tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Can’t Do That To Me!

You Can’t Do That To Me!


You Can't Do That To Me;

Well Maybe You Can!

I couldn't believe you wanted to do that to me! How dare you think I am some easy slut who is going to cater to your every whim and desire! It just isn't going to happen, NO WAY! NO HOW! You honestly think I am going to let you tie me up and have your way with me? Just sit there and suck that hard cock while I can't move. No matter how much you give me those puppy dog eyes I just won't do it.

You want me to put a blind fold on too? Are you sick in the head or something? How am I going to see what you are doing to me? I don't want to just lay there all strapped up; my arms tied to each post, my legs spread and not be able to see exactly what you are doing to me. How would you like it? Right I forgot wrong person to ask. You would love it! But I am not you and I am putting my foot down. Maybe I will let you tie me up but there is no way I am going to let you blind fold me!

I can't believe this; now you are telling me you are going to spank me? Are you fucking crazy? Here I am lying all tied up not being able to move. The feel of the leather straps so cold and sexy around my wrists and ankles, helpless to stop anything you do. My nipples poking out hard as diamonds calling to your mouth to take them, and you want to smack me now? I can't even see you with this blindfold on! All I can hear is your husky commanding voice that is sending shivers right to my wet and needy cunt. Just the bellow of your tone is making me almost orgasm alone.

You want what? What? Are you serious? I am trapped in these leather straps wearing a blindfold my ass all red from the hot spanking you just finished on my now tender bottom. I can still feel the warmth of the blows and you want to do that? Isn't my pussy wet enough for you already? When you lifted my legs to land your crop against my ample ass did you not see my dampness leaking out of my hot cunt? Did my moans not get you ready enough? Now you want to take your big hard cock and shove it in my mouth! The nerve of you is unconscionable! Here I am at your surrender, with my straining nipples and dripping wet snatch and you want me to suck on your beautiful pole!

Isn't all I have done for you already good enough? Wasn't that blow job good enough for you? Didn't you enjoy when I licked up and down your shaft? I know you must have liked my wet tongue as it swirled around your bulbous head! You can't lie to me I could taste your desire in my hungry mouth. I probably could have done a much better job but my hands and eyes were not available. Now you are licking my wet pussy, trying to get me to orgasm all over your talented tongue. You want me to give in to your pleasures and just spray all my sweet, sweet juice over your face? How selfish of you to think I want to even go there. Oh god yes! No I will not give in and shoot my cunt sap on your wanting tongue. Why are you burying your tongue so deep? Oh God! Now you are chewing on my clit!

Are you ever satisfied? I can't believe you want to take that wonderful cock and slide all of your nine inches of hardness in my tight sopping wet pussy. You think you would have been pleased by now. Tied up and at your will, hard nipples, wet pussy and you now want to slide your rod deep inside me! Wasn't eating my hot snatch fulfilling to you? Isn't just the sight of its swollenness all puffy and glistening sufficient? Now you are coming on top of me and sliding your magnificent rigid cock in my taut folds. Now you are filling me up beyond my capacity. And you think you can keep thrusting all your power into me. Just drive your cock in and out, in and out of my scorching box, like I am not even going to stop you! Have you lost all your marbles to think I am going to let you just piston that monster all the way in my yearning cunt? You can't do that to me...You can't do that to me...You can't do that to me....Oh god yes...YES...YES...YESSSSSSSS!!!!

Maybe you can!

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