tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYes, Sergeant Major Ch. 02

Yes, Sergeant Major Ch. 02


Commander's Orderly (C.O.) is a constant headache for freshman cadets; other than morning calls, it is our only duty. The day after one has duty as a morning caller, one must attend C.O. and represent their company.

C.O. is a competition between every company's second platoon, from which points towards platoon of the semester/year can be gained. C.O. begins with a uniform inspection, which knocks out all but three contestants. The remaining three are then subjected to a test of general knowledge; this contains a mix of rookie knowledge (names, dates, leadership principles,) and current event knowledge. One last facet of C.O. (and that which brings us the most angst,) is that it is always administered by a battalion Command Sergeant Major (CSM).

I had gained quite a reputation among my peers as Lima Company's "C.O. secret weapon," and was always called on to stand in for a busy friend within the rookie platoon. It had been several weeks since my evening encounter with CSM Carol, but I had been constantly reminded of our 'special status.' Every time we passed ways, I would get this dreamy look on my face; she would recognize this, and flash a suggestive smile.

So it happened that one day, (about one month since our secret rendezvous,) I came to compete at C.O. on a beautiful cloudless Monday. Spring was well on its way, so much so that C.O. was to be held outside for the first time in months. As myself and about fifteen other freshmen formed up outside the main administration building, CSM Carol emerged, descending the steps with her usual command presence, dressed in her Class B uniform, a white blouse with epaulettes and a blue-grey skirt.

The uniform inspection began, and I stood by as she worked her way through the ranks. (Being Lima Company, I had to wait quite a while.) As I was not allowed to look to either side, I smelled CSM Carol coming before I saw her approach. She marched in front of me, and faced towards me.

"Good afternoon, Sergeant Major," I said, levelly but forcefully; it was proper to deliver the greeting of the day to the inspecting authority. She began the inspection, mumbling to the corporal behind her as she noticed discrepancies.

"...Loose thread on the collar...Belt could be shinier...Good shave though...Are those leathers, or patent-leather?"

"...just leathers, Sergeant Major.'

"Ok, stop swaying..." I was swaying slightly, feeling light headed from her scent.

"I apologize, Sergeant Major."

"Well, don't. Anyway, those leathers look shit hot. You're gonna check out Stiegel's shoes next time you see him, roger?"

"Yes, Sergeant Major," came the reply from the entire formation.

She moved on, and finished her uniform inspections. Walking halfway back up the steps, she consulted with her corporal, who pointed conspicuously to three spots on the clipboard. She came to attention, and sounded off.

"Charlie, Lima, and Cavalry, stand by! The rest of you, fall out!"

All but myself and the two others fell out of formation, and we made a one-row formation at the base of the steps. Standing almost shoulder-to-shoulder with the other superior recruits of the day gave me a rush, but it was unsolicited; I had begun to think I was the only recruit who still cared about winning C.O.

CSM Carol resumed her pacing, and began to ask questions; things that a good recruit should know.

"When was our class ring tradition started," she asked as she twisted the ring on her own hand.

I replied almost instantly: "1923, Sergeant Major."

"Correct. Flag precedence, from National down." Charlie's recruit answered, but was wrong; he had forgotten the Coast Guard flag. He would be in trouble tonight, living under the watch of a Coast Guard ROTC squad leader. I answered, including the one he had missed.

"Good, Stiegel," she said. "One more, and I'll give you the competition. Who was our second president, and, which battle is he famous for his essential role in?"

No one was willing to step up to the question, so I took it upon myself.

"President Truman Bishop Ransom, instrumental in the victory at Chapultepec."

"Again, correct. Well, seeing as how you completely dominated the knowledge portion..."

She said this, stepped back, and came to attention.

"Charlie, Cavalry: Fall out. Lima, you're the winner for today's C.O. competition. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you; rookie knowledge can earn your company some serious rewards. Lima, this has put you into the lead for Platoon of the Semester, now passing Delta and Charlie. Stiegel, stand by afterwards for a quick debrief."

I stood by as ordered, and CSM Carol led me into the admin building. I couldn't help but notice the sway of her hips as she walked, as if she was doing it on purpose. It was an attractive proposition, though: a superior NCO that went from professional to obscene in a matter of minutes. She led me into the Guard Shack, a small room where cadets on guard duty would pick up orders and sortie at 1630 every day. It was only 1220, so the room was dark and empty. She took me inside, shut and locked the door, and flipped on the single bare light bulb in the small, stark room. We stood there for a moment, until she broke the silence.

"Kneel down, Stiegel."

I dropped quickly, and looked up at her. She flashed a sly smirk, and said, "Stiegel, you look so cute down there, looking up imploringly at your Sergeant Major. Now get in here and give your superior some service."

She lifted up her Class B uniform skirt, revealing a white pair of panties. I moved in slowly, and she grabbed the back of my head, drawing me completely into her crotch. She put her skirt back down, and kept forcing my head into her. My face pushed into her panties, and I felt their softness, their silkiness, on my cheek. I licked at her with a flat tongue, going up the entirety of her engorged outer lips. I heard her moan, and push me in tighter. I reached up and pulled the panties to the side, and was greeted by her distinctive scent. I now knew for sure what I had suspected all along: CSM Carol's smell came from her wet pussy.

"That means, every time I passed you, you were wet," I said to myself, and was rewarded by a smack to the back of the head.

"Don't talk while you're down there," she said. "It feels...weird..."

I ignored her, and hummed loudly as I put my lips over her clit. She moaned rather loud, and held my head tight. I started to stick my tongue into her pussy, and began thrusting my tongue in and out quickly. She leaked her juices even more, and moaned louder. After a few minutes, I felt her start to spasm, and clamped my open mouth over her pussy for her orgasm. I drank in her juice as it flooded out, as she talked me through it.

"There you go, Stiegel... Drink your Sergeant Major's juice... You're such a good little recruit... Don't let go of my pussy..."

Her orgasm ended, and she pulled my head out from her skirt; she pulled me up to my feet, and laughed.

"Stiegel," she said, "you look so cute with it all over your face, but you look confused. I'll get it for you..."

As I'd hoped, she leaned in, and started licking her juices off of my face, peppered with little kisses. I waited, and kissed her back, giving her what remained of the juices in my mouth. We broke the kiss, and I asked her how she liked the taste of her own pussy.

"It's nice, Stiegel. But now, I want to taste you as well..."

She laid me down and straddled my legs, leaning down to almost touch my aching dick. I felt her hot breath tickle the head, and it began jumping at the feeling. She grabbed it around the base, and held it steady as she licked the head lightly. Her tongue flicked back and forth, and I felt like I could've come just then, but she stopped just in time to cut me off.

She cut me off completely, grasping around the base so tightly that nothing could pass. I was still cumming, but it couldn't escape, no matter how many times my cock muscles tried.

"Please let go, Sergeant Major," I asked in a low moan.

"What's the matter, Stiegel? Is something wrong?"

I couldn't think of a way to say it without sounding completely pathetic, so I just remained silent, biting my lower lip with the strain.

"Very well; then I'll continue."

She put the head into her mouth, and circled her tongue around and around, causing more pain than pleasure as I'd just climaxed only seconds before. As I gritted my teeth in pain, she only intensified her efforts, and looked up at me with a sadistic smile. A few seconds more, and the pain melted into a fantastic, aching sensation of pleasure I simply was not familiar with.

Her tongue stopped, and I felt my cock head throb against her mouth as it sat stagnant for a moment. She began sucking me in, so hard that she pulled her own head down onto my shaft with the force. Then, I felt a great relief as she released her fingers from around the base of my shaft. I felt my cum from a few minutes prior begin to travel up my length, being literally sucked out by her expert technique. The thick globs felt amazing passing through into her mouth, and she released me to swallow the whole payload at once.

I sighed in relief, but was cut off as her hand latched back onto my cock.

"Sergeant Major, what's this?"

"Idiot, I've gotta make sure there's no cum left in there; there could be some backed up from the last load, and that would hurt later on. Besides, you're still hard, aren't you?"

I couldn't deny that. All I could do was lay back and take it as CSM Carol stroked my cock, now slippery from her mouth's services. Luckily for me, she was very quick, almost businesslike; with no teasing, she brought me to orgasm and drank down the semen without a word.

"Sergeant Major, you don't have to--"

She finished swallowing, and wiped her mouth with the back of her free hand.

"Hey, I don't 'have to' do any of this! It's because I want to, so sit the fuck back and enjoy it!"

I was taken aback, but she enveloped my head in her mouth again and kept sucking out the last remains of my orgasm. I got the impression that I had just gotten between a dog and its food dish, and been snapped at.

"Talk about biting the hand that feeds you," I mumbled to myself as she sucked away contentedly.

A few minutes later and we were getting dressed, preparing to leave the guard shack and return to our normal lives when she suddenly grabbed me by the shoulder and turned me to face her. She was already fully dressed, and held something at arm's length for me to take. It was a small, unremarkable white paper bag; she dropped it into my hand and turned her back again.

"There's some keys in there; one will get you into my building after they lock it up for the night, the other will let you into my room. Meet me there tomorrow night at 0000. There's also a piece of paper in there, some instructions. Make sure you follow them, because I will know if you haven't."

"Understood, S--"

"Shut the fuck up with all that, Stiegel!"

"Got it."

And so she left the guard shack about two minutes before me, and disappeared into the crowds outside on the parade ground walkways. I exited once fully dressed, and hurried back to my room. In the relative safety there, I felt safe in opening the bag, and emptied it onto my desk. There were two keys, a pair of panties, and a piece of notebook paper. I unfolded the paper, and read CSM Carol's handwritten note to myself.

"Stiegel: I'm sure you're as satisfied as I am with our activities thus far, (especially if you did as well as I expect in the guard shack today,) and are itching for more. Let me assure you that the feeling is mutual. Every time we pass each other, I can't help but think of what we've already done, what we can still do. Keeping with that, I'd like to progress to more frequent, even regular meetings, and move on to more serious fare that we haven't touched yet. But, to do so, I need to test your resolve, your loyalty, and your honor. That being the case, I've decided to lay down some rules for you to follow until next we meet. Adhere to these rules verbatim or there will be serious consequences. Rule 1: No Masturbating. We'll see each other often enough to satisfy you, and I want you at full strength and brimming with cum every time. Rule 2: Every night, fall asleep while sniffing these panties I've included. I want you totally devoted to me in all aspects, and I know how much you love the smell of my pussy. Rule 3: Follow my orders. I know you already do this (very very well,) but I need you to give everything to carrying out my instructions. I know you are capable of this, just do it. As I said before, meet me tomorrow at 0000 in my room. --CSM Carol, 1 BN Staff, NUCC"

I folded the note up, and laid it in the bottom of my academic desk drawer, piling some other schoolwork and supplies on top of it. Taking the panties in hand, I rubbed my fingers through their smoothness, taking in the feeling. Her smell was all over them, and I put my nose to the crotch to find an overwhelming presence. That night, once the cadre had put us to bed, I removed the panties from the safety of my academic drawer (the one place cadre did not inspect in a recruit room,) and fell asleep while breathing in CSM Carol's sweet aroma.

Late in the night, I walked the parade ground with a purpose. Far be it from any recruit to be out after lights out, even for academic reasons; ranging afar at midnight was another matter altogether. Certainly I could explain myself as being on official Corps business, but how could I bring myself to say that I was en route to a meeting with my battalion CSM? Probably not a smart decision to mention her, though that left me without a justification for my nocturnal journey.

Luckily, the parade ground was silent and unoccupied, and I made it into Patterson Hall undiscovered. A flight of steps down and five paces forward, and I had arrived. Her door was unlocked, and I entered without knocking as the instructions had ordered. The room was pitch black, and I groped around for the light switch for a moment. Eventually finding it, the room was suddenly bathed in pale fluorescent light, and I was taken aback by what I saw.

CSM Carol was nowhere to be found, her bed lay empty and made quite neatly; on the floor squirmed what could only be described as a silken body bag, dark red and shaking violently. I took hold of the zipper, and pulled it down the length of the bag; its contents rolled out onto the floor, now breathing heavy sighs of relief. Though I hardly recognized her in such a state, it was indeed CSM Carol; she lay on the floor in only a pair of white panties, bound at the hands and feet, blindfolded and gagged, and quite sweaty.

Tied around her arm, I saw a piece of paper, not unlike the one containing my instructions that brought me to her room. I removed it, and read it as she shook with a hint of uncertainty I had never seen before. It was hand written, in the same style her last note had been; I was convinced it was genuine as I read the note aloud.

"RCT 'S': I suppose you've followed instructions very well up to this point, but now comes your true test of resolve. Surely you've noticed that I'm in a very compromising position at this time, and you are in control. This feeling you're probably getting right now, that is what it is to have power over another. I only hope that you'll be a good leader, and do what's right. --CSM Carol"

I took another look at her, seeing her pitiable state. She looked concerned, still unsure how I would react to this situation. I turned around and locked the door, then took a seat in her desk chair, rereading her note while stealing glances at her. I waited a moment, then knelt down alongside her, and leaned down to her ear. I whispered quietly, to not give away my voice.

"Who's recruit 'S," Sergeant Major? That sounds like fraternization to me... But then, you like that sort of relationship, don't you? Makes it more interesting..."

I reached down behind her back, and ran a finger up and down the slit of her panties visible between her thighs. After a moment, it started to moisten from within with her natural juices, and that familiar smell filled the air. I asked her a question which made her cry out in vain through her gag.

"What's his name, Sergeant Major? Who's the lucky little recruit?"

She could only utter wordless moans.

"If I take this out, you'll tell me, won't you?"

She nodded as best she could, dragging her cheek against the cold tile floor. I unhooked the strap that ran around the back of her head, and the hard plastic ball clattered to the ground, followed by strands of saliva as she panted warm, shallow breaths. I repeated my question, but she merely gritted her teeth. Through her wide blindfold, I could see her furrow her brow with effort as she resisted. I could see her resolve quivering, and ceased my motions over her panties. She gasped, her tongue lolling out slightly, perhaps exhausted from straining against her gag for so long.

"I'm not gonna report you; I'm just curious. Who is he?"

She kept her silence.

"I'd advise you to say something, or they may find you out on the parade ground at morning formation. Only a few more hours until reveille, Sergeant Major..."

She bit her lip for a few more seconds, and I grew desperate. I began stroking her again, and she spoke.

"Carol, Cadet Command Sergeant Major, First Battalion, Norwich University Corps of Cadets... ID Number A00453729..."

I dug my fingers in further, starting to really enjoy the dominance I'd been allowed.

"Not what I'm after. Don't make me do anything worse down here..."

I pulled her panties aside, and took a face full of her intoxicating scent. Her pussy was leaking out its juices and I stuck two fingers in easily. She moaned aloud, and I smirked to myself, raising my voice to an uncharacteristic growl.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you, Sergeant Major? Such a professional cadet..."

"Carol, Cadet Command Sergeant Major, First Battalion, Norwich University Corps of Cadets... ID Number A00453729..."

"That's some serious self-control, Sergeant Major. I think you deserve a reward for this."

I dug my fingers in deeper, and thrust in and out violently; the room filled with her aroma and wet slapping sounds as my palm hit her moistening thighs again and again. She moaned deep, and her breaths shortened as I proceeded unrelentingly into her wet canal. Her moans slowly became grunts, then whimpers as she grew closer and closer to that inevitable peak, and after a moment or so, bit her lip and shook all through her body as her inner muscles clenched down on my fingers and a torrent escaped her body. I did my best to keep working my fingers back and forth, and was rewarded by something I would never have expected of such a powerful cadet. As her orgasm began to subside, her moans and whimpers became a single wail, which faded into a moan as I felt an unfamiliar muscle within her body relax, and a second stream tickle my palm. I pulled out my fingers, and looked down as she lay there on the tile floor, a clear, steady mix of love juices and urine trickling down her thighs and forming a pool around her lower half. I had never expected such a thing out of her, nor had I ever thought of a girl wetting herself as erotic, but I couldn't stop myself from marveling at my Battalion Command Sergeant Major in such a compromising position.

I reached down, and removed the blindfold from her sweating, panting face, revealing her teary, shining eyes; her pupils were wide from the darkness, and it was a beautiful sight to see her eyes widen further as she realized who had put her through such an ordeal. She struggled to form words while still gasping for breath.

"Stiegel, it's...it's been you this whole time?"

"That's right, Sergeant Major."

She sobered form her shocks quickly, and took on a stern face.

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