You Can’t Stop Me Ch. 01


"It is up to you," I tell her. "I would like you to go with me. If you don't I'll be back by midnight so that we can be together."

If I hit her with a mallet I couldn't have gotten a more stunned reaction.

"So if I don't go you will still come back to be with me?" she mutters. I nod in the affirmative. She wraps her arms around me and starts crying. I'd hug her if she'd let me. My arms hang out there helplessly.

"Please hug me," she whispers. I have my arms around her inside a second. I keep my touch very soft and let her push against my grasp as opposed to pulling her in. She makes deep breaths one after another. She finally recovers and is hiccupping back her sobs. "Please let me go." My arms are returned to my sides. She looks up and rewards me with that perfectly white smile.

"When you said you would be patient you really meant it ... thank you," she sighed contently. She starts stripping off her outer garments and snuggles into bed with me, but in a new way. We spoon. She reaches around and places my arm over her and my hand on her taut stomach. I find that highly erotic and it is clearly obvious. Carmen tenses but forces herself to relax. She wiggles in a little and sighs once more. She's soon asleep. It takes me a bit longer.

The party is great and it is good to catch up with friends and acquaintances. I manage to not drink too much and dance with several young women who show some real interest. I could get lucky if I wanted to but I find myself sneaking peeks to see if it is time for me to leave. At eleven thirty I make my excuses and head for the door. I'm putting the keys in my car when I realize someone's snuck up on me.

I turn around and am looking at ... Carmen? She's wearing a short strapless black dress that is barely mid-thigh. She has a small bag and a black cameo choker on. She has two inch black heels that lace up to her upper calf region. The dress is so tight I'm sure she's not wearing a bra, or anything but a thong.

I'm about to say something then catch myself. I settle for ogling.

"Am I ... is this too much?" she whimpers. I have my one line for the evening. I expend it now.

"Carmen, you are absolutely stunning and beautiful, and fantastic, and hot, and sexy, and hot, and desirable, and overwhelming, and ..." I go on and on.

Carmen reaches for my hand which I willingly gave.

"If we go inside I'd really like it if you talked to me and hold me close. If you stay with me I know I will be safe," she says softly. I think that is an odd thing to say, but I count my lucky stars and lead her into the party, an arm around her waist.

"I can't stay long," I whisper to her as we climb up the stairs into the house at which the party is being held. She looks at me confused. "I have a date with a ghost at midnight," I joke.

"I think the ghost will understand it if you are a little late," she smiles warmly, "this one night."

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