tagGroup SexYokohama Awakening of Angel Ch. 05

Yokohama Awakening of Angel Ch. 05


The story you are about to read is true. I met Angel on the Internet through one of the swinger personal sites. The first part of our story begins with our e-mails to each other that began hot and finished hotter. Part 2 was our Friday night adventure together. Part 3 was our first threesome on Saturday. Part 4 was our Sunday's hot fun with 3 black US service men. Part 5, which you are about to read, was our first visit to a swingers club on Monday evening. This has been co-written by Angel and myself.

I think it was mid-afternoon when Gary, the contact Angel had previously made through her ad on the swingers website, finally got back to us. He gave us the name of the club "Le Grand Bleu", which was in a city just south of Tokyo, and some brief instructions on how to get there.

Both Angel and I were still tired from our escapades the previous 3 days, so we lay down for a brief sleep in each other's arms. I so wanted to tell her how much I loved her, but did not want her to think I was going all mushy on her. My worry was that it could screw up what we had going together and the fun at the Swingers club that I was sure we would have that night.

After waking, showering and grabbing a quick bite to eat we headed out to our destination, both horny as usual and armed with the little slip of paper with the directions on it. After our arrival by train, it took us almost 1 hour to find the place as Gary's instruction sucked. Who would ever give instructions that included the following; it's between two convenience stores, (every 10 feet there are convenience stores in Japan) and close to MacDonald's. (In every city there is one on every block)

It was fortunate for us that Angel could read and speak fluent Japanese. With her help by asking passersby for directions and a few strained cell calls to Gary we arrived. Of course the sign at street level was in Japanese, but again Angel came to our rescue.

The place was on the 5th floor. As there was only one door with a security camera and an intercom system that at least was easy. After ringing the intercom and telling the person that answered that we wanted to join the club, (it is restricted to members only) he came to the door. The cost for a couple's membership was 5,000 Yen and 5,000 Yen per entry, which included free drinks.

After paying our fees at the front door he lead us into the "club". Next was the tour, which consisted of the "office" where there were two mattresses on the floor and a one-way mirror so that activities going on in the office could be watched by other members. I thought that could be fun. Next was the toilet and changing room tour. Going back towards the entrance we came into the bar area.

In the bar were of course the obligatory bar stools and then some very low tables and chairs with couches along the back wall. On either side of the seating area, were two other rooms. One, which was called the group room, had wall-to-wall mattresses and large open window cutouts strategically placed for leaning in to watch the action and they also gave a view of the room from the seating and bar areas. Not sure why they even bothered with the inner walls, but what the heck this could be a fun play space.

The room on the other side of the seating area was quite interesting. The walls consisted of wire mesh fencing. A couple of couches and tables inside. The whips, chains and handcuffs attached to the wire fencing revealed the real purpose of the room. There was also an attachment point hanging down from the ceiling. This was obviously the S&M room. I did not think we would be using this room tonight, but who knows during our next visit!

So here we were at our first Swingers club. The only problem was it was empty except for the bartender/host and us. Of course the place had only opened up at 8:00 PM and it was now only a little before 9:00 PM, so there was still hope. Gary had also said he was going to come over with some friends.

Angel and I took our seats on the low couch against the wall, which faced the bar. Naturally she did not have any panties on and was wearing the micro-mini skirt and semi-see-through blouse. If nothing else would happen, I could tell the bartender was a happy man with his extraordinary view. Of course working in a bar at a Swingers club would have given him many extraordinary views. Perhaps when I retire, Angel and I could buy this place.

Halfway through our first round of drinks two Japanese gentlemen came in. After they had gotten their drinks, Angel whispered to me that she wanted them and said she thought it was proper etiquette that I invite them over. Knowing that my sweet Angel wanted to fuck as many men and as many at one time as she could I invited them over. It was a good start to the evening's activities.

Being the gentleman that I am and wanting Angel to enjoy the situation, I let them sit on each side of her while I sat across the table. After some small talk their hands were soon roaming over her body and under her skirt, causing Angel to start moaning once again. I took her from the couch by the hand, and undressed her for them to feast their eyes on.

Leading her to the group room, (I wanted everyone to see my hot sexy woman in action) the two guys naturally followed. As she lay down on the mattress-covered floor they both quickly stripped. One took his place at her head so she could play and suck on his well-endowed cock and the other began fingering her already wet and open pussy.

It was at this point that another Japanese man came into the bar area. As he looked through the open window at Angel and her two partners, I smiled and motioned him to join them. With a polite Japanese bow, he was soon naked in the room playing with her breasts and pulling the string of pearls attached to her nipple rings.

After a few minutes everyone changed places except the guy who she had just been sucking. He was ready and slowly entered her willing pussy. He began to fuck her with a passion. As they were going at it, a couple of more Japanese men and one Japanese couple came into the bar. The woman was very tall and almost as thin as Angel with a very nice looking ass and small breasts. Of course they all crowded around to see Angel pleasuring and being pleasured by the three men with her.

Again I made it clear to all of the onlookers they were welcome to join in. The timing was impeccable. As one of the new comers stripped and entered the group room the guy in her pussy began grinding his hips into Angel and blew his load to the appreciative audience gathered around and of course Angel. Once more the rotation for places around Angel was on, but with a new player.

As I looked around at the other observers, most of them were beginning to strip. The woman that had come in with her partner, had her companions cock out of his pants and was jerking him off slowly while watching Angel fucking and sucking all comers. This lady I noticed also had a clean-shaven pussy. Angel and I had talked about a threesome with another woman, but she was not to keen on it at the time. She said she would only consider it if the other woman was shaved or would allow us to shave her pussy.

When I looked back in, the guy that had been playing with her breasts in round 1 and now had Angel sucking on his dick groaned and came in her mouth. As he withdrew, she pursed her lips, moving forward as he withdrew and was able to have his cum stretch out from between the end of his cock and her hot lips. That got everyone very hot.

Instead of one other replacement entering the room the other two newcomers and the couple went in. I would have joined, but my duty to Angel tonight, at least for a while was as cameraman. This scene as you can imagine took a lot of photo's to capture properly.

I was wondering how the woman would join in, but I soon discovered that bi-sexual women are more than welcome at this Swingers club. She immediately sat her pussy right on Angel's face. With one man fucking her pussy and two others playing with her breasts and nipples there was not much Angel could do to stop her. It was difficult for me to see if Angel was enjoying this new type of action, but judging by the looks and moans from the Japanese lady, Angel was doing something right.

The Japanese lady took her companion's dick in her open moaning mouth and reached for the other stiff dick in the room that was not occupied. Let me recap the scene for you. We have one in Angel's pussy, one on each side of her playing with her breasts and rubbing their wet dicks all over her, a woman on her face, a dick in that woman's mouth and her hand jerking off the last man.

Looking at the bartender, I handed him my camera, and motioned for him to please take pictures. I then joined in with the group in the now crowded room. Since the Japanese lady was the only female with available parts I guided her hand to my hard lonesome dick.

I know this sounds unbelievable, but the moaning in the room seemed to rise in unison to the ministrations of cocks, pussies, and breasts. It is as if we were all one big fucking machine with my sweet Angel at the center. When the guy in her pussy started cumming and shooting his seed into her, it seems we all started cumming, including the Japanese lady at the same time. Semen was flying all over the place, landing on Angel, the Japanese woman and even the men.

Coming here tonight my wish was that Angel would get the gangbang she wanted, and I think what happened more than fulfilled that wish. After untangling we all went out to the seating area, no one bothering with clothes and had a drink. As they were drinking I asked Angel if she wanted to show off her gushing talent that we had discovered Saturday evening. She readily agreed to put on the show.

I took one of the short stools and moved it out from the seating area, facing our new friends. Angel was facing me with her back to the crowd crouched just enough to fully open her pussy and to allow me access to her inner self with my two fingers. I think the crowd was wondering what in the hell we were doing, but they were soon treated to the sight of their lives. Once again massaging the walls of her cunt on the pelvic bone side, I found that special spongy like "G Spot" Using my other hand to help drive my fingers into her, it happened again.

Within no more than 20 seconds of thrusting my fingers into her vagina, Angel moaned very loudly and an endless stream of her womanly cum soon followed. It gushed out splashing from my hands to my legs and coating the floor. After about 20 seconds I could feel Angels, knees collapsing from the forcefulness of her orgasm. The crowd stared in dumbfounded silence watching the last of her juices drip from my hands and her pussy to the floor, they then broke out in an appreciative applause.

The Japanese lady, as if in a trance approached me and lifted my cum drenched hand to her lips. Slowly and sensuously she licked every drop of Angel from my fingers, hands and arms. Stepping in Angel's juices she took the same position in front of me and crouched just as Angel had. This woman knew no English, and I knew no Japanese, but it was pretty obvious what she wanted.

As my fingers entered her moist opening I tried finding a similar spongy feeling spot inside of her. After a few minutes I did, and after a short massage of the area, I began thrusting my fingers up into her. It took her almost a minute, but soon I could feel squishiness in my hand and heard her loud moaning in my ears. She came, but her volume was only a small trickle. I think though the orgasm she had was the same as Angel's.

When she had finished cumming on my fingers I withdrew my hand and tasted her, licking my fingers. Her taste was a little stronger than Angel's, but very enjoyable. This Japanese lady, I never did find out her name, leaned over and gently kissed me on the lips before returning to her seat.

It was shortly after this that Gary arrived by himself at the bar. By this time it was after midnight and Angel and I had to leave hurriedly to get the last train back to Yokohama. I quickly went to the toilet and when I came back Gary was fucking my Angel right there in the bar. Gary's dick was very impressive and the onlookers were enthusiastically watching the new entertainment. I was a tiny bit jealous; not that he was fucking her, but that he had not asked nor had I invited him to.

As a result of this extra activity we missed the train and had to take a very expensive cab ride back to our hotel in Yokohama. It was worth it though as it gave me plenty of time to kiss, fondle and tell Angel how much I enjoyed our time together. It was also the first time I told her I loved her.

We stayed up most of the night holding each other and talking before finally drifting off to sleep.

If you have read all 5 Parts of our story, Angel and I thank you very much. Both of us enjoyed writing and editing our story back and forth via e-mail. We have both fallen in love and not just with lust for each other. It will be a couple of months before I get back to Japan and can hold her in my arms again. When we do meet, I am sure we will have new stories to tell. Angel is reading other stories on literotica.com and is taking notes on what she wants to try next time. I for one can hardly wait.

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It was still open in 2015, I experienced a great time there. A mature Japanese gentleman offered me his wife, about double my age, we adjourned to a private room where I had a great time fucking her whilemore...

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