tagFetishYes, Mommy Ch. 02

Yes, Mommy Ch. 02


What follows is a continuation of a story of the humiliation and loving domination of a submissive, cross-dressing man by his Dominant wife. She has for the first time invited another person to witness his subjugation by inviting her work-friend Debbie to visit. Husband and wife love each other deeply, and they love to play, too!


-Part II

As my lovely wife asked me if I wanted to nurse, my first thought was that her friend Debbie was watching from just across the room, and I realized how silly and sissy I must look in my pink, frilly diaper, huddling next to Heather on the couch. However, the embarrassment and humiliation were scary-delicious, and in any case, the chance to nurse while my wife held me would have overcome anything. "Yes, please, Mommy" was my simple answer.

Heather unbottoned her blouse and offered me one of her small breasts. She drew my head forward, and I first kissed and lapped her errect, hard nipple.

"That's my good boy," she sighed and held me even tighter. "My sweet, precious little boy."

I took her nipple between my lips and pressed against her warmth. I smelled her. She stroked my hair and kissed the top of my head. Her arms were warm and tender. I made a small sigh of peace and gratitude. Heather helped me feel very safe.

"Good boy," my love murmured. "I am SO proud of you. You are mine, and I always will love you and be here for you."

My penis was sticking out of the top of my sissy little diaper, and I now was sucking for all I was worth and giving Heather's nipples little nibbles with my teeth. I knew she was as excited and filled with joy as I. I knew I was pleasing her by my obedience and worship in front of her friend.

She bent her head next to mine and whispered, "Check out Debbie." Moving back from her breast, I glanced at the pretty girl watching us and saw a look of combined tenderness and lust in her eyes, which were teary. Staring at us, Debbie had her hand in her unfastened jeans and was masturbating.

"Eat me, little sissy" my wife commanded aloud, and I slipped down to the floor as she spread her long legs and unbottoned and unzipped her jeans. I drew them down and off her and did the same with her soaked panties. I kissed their crotch as she nodded her approval, and I spoke--"I love you, Mistress' panties."

Heather drew me forward so that I could kiss her lovely hairless pussy, and I planted kiss after kiss from her navel to her thighs. Lifting her legs, she placed them on either side of my head and crossed her ankles behind my head.

I revelled in the girl-smell and taste of this woman whom I loved so much and trusted so absolutely. I licked the length of her warm, wet entrance and then probed within with my tongue. I could feel the thrust of her center against me and hear her moans of pleasure. Her hands stroked my hair and skin, encouraging me on.

Soon I was lapping and kissing and sucking her rigid little clit, and she began bucking and crying. "Yes! Yes! Yes! Don't stop, don't, don't, don't."

In the midst of my own world of worship of Heather, I became aware of a shift of weight on the couch and the smell of musk. Debbie had joined us.

I returned to full focus on pleasing Heather, and she began the high-pitched keening which signaled her orgasming. Her muscles went rigid, and she grabbed my hair in her fists and held me in place as she mashed her pussy against my face.

With a sigh, finally she released me, and I slid back onto my heels, looking up towards her. She was grinning down at me with Debbie next to her with her face hidden against Heather's shoulder. Their arms were about one another, and Heather had removed her blouse. Her pretty breasts hung pertly from her slimness, and her nipples stuck out. I felt sure that Debbie had had something to do with that.

Debbie's jeans were unbuttoned, but otherwise her clothing was in place. My wife spoke to her after winking at me. "Don't be shy, Deb. My little sissy isn't shocked."

Slowly, Debbie lifted her head. Her hair was mussed, and her face was flushed. She had a shy smile but seemed uncertain about the whole situation.

My naked wife pulled one bare foot up on the edge of the couch and told Debbie, "Hey, get relaxed, Debs. Kick you shoes off." She looked at me, "You want her to take her shoes off, don't you sissy?"

"Oh, YES, Mistress!" My sincerity was obvious, but I wasn't sure Debbie understood why.

"Perhaps you should show her why you like girls not to wear shoes, hmmmmmmm?"

"Yes, Mistress." I was trembling with ignorance. I wanted Debbie to watch!

Heather crooked her finger at me and then pointed at her lovely bare foot. I crawled forward.

"Beg, little slut!" came the command as Debbie watched wide-eyed.

--to be continued--

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Chapter 1 Debbie was wearing a skirt, chapter 2 she is wearing jeans...

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