tagErotic CouplingsYou Can’t Stop Me Ch. 01

You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 01


*She was a thief in the night; it wasn't my heart she wanted, but my soul*

I celebrated the hell out of my twenty-first birthday. My friend Steve had inherited his grandmother's house when she died, which actually meant that Steve's parents had inherited it and were letting me, Steven, Tyrone, and Curtis stay there for minimal rent while we went to college. It was a great arrangement because Tyrone and Curtis both lived with their girlfriends but kept up appearances at Steve's to keep their parents happy. Steve and I had a run of this two story (plus a basement) Victorian house to ourselves.

The big downside to my birthday party was that I caught my then-girlfriend Lindsey making out with this guy I barely knew. It was a major crash-dive on my part. I drank heavily and had little recollection of the night after eleven or so. The next morning when I went downstairs for a late breakfast Steve joked that I looked like hell.

I go and gaze into the bathroom mirror. I have apparently been in a fight and by the look of my banged up eye, I can't tell if I had won or not. I stagger back into see Steve and ask him what the hell was going on.

"Oh Dude, you were a major fight," he chuckles.

"Did I win?" was all I think to ask.

"Bro, you kicked his ass. You fucking threw him off the porch," he laughs. I have a sudden sinking feeling.

"Was it that guy with Lindsey?"

"Nah, that guy bolted right after you barged in on them; seems all he wanted was a fast piece of tail. Lindsey got weepy and wasted and one of her friends had to take her home."

"Oh, thank God I didn't kick his ass, or fuck her. Both would have sucked," I respond. "But then whose ass did I kick?"

"Fuck if I know, Rob" (my name is Robert). "I think he was a senior. He was pawing up this little Hispanic chick; a freshman I think, and she was crying and no one would do shit."

"You came out of the basement with me and Vince. You heard her screaming and took off. You damn near killed the guy."

"Ah shit. Do you think he'll sue?" I groan. Steve finds that hilarious.

"Rob, he had like four inches and thirty pounds on you, and when I last saw him he was running down the street like a whooped dog. I repeat you kicked his ass. Everyone saw it. If you ever catch some guy on campus looking at you then running for his life, that's the guy." Steve won't stop chuckling.

"Man, I wish I could remember any of that. What happened to the girl?" I inquire. Steve shrugs.

"She was gone by the time we got you calmed down. You went looking for her, but you were pretty wasted. I doubt you found her. I didn't catch her leave."

"Who did she come with?" I ask.

"Not sure; she may have crashed, like a few dozen of the other partiers," Steve suggests.

"Well that was fucked up," I sigh then go and pour me a bowl of cereal and eat. Only later does the pain set in, but in a few days the bruising goes away and I forget the whole thing.

Now, I'm what you would call a sound sleeper. I'm also somewhat of a heat pump in bed, so when the air conditioning is on, I sleep without covers. About a week after the party (and the fight) I begin to feel funny in the mornings when I wake up. I am sweaty. I am also rolling around in bed, which is also unusual. I would have chalked it up to stress if the air conditioning hadn't gone out too. It was an old house after all.

I'm lying in bed and I find myself stirring to wakefulness and I don't know why. I start to understand that the side of the bed closest to the door is hot and I'm sweating on that side. I decide to roll over and sleep on my stomach but I roll into something. I look through a crack in my eyes and stare into the deepest, darkest brown eyes I've ever seen.

I struggle to remember if I've gone to bed with some girl and don't remember it. She starts edging out of bed.

"Hi," I whisper and she freezes. I can't describe the look she gives me. It is equal parts desperation, fear, and hope all rolled together into some crazy quilt. She bolts.

I sit up and try to figure what is going on. Belatedly I go into the hallway and look around. The girl's a freaking ninja. I hear and see nothing. I still go around the house peaking around and find not a sign. I chalk it up to the freaky-weird and go back to bed. When I ask Steve if he brought a girl home that might have gotten lost he denies it.

The next night she wakes me up right before dawn. I'm not sure what set me off, but she's halfway to the door before I'm sure what is going on. I call for her to wait to no avail and then chase after her. I find nothing. I'm starting to worry that I've run into a ghost. I check with Steve and to his recollection the house is not haunted by any ghost, brown-eyed or not.

The next night I again get the sensation, but this time I do nothing. She soon gets out of bed and sneaks away. This time I check the house. All the windows are locked and all the deadbolts are on the door. As far as I can tell she's coming in and out by the chimney ... or she's walking through walls –she's a ghost or a ninja I'm pretty sure.

The next night I get tricky and stay up. She never shows and I start feeling stupid, like maybe I'm dreaming this and there is no girl. I contemplate hooking back up with Lindsey in order to get rid of the ghost-girl fetish. Steve reminds me that I would really rather have my dick pierced by a blind man than go back to her.

The next night I wake up with those feelings again. Somehow, I control my breathing and keep it low and steady. My ghost/ninja doesn't move. I take the chance and sleepily lay an arm across her – no reaction. I let it sit there for about a minute then she slowly and carefully puts it back on my side.

I'm still facing her and I can feel her eyes studying me. Another minute or two passes and I resign myself to her slipping away once more when I feel her nestling into my chest. Her hands touch my pectorals and she places angel-like kisses on my sternum. I haven't a clue what is going on.

I murmur pleasurably and she stops for a few second then returns to activities. I move ever so slightly until I can plant a kiss on the top of her head. She goes totally rigid until I murmur again. That seems to calm her. We keep this up for an hour and then I realize she's fallen asleep against me. I lie there awake for the rest of the night. At five in the morning her phone gives off a vibration, she stirs and glides out of the room.

I decide this shit has got to stop so I convince Steve to let me put a lock on the door that was made in this century. I get a good one and that night I happily go to sleep knowing my ordeal is finally over. This crazy home invader can find someone else to haunt. I wake up with her next to me sound asleep. I'm back to my ghost/ninja choices.

Not to be outfoxed again, I quietly wait for her to go. I listen to her leave, which is tough because she freaking moves one inch above the ground, or so it seems. What boggles my mind is that after she shuts my door, I hear her doing something outside and then I see the latch turn on the lock. She's locked it from the outside! WTF!

The next two nights I give up and pray this isn't part of a satanic ritual. If ghost/ninja shows up, I'm asleep for it. Then a brainstorm occurs to me. I'm going about this all wrong. That night I take my usual place but lay out some milk and cookies for my intruder. I even pick those chewable ones so she won't worry about the crunching waking me up.

Next morning the milk is drunk and most of the cookies are gone and I even have a few crumbs in bed. The next night I add a menu of a few easy to prepare items on my iPod and leave the stylus for her to make her selection. I also leave milk and cookies. It seems my ninja (ghost don't eat cookies according to most folklore) likes ham sandwiches and orange juice.

The morning I see the plate is clean and I have a nice handwritten thank you note. She says she is very grateful for every courtesy I've extended her. She wants to know if there is anything she can provide for me. I ask her name. She tells me it is Carmen. I ask her if I can ever talk to me. She asks that I be patient. I promise to. We remain uncommunicative for two weeks then I suddenly get a note.

'If I wake you will you promise not to talk to me or touch me?' I reply in the positive. The next night she wakes me after only an hour's worth of sleep. I can tell she's ready to bolt for the door. I carefully make room for her on the bed and she settles in beside me. She props herself up on her elbow while lying on her side and looks down into my eyes. I can now make out that she is not very tall, with a slight boyish build, dark skin and black hair.

Her eyes just won't quit. They are spellbinding. I can sense the deep conflict within her. She lays her head down and falls asleep next to me. I soon follow her into slumber. She is gone when I wake but there is another note thanking me. I'm not sure what I'm getting into.

Carmen and I go at it for the rest of the week and into the next. It is torture not talking to her, but I somehow if I break the spell I'll never see her again. Saturday rolls around and our routine is settling in when she suddenly puts her head in the crux of my arm and runs a hand over my chest. She takes a deep cleansing breath then falls asleep. Again I am soon asleep too.

The next morning I wake up with the fragrance of her shampoo in my nose. I look up into those bottomless brown eyes as she is hovering over me. She's smiling. Carmen leans down and after a momentary look of fright, kisses me lightly on the lips. I have to consciously restrain my arms from wrapping around her. She rubs a hand over my chest and abdomen as she gets out of bed. She slips out the door and she's gone.

I wake the next night to the same thing, but she has a note for me.

'May I speak even if you can't?' I nod and she gives me a dazzling smile.

"May I sleep with you tonight?" she verbalizes for the first time. I nod with a smile. I think we are making progress.

Apparently I'm making more progress than I know because she strips off her black turtleneck shirt and black jeans showing a very nice set of black peekaboo bra and panties. I was wrong about her being boyish. She curvaceous in an athletic way; more of sculpted muscle and firm definition than a lushness, but her breasts were a nice handful, if not bulging at the seams and she has more hips than I originally guessed; very nice, tight ass. She has a runner's body.

She hops into bed with great enthusiasm to the point where I have to scoot back so she doesn't actually land on me. She quickly wraps her arms around me, rests her head on my chest then goes to sleep. She wakes me in the same way with the added bonus that I can look over her body as she now straddles me for my morning kiss. She seems very happy and much more relaxed than I've seen her.

The next night I write her a letter with two questions. I want to know if I can say her name in a small sentence, and if I can put an arm over her. After she eats, she wakes me up. She's distressed. She takes a deep breath and sets her jaw defiantly.

"You may say my name twice a night; once when I arrive and once when I leave. We will try the arm tonight, but if I try it and don't like it we will wait one week. Do you accept my conditions?"

"Yes Carmen, I agree," I say for the first real time. That makes her smile when I say her name. Again she strips off the clothing. This time her underwear choice is burgundy; very sexy. She leaps into bed and immediately wraps her arms around me and puts her head on my chest. After a minute, I thump my chest to get her attention. She looks up. I move with exaggerated slowness with my comforting arm.

I have it almost there when she cringes and buries her head into my armpit. I move the arm back to my side. She sobs softly for several minutes. I do the one thing that has been safe in the past. I kiss her on the top of her head. She doesn't' seem to mind. After the tears finish, Carmen looks over to me, eye to eye.

"I'm sorry. I ... I can't right now. Don't hate me." I give her my best confused face then shake my head. I try a different tact. I point to one of my hands then cover my other hand then look to her. She thinks that over and carefully nods. I gently place one of my hands next to one of hers. Then, thinking that through, I place her hand on top and let our fingers intertwine. She likes that.

Carmen snuggles in and goes quickly to sleep. I spend an hour trying not to touch her hair because I know she's a light sleeper. I finally nod off and sleep soundly. I wake up to her planting several ephemeral kisses on my eyes, nose, and lips. Her smile speaks volumes. She dresses in silence and I'm trying to figure how to use my few words.

"Carmen, will I see you tonight?" I inquire. It isn't the brightest thing I could say, but I think it is safe. Carmen smiles demurely and nods with a shy little grin. This time when she slips out the door, I sense a feminine gait slip into her catlike walk. Even if she's still a ninja, she's a female ninja.

"Still being haunted?" Steve teases. He's getting ready to head to class.

"Sure, she crawls into my bed every single night," I joke.

"How's the sex?"

"If I have some I'll let you know," I retort. Steve chuckles and heads out the door. I get a kernel of a plan.

When Carmen sneaks in that night I'm asleep as usual. She tickles my nose awake with one of the roses I've left for her. I look up with bleary eyes and then my eyes pop wide open. She's crying. I look around the room. I've put five roses around her plate and the sixth on the side of the bed she uses. I've also scattered rose petals on the floor.

"Carmen, I didn't mean to offend you," I stammer. She shakes her head and places the rose to my lips. She puts the rose on the pillow I bought for her to use and strips down to her bra and panties once more. She snuggles into bed quickly and lies there tensely for about five minutes. She then slowly takes hold of my arm and pulls it on top of her until I'm holding her close.

She remains tense for several more minutes then Carmen relaxes and falls asleep. I drape one leg over her and fall asleep myself. I sleep like a rock. When she wakes me she is lying on top of me and giving me those butterfly kisses of her. I can't imagine she's ignorant of my arousal but she seems okay with it. I almost make the mistake of kissing her. I purse my lips and wait, but not long. She presses her lips on mine and I feel her lightly tickle my lips with her tongue.

Carmen pulls up from the kiss, scoots down and wraps her arms around me. She hugs me tight for a long time. She takes a look at the time, giggles and quickly dresses. She ghosts out the door, tossing me a genuine smile as she disappears into the darkness. I'm still trying to figure out what I've gotten into.

Lindsey comes across my path after Applied Calculus. We start talking and she asks me out. I agree mainly because my midnight ninja has gotten me terribly wound up and I'm not seeing relief on that front. We agree to meet at a watering hole and go to a movie. It is nearly midnight when I get home frustrated and unappreciated. Worse, I think I've missed the ninja.

I'm sitting down on my bed getting undressed when my closet door opens and Carmen steps out. She'd been hiding, waiting for me in my closet; this is screwed up. She has an open questioning look on her face. I decide to tell the truth.

"Carmen, I hooked up with my ex-girlfriend Lindsey," I confess to her. She stares at me. Her shoulders slump and she reaches into the closet and pulls out a book bag. She makes for the door and leaves. I try to say something, but that violates our rules. I stuck doing nothing and strangely feeling like I've betrayed her. I strip naked, flop on the bed and go to sleep.

I wake up and feel her weight on top of me. I nearly make the terrible mistake of saying something, but she presses something hard against my lips. I think about for a second then bite down. It is a chocolate covered cherry! I love these. I nibble the other half and accidently lick her fingers. I realize what I've done, but Carmen dispels my fear by giggling.

I get another chocolate covered cherry. She shifts so that my cock rests up against her hip and thigh. I groan so Carmen then she places a finger against my lips for silence.

"Please be patient," she whispers. "Please don't ever leave me again." I must look confused which places her in a conundrum. She wants my silence yet she clearly wants my understanding.

Carmen looks sad and puts her head back down on my chest. I feel her tears on my chest and her sobs on my torso. I've been allowed this before so I do it again. I twist up and kiss the top of her head. She hugs me tightly, her fingers digging into my sides. We go to sleep like this but I'm totally convinced I won't see her when I wake.

I come to with her kisses all over my face. I look into deep brown eyes and I can tell she's smiling at me.

"I want to be with you," she whispers. I nod. "Will you wait for me ... please?" I admit that I have to think about it before coming to an understanding.

I hold up a finger. She's disappointed but nods. She gets out of bed and dresses. It is my time.

"Carmen, I'll try."

She comes back over to me and hugs me.

"You won't regret this," she whispers intensely and passionately.

I try to come to grips with what I'm doing as dawn comes. I have this spooky ninja girl who is sneaking into my room every night so she can sleep in my bed with me. No sex and I'm not sure there will ever be sex. On the other hand I have a chance with that cheating slut Lindsey who I know will put out whenever I want. She's feeling vulnerable and horny; a good combination if you are a lusty college student.

Lindsey is curvaceous, earthy and full-figured. She's got a great rack and a nice juicy ass. She loves anal sex and always up for a fuck session. She also is as loyal as a slut, which is to say I can trust her as far as I can see her, and not one step beyond. Lindsey and I share the same major, grade about the same, and we should graduate around same time. We have a history.

Carmen is close to a total mystery. I don't know how she gets into my room, much less the house. She's hidden in my closet waiting for me to come into my room and lie down for bed. I've never seen her with the lights on, though she's beautiful by moonlight. Her body is sleek and compact and there is a strong undercurrent of strength and stamina. She's clearly has issues, but she's also definitely devoting a ton of time to me, which has its own intoxicating effect.

I ponder the odds of me successfully cheating on both of them – I'm a guy. Those eyes of Carmen tell me that's a bad idea. She looks right into my mind. She'd know and worse than losing her, I'd hurt her. Not only is pissing off a girl who could harm me in my sleep a bad idea, I don't think I have what it takes to want to lie. I resign myself to blue balls for the time being.

That afternoon I tell Lindsey it isn't going to happen, that we are done. She sobs and says she won't stop trying to get us back together. I wonder where the hell that came from. Was I really that good in bed? If so, why did she cheat in the first place? When I get home Steve gives me some good news. That night I leave a message for Carmen.

I get gently shaken around midnight. Carmen is sitting on the side of the bed looking at the letter. She looks at me frightened and uncertain. She points to the letter and I nod.

"You want to go to a party with me?" she whispers fearfully. "Like a date."

"Carmen, I would like you to go to the party with me; like a date," I confirm.

"I don't want to," she pleads. "I'm not ready. Is it that important to you?" I look at her, moving my hands into a beseeching gesture. She looks conflicted. "Just this once?" she asks. I nod. "Okay."

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