tagGay MaleYet Another Frat Initiation Story Ch. 05

Yet Another Frat Initiation Story Ch. 05


Part 5: Morning Activities

Long before my hungover mind wanted to, I heard an alarm go off in our room. The door sprang open and our six mentors came in with our morning instructions. We were all prohibited from taking a leak until each of us had given a semen sample. What the sample was for was not explained. We were given little cups to cum into and instructed to form a circle facing outward and jerk off into the cups while the upperclassmen watched.

Clearly, this was more humiliation and domination. But, I suspected, it wasn't all that different from the sorts of hazing that many fraternity pledges go through. I still thought that what we did the night before was very different from ordinary hazing. We stood naked in a circle between two of the beds and began stroking our cocks. I guess everyone had awoken with the morning woody because it didn't seem to take long before I could hear serious jerking sounds: furious pounding, grunts and moans. I heard some of the guys cum then, within seconds, I was shooting into my cup. Soon we had apparently all filled our cups.

The cups were neatly labeled by the upperclassmen, and then we were given Big Gulp cups and told to stay where we were to give a urine sample. This seemed even stranger, I guess, but we did as instructed as soon as we were able to piss. Soon, the upperclassmen were marking and measuring everyone's morning piss. They told us we could shower, get dressed and come down to breakfast in half an hour.

We looked around and found that our clothes had been taken sometime during the night. In their place were white karate suits. At least that's what they looked like. When we put them on after our showers, we found that the pants were quite loose and had a large fly that didn't close except by being drawn shut by the belt. I hadn't seen karate suits like these.

Once dressed, we went down for breakfast. We were the only ones eating, though the entire rest of the fraternity, consisting of about 30 guys, seemed to be there to serve us and watch us eat. And breakfast was really good. There were eggs with some sort of cream sauce, the biggest sausage links I'd ever seen, toast and orange juice. Everything tasted great, though the juice was a bit tart. The guys who were serving us and watching us seemed to exchange glances, but I ignored that as I dove in for seconds of everything—especially the eggs with the tangy cream sauce. I was really hungry. It wasn't until much later that I realized why the upperclassmen were so interested in watching us eat our breakfast and drink our juice. (You figure it out.)

The morning activities were announced. In fact, we received an agenda for the next few days. It was filled with very nondescript names like "Show and Tell", "Fraternity Service", etc.. This morning's activity was "Getting to Know Your Pledgemates".

I figured there was something cutesy in the names, and I was right. Later in the initiation process, it became a game to guess what we would really be doing under the heading in the agenda. But, at this point, none of us could have guessed the details of this morning's events.

In the basement there was an elaborate setup of curtains suspended by ropes. The arrangement made three booths, not unlike voting booths, but without any curtain for privacy. On the far side of each stall, was a curtain with a large hole in the middle. From its height (a little below waist height), I suspected I knew what the holes were for. We were led to different areas of the room and securely blindfolded. I was spun around, as I suspect were the others, and led back to the middle of the room and into one of the stalls. I was pushed down onto my knees and told to take my blindfold off but keep facing the back of the stall. On the other side of the hole in the curtain, I saw someone dressed in a white karate suit and heard a voice tell him to untie his pants and drop them to the ground. Soon, there was a mostly flaccid penis protruding through the hole.

Then, in a voice for all to hear, Mark gave us more detailed instructions. "Those of you standing will have little to do right now. But those on your knees will be busy. Before you stands one of your pledgemates. You are to observe what you can see of him closely without touching him . . . yet. Beside you, you will find a clipboard with a form with detailed instructions and places for recording your observations and keeping any notes you want. Be sure to follow all the directions and fill in all the blank spaces. Accuracy is very important. Much of what happens to you during initiation will depend on how well you do here."

I looked at the clipboard. On it was a pencil, a stopwatch and a cloth tape measure and a whole stack of multi-page forms. On all the forms, the observer name was already filled in with my name and the subject blank was filled in only with a number. The first one was #4.

The directions warned me again to be thorough and accurate. I was to observe the penis and testicles before me. (The forms used the proper terminology for all body parts.) Under the subsection "Initial Appearance", I was to note the apparent size, shape and color of the organs, as well as the density, pattern, color and texture of the hair. I did this as well as I could, including drawing a little sketch of what I could see, before moving on to the subsection titled "Initial Objective Measures". Here, I was to use the tape measure to get more accurate measurements. These pretty well confirmed my guesses and I thought of the old joke about why girls are such bad judges of distance. I guess I hadn't been corrupted yet.

The process of measuring another guy's cock and balls in this way was strangely impersonal. I couldn't see anything of him except what I was measuring, and he couldn't see me at all. There really wasn't anything sexual in what I was doing, or so it seemed to me until I moved to the section titled "Responsiveness". Here, I was to first stroke the penis lightly, just once, noting whether it responded by swelling and rising. Then, I was to caress the testicles in my hands for ten seconds, noting what effect this had on the penis. Finally, I was to place the penis fully in my mouth and suck, moving my lips up and down his shaft and note the time it took for the penis to get into a state that I judged to be "fully tumescent".

As I sucked on the "penis" it quickly turned into a hard "cock" in my mouth. When I looked at the watch, I learned that it had taken 35 seconds to become rock hard and smooth. I let it out of my mouth then, as the instructions required, much to the displeasure, I could tell, of my "subject". I was now to make both subjective and objective measures of the penis and testicles, "renewing the tumescent state orally as necessary". It didn't prove necessary often, since the mere touch of my hands to measure him was sufficient to keep him hard for a long time.

When I neared the end of page 3, I had measured him limp and hard in about every way I could with the tape measure, my hands and my mouth. I had dutifully described how his cock felt in my mouth, how much of it I could take into my mouth, what his balls felt like in my mouth, and dozens of other things. I knew the length and circumference of his cock both limp and rigid. I knew big around his balls were, which one hung lower, and how low they hung when he was limp and when he was excited. I knew more about his genitals than I did about my own. And, I guessed, he knew more about the inside of my mouth than I did.

Then I turned to page 4. I was supposed to indicate where I was in the examination by pulling on a green cord in one corner of the stall. I hadn't seen and cords when I went into the stall and the first one I found was a red one. But, on the other side was a green one and, when I pulled it, something dropped on the other side and my subject turned around, bent over, pressed his ass up to the hole, and reached back to pull his butt cheeks apart. My heart sunk and my stomach turned as I hurriedly read ahead to see what I was supposed to do. The "subjective tests" seemed not to involve my mouth, so I calmed down. I was supposed to describe the look of his ass—hairiness, color, shape, etc..

By the time I had finished this, someone had placed something in the stall next to me. I looked down to find a tray with two plastic gloves and a tub of a clear jelly-like goop. I was to put on the gloves, lube them in the jelly and do some "internal observations". These included feeling all around inside his asshole—excuse me, 'anus' and 'rectum' were the terms used. I then was to try to place two fingers up his asshole—through his anal sphincter, I mean. I was to wait until he accommodated this and then put three fingers in. I could barely get three fingers in this guy's hole and four just wouldn't go. I noted this and then turned the page to find that I had only one more thing to observe: the state of his cock while my fingers were in his asshole. I reached up between his legs to find, much to my surprise, that his cock was fully erect. I noted on my own, without prompting from the form, that his balls were up tight against his body.

Then I was instructed to pull the red cord and wait until others finished. This time, the cord didn't seem to do anything, but I suppose that someone either behind me or on the other side could at least see it moving. I waited, on my knees, for about three or four minutes until Mark instructed us to replace our blindfolds. I was helped up, handed my clipboard to keep with me and led away from the stalls. It felt like I was being taken around the room so I would be a little disoriented. When I was finally stopped, I noticed with some satisfaction that I wasn't pushed down on my knees.

Mark told us all to take off our blindfolds and we were given the same instructions as before. Because I was standing, I was to drop my pants. Now, I pretty much knew what was going to happen. What I hadn't realized is that the curtain between my side of the booth and the other side was only about five feet high. I could see over it easily. I couldn't see down into the stall, nor could my "observer" see me, because there was a curtain jutting out over him making a partial ceiling over the stall. But the frat members on the other side of the room could watch me while I was observed. Strangely, I felt far more naked to these people who could only see my face, than I did to whoever was examining my equipment so closely.

I looked to the sides, but those curtains were very high and all I could see was that I was in the middle stall. I would have no clue about who was checking me out. Whoever it was, when he stroked my cock, caressed my balls and scrotum, it felt so wonderful that I closed my eyes for a second. Then I remembered the frat guys watching us from the other side of the room and opened my eyes, trying to look unaffected. It proved impossible when I felt his hot, wet mouth close on my cock. As I felt my cock harden in his mouth, I realized that my eyes were closed again and I had a kind of dopey look on my face. I tried to correct it, but I suspect with only limited success.

Silently, I had counted the seconds from his first touching my cock with his lips to his judgment that I was completely hard. It seemed to be about 25 seconds. While he was doing the objective measures of my erect state, I wondered if there was any kind of contest for fastest to become erect. And, I wondered, if there was, what the prize would be. A couple of times, I felt his mouth on my cock again, urging it to full hardness. Other times, his mouth and hands were making various "subjective measures". I don't know how accurate they were, but the subject thought they were pretty good.

While I was mulling this over, I saw a little card pop up in front of me that told me to turn around, bend over, press my ass through the hole and reach back to spread my cheeks. I did this, unsure of what I thought of my ass being penetrated from the outside in by anything. I had a little time to think about it while he made his initial observation. I also thought about the fact that the frat guys weren't just on the other side of the stalls. They were moving around as they wanted, and there were plenty on this side, looking on ready to watch me and the other two subjects take a few fingers up the ass.

I heard the sound of the plastic gloves being put on. In a few seconds, a well-lubricated finger touched me gently, right on my hole. I felt him wiggle his finger around to spread the lubricant and then press slowly into my ass. I liked the feeling of his finger moving in. It was small and didn't hurt at all. When he felt all around, as I had been doing in someone's ass a few minutes ago, I felt my dick start to harden. I tried to control it but, especially when he pressed hard toward the front of me, I just got harder. By the time he had several fingers in me (I couldn't tell for sure if it was three or four), me cock was as hard as it had been in his mouth. Of course, right then, he reached up and felt me, so this fact was duly noted. I looked up, only to find that the fact was noted by others as well.

We went through every permutation. I filled out five forms and had five filled out on me. With short breaks between every couple of sessions for a drink or a piss, all this took the entire morning. I decided that it was better to be the subject than the observer, but the decision wasn't as easy as you might think. You get mighty frustrated when someone is sucking your cock but you know the sucking will stop before you cum. And, frankly, I didn't like being watched by the frat guys. I'm sure they were looking at me when I was the observer, but I couldn't see them, so I could sort of forget about them.

When we were all finished, we were allowed to sit down and relax with a soft drink while the frat guys disassembled the booths and explained to us what was happening next. It was, of course, Mark who gave the instructions.

"I hope you got to know your pledge brothers a little better. Just to see how well you got to know them, we're going to have two tests. First, you will be asked to match each of your subjects with a name. Success here will be a matter of luck unless you guys got to know each other better last night or were looking closely while your pledge mates dressed or showered this morning. This round is just for fun. Then, you will all have a good look at each other and you will get another chance to match numbers with names. The person who does the worst in this round will receive an immediate crash course to improve his knowledge of his pledge mates."

Well, I guessed that Tom and I had a slight advantage from last night, though I didn't really know what happened in the other beds. And, I didn't know if I could tell which of the five had been Tom. I had only had his cock in my mouth last night when it was pretty limp. Still, I had a guess that I was pretty sure of. That meant I had only four others to place. I was embarrassed to admit to myself that I had taken a couple of peeks in the showers and while people were dressing and I thought I could guess at least two of them, though I wasn't sure. I did my best to get the names matched with the subject numbers.

After we turned in our answer sheets, we were instructed to take off all our clothes and stand in a circle so that everyone could see everyone else. I felt a lot more naked than I felt when I was being observed, though no one was looking at me quite as closely. I looked around and was pretty sure that I had gotten them all right in my guesses.

Mark repeated what we were to do and reminded us that the person who did the worst at matching in this round would get some kind of crash course to improve his knowledge of his pledge brothers. As I filled out the form the same way I had in the first, practice, round, I was suddenly driven to change all my answers. I didn't know why. I didn't know what sort of "crash course" Mark had in mind. I just decided to screw up my answers.

We waited, completely naked, for the sheets to be graded. When the results came back, I wasn't surprised to find that I had the lowest score, getting none of my five right. The others all had either three or all five right.

"Allen, it would appear," Mark said to everyone, "needs to get to know his pledgemates better. And we're going to give him that opportunity right away."

He turned to me and told me to get on my knees. I hesitated, but soon sank down without protest. He turned to the others and told them that each of them should let me do some more subjective examination of them. But this time, the examinations should go on until each had given me something to remember him by. So it happened that I sucked off five guys in rapid succession. It was interesting to note the differences between the cocks in size, shape, texture and even smell. The guys acted differently. Some were almost embarrassed that they were doing this. Perhaps they were thinking, "There but for the grace of God, go I", not knowing that it was the grace of Allen that had spared one of them. Others seemed so glad to be getting their rocks off that they didn't think about anything else. But they all pumped their cocks between my lips, pressing my jaws apart past the point of pain to a kind of numbness. They all shot their loads in my mouth. And I swallowed all of it without gagging.

I didn't really mind it. I guess I'd come a long way as a cocksucker in the last forty-eight hours. I did a quick review: Mark twice, and five guys just now. That was seven to completion not to mention the other sucking I'd done on Tom last night and everyone I'd observed today. Quite a record. Everyone else had done at least two blow jobs in that time and Tom had done three, so I wasn't the only one who was getting an initiation. I didn't mind that. But I wish my cock hadn't gotten hard when I was sucking my pledgemates off just now. I was completely naked and I was sure my erection hadn't gone unnoticed.

I also wished there would be some relief for me, but apparently not. Mark told us it was time for lunch. At least for those who were still hungry. We pledges got dressed and I tried to be discrete until my cock had softened enough to not be noticeable. Then, we went to the dining room for an unremarkable lunch of hot-dogs, whole pickles and some soft drink like Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow.

The seniors told us we could go to our room for an hour's break which I welcomed because I was exhausted. I fell asleep for most of that time and I think some of the others did, too. But when I awoke, they were talking, and I gathered it was about me. I couldn't really tell what they were saying though and they stopped when someone sensed that I wasn't soundly asleep anymore. When they started speculating about what "Strutting Your Stuff", the afternoon's activity, might be, I sat up and joined the speculations.

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