Yin & Yang


This is a work of fiction, designed for entertainment purposes only.

A small prelude: I was watching the video game network the other day when I realized how hot two out of the three hosts of this stupid show are. I don't know what the hell the show is called, but two hot chicks and some douchebag host it. The contrast between the two ladies was what got my mind workin. One of the girls is extremely cute with big doe eyes, a classic 'good-girl.' The other has total 'bad-girl' look, short spiky blonde hair and a teasing, bitchy attitude.

I finally got my chance yesterday. After weeks of watching and waiting, I was able to slip into Tina and Laura's apartment. They were both at work and a new tenant unknowingly allowed me to enter the building as he was leaving. I knew which unit they lived in and I made short work of picking their lock. Once inside, I began exploring the ladies’ wardrobes. I was not too surprised to find lesbian porn, a nice array of toys, and what appeared to be a dominatrix outfit in Laura’s closet. I knew she was a little slut at heart, but this was fantastic. After much searching in Tina’s room, I finally found her vibrator. It was hidden under a false bottom in the top drawer of her night table. Perfect, the good girl is just as horny as the slut, if way more repressed. I’ll see what I can do about that soon enough.

I noticed that it was nearly five o’clock and the girls usually got home between five and five thirty, so I put my plan into action. I had come prepared in case I didn’t find what I wanted in their rooms, I had brought a backpack with a few choice lengths of rope, two pairs of handcuffs, a couple of ball gags, and a very realistic toy gun. Since time was running short, I found a nice spot to hide and wait.

When the girls came home, they immediately went to their own rooms. Tina said something about a shower and Laura mentioned that she wanted to listen to some tunes to unwind. I quietly slipped from the coat-closet with my bag of tricks close at hand. Ah, a stroke of luck, both girls had closed their room doors, so as not to disturb the other. I heard Tina start the shower in her bathroom, but there was silence coming from Laura’s room. After a few minutes I realized that Laura must have been wearing headphones since I couldn’t hear any music playing. I gently slid Laura’s door open and received another stroke of luck. She was sitting at her desk, back to the door, headphones blaring, haphazardly surfing the net. I crept up behind her and before she could even react, I had her hands cuffed behind her and a ball-gag in her mouth. I then tied her ankles together to legs of her chair. I could still hear Tina’s shower running, so I lingered over Laura for a moment. I went to her closet and pulled out the porn and toys I had discovered earlier.

"My what a little slut you are," I said. "Does Tina know that you’re a dyke? Do you ever put this cute little outfit on for her?" I asked, referring to the dominatrix gear as I tossed it onto her bed. Laura just squirmed in her chair, looking shocked and embarrassed. "That’s okay, you don’t have to answer. I’ll find out all I need to know later,"

Now that Laura was secure, it was Tina’s turn. I slipped into her room just as I heard the shower turn off. I waited just behind the bathroom door while she dried herself and fixed her hair. When she came out, wearing only a large t-shirt and white cotton panties, I pounced. I grabbed her from behind with one arm around her thin waist. The other held the toy gun. I gave her just a glimpse of the gun so she would know what it was but not enough to realize it was just a toy. When the gun was pressed against her temple she quickly quieted down. I told her to slowly put her hands behind her back, one at a time, so that I could affix the cuffs. Once she was cuffed and gagged, I threw her onto her bed so that I could relax and let my adrenaline and raging hard-on subside a little.

" I see someone has been a very naughty little girl," I teased, going right for her vibrator’s ‘secret’ hiding spot. I could see that she was extremely embarrassed as the color rose from her neck and she quickly looked away. "That’s right, slut. I know all about your little toy. By the end of tonight, you won’t be so embarrassed."

I walked Tina out to the dining room and made her stand facing the table. I quickly tied her ankles to the legs of the table, leaving her legs spread and her delicious mound in full view. Now to retrieve Laura. When I came back into her room, she was fighting furiously with her bindings. She had managed to work one foot loose and she was trying to dial 911 with her toes. Thankfully, she wasn’t having much luck.

"I don’t think so, bitch," I growled at her, slapping her hard across the face. Tears immediately sprung to her eyes. I untied the other foot and pulled her out to see what Tina had gotten into. I took Laura to the other end of the table and tied her ankles to the legs of the table as well. They stood facing each other, and I gave them a moment to exchange looks and consider their predicament.

Laura was looking quite hot with a black leather mini, a tight white tank top, black pantyhose, and ankle-strap stilettos. I flipped her skirt up over her waist and was amazed at what I found.

"God dam, you are some fuckin slut. Crotchless pantyhose and no panties, who woulda thought? We are gonna have some fun tonight, ladies," I teased, caressing her ass. I pushed her over so that she was bent over the table, legs spread, and got down to inspect the first half of my wonderful prize. Laura might have blonde hair on her head, but her bush was black as midnight and trimmed nicely. I inhaled deeply of her feminine musk and it made my head swirl in anticipation. Unable to resist any longer, I slid a finger delicately along her outer lips. She shuddered when I reached her clit. I slid back down to her opening and could not believe what I felt. Laura was dripping wet. I began to lick along her pussy in long strokes from her clit all the way to her asshole. She was squirming and moaning, so I began to concentrate my efforts on her clit. In minutes she was panting and getting close to cumming.

"Not yet, whore. You will only cum when I allow it. Probably when my cock is in your ass," I told her. She flinched when I said ‘ass’ as if I had spanked her. Figuring Laura had had enough enjoyment for the moment, I moved around to Tina.

"Don’t think that I’ve forgotten you, slut." I knew that calling a good-girl like Tina a slut would definitely get to her. I moved in behind her and pressed my dick between her ass cheeks.

"I have something special for you," I said as I produced her vibrator from my pocket, holding it in front of her face. I turned it on full blast and dropped it on the table between them. Laura’s eyes got huge when she saw her roommate’s secret treasure. She had no idea that Tina was actually as horny as she was, just committed to maintaining her good-girl status.

"Let’s see if you are as wet as your whore friend over there," I said, slipping a hand inside of her cotton panties. "Well, well, well, what do we have here? Your pussy is practically drippin. I shoulda bought a lottery ticket today," referring to the unbelievable luck I was having this evening.

I ripped Tina’s t-shirt off of her revealing her small perky breasts. I grabbed one of her nipples and gave it a strong twist. She grunted and tried to move away.

"You know, I’m not sure this vibrator of yours is enough, slut. Let’s see what the whore has in her stash." I returned to Laura’s room to gather up her toys. When I got back, I dropped the whole pile on the table between them. Now it was Laura’s turn to be embarrassed with her secrets. Tina’s eyes were as big as dinner-plates when she looked over her roommate’s impressive collection of gear.

"Which one do you like, slut?" I asked Tina. I began going through the pile, holding each one up to let her focus on them individually. When I held up a huge black dildo, Tina’s eyes almost fell out of her head. It was at least ten inches and as big around as my fist.

"So this is your choice, slut? Impressive. Good thing your cunt’s already wet or this could really hurt," I told her as I ripped the cotton panties off of her. When she realized what was coming she started thrash around, hoping for some chance of escape.

I pushed her over until her face was pressed against the table and slowly began sliding the huge dildo along her pussy, moistening the tip with her own juices. Once it was good and wet I placed one hand on her shoulder and slowly slid it in as far as it would go. Tina whimpered but managed to accept the phallus nearly three quarters of the way into her pussy. I worked it back and forth in long slow strokes a few times until Tina was moaning in pleasure. I then found a vibrating egg in Laura’s collection. Using Tina’s torn shirt, I managed to tie the egg into position at her clit. The egg was remote-controlled and I quickly found the knob. I turned it on to top speed at first. Tina bucked wildly when the first tremors hit her clit, so I backed off the speed of the vibrations a bit. I didn’t want her to come too fast.

"That should keep you busy for a little while, slut. Now, I need to get back to the whore at the other end of the table," I said. Laura flinched at my words and tried to squirm away from me. I could see that watching Tina orgasming from the toys was getting her even more turned on.

"You like watchin your friend ride your toys, slut? I’ll have to see what we have here for you," I said, rummaging through the pile and coming up with a fat butt-plug. "This is certainly interesting. I hope you’ve been practicin with this for me, you dirty little whore. Well, even if you haven’t, we’ll get some more practice in now," I told her moving around behind her again.

I pushed her over the table and this time I wove one of my ropes under her arms and around her shoulders before tying it to the table so that I could keep her bent over. I rubbed the butt-plug along her pussy to lubricate it, and then I slid it right up to her asshole. Laura was tensing for all she was worth to try to prevent the intrusion. I twisted the plug slowly back and forth, pushing harder and harder to try to gain entrance. She was putting up the fight of her life, but I was not to be denied. I smacked her hard on the ass and that broke her concentration for just a moment. As soon as she relaxed, the butt-plug slid in with a pop. Laura’s whole body tensed and I thought she was going to bite straight through the ball gag. She was panting and grunting like an animal, trying to get accustomed to the intruder in her ass. I found a large vibrator in her collection and slid it into her pussy. Laura had adjusted to the plug, but when the vibrator entered her, she was taken by surprise. Her eyes flew open and she moaned loudly into gag. I turned the vibrator on and began to fuck her with it. I gradually increased the speed of my thrusts until she was on the edge of orgasm. Suddenly, I snatched the vibrator from her cunt so fast we all heard it slap shut. She grunted letting me know she was disappointed with not being allowed to cum. She panted and shook trying to regain her composure at being taken so close but denied release. When her breathing slowed, I re-inserted the vibrator on a low setting to make sure she wouldn’t cum.

I moved back to Tina who had cum at least three times while I was playing with Laura. Tina was covered in sweat and panting like a bitch in heat. I grasped the dildo and gave her five quick thrusts with it. She screamed as another orgasm shook her.

"Very good, slut. Now, let’s see if I can make you cum on my dick," I said as I removed the dildo from her pussy. With the dildo gone, all of her wetness was released and flooded down her thighs.

"That looks fantastic. I just can’t resist an invitation like that," I teased, sliding down behind her. I licked all the juice from her thighs and dripping hole. Then I smeared some on her ass to get her ready for the next toy. I selected a smaller butt-plug than the one Laura was accommodating. Tina tried to resist its intrusion, but she was exhausted from her repeated orgasms and it slid in easily.

"I wanna make sure that pussy is nice and tight for me. That dildo stretched you out but this should help," I told her.

Once she had gotten used to plug in her ass, I began rubbing my cock along her outer lips. She was thrusting her hips back to try to get me to enter her fully. I continued to rub her clit with my dick and just tease her opening. She was moaning in frustration when I finally slammed into her in one huge thrust. I held still and let her adjust to the double penetration. Tina began to relax, but still I remained motionless. She started to get frustrated and tried to fuck herself on my cock. Tina’s limited amount of motion wasn’t enough for her, causing her to grunt in frustration. I slid my hand around to her clit and began to rub her gently. She immediately began moaning and squirming to try to get me to fuck her, but I managed to remain still. Soon, she had worked herself up to another orgasm and just as she began to come, I slowly started to remove my dick from her cunt. Tina moaned with her orgasm but it also held a note of disappointment. As I was just about to completely remove myself from her, I thrust in hard. I began fucking her savagely, pounding into her pussy for all I was worth. Since she had just began cumming, this caused her orgasm to stretch out and lasts for what seemed to her to be hours.

"You love that, don’t you, slut? Bent over on your dining room table, a plug in your ass, and me pounding your pussy. I knew you would cum on my dick, you filthy slut," I growled at her. Tina seemed to have one continuous orgasm as I slammed my cock into her pussy for what felt like hours. Finally, I shot my load deep inside her.

I returned to Laura who was thrashing wildly, trying to get enough stimulation to cum. I pumped the vibrator into her pussy a few times and she almost managed to orgasm before I snatched it away.

"Not quite yet whore. Didn’t I say you would only get to cum with my dick in your ass? Do you want to cum, whore?" I asked. Laura nodded so fast I thought she would give herself whiplash.

"Alright, I’m gonna take this gag out, but if you scream the gag goes back and you get it in the ass with the giant dildo. Understood?" Again she nodded, only not so vigorously this time. I removed the gag slowly.

"Now, I know you’ve been wantin to taste Tina’s pussy, so here is your chance. Clean all of her juice off my dick and get me hard so I can fuck your ass, bitch."

That was all the encouragement she needed. Laura was sucking my cock like her life depended on it. While she was blowing me, I leaned over and began to work the vibrator in out of her snatch. Her heated moans felt incredible on dick and I was hard again in no time. I slipped my cock from her mouth and quickly replaced it with the ball-gag. I stepped around behind her and slowly slid the butt-plug out of her ass. Then I removed the vibrator and took a couple strokes in her pussy with my dick to get lubricated. I turned the vibrator up a couple notches and slid it back into her pussy. Laura was on the verge of climaxing when I rammed my cock into her ass with no warning. She screamed into the gag and clenched her ass on my dick. That seemed to pull her back from the edge for the moment, so I allowed her time to adjust. I slid my fingers around to find her clit and began to tease it.

"Come on, whore. Are you gonna cum with my dick in your ass? " I smacked her hard on the ass.

"Uh-huh," she grunted through the gag.

"Good. I knew you’d see things my way. I’m gonna start fuckin your ass now and you had better cum hard or I’m gonna have to fuck Tina in the ass to drop this load. You understand, slut?"

She nodded her agreement and I began to slowly pump in and out of her ass, gradually increasing the speed of my thrusts. In no time she was screaming as the orgasm washed over her. Since I had just cum in Tina’s pussy, I knew I was going to be at this for a while. I pounded into her ass like a jackhammer. As her orgasm began to wind down, I again went for her clit. She was screaming like a banshee as I brought her to another orgasm in rapid succession. That was about all I could take as I felt myself going past the point of no return. I pumped my cum deep into her and she had another orgasm when she felt my cock swell and shoot within her.

I slid out of her and removed my cuffs and ropes from both ladies. As I untied them, they both slid down to rest on the floor. Both were completely exhausted and barely coherent. I packed my gear and left but not before leaving them a little note:

If you enjoyed yourselves and want to see me again, leave a red light on in a bedroom window. I’ll see it, but will not come to you immediately. That would ruin the surprise and what fun would that be? I know I’ll be hearing from you soon since you both are such complete sluts….

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