tagBDSMYou Blew It

You Blew It


I was leaning over the sink putting the last coat of mascara on my eyelashes when he slid up behind me, running his hands up the sides of my legs. I winked at him in the mirror as he started pulling my skirt up over my ass, but when his hands reached the band of my lace panties I whirled around.

"I have to go babe, traffic is probably a mess and I'm already late!" I had a dinner date with a friend of mine downtown in forty minutes. Persistent, he nuzzled my neck and gave me a gentle bite, his beard scratching up my pale skin. Annoyed, I put my hands against his chest and gave him a light shove. "Seriously hon I don't want to make her wait for me..." Mistake. His eyes grew dark and his brow furrowed.

"Excuse me? You don't want to make her wait for you?" His hand came out of nowhere, connecting with my cheek with a loud smack that reverberated off the tile. He grabbed my hair roughly and pulled me into the bedroom. I was wobbly on my heels, nearly falling but his hand in my hair kept me upright. We made it to the bed, but instead of throwing me on it he pushed me to my knees.

"I'm sorry Nin-" I started to whisper, but another blow to my face kept me quiet.

"I was going to fuck that tight little pussy of yours, make you come before your dinner. But, you blew it." He made quick work of his pants, tugged his boxers down just enough to free his cock and then pinched my nose closed, forcing my mouth open. "It's a shame you spent so much time on your makeup today." Before I even realized what he meant by that his cock was in my throat. I gagged fiercely and tried to put my hands against his thighs to slow him down, but he smashed my face against his crotch.

"Put your hands between your legs and don't move them. I'll tie them together if you do that again." His voice was deep and gruff, demanding. He slid his dick out, strings of spit keeping it connected to my mouth. I gasped for air as he smeared his cock all over my face. Then he took my head between his big hands, holding it still while as he raped my mouth. Choking and sputtering, I couldn't catch my breath. Spit sloshed out of my mouth and all over my chin with each thrust. I tried desperately to keep my throat open as he furiously fucked my face, my nose slamming against his stomach. He didn't stop grunting softly, ignoring my whimpers and tears.

Right as I thought I might puke he pulled out, keeping the tip of his thick cock right against my lips as I heaved.

"Good girl, Lauren. Look at you, you messy bitch." He laughed. One hand in my hair yanked my head back, forcing me to look up at him through blurry watery eyes. His other hand came up quick and I flinched, trying to avoid another slap. He laughed cruelly and spit hard on my face before smacking me hard. "Stick out your tongue." He wrapped his hand around the base of his dick and brought the head down against my tongue over and over again. It made an ugly, dirty sound, a mix of a thud and a shallow splash. He was smirking down at me while he let his cock rest on my tongue.

"Are you ready, you cute little slut?" Two fingers again pinched my nose closed, and he slid his shaft into my mouth so slowly, the head of his dick shoving up against the back of my throat. I knew better than to gag, with my nose pinched and a mouth full of cock, breathing was nearly impossible. Opening my mouth as wide as I could to allow him in easily, he picked up speed. I heard him moaning and he let go of my nose, his hands ran through my hair and grabbed two handfuls tightly. He thrust deep, holding my head against his stomach, then retracted. Two more trips all the way down my throat was all it took, he pulled out for the last time and white hot cum shot out in thick ropes. Over my nose, across my forehead, in my hair. I kept my eyes closed and mouth open, hoping he'd let me taste a little. With a final shot of cum he exhaled loudly and brushed the tip of his cock against my mouth. Using my hair he threw me to the floor, cum and spit covering my face, my hair a knotty wet mess.

"Next time you'll rethink making me wait, won't you, you fucking bitch. Now go fix your shit and get going. But give me your panties." I stood up, and pulled my underwear down from underneath my skirt. The once lavender lace crotch was now a deep purple, drenched all the way through. I glanced up at him and smirked. He took the panties from me and wiped them against my face, adding my juice to the mess. "Don't be too long baby, I'll take care of you when you're back." My pussy throbbed at the thought. I turned to go to the bathroom and redo all the primping I had just finished, but his hand on my wrist stopped me and I turned around.

"Hey. What do you say?" he asked, looking at me playfully. A smile split my face and my heart jumped.

"Thank you, Master."

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