tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYellow Dress Ch. 01

Yellow Dress Ch. 01


"Hi sexy," I said over the phone. "So what are you wearing for me tonight?" I liked playing the dirty old man when I called.

"A little cream blouse and tight jeans the way you like," you purred in reply. "Real tight with some camel toe for you."

Oh I liked that. Sexy tight jeans that show off you femininity. Too bad you would not be wearing that for long. "I'll be there in a few minutes. I hope you're ready for me ."

"Oh my panties are soaked. I can't wait till you get here."

I disconnected and smiled to myself. This was going to be a fun night. I just hoped you were up to it.

I arrived at you door in just a few minutes. You slowly opened the door for me after the first knock. As always you took my breath away. I placed my hand around the back of your neck and pulled to me. My lips touched your sweet wet lips. You opened your mouth as my tongue sought you out. I kissed you as if I were starving and only your kiss could sustain me.

When I released you a great smile spread across your beautiful face. "Nice to see you to."

I stepped into the livingroom as you closed the door behind me. In the reduced lighting I saw your husband sitting in his chair, watching us. I nodded an acknowledgement which he returned.

I took you by the hand and guided you to the middle of the room right before him. "I have something for you. I think you will like it."

I revealed a small wrapped box from behind my back. You smiled in anticipation.

You unwrapped the box quickly, turning to smile at your husband who returned your smile. I'm sure he was eager to see what it was as well.

A moment later you held up a little yellow dress with little daisies. The fabric was light weight and very thin. You smiled at me with a touch of confusion.

"I want you to wear that tonight."

I stepped up to you and kissed you softly. "I'll undress you now so you can try it on."

Your eyes grew wide in surprise and your husband sat forward in his chair. I ran my hands along your waist and hips. I loved the shape of your body. I unfastened your tight jeans, making note of the sexy camel toe presented to me.

You looked over your shoulder at your husband who was smiling at the show. Then you looked at me and smiled.

I knelt before you and carefully inched your tight jeans down your hips, revealing your tiny pink bikini panties. Your jeans fell in a pile around your ankles. I kissed your hip and slid my hands around your waist and across your ass.

You giggled slightly as I slowly pulled your panties down. Once again you looked at your husband for approval. He responded with a silent leer at your nakedness.

Kneeling so close I could breathe the aroma of your arousal. I tenderly placed my lips on your recently shaved mound. You inhaled sharply and placed your hands on either side of my head. You tried to guide my lips lower, but I resisted the temptation to taste you so soon.

Quickly I removed your shoes and helped step free of your clothes. I ran my hands up you legs and hips as I stood. I laid my hands firmly upon your breasts and kissed you deeply. You wrapped your arms around my neck and eagerly returned my kiss.

Then I took hold of the hem of your blouse and slowly lifted it off of you. You stood before your husband and me clad only in your bra. You looked like you wanted to hide, to laugh, and to eat me right there.

I put my hands upon your ass, caressing and squeezing your sweet cheeks. They slowly slid up your back, my fingers exploring the contours of your body. I found the bra and slowly unfastened it then peeled it away baring your beautiful breasts to me. I bent down a placed a tender kiss upon each delicious nipple. Then I took your hand and held it high, twirling you around, naked, for your husband to admire.

"Put the dress on now."

You slid the flimsy dress over your head and pulled into place. It fit a little tight, accentuating your breasts that nearly spilled out, your narrow waist. The gausey material flared out from your hips and feel several inches above the knees, barely concealing you. I twirled you again. The skirt lifted in the breeze and revealed your nakedness.

"There are shoes as well."

I sat you across from your husband and knelt before you. I raised the skirt and pressed your legs apart. Your thighs glistened with moisture from your excited pussy. I loved the sight of your naked folds. As I fastened the shoes upon you I made sure your husband could see your exposed sex.

I took your hand and helped you stand. "One more thing." I presented to you a small pearl choker and fastened it around your neck. "It will have to do until I give you a proper pearl necklace later."

I took your hand and twirled you around, your skirt exposing you. You were lovely. I kissed you and let my hands explore your bared bottom.

"We should go soon before my son gets home."

"Just a few more things before we go. Some simple rules."

You nodded.

"I will make all of your decisions tonight. You will not even open a door yourself. You will stand with your hands behind your back, feet apart, and your breasts out."

I was happy to see you thrust your breasts out, adjust your stance, and clamp your hands behind your back.

"You will speak when I allow you and you will look no one in the eyes but me. Is that understood?"

You lowered your eyes. "Yes, sir," you meekly replied.

I smiled. This would be a fun night after all.

As we turned to leave the front door opened and a young man strode in followed by two other teenaged boys. He looked at the scene curiously. I saw his gaze fall upon his mother's pile of clothes. He couldn't help but see her bra and panties displayed on top.

The boys were staring at you. They could not take the eyes off of you legs and breasts. The thin dress clearly revealed the outlines of your large dark nipples.

I noticed you were looking at the boys. Bulges manifested in the jeans and their smiles were lascivious.

You bit your lip and started to say something. I placed my hand upon your waist and guided you to the door. I knew you wanted to say something to your son. I opened the door and directed you out to my car. I left his father to explain.

Tonight you were mine.

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