tagLoving WivesYesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


I was a kid. I was just a damn kid of nineteen out with his friends when I met Wendy. We were all at a buddy's house whose parents were conveniently gone for the weekend. The beer and wine flowed and that night I met the love of my life.

Wendy had just turned eighteen and a senior in high school and looked it. Young, pretty with her long straight brown hair and beautiful big brown eyes that seemed to follow you no matter where went in the room. I waited for her glass to go empty before making my move.

"Get you a refill?" I asked with my best smile.

"Sure, wine not beer, though."

I brought back the whole bottle of wine and sat down next to her. We had a great time and no, I didn't get her drunk and jump her bones. I wanted to, but didn't; at least not that night. I didn't have a steady girl and I found out she'd broken up with her long-term boyfriend two months earlier.

"Well, looks like I'm in the right place at the right time," I said before realizing how dumb that actually sounded. But hell, like I said, I was a stupid kid whose hormones were now in overdrive. We exchanged numbers and before we parted I did get a kiss, no tongue but at least a kiss.

Wendy was fun, a bit moody at times, but still a lot of fun. We dated for about six weeks before I made any move on her. She wasn't a virgin, but told me straight out she wasn't a tramp either.

We had gone out with some friends and ended up back at my buddy's apartment. We were getting into it hot and heavy, on a chair in the dining room, when I went a little too far for her liking.

"Steve, there's people all around and they're looking at us," she said hiding behind me with her top opened. "If you want to go any further it's not going to happen here." We ended up parking on an isolated rode up by a lake near my house.

I grabbed a blanket out of my car and we had sex for the first time under the stars. We didn't make love; it was something like two teens rolling around on a blanket trying to act grown up. I did make sure she got off first, because once inside I wasn't going to last too long. It had been a long time since I'd been with anyone and was so worked up I was ready to burst at her first touch.

We did everything by feel because it was very dark and there wasn't much of a moon. There was no oral but a lot of kissing and finger play. Luckily I had a box of Kleenex in the car for cleanup. We fooled around once more that night before she said it was getting close to her curfew and had to get home before her father went nuts.

"Steve, my father is kind of protective, and if I'm late it will be a cold day in hell before he'll let me go out with you again." I broke a few speed limits but I made damn sure I got her home on time. We were having the time of our lives when it happened.

I was working for a construction company just outside of town when Wendy surprised me at lunch.

"Hey babes," I said kissing her before I realized something was wrong.

"Steve, I'm late this month," is how she blurted it out. "I'm about three weeks late and I might be pregnant," she said starting to cry.

She cried as I held her and I even felt like crying myself. There was no way she could be pregnant; we were always so careful.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Steve, I think I'd know if I got my period, it's not something you can over look. I don't want to go to a doctor because it'll get back to my parents so I bought a home pregnancy test on my way over here. I'll know for sure this afternoon."

She left and I went back to work but it was the longest afternoon of my life.

"Steve, it was positive. What are we going to do?" I didn't have an immediate answer but I knew who to talk to.

"Mom, we've got a problem," I said as Wendy and I sat in the dining room the following day. "Wendy's pregnant."

"Oh my. Are you sure, dear?" Wendy nodded yes. "You two didn't use any protection?"

"We did mom, I don't know how it happened."

"Well I guess it doesn't make any difference how, but you two need to decide what you're going to do. Wendy. I know your parents aren't going to be very happy and Steve, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes when your father gets home. However, it needs to be addressed because it's not going away, at least not for another, what seven months?"

I, or should I say we hit my dad when he got home that night. After hearing the word stupid a couple of dozen times he cooled down enough so I could talk to him.

"Son, I hope you're going to do the right thing by her?" he asked me.

"Dad, I haven't decided anything yet."

"Steve, there's nothing to decide. You two will get married and become almost instant parents. Wendy, I know your parents aren't going to want to hear anything about getting rid of it so you don't have much choice. At least you'll be able to graduate before you gives birth. Your parents know yet?" I told him no. He took out his cell phone and my life, as I knew it ended. "Hank, Don here. We need a little meeting with you and Mary, now if you've got the time. Ok, we'll see you in twenty minutes." We drove in separate cars. Wendy cried and I tried to make her feel better.

Wendy's dad used a lot stronger words than stupid when he addressed us, especially me. I thought for a moment he was going to hit me with his clenched his fists, but his wife kept him in check.

"Hank, I've told them I think it would be best for them to get married immediately," my dad told everyone.

"Hell yes, he's going to marry her. He'd not going to knock up my daughter and just walk away," he shouted looking right at me. "And the sooner the better."

At this point it was out of our hands. They never asked us if we wanted to get married, what type of wedding we wanted or where we wanted to live; the four of them made all those decisions, without any input from either Wendy or myself. I liked Wendy a lot, but I wasn't sure if I loved her. Guess it was a little late for that now.

Our wedding was planned in less than three weeks. It was to be kept small and we could invite only a few of our closest friends. Neither one of our families were very large so we had the ceremony at her parents' house and the reception at mine. Hell, I was just nineteen and wasn't even old enough to drink but my dad slipped us a couple of bottles of champagne and wine anyway. We spent our wedding night in a room at the Hilton Hotel, not even the bridal suite.

We hadn't had sex in weeks and I was looking forward to having a staple diet of it from now on. There was no white wedding dress but I did carry Wendy over the threshold. We both laughed when I stumbled and almost dropped her. We put our stuff away and opened one of the bottles of champagne; it was awful.

"Isn't champagne supposed to be good? This stuff tastes like crap," she said downing the glass anyway and pouring another. I opened up one of the other bottles of white zinfandel that we also had.

"I think you'll find this more to your liking," I said handing her a glass. We drank that bottle and half of another before getting ready for bed.

We took a shower together. Neither one of us had seen the other totally naked in the light, and when she stepped into the shower I was more than satisfied.

"You're beautiful Wendy," I said kissing her. She however couldn't take her eyes off my now hard dick.

"Steve, are you about normal? You're only the second person I've been to bed with and my ex-boyfriend was a lot smaller."

"Honey, I guess I'm about normal but it's not the size it's what you do with it." I said asking myself where I'd heard that stupid phrase I'd just dumped on her.

We soaped up one another and for once we didn't have to worry about anyone bothering us or getting caught, we were legal. When I slipped in one finger she stiffened and told me she wasn't going to do it in a damn shower on her wedding night when there was a perfectly good bed in the other room. With a towel around her, she ran for the bed throwing the towel at me when I got close enough.

We made love for the first time that night and it was wonderful. We no longer had to worry about a condom and that in itself was an improvement. We'd done oral a little bit but neither one of us had any real experience so the first time I just got her wet, played with her clit until she was more than ready before slipping in. When I started slamming her she told me to go easy.

"Steve, we've got all night you don't have to hurry. I just want to feel my husband inside of me flesh to flesh for the first time." So we kissed and tenderly made love until we both climaxed. I don't know if it was love I was feeling, but it was something special.

We took three more showers that first night as we started getting a little bolder. When I went down on her, she promised that the next time she would at least trim it up since I kept pulling hair out of my mouth. She became real vocal when I licked and sucked her clit until she came but also wanted to know how she tasted. I went up, kissed her and slipped my tongue in her mouth.

"You know what, I expected something different. I don't know exactly what, only something different."

It was my turn now as Wendy started to give me a blowjob. I gave her pointers until I finally told her to pretend her mouth was a super tight pussy. After that she tip she did a hell of a lot better but told me no way she was going to swallow.

"I may let you do it in my mouth but I'm going to spit it out," and that's exactly what she did. "My ex tasted like a rusty pipe but yours is a lot different. I can't say tastier only different." She tried to shove her tongue down my throat afterwards but I fought that one. "Steve, what's good for the goose is good for the gander; remember that the next time you kiss me after going down on me."

We spent two days getting to know one another and not only sexually. I guess there were a million things we didn't know about one another and we both started learning what made each one of us tick. We moved into a tiny apartment that our parents furnished and life went back to normal, what ever that was. The only big change was that Wendy and I were a we instead of a you and me.

Wendy started to show about the fifth month. Everyone had already figured out why we got married so it wasn't a huge surprise. The biggest change is that Wendy was no longer your typical teenager. She found socials, dances and pep rallies awkward but I told her to go anyway. We got into our first tiff when she didn't want to go to her senior prom because she was now showing a lot.

"Babes, you're going to regret not going. It's your final dance and I'd be honored to escort you, prom dress and all."

"Steve, I'll feel like a whale in a huge sack cloth. Everyone will be staring at us and feeling sorry for me."

"Honey, everyone will be jealous that you have something already that they may never have; a husband who loves you to death and the makings of a beautiful baby that will soon be here." It appeased her a little, but she still refused to go.

Wendy graduated and was as big as a house in her gown. Two weeks later she gave birth to a five and a half pound baby girl she named Anna Marie after her grandma. We were now a family but life was by no means easy.

"I'm tired of being stuck in the house while you're out every day," Wendy yelled at me. "I'm taking care of our baby but I'm bored silly."

"I got my mom to watch Anna and I took Wendy out to dinner and a movie the following weekend but that didn't satisfy her.

"Steve, I'm going with Carol to a concert next Saturday. You can watch Anna if you don't mind."

"No problem babes, go have fun and I'll see you when you get back." Back being the key word because she didn't return home until way after two o'clock in the morning and was high as a kite. She was in no condition to talk to so I let it slide until Sunday.

"Steve, I know you're mad but it wasn't my fault. We met up with a group from school and Carol was in no condition to drive home."

"And you were?" I questioned her.

"I wasn't nearly as bad as her, and her roommate gave me a ride home. I guess we drank too much."

"Wendy, it wasn't booze that you were doing, I could smell the grass on you."

"I got carded so I couldn't get anything to drink but a few of the guys had some weed so I just had a joint or two."

"Or three or four? One or two joints doesn't do that to you unless you were doing hash also."

"Steve, I guess I don't know exactly what I was doing but I'm sorry, and it won't happen again." We had a great makeup session that afternoon while Anna slept.

Run-ins became the norm rather than the exception. She blamed me for her being cooped up all the time and that if I hadn't knocked her up she would be in college with her friends. One minute we'd be lovie dovie and the next she'd let me have it. I knew she was frustrated but I didn't need a Linda Blair twisting her head around three hundred and sixty degrees when things didn't go her way.

"Hon, go to night school. I get home by five thirty and there's plenty of time for you to go." I don't think she wasn't really interested in going, only bitching about it. She did however love Anna to death that was certain; loving me that I wasn't so sure about.

We started growing apart. No matter what I did, it was never enough. We still made love, but lately it was more sex than lovemaking. I guess that was the one staple we both enjoyed in our marriage; we did it for each other in bed. It was two years, five months and three days after the day Anna was born that Wendy lowered the boom on me.

"Steve, I'm not happy and I want a divorce. There isn't anyone else and no I haven't been cheating on you; I just want out."

"Wendy, this is a joke right?" but it wasn't.

She didn't want to talk about it because all I'd do is try to change her mind. Well duh, what did she think I'd try to do. She said she was moving back home and that we could split up what little we had fifty-fifty.

"How about Anna?"

"Steve, she's still your daughter and you can see her whenever you want; that won't change." What did change was when her father took charge of the divorce.

I don't think he ever liked me because of what I did to his daughter so he tried to rake me over the coals. Whatever relationship I thought I still had with Wendy, he ruined. When I came over the following Saturday to see my daughter he refused to let me see her. When I put up a fuss, he called the cops on me. I fought it for a while but he hired a good lawyer and started putting the squeeze on me. After garnishing fifty percent of my wages, for initial child support, I got mad, quit my job and moved back home. Both of our names were on the lease so they not only went after me but Wendy also.

"Steve, they're saying I owe a month and a half of back rent, didn't you pay it?"

"Talk to your lawyer. I quit my job because your dad and lawyer were fucking me over and after he wouldn't let me see Anna I told him to fuck himself."

"My dad wouldn't do that. He would never keep you from Anna; you're her father."

"No shit, sweetheart, but that's what he did."

"You can come over now and see her if your interested." I told her I'd be there in ten minutes.

When I walked up the walk her father handed me a restraining order saying I wasn't allowed within one hundred yards of the house. I guess I lost it, sucker punched him knocking him flat out and walked into the house. Wendy got scared, started crying and hung onto Anna.

"You set me up you fucking bitch. I never knew you hated me this much. I gave you nothing but love and this is how you repay me. Fuck you and fuck your fucking family." She yelled that she didn't know anything about it but I was halfway out the door. I kicked her father in the balls on the way out for good measure and left.

I was surprised that no charges were ever filed. There was no way I was going back to work so her father could screw me over again. I decided to head to a place far away; I joined the Army. I said nothing about a wife and kid and within two weeks I was long gone. My father thought I was stupid but I couldn't sit around and wait for the next shoe to drop.

Compared to working for my last boss, boot camp was a breeze. I was surprised that so many recruits were in such bad shape. They had no endurance, and were weak as little girls when it came to upper body strength. At six feet I wasn't huge but was worth at least two of these wimps.

All right, I wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. I wasn't a grunt but didn't have brains enough to keep myself out of harms way. I didn't volunteer for Iraq but I didn't fight it either. One year after signing on the dotted line I was stepping out the door of the transport plane in Iraq. However, before I left, not knowing what I was in for, I made a few contingency plans.

"Dad, Anna is on my life insurance policy and I'll be sending home money just for her. Make sure that bitch Wendy or her asshole father doesn't get a dime and don't tell them where I'm at. I hope the two of them burn in fucking hell."

My dad chuckled a little and told me to tell him exactly how I felt. I knew my mom and Wendy's mother still talked and were close. She saw Anna a couple of times a week that way I did get a picture once in a while.

Why can't people learn to live with one another? It only took a month in country to figure out that this religious war was going to go on for the next hundred years. Everyone in our squad looked out for one another first and everyone else second. When a roadside bomb took out our hummer I dragged out two guys who were hurt. I had a few pieces of shrap metal but nothing serious. When we came under fire from an ambush I drove through a metal hut to get our asses out of there. Thank God, no one got hurt this time. When a boot lieutenant almost got us killed I told the Captain I was a heartbeat away from shooting the son of a bitch myself. I wanted to survive if for no other reason to see my daughter grow up.

I was in country ten months when I found out we'd be stuck there for another five more. I wrote my mom and she didn't take it too well. She did however say that Anna was doing well and that Wendy and her father had a real blow up and weren't talking any more. Be still my heart, they fucking deserved each other.

After the thirteenth month every thing seemed to settle down. We still took fire and the patrols still scared the shit out of us because we didn't know whom to trust. A week later we stumbled onto an enemy safe house. We went in the front door and walked into a wall of gunfire. We let loose with everything we had. Hell, there were women, children and old men right in the line of fire. I made my one and only bad decision of the last fourteen months. I knocked out a window and tossed three kids and two women out, but in the process I had turned my back to the open door. I heard a blast and felt a burning sensation in my waist area. I turned around firing full automatic. I hit one rag head and the other ducked out of the doorway. I took off through the door and ran into two guys from my squad. We were just lucky none of us shot one another. We cleared the house of whoever was left and found a cache of small arm and ammunition. Reinforcements including the bomb squad had arrived by the time we were out the door.

"Steve, do you know you're hit?"

I then felt that burning sensation again. I was hit just above the belt in a place where the two pieces of my flack jacket met. It had raised up just enough when I lifted the last woman out the window. I don't know if it was luck or unlucky; but I was alive. I was patched up and went home with my company two months later. Fifteen months was far too long in that god forsaken country, at least I wouldn't have to go back. I would go back home and two months later be discharged. I couldn't wait I'd had enough.

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