tagCelebrities & Fan FictionYes, Dear: Christine & Kim

Yes, Dear: Christine & Kim


"I never thought I would say this," Kim said slouching in the couch flipping through the stations. "But it is kind of boring without Greg or Jimmy here."

"You know, you're right." Christine sitting up putting her elbows on her knees staring at the television. "When're they going to be back?"

"Four more days." Kim said flatly. "Four long boring days. Kids at Greg's parents house for the week and here we are. . ." letting out a sigh of boredom, "all alone."

"Well we have the house to ourselves there has to be something to do."

"I know. I always thought about just having the place to myself and now that I do I don't know what to do."

"I know." Letting out a yawn, stretching her arms out. "I'm going to go take a nap or something I can't sleep well at night. Not used to having bed all to myself. Feels weird." Getting up and heading towards the guesthouse.

"Ok. Don't sleep too long. I don't want to be lonely on top of being bored." Kim yelled out for Christine to hear her.

Couple hours went by and Kim was bored out of her mind, and never has she seen the house so clean. Putting the mop and rags up, Kim checked the time and seen couple hours went by since Christine went for a nap.

"Should I go wake her now," Kim wondered, feeling time go by so, so slow. This is crazy, she thought. A whole world outside! "That's it! I'm waking her up and we going somewhere!" She convinced herself, marching to the guesthouse.

Opening the door without knocking, Jimmy and Christine's bed was in the living room and the boys' beds were in the actual bedroom. "Christine! You and I are goi --" her eyes nearly popped out, her mouth dropping to the floor as she stood there frozen at the sight.

"Oh my God! Kim!" Christine froze too, quickly opening her eyes, mind shut down from the pleasure she was giving herself and now the heart attack entrance of her sister barging in through the door.

Kim's eyes went from Christine's equally shocked expression, and without thinking, her eyes went back down to the first sight she saw when she opened up without knocking. Christine's hand between her legs holding one of the longest and thickest dildos she has ever seen in her life. And more than half of it was stuffed inside her sister's sopping wet pussy hole. The pink rubber dildo bending slightly from being in mid-push. Her hairy pussy ruffled, and glistening from pussy juices by being rubbed against her arm. Her naked plump body all in view to see. Her heavy full breasts, curvy stomach, wet pussy with a huge ass dildo inside of it and her even curvier hips following her long soft white legs disappearing under the covers.

"I'm so sorry!" "Kim looked away after catching up with what is happening. Looking back at her, away, and back at her again. Her eyes on the really thick dildo. "Oh my God, that is huge!" Kim said in shock. "How the hell do you use that?"

Taken back by the sudden question and all of a sudden interest. Remembering all the times back when they were sharing a room when back at home and how they would walk in on each other all the time, not really a big deal, Christine recalls. Just two sisters, nothing they haven't already seen, or already don't have.

"Well like this." Christine pushed rest of the dildo inside her pussy. Sliding it on in, turning it in circular motions to slide it inside easier. Her wet open pussy welcoming it to the very end. Christine felt the thick dildo deep inside. Feeling it sliding out of her as she was pulling it out very slowly. The wet pink rubber shining in the light and her pussy lips wet and shiny too. Kim watched in shock as her sister used this huge toy on herself. Pulling the whole thing out, her pussy went from being gaped and now slowly closing. Pussy juice seeping out and down, over and even between her butt cheeks.

"Let me see that!" Kim stepped to the side of the bed holding her hand out.

Christine looking up with a kind of weird look wondering what got into her. Normally she is so prude and prissy, but this is odd. Grabbing the pussy juice coated dildo Kim barely wrapped her fingers all around the thickness. Her eyes still showing surprise. The thought of it just being inside her sister's pussy didn't cross her mind as much as how she managed to use it, and the feel. Despite the weird, and slightly morbid, feelings surrounding all this it was her curiosity that's taking over. Feeling the wet rubber shaft, she began sliding her hand up and down it immediately feeling the wetness and how it is giving it better feel stroking it. Christine was watching, doing nothing else, just watching while still on her back and legs open. It was kind of turning her on actually. Watching her petite sister run her small hand up and down a very huge dick. Made her look smaller than she was and her mind started to lose the battle with her arousal, which is already high as is.

"Try and put your mouth around it," Christine challenged her. Moving her hands up her stomach to her breasts, softly cupping her hands under them, pushing the full mounds together. Her eyes still on Kim, watching her slowly bring the massive dildo up to her mouth. Kim's eyes going back and forth between the dildo and Christine.

Taking another look at Christine's slightly gaping and dripping pussy hole, she began to wonder if she could fit such a thing inside her mouth. Feeling the wetness on the dildo made her wonder if it would help a little bit, kind of, hopefully. Taking a deep breath. Opening her mouth. Kim was smelling the scent of Christine's pussy on it being so close to her face. Pulling away, Kim laughed, looking at Christine.

"I don't know," Kim looking at the dildo again. "Look at it! It's freaking huge!"

"Oh come on," Christine sat up, sitting on her one leg and the other hanging over the bedside, her foot swinging back and forth above the ground. "I'm not saying all of it. Just put as much of it in as you can." She felt her pussy getting hotter from all of this.

Grinning, Kim, without a moment of hesitation, brought the dildo back up to her open mouth and placed the tip inside. She immediately tasted Christine's juices along with the rubber head taste. Her eyes slowly closing as she licking the tip of the monster toy. Licking off all the pussy juice before she noticed she had half of it in. Her mouth wide, cheeks sucked in and pulled it out of her mouth quickly following a gasp for air. The excitement, adrenaline and arousal kept her from breathing while having such a thrill of a toy not only in her hands but her mouth! And the thought of it just coming from inside her sister's wet pussy hole gave her a tingly feeling all over. Taking another look at Christine's pussy, closed now from having her legs not spread but naturally together. She could still see the wetness over her lips, hair and even her thighs.

"Well?" Christine asked, arching her eyebrow in suspicion of whether her sister liked it or not.

"To be honest, the taste of your pussy gives it better reason to put more in my mouth." Kim couldn't believe she said that.

Christine was thrown back too. Unable to say anything, she just continue to sit watching to see what happens next, or is said next.

Going at it again, Kim opened her mouth wide fitting the head of the fake dick in her mouth. This time the pussy juice wasn't as strong. Wanting to taste that more than anything Kim was licking the dildo. Tasting all she can of Christine's pussy. Eyes closed. But she quickly opened them feeling hands grab her by the waist turning her around.

"Just me," Christine calmed her from the sudden reaction of being touched while orally pleasuring a massive toy.

Pulling her to the bed, Christine couldn't take it anymore. The sight of her sister actually doing this with such a large object it made her so hot. She wanted close to it and to do something about it. Running her hands down Kim's arms to her stomach. Christine took hold of her waist pulling her onto the bed on top of her naked body. Kim's red camisole shirt and was lifting up on it. Feeling Kim's soft and curly brown hair on her tits and chest as the two of them were lying on the bed together was nice. Kim on top of Christine with Christine's arms around Kim lifting her shirt up higher, now just below her perky breasts. Kim still sucking on the head of the toy allowing herself to be touched and explored by her sister's hands.

Massaging her perky tits over the soft fabric of her top. Christine opening her legs fitting Kim between her white soft legs. Rubbing her calves against Kim's legs, the shorts she's wearing being lounge around shorts are very short and has the elastic waistband. Kim felt the pleasure of sucking on the thick dildo and her breasts being played with. She just wished Christine would take the shirt off completely so she can feel her bare hands touch her flesh.

"Does it feel good sucking on that huge cock?" Christine asked her, rubbing her breasts gently at first.

"Uh-huh." Kim muffled as best she could not taking the dick out to answer properly or clearly. She had enough of this though. She wanted more.

The pleasure spiked when Christine moved her hands under her shirt touching her braless tits. Taking her nipples between her thumb and finger lightly pinching them. Not wanting anymore waiting, Kim took hold of Christine's hand and was pulling her hand to the waistband of her shorts.

"I don't know if you are ready for this," Christine teased her, talking in her ear keeping her soft hair and head on her full heavy tits.

"Don't tell me what I am ready for," Kim playfully told her. "This dildo is going inside me with or without you. Your choice if you want to witness it pushing deep inside my pussy, stretching it wide open with its thickness."

Quickly putting her hands down her shorts Christine felt no panties either just her furry pussy hair and soft skin. Going further and more between her legs Christine was feeling wetness. Wow, all this from sucking on it, Christine now thinking of how she will react to fucking it now.

"I always thought you shaved." Feeling Kim's trimmed fanned out pussy hair.

"No I sometimes let it grow out," feeling pleasure from all the touching and exploring of her body by her sister's hands. The one down her shorts and the other still touching her breasts. "Come on, I want that dildo inside me. Enough playing! I am so wet and want it inside now!" Kim was almost to the point of begging to be fucked by the monster toy.

Without saying anything Christine took Kim by her hips and flipped her around on her stomach keeping her butt in the air. She pulled the shorts down to her knees and admired Kim's thin figure. Her cheeks spreading apart showing off her little ass hole and her pussy wet as can be. Christine took the toy from Kim, running it up and down her bare leg, to her pussy, continuing to tease her with the toy now. Running the head of it between her pussy lips. Kim was pushing her butt back into it trying to get it inside but Christine would only pull it back when she did that.

"Come on! Fuck me with it!" Kim pushed into the soft bed mattress and covers her butt high in the air for display to Christine. She was so incredibly turned on at this point and just wanted fucked hard so she can feel the soreness the next day to remember the huge toy that stretched and fucked her small pussy.

Christine started rubbing the toy over her tits and back on Kim's pussy and back to her tits, taking pleasure in all of this too. Her nipples wet now from pussy juice. Wanting to now see the toy stretch and abuse Kim's pussy now, she put the dildo up to her pink opening and pushed inside. Kim immediately felt the penetration. It was so thick. Her whimpering confirmed that. Closing her eyes tightly, Kim felt the thickness push slowly more and more inside her.

"Oh," Kim grunted, "it feels so . . . good! More!" Eyes tightly closed from feeling such a monster stretching her wide.

Christine was turned on now even more than before. With one swift move she pushed a good inch inside of her quickly. Kim let out a painful moan and deep grunt. Smiling at the sounds, Christine wanted to hear that again. Pulling the dildo back out some, she pushed it back in quickly again.

"Fuck!" Grunting loud and heavy. She was kind of rethinking of this now but it felt so great mixed with the pain of her pussy being opened like this. She never felt so full before. Feeling the thickness rubbing against her stretched pussy walls, surrounding tightly around the rubber toy.

Looking at her little butt hole rocking back and forth each time Kim's feeling half of the sex toy inside of her. Apart of her wanted the rest in and the other was worried. She never been this full or anything like this regarding sex. She isn't used to it. Between the grunting and loud moans, mainly being muffled by the bed sheets and bed itself, she didn't want to stop it. She was so close to exploding inside.

Christine kept the assault on her pussy up. She was enjoying watching the dildo sliding in and out, the view of her pussy stretching wide to accommodate it, wrapping around and squeezing the toy. Kim felt even more pleasure course through her feeling Christine slap her petite ass. Her white cheeks becoming red after a few more slaps. Making Kim push back wanting more and sliding the dildo inside of her pussy, pushing deeper in her.

"F. . . f. . . Fuck!" Kim cried out. Feeling the pain and pleasure mix so very well in her. She can almost imagine the pain she will be in for days. Feeling the orgasm race through her body. Her juices stopped by the toy from escaping. She violently bouncing and bucking on the toy, Christine knew what was happening. Enjoying it, too. But not wanting to pull it out quite yet, she wanted Kim to experience something she never had before.

When Christine figure the peak of the orgasm is she quickly pulled the toy out and in that moment her eyes on the gaping pussy before pussy juice squirted out, following dripping out down her thighs. Kim fell to the bed on her stomach, slowly rolling over, rubbing her clit. The cum slowly seeping out now between her cheeks. Her pussy was red, definitely looking raw, Christine admired her job well done.

"Oh my fucking God!" Kim was trying to catch her breath. Never has she ever felt like this before. It was so strong, body shaking, and powerful. Her body shaking from the feeling of her orgasm calming down. "That felt unbelievable!"

"You think you ready for something else?" Christine had just thought of something while Kim is trying to catch her breath and recuperate from getting her pussy stuffed and stretched wider and deeper than she ever been before.

"Oh. I don't know, I mean that was, honestly, too much for me." Feeling her pussy hot and even kind of hurting, but enjoying it so much. She could take more, but she didn't know if it was a good idea or not.

"Don't worry. It won't be any thing like this. About half the thickness. You know, I haven't gotten off yet because of you interrupting me." She pointed out.

Getting up and going over to her dresser drawer pulling out a less thicker but much longer dildo. Kim wondered what she had in mind with this. It was very long.

"What you going to do with that?" Kim sat up with curiosity.

"Get on your knees and hands on the floor and you'll find out." Kim scrunched her brow, not knowing what is happening now.

Taking the long red dildo and sliding it between Kim's butt cheeks and to her pussy. Christine started to push the dildo inside Kim's pussy, about halfway. Kim kept her head low, grunting softly this time. The dildo did not feel nearly as filling as the other but it still felt nice.

Getting on her hands and knees now behind Kim, scooting closer to Kim's butt until she felt the other half of the dildo sticking out of Kim's pussy. Christine took hold of it, sliding some of it out of Kim and putting it up to her pussy. Putting the rest of the dildo inside her own pussy, now sharing the dildo. Christine's plump, round butt making Kim's butt look all the more petite. Rubbing each others butts with the same dildo inside their pussy. Christine instructed Kim, "Just get a rhythm going and in no time we will be fucking ourselves at the same time."

"Mmm. I would never have thought of this." Kim giggled, never in a million years would think she would be doing something like this with another woman, let alone her sister. Feeling Christine's butt touching her own, it was so soft and lovely feeling. Kim pushed her butt back into Christine's.

Placing their legs in key positions to not lose balance and to keep the momentum of the duo dildo fucking at a steady pace. Christine was the first to move her hips forward and felt the dildo slide inside. "Ok, just move your hips forward when I do and push back until you feel my butt so it doesn't slip out or anything."

After about a minute Christine and Kim found a working rhythm and both were letting out grunts, Christine being the loudest for not having a release yet. She was extremely turned on and feeling Kim's butt hit against hers brought the strong feelings in her even more.

"Ugh! See . . . Thi- this feels good." Christine was enjoying this. First time she ever got to actually try this.

"Yeah," Kim felt her breath going short again and another orgasm coming on. Mainly from the touching of Kim's butt each time she pushed back on the dildo.

Each sister was feeling the dildo slide a little bit in and out and against the inside of their pussies. The thought of their juices being in each other like this was a naughty, but great, feeling. Kim wanted to do something more though and let the dildo slide out of her pussy, a little popping noise along with it, and Christine knew, and felt, her let the dildo slide out of her.

"What are you doing?" Christine asked, looking behind her.

Without answering, Kim took hold of the dildo hanging out of her pussy and now using it on Christine's as she did for her with the bigger one. Kim leaned over and was on Christine's back, reaching under and taking hold of one of her hanging heavy breasts and playing with it while shoving the dildo inside her pussy deeper. Their juices made the dildo slippery and Kim held on tight to the end, pushing it deep inside until she felt her wet pussy against her hand.

Grunting and moaning louder now, Christine feeling her pussy throbbing against what is going down today. Her insides jumping all around and building up to a, what she can tell, very powerful orgasm. Between the dildo fucking her pussy, Kim's fingers playing with her nipples and breasts and Kim lying on her back both being naked. It was too much to take and Christine starting to buck more against the dildo that was held by Kim. Having a hard time keeping hold of it from it being so wet on the smooth rubber. Her hand sliding up the dildo hitting against Christine's pussy and her thumb rubbing against her ass hole. Kim felt a couple of her fingers slide inside Christine's pussy with the dildo. The wet warmth immediately surrounding her fingers, Kim's eyes in shock, but she still kept her fingers inside of her.

"Keep your fingers in Kim! I don't care, keep them in!" Christine letting the orgasm take over now.

Feeling her cum push against her fingers and the dildo Kim got off of Christine's back and was kneeling in front of her pussy now, free hand now down between her legs rubbing herself. The bucking will push more onto her two fingers and the dildo. But Kim pulled the dildo out leaving her fingers in for the time being. She never remembered Christine being so wet like this ever.

"Fuck yeah!" Christine yelled out, pushing back onto Kim's fingers. Kim feeling her juices and cum spread over her palm from keeping it flat against her pussy. Flat of her thumb pushing and rubbing against her butt hole still, if she wanted she noticed, she could push her thumb in her butt but she kept the resistance. She wasn't sure if she would like that or not and didn't want to make things awkward.

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