yourself get fucked too." She kissed me and pinched my nipples. The man started pumping faster and faster, sucking my clit harder. I started cumming again, squirting in his face. I watched it all.

I loved it.

Kelly smiled at me and played with my tits as she watched me watch myself. "I knew you'd realize what you were. A filthy little hungry fuckslut."

The man kept eating me past the point of orgasm. It was torturous. I started screaming.

Another man walked to my side and pulled his hard cock out. He was thick, about seven inches. He smacked my lips with it and said, "You know what to do with this, slut," as I screamed and moaned and writhed on the table.

I opened my mouth for him and he started fucking it, gagging me with his dick. Tears started streaming down my face.

"You like the taste of cock? You want my cum all over your face, don't you?"

"Mhm!" I cried.

He fucked my mouth hard and fast as the other man clamped his mouth onto my pussy. The man in my mouth pulled out and ejaculated his creamy cum all over my face, and it threw me over the edge again. I started screaming and cumming as his load landed on my face.

"Yeah, you like that you dirty whore." He pulled away and the man who'd been eating me was now fucking me hard and fast.

"Oh god!" I screamed.

"Mm you've got such a tasty pussy, slut. I'm gonna feed it to you."

He drove himself deep inside me and started rubbing my clit.

"No! Oh god! Please!" It was overwhelming.

"You love it, cunt. Don't tell me to stop."

I couldn't help it. I started cumming again, squirting all over him. "Mm yeah. Soak my dick."

He pulled out and fed me his pulsating cock. I cleaned it and sucked it and drank his hot cum as it spewed into my mouth.

"You love that cum, don't you, slut?"


He walked away and then two men came up to me.

"Get up," said the older one. He was fat, and had a fat cock hanging out of his pants. He was massaging it with lube.

I got up, he slid underneath me and inserted himself into my anus. The other, younger one inserted himself into my pussy. I'd never been double-penetrated before. It hurt and felt good at the same time.

The one underneath me grabbed and squeezed my breasts as he fucked my asshole. "Mm," he grunted. "Such a nice, tight hole. I'm gonna fill it with cum."

I groaned, and they both started thrusting faster.

"Come on, shower us with your juice you cumslut."

The one in my ass started pinching my nipples as I bobbed back and forth from their thrusts. There I was, my face covered in cum, taking two cocks at once.

I came again, ejecting a stream of juice onto them. They both grunted and groaned and the man underneath me started filling my tight hole with his hot seed.

The man in my pussy pulled out and walked to my face, and came in my dark hair.

As the man underneath me pulled out and lifted me off of him I felt his cum seeping from my anus. When I put my legs in the stirrups again I saw it dripping out. I started rubbing my clit, it made me want more.

"Ah, it looks like she's finally accepted herself for what she really is. What are you, Lila?"

"A filthy slut," I moaned.

"Good girl. Anyone else?"

"I want to fuck her pussy," said the red-headed woman. She walked over to me and pulled her pants and panties off, and climbed onto the table, sticking her pussy in my face. I started eating it. "That's right, baby, get that pussy nice and wet. Kelly, clean up that mess in her asshole."

Kelly smiled at me and walked to the space between my thighs. She pulled the stool over and sat down, and started probing my asshole with her tongue, licking up the gobs of cum that were streaming down. When she finished, she walked over to me and waited for the redhead to climb down to the end of the table, then kissed me, feeding me the cum that was just in my asshole.

"You dirty, dirty cumslut," she said, smacking me as I swallowed the jizz.

The redhead entwined her legs with mine and started rubbing her slick pussy against mine. I started groaning.

"Ever been fucked by a woman before?" she asked.

"No..." I moaned.

"You like getting fucked by another cunt? I can feel you dripping all over. Your cunt is saturated."

She then leveraged herself so that she was on her knees fucking me, lifting my ass and pussy into the air.

"I'm gonna make you cum all over yourself, baby, then I'm gonna cum all over you."

She glided against me hard and fast, our juices noisily mingling. She dug her nails into my legs and groaned as I watched her enjoy my warm, wet pussy. I started panting, and felt it welling up inside me again. I came, I felt it gush against her pussy, then it started streaming down my body.

"You like cumming all over yourself, you filthy slut?"

"Yes!" I answered as I came.

"I'm gonna cum all over that juicy pussy." She was grinding hard against me, making my titties bounce. I grabbed my nipples and started playing with them, pinching them.

The other woman walked to me, her skirt already off. She climbed on top of me and sat on my face without a word. She looked down at me as I began eating her cunt.

"Mm eat that cunt bitch," said the redhead. She groaned loudly and started cumming on my pussy. I felt her cum start dripping down my tummy and my ass.

"You're a good little fuckslut. I might need your cunt again someday soon," she said as she got off me.

"Mhm!" I moaned into the pussy I was hungrily eating.

I felt a big cock slip inside me. It was Matheson.

"You're a hungry little slut, aren't ya? I bet you've been starving for this your whole life."

I yelped as he slammed into me hard. I sucked on the pussy in my face faster as he railed me with his thick dick.

She started cumming, her cum was thick. Her pussy pulsated hard on my lips, I gathered her cum from her hole on my tongue then milked her clit some more.

She got off me when she was done using my mouth and walked to my pussy. She started rubbing my clit as Matheson fucked me, not saying a word. Andrews came over to me and stuck his meat in my mouth. He fucked it slow, as I salivated and gagged. Another man came up to the other side of me and smacked my face with his cock as I sucked Andrews'. Andrews said, "Don't be rude, slut. Suck that cock."

I turned my head and started sucking on the other cock, it was nice and fat. I moaned on it as Matheson pumped in and out, then reached out for Andrews' and started jerking it.

"You're doing so good, baby," he groaned.

I switched and started sucking him again, tightening my lips around him as hard as I could. I wanted to be especially good for him. I jerked the other guy, my hand slipping up and down as his cock dripped with my drool.

The woman who was rubbing my clit started rubbing it faster. She actually spoke and said, "Cum on that fat cock, slut."

I started cumming again, squirting all over her and Matheson.

"I knew you liked my dick," said Matheson, grunting.

After I finished cumming for the nth time, I switched back to the other man, jerking Andrews off. All of a sudden I heard a groan. Matheson pulled out of me and walked over.

"I'm gonna cum all over those delicious tits." He spewed his thick, creamy cum all over my big titties, covering them.

He took his camera out and started taking pictures of me as I handled two cocks with my tits glazed and dripping with cum.

"We're gonna send these out to our clients. We're gonna tell them what a good whore you are."

I felt another cock slip inside me. I started getting tired, my pussy felt raw. I moaned, but it was from the pain of too much pleasure.

I took Andrews' cock in my mouth again and as I jerked the other guy, he started cumming. Matheson continued taking pictures.

"Ooh, that's a good one," he said as the man's sperm landed on my face and Andrews' cock filled my mouth.

Andrews started cumming too, filling my mouth with his salty seed. I swallowed it, filling my belly with more cum.

My pussy was sore, I kept crying out and sobbing as the man fucked me. The last man got up and walked to me and stuck his dick in my open, moaning mouth.

Filled with two cocks again, I started feeling my juices start dripping down to my asshole. I sucked the last cock voraciously, wanting to drain all the cum out of it.

"You need that cum, don't you baby?" he said as he watched my head bob.


The man in my pussy pulled out and walked over to my face.

"Jerk my cock all over your face, you filthy bitch."

I gripped it and started jerking it, my hand sliding up and down my own pussy juice. He started cumming, covering my face, shooting it in my hair. The man in my mouth started cumming too.

"Swallow each and every drop of that, slut. I know how hungry you are for it."

I swallowed all of it.

When we were done, I laid there in my own cum, exhausted, covered in semen. Matheson took a few final shots. Everyone started leaving.

"We'll reconvene in a month," said Andrews. "Glad to see that all of you enjoyed our new cunt."

Kelly started licking the cum from my face and feeding it to me. "You did so good, I'm proud of you. I knew you were made to be used like this. Why don't you come home with me tonight? I'll give you a bath, we can get to know each other a little better..."

"Okay," I agreed.

"Good. Good girl."

She swiped gobs of cum off my face and fed them to me. Then they all left the room, she told me to stay where I was. She returned with a towel five minutes later and wiped the rest off.

"They want you back here on Wednesday."

"Okay. What time?"



"Good. Now get up and get dressed and let's go."

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