tagRomanceYou Are My Dream

You Are My Dream


You remember my face from your dream, the way we were in your fantasy was a fire of lust like a secret world. In the dream, our lives were shared in creation, a fire burned between us, I remember it. From out the black of obscurity, suddenly you dawned on my life, taking me by surprise, realizing it was you: a goddess in silky warm auburn hair, skin white as snow, lips like blood, eyes of my dreams. That we would meet took breath from my lips, I want you to feel my great desire to have you.

It is night. The air is warm and comfortable in my comrade's living room, the tapestries and sculpture, the crafted cedar, Nirvana is playing in the background, the air is warm w/ friendship and sweet smoke. Then, my eyes meet yours for the first time, I can feel your sex for me, would I taste those inviting lips? I become lost in your eyes, while I'm trying to talk. You are so intelligent and sharp, when you move, I notice your body: "perky" round tits that are calling to me. How I would kiss your neck. Your eyes; you are beautiful. My eyes move to your thighs and perfect round ass.

"You are so smart, I'm really enjoying this!" I admit. You are just like my dream girl.. The conversation is philosophical, everything is in terms of the soul. This honesty I'm encountering within her mind brings out a new man, I become enraptured with her beauty. She is like the first woman. Her face is like the first woman, it is very smooth.

It was all fun and games, being set free in our spirits. We are one company, proud and humble, young and old, ever learning and knowing all. I am pleasantly rewarded when you are on my arm, everything about you, your scent and nature; we are one most of all. The events of the night were many, and I loved you. I kiss you on your soft cheek, and tell you my heart.

We are at my apartment. I am a prince of a small country, but I live here to become a better man and to study under wise teachers, nevertheless, the trappings are real lavish. The colors are dark, with dark purples and reds and blues near black. There is a painting above an inviting entertainment-system, it is a real Pollack in red, green, and black stripes. We drink rich hot chocolate, while I play with your slightly curling hair, and complement your features. I tell you about my life, that you are the most beautiful of anything.

We are kissing, it is like the dream, only real. Hearing you getting off on this makes my world explode. I kiss parts of your face, it is all like the first thing I've ever done. So hot. Lick and bite your neck, and instinctively caress your tits, through your shirt. To kiss you raises the hairs on my neck, I think. Pretty soon, my tongue is at your nipple, playing at your bud, and my hand rests on your warm sex. I'm listening to you, and I'm feeling it all.

"Kiss my pussy, baby, I want you to make love to my pussy, now." And I pull off your pants and silky panties, and softly nibble your clit. I'm doing a bunch of figure 8's on it with my tongue, feeling you out. I can feel your back stiffening as you get more and more horny. I'm completely involved in pleasuring you, and do things without knowing them. You are a whole package, and I even reach for your g-spot and start fucking you with my tongue. I love this contact with you, making you moan is wonderful.

We go to the bedroom, and I put on some sandalwood incense. There is light piano in the background, like raindrops only, and beautiful. A kiss turns into deep passionate contact, very busy. Soon, I am fucking your pussy in heavy contractions of my dick, it is fire, unity, the rhythm of the thing is deeply shared, because the connection has never been so real. I know we are still and together in our souls, I have not felt this way.

I think I'm feeling your breasts, and sounding your name, fucking your pussy is deep and hard. I am strong, my body is like Batman's, I am going the distance with you, and I need you to be honest with me. I am fucking you hard while you cry out, "o god, o god, ooooooh, baby don't stop!!!"

We are going to cum, when you cry out, "ooooh, I'm gonna cum, mmmm, oh, I'm gonna cum!" Your hand near your clit. We are somehow in synch. You hold me while I spill my semen deep in your crotch. An eternity passes, before I pull out and take off my condom, limp but still hard. I enjoyed saying your name all those times. We kiss and I kiss you on the cheek.

"That was wonderful, it was blessed; I could have you an eternity. You were wonderful!" I let you know everything.

Later, we eat flesh, and drink tasty wine, and flip through channels on T.V. Then we made love until the morning light, it brought us together. You do everything you want to, and I do everything I want, and we kept cumming together, in a giant pyramid.

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