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Oh my god, Becky, you would not believe how crazy yesterday was. I mean, seriously. It was the weirdest fucking day of my life. You remember how crazy it was when Lucas dropped acid in class and we had to stop him from going up and asking the professor if she knew she had a koala on her back? Yeah, it was weirder than that.

No, it started after classes. You know how you asked yesterday morning if we could hang out at the mall after school, and I told you that I couldn't because Casey had called in sick, and Mister Hunt had absolutely begged me to cover for her afternoon shift? Right, so I go in to work yesterday, and the store is just about dead. And I'm thinking, "Well, why did I have to come in to cover for Casey if everything's so quiet," because there are already four other people scheduled that day--Mister Hunt, Marco, Anne and Trudy--and if it stays this dead, we're going to be crawling the freaking walls. And then who do I see?

Casey! Freaking Casey! And okay, this is where it starts getting seriously freaking weird. Because I see Casey, and I'm like, "What the hell is she doing here?" And then like almost at the same time, I'm like, "Where the fuck is her shirt?" Because she's not just wandering around the store like she's a customer instead of someone who should be working instead of making me cover her shift, she's wandering around freaking topless.

No, I am not shitting you. She had nothing on above the waist. No shirt, no bra, no nothing. Totally topless. And here's the really freaking weird part. The even weirder part, I mean. Her tits were huge! I mean, you remember Casey, right, from that time you came to drop off my purse after I left it in Professor Cowert's lab? She just had these little freaking bee stings, and now she's wandering down the aisles with boobs the size of cantaloupes. I mean, we're talking porn star tits, here. Massive, jiggly...they were even perky! She had boobs to kill for.

No, that was what I thought for a second, too, but they didn't look fake. I mean, you know, if she really called in sick so that she could get a boob job and then came in to take off her shirt and show everyone how it looked, and oh my god it tells you so much about how yesterday went that this was the least crazy possibility running through my head...no, if she really did that, you'd expect to see scars or something. Or at least they'd be stiff. But they jiggled like real tits, and they were huge.

And then she looked over at me, and I'm like, "Oh my god, she is going to get so fired!" Because her eyes were all wide and kind of glassy, and she had this big, dreamy smile on her face like the whole world was one big happy. She looked so totally stoned, Bex. And I'm thinking, she must have taken something, like ecstasy or oxycontin or something, and come in to work stoned off her ass. And unless the same doctor who gave her the instant ginormous tits also prescribed it for her, Mister Hunt is shit-canning her ass so fast her head will spin.

And this is all super weird too, by the way, because Casey is totally straight edge. She's nice about it, you know, she won't get all up in your grill just because you mention you're going out to a bar after work or anything, but she doesn't even drink pop because of the caffeine. So my brain is doing flip-flops just adjusting to the idea of Casey as a drugged-out topless sex bomb, let alone one who's wandering around the store like that. So yeah, it's weird that it's happening, but it's even weirder than weirder than weird that it's Casey.

And she looked at me, like I said, and her smile got even wider, and she said, "Joy! It is so wonderful to see you, sister." I know, but I swear I'm not making any of this up! She didn't say it like, you know, "sistah," she said it like...like, remember in Sociology when Professor Billings was talking about religious movements, how a lot of religious sects call each other brother and sister? Yeah, she said it like that.

Then she headed over to me, and oh boy, her tits were bouncing up and down like Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. Only, you know, even more, because she was braless. I was seriously worried about back strain or something, but she said it would never happen because--no, sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. The point is, she just about ran over to me, and she said, "I have something wonderful to show you, Joy."

And my mouth is waaaaay out in front of my brain at this point, and I say, "I can see it already, Casey." Because the way those boobs were sticking out, you really could not look away. I mean, they were front and center, you know? Oh, hush. If you were there, you'd have looked too. 'Perv dyke' my ass.

But Casey smiled, and she said, "I was like you once, Joy. I saw, but I didn't really understand. But the Sisterhood showed me the true way. They showed me the beauty of the female form, the power of the Goddess Sappho. And now the Goddess has decreed that it is time to open the minds of all to the glory of her love! No longer will she be a secret cherished by the sacred few. It is time for all to embrace the Goddess Sappho!"

I know, I said the exact same thing! I was like, "Sappho was a poet, not a goddess." But she just gave me another one of those big dreamy smiles, and explained that she became a goddess after she died. And I actually kinda had a hard time arguing with that one, because that's totally a thing out of Greek mythology, like with Hercules. And, of course, the whole thing made no sense and it wasn't really worth arguing about, especially not with someone who was tripping out of their minds on God knew what. You know?

So I was just like, "OK, Joy, smile and nod," and I said, "Oh, that's nice, good luck with the whole 'embracing the Goddess' thing," and I kind of started to walk away to look for Mister Hunt--and then she started to fondle her tits, right there in the store!

Seriously, she's just standing there, groping herself, and she's moaning about how good "womanflesh" feels...and yes, that's actually what she called it. Womanflesh. The whole thing was like a huge trainwreck. I just could not look away.

And then I realized that she was actually talking to me. I mean, like, not just talking about how much she liked her boobs, but actually telling me how good her tits feel, and how much I'd love to run my hands over them, and how soft they were, and I was like, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, I think we might have gotten some mixed signals here or something. I mean, you're nice and all, but--"

And she just looked at me and said, "It's alright. I felt the same way at first. Then Sappho's power sank into my mind and turned my thoughts towards pleasure. Towards arousal. Towards need." And every time she finished a sentence, she took this big, heaving breath, and it almost looked like her tits were getting a little bit bigger with every word or something. I know! She was totally coming on to me!

And I was like, "OK, Joy, it is really time to check out here," and I tore my eyes away from the weirdness and went to find Mister Hunt. I told Casey that I really needed to get to work or I'd be in trouble, but I think she knew from the way I was blushing that it wasn't just that. But she just kind of gave me this little coy smile, and told me she'd be waiting for me when I was ready. And oh, yeah. That was creepy.

So I went to find Mister Hunt and tell him that he should call the cops and have them haul Casey away, but he wasn't in his office. Instead, I find four customers...all women...all naked...having a freaking orgy on the floor! Yeah, you know what? I didn't stick around to find out. I just opened the door, said, "Excuse me!" and closed it again. Honestly, I don't even think they noticed me. They were, um, pretty into each other. With three fingers, in one case.

And so now, I'm officially freaked out, here. I'm thinking there's something in the water, or maybe I'm being punked by the Spice Channel, or I dropped something before work and didn't realize it, but it is time to find my boss and hand the whole mess off to him. So I started looking. But not anywhere near where Casey was. She was still over in women's clothing, playing with her nipples and moaning loud enough that I could hear it in sleepwear.

I finally found Marco, and I could not fucking believe it. He was folding merchandise! No, you don't understand. This was fucking Marco we're talking about here. Honestly, on balance, I'd say that Marco actually doing work around the store was even weirder than Casey getting stoned and having her tits embiggened. I don't know, but every time I complain, they just say that we shouldn't be running to management all the time whenever we have a problem with an employee. I'm like, hello, what the fuck are you here for, then?

But anyway. Marco. He was actually folding clothes and putting them back, and Mister Hunt wasn't even watching. No, I never did find Mister Hunt. I guess he was probably helping out in another department or something. All the men in the store, even the customers, were being really helpful like that. Yeah, I found customers. Just hang on, I'm talking about Marco.

So right, I asked Marco what was up with him suddenly being Mister Dedication, and he gets this smile on his face just like Casey's. And he says, "I understand now. This is what I am meant for. I never understood just how good it can feel to serve the feminine ideal, but..." And he shivered. I mean, he shivered like he'd gotten a hot flash or something. "Now the Goddess Sappho has shown me her truth. I will serve in all ways. Only then will I feel the bliss of her will."

Yeah, totally fucking creepy. Oh, and he had a hard-on, too. Big, huge boner under his pants, complete with a little wet spot where his dick was leaking through. Just from folding clothes. God alone knew what happened when he Z'ed out the cash register, probably had an orgasm or something.

But I didn't stick around to talk after that. I just kept looking for Mister Hunt or Anne or Trudy or someone not crazy, but everyone I found was like that. All the guys were doing the work in the store like it was better than sex, and the women...Jesus, Becky. I never knew there were so many places to sneak off and have sex in that store until yesterday. I didn't find Anne or Trudy, but every female customer we had in the place had found somewhere quiet to go and fuck each other. In twos, threes, fours...they were energetic, they were inventive, they were kinky, and they were going at it like bunnies. I didn't even know you could do shit like that with a scrunchie. No, don't ask. Let's just say that I wouldn't have been able to stay in that position without help either.

And by this point, I was blushing all the way down to my toes, and I'd gotten something like six invitations to join in, and I could not find Mister Hunt anywhere. I decided it was time to just get the fuck out of Dodge. I called his office with my cell and left a little "Oh, sorry, couldn't make it in" message on my way out...but by this time, I was pretty convinced it didn't matter. Mister Hunt was probably happy to fake a time card for anything with a double-X chromosome, you know?

But of course, the exit is through women's clothing. Specifically, through Casey. And when I walked back that way, she gave me another one of those come-fuck-me smiles, and said, "Been thinking about what I said, hmm?"

And I mean, I had, because she'd said that she was showing everyone the way of the Goddess Sappho, and now here are all the guys being thrilled to just think nice thoughts and whack off, and all the women banging each other. It doesn't take a rocket surgeon, you know? So I was like, "What did you do to them?"

And she ran her hands over her tits again, and said, "It's the power of the Goddess. She concentrates it within our breasts, so that they are beacons to the minds of the uninitiated. The more they look, the more they cannot look away. The perfect beauty of the female breast saturates their mind, their thoughts, their will, filling them with arousal and lust...and then that need becomes worship, and that worship flows back into the servants of the Goddess, making us even more sensual, more seductive. My breasts become more mesmerizing with each convert, Joy. Even now, you are feeding their power with your own surrender."

And I was like, "My what?" But I had to admit, I'd been looking at her tits the whole time she was talking. I mean, when she said it, I kind of was able to look up because she was pointing it out to me, but it was a lot easier to look away than it was to keep looking away. I'd be like, "Got to stop looking at her tits, got to stop looking at her tits..." and then I'd realize I was looking at her tits again.

No, this wasn't 'power of suggestion', Becky! The power of suggestion does not turn someone from an A-cup into an F-cup overnight! When people looked at her tits, they got bigger. I know how it sounds, but it's one hundred percent true. I don't know, I guess until they're, like, the best tits ever or something. I mean, I don't think they get so big that they're disgusting, because that would kind of defeat the purpose. But they never sag or droop or anything, either once they get to the right size.

And I realized my hands were kind of twitching, like there was something I wanted to do, but I was forgetting what. And then I realized I hadn't even really been listening to Casey for about a minute. I'd just been standing there, thinking, "Tiiiiiiits," like some kind of sex zombie, and she'd been talking and I'd totally tuned out. But I kind of remembered. She was talking about how the men would just see her boobs and become all blissed-out and submissive, and happy to do whatever women wanted. But for women, it was different. They'd see her breasts and want to touch them and fondle them and stroke them, and from there it'd just be a few minutes until they couldn't stand it anymore and they became full-on lesbian sluts. Then they'd give in and become servants of the Goddess.

Yeah, that's what my hands wanted to do. They wanted to see how Casey's boobs felt. But I knew if I did that, it would be pretty much it. No going back, instant rug-muncher, just add pussy. And I mean, by then, thinking about that was getting my panties all sticky, but I wasn't quite ready to go lez just yet. I knew I needed to get away from those tits, just for a minute or two, so I slipped into one of the changing booths. No, I don't know why I didn't just leave. I wasn't thinking straight, okay? I'm pretty impressed I was able to make it to the changing booth.

But oh, wow, did that turn out to be a mistake. Because that was where I finally bumped into Anne and Trudy, and "bumped into" was not just a figure of speech. I was in such a hurry to get away from Casey that I closed the door before I realized why it felt so cramped. The two of them were in there jilling each other off with both hands, and the only reason I didn't hear them moaning was because they were frenching each other and it muffled the sound.

And they stopped and looked at me, and I could see it in their eyes. They were already so totally gone. They were Sisters of Sappho big time. And Trudy smiled at me, and she took one of her hands away from Anne's clit and licked it off, slow and sexy, and ran it down over her nipples. They hadn't grown at all, but they started out pretty big to begin with. And she said, "Room for one more, sweetie..."

And my eyes just sort of drifted down to her tits, and I swear to God--I swear to fucking God--they got bigger as I watched. They actually swelled up like water balloons, right in front of my eyes, and it was so hot to watch, and I knew that the hotter I got watching it the bigger they'd get, and the bigger they got the hornier I'd get, and pretty soon I wouldn't be able to stop myself, I'd just have to join in. My skin felt like I was on fire, I was so turned on.

But I made it back out of there. I closed my eyes tight shut, whimpered out a "Sorry!" and burst right back out again...right out of the frying pan into the fire. Before I could even get my eyes open, I bumped into Casey, and just feeling her breasts smoosh against my body made my pussy cream up like I was watching porn. My eyes popped open again, and they just zeroed right in on Casey's huge tits and wouldn't move.

I tried to think of something else, anything else. I tried to think about school, work, mom and dad, old song lyrics, but none of it worked. It didn't matter what the mental image was--it could have been half-naked exploding porpoises for all it helped! Every thought just led right back to Casey's hot, huge, suckable, lickable, lusciously gorgeous breasts.

Casey just stood there watching me for a while. She knew there was no hurry. I was already too far gone to get away. She just had to wait while her magic boobs did their work. After about five minutes, when my hands were shaking like a junkie who needed a fix, she whispered, "Joy...it's alright to touch."

They were so smooth, Becky. They felt like silk under my fingers, soft and warm and I just had to feel them all over. I had to. I ran my fingers down to the nipples, felt the way they were so hard and tight and firm and felt so good when I flicked them with my thumbs. I never realized until that moment how perfect a woman's body felt, but it made total sense to me all of a sudden. My mouth was watering, and as soon as I thought about licking her breasts, it was happening. I couldn't stop myself even for a second.

And that was only the start. Once I realized how good her body tasted, I had to keep licking. I kissed my way down her belly, pulled up her skirt, and absolutely buried my face between her thighs. I felt her legs go all rubbery from the pleasure, and it felt so good to know that she was literally riding my face with her pussy.

And then Anne and Trudy were behind me, fingering me, licking me, and I couldn't see anything but Casey's skirt and her pussy, but I didn't care. It all felt so fucking good. I didn't care anymore that I'd given in. It just felt too good to ever resist. I must have come about six fucking times before Casey finally pulled herself off of me.

When I finally did climb out from under her dress, I could actually see the difference that my surrender had made to her tits. They were even bigger, Becky. Even more perfect. Even more mesmerizing. I felt kind of inadequate compared to her, you know? But even though I've got a lot of catching up to do, I think my breasts are more than up to the job. They're so soft. So sensual. So beautiful.

Becky...it's alright to touch.


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