tagNonHumanYou Can't Deny Your Wolf Ch. 04

You Can't Deny Your Wolf Ch. 04


Dear readers, in my Werewolf tale, the 'Were' live openly among humans.

The primary character, Juliana Macon lived her entire life as a human, until suppressing her wolf, caused a negative impact on her emotionally. She began to accept her need for her wolf after deciding to live with other 'Were' in the community of Panola Mountain.

The dilemma she continues to face is her wolf's desire to be equal to her human side.

In this episode of Julie Macon's quest to peacefully co-exist with her wolf, things were going swimmingly until a possible plot twist is introduced.

...and the one sex scene gets interrupted.


Julie, Alex, and Fifi were hanging out with Lacy at her house again. They had all enjoyed their run through the forest in the nature preserve earlier in the day. They were back together as planned, to catch some sun in the back yard, before grilling steaks later in the evening, and everyone looked happy and content.

Julie was rubbing sunscreen all over herself when Alex said, "Jules I love your new swimsuit, it shows everything."

"Thanks, I've been trying to make some changes lately, but I'm nowhere near as bold as you are," responded Julie.

Alex giggled and said, "Did you look at yourself in the mirror? That suit is so thin, I can see the bumps around your nipples. You're a woman after my own heart."

"Well yeah, but I just don't think I will ever be as comfortable with nudity as 'Were' are," said Julie.

"Are you sure about that? You're showing plenty, I can see the bulge of your pussy lips, and your pubic hair is making crinkles in the fabric," said Alex before putting her sunglasses over her eyes and lying down.

So says the girl who is sunbathing completely nude, and has a huge bush," said a laughing Julie.


"Alex are you ever going to trim that thing?" asked Lacy, sitting on the deck with Fifi, underneath a big umbrella.

"Is there anything I can get for you ladies while I'm up?" asked Lacy Palmer as she headed into her kitchen.

"No, nothing for me, thank you," responded Julie.

Before Julie finished getting the words out of her mouth, Alex blurted out, "Lacy relax, these sluts can serve themselves." Then she looked at Fifi and Julie with a smirk.

"Alex, I'm going to wash your mouth out with soap," said Fifi. "Lacy, Hun, we can serve ourselves. We practically live here." She laughed.

I know Fifi; it's just a force of habit. My mom raised me to be the perfect hostess, you know how it is to be the Alpha Bitch, and wife of the pack Alpha," said a smiling Lacy. "She was expected to be a fucking goddess. She tried to instill the same qualities in me."

"Yeah, well you're not a goddess when you're with us, come get some sun with me and Julie," said Alex, teasing Lacy.

"I've got a natural tan, in case you hadn't noticed. Thank you very much. I'll leave that tanning to you high yella bitches," Said Lacy, laughing out loud, and taking her seat again.

Julie laughed along with Lacy; she was talking while chuckling, "That's why we're always tanning, we want to look like you."

"Awww, I'm flattered," said Lacy, pretending to be touched by Julie's obvious sarcasm.

Buzz-Buzz went the timer on Lacy's oven, "That's my meat," Lacy muttered, heading back inside her kitchen. "It's time to put the steaks on the grill. Fifi, would you help me with the vegetables, while I tend to the steaks?"

"Lacy I think I want to try my steak cooked rare today," said Julie, as she paused at the grille, on her way inside to take a quick shower. "I know I've always preferred my meat thoroughly cooked, but for some reason I'm suddenly craving it cooked rare."

Alex was walking behind her, also on her way to take a shower, said, "Julie, what in the hell girl, are you going to eat nearly raw meat. Are you finally becoming a Werewolf?"


An hour later, Alex and Julie had showered and put on sundresses, everyone was sitting in a chair on the deck. The four 18 ounce steaks and a small amount of vegetables had been eaten, and the first bottle of wine was finished.

Julie was in her DM, while multiple conversations were going on at the same time, the ladies were talking to the person to their right about one thing before turning to her left to respond to a different topic. Mostly the ladies chatted about the happenings in the local 'Were' community.

"Lacy, every since you moved to Panola Mountain there have been more wolves running in the forest than I can ever remember," said Fifi, scooting her chair back from the patio table. "And from what I hear through the grapevine, the city fathers couldn't be happier with your management skills and progressive thinking."

I'm sure you're going to have a decision to make when they offer you a new contract later this year."

"And the full moon parties have been off the chain," Alex chimed in.

"That's nice to hear, but I don't think that decision will be difficult," responded Lacy.

Alex interrupted again, saying, "You can't leave, Luna wants you to be here." Then she paused for a moment, softly biting her bottom lip before she continued.

Lacy laughed, and then said, "Alex, how do you know that?"

"Um y'all know I'm a Shaman, right? Well I spoke with Luna, and she told me about her plans for Lacy, and she told me something about Julie. I know this is gonna sound crazy."

Hearing that, Julie looked up from her cell, and looked at Alex out of the corner of her eye. Lacy raised an eyebrow as well. Fifi shook her head and then said, "I'm going to get another bottle of wine. Does anybody need anything? Julie, Hun, you're awfully quiet over there, can I get anything for you?"

"I'm good Fifi, thanks anyway," responded Julie "I'm already feeling the effect of the wine. On second thought, a bottle of water would be nice."

As she walked toward the kitchen, Fifi looked over her shoulder at Alex, and then said, "Oh good grief Alex; where did that come from, was you drinking four loco again last night?

"No ma'am," responded Alex "I watched some of the reality shows I'd recorded earlier in the week, and then I went to bed. I was asleep by midnight. Now I know it was because Luna wanted to talk with me in my dreams. It's nearly time for the next full moon and she wanted me to deliver a message to Julie."

There were skeptical looks, and raised eyebrows from everyone.

Jules, you'd better get all the wolf dick you can get at the orgy, I mean Full Moon Bash next weekend, because you are about to become an Alpha 'Were'. There will be no more random whoring for you." proclaimed Alex. "Mark my words, you heard it here first."

A very bemused Julie cocked her head to the side, tossing her long brunette hair out of her face with the sweep of her hand, and then said, "Alex you're nuts, me a leader of wolves, c'mon? I'm barely a 'Were', nor do I want to be one?"

"What does your wolf-cock loving wolf have to say about how much of a 'Were' you are?" asked Alex, as she looked at Julie.

"Alex, you're impossible. You know darned well I only moved here from Big City, to make peace with this wolf of mine. I'm human," said Julie, as she put both feet on the floor and re-positioned herself in her chair.

Lacy looked at Alex intently and once again shook her head, and asked," Are you sure you heard Luna right? I'm rarely able to remember my dreams."

"You guys know I'm an apprentice Shaman, and Luna speaks to me directly. Julie, who convinced you to move to Panola Mountain, and who set you up with wolf cock?" asked Alex, as she directed a raised eyebrow at Julie. "This Shaman, that's who did it."

Julie laughed again, and then said, "Our meeting each other online was purely by chance, and anybody could have setup that horny wolf of mine with Spike. And just because your dad was a Shaman, doesn't make you one. You might have taken after your mom."

"Whatever," said Alex. "Fifi, you believe me don't you. You know I see the future, and I speak with Luna, don't you?"

"Yes Hun, of course I do," responded Fifi to her longtime friend and occasional playmate.

How about you Lacy, doesn't that potion I gave you, mask your scent so all those big-shot wolves you meet, don't smell how horny you are?' asked Alex with a huge grin spreading across her face.

Lacy laughed that infectious, happy laugh of hers, and then said, "I will grant you that."

"And from what I've heard Shaman are about the most fun loving beings there are in the supernatural world, and I don't think any person nor wolf has as good a time as you do, so I guess you could be telling the truth."

"Just one thing before we go on, Julie. Spike, Seriously? You're not a big girl. I thought his dick was going to come out of my mouth when he fucked me," chuckled Lacy, her breasts bouncing as she laughed."

Julie turned a very dark shade of red, and then she spoke playfully, saying, "I don't know how I took all his big dick inside of me." Before smiling and showing all of her very straight white teeth.

"Julie, I just had to put it out there," said Lacy, turning her attention back to Alex "Now Alex, what in the world are you talking about?"


The next "Full Moon Bash" as it was advertised on the Were Wide Web layer of the internet as, She-wolves in Leggings and Men's Shirts Night'.

Since Lacy had brought her Alpha swag to the Panola Mountain Were community, their monthly hoe down had become a thing. Especially among the younger 'Were' less than 100 years old.

Fifi had recently been adding secondary themes to the bash. This month she had gotten the idea from an article in the previous month's Jezebel magazine, which had suggestions for werewolf full moon parties.

She also wanted to have activities to keep the wolves entertained, other than dancing, drinking and eating. So she decided to bring in some casino games. And to top off the evening, George Clinton was booked to perform "Atomic Dog" at midnight, which would signal the start of the run.


People began arriving around 9 p m, and Fifi was already pleased with herself as the first few ladies began to trickle in. So far all of them wore leggings, and an unexpected bonus for all the horny single wolves was that most of the ladies decided to go commando.

When Alex walked into the events center main hall, Lacy and Fifi were already there. Fifi said, "My goodness, are you wearing body paint, or leggings, they don't leave anything to the imagination."

"Sweet Lord, girl," exclaimed Lacy. "I hope that's your thong I see?"

"Nope, my pubes are matted, and my leggings are actually body paint," said Alex, as she lifted her shirt and twirled, and then she struck a pose.

"Look who's talking, I can see through y'all's bottoms too. I'm not the only one going commando." And then she laughed


About an hour later, the party was jumping, both human and wolf were shaking their money makers. Lacy worked the room, dishing out hugs and kisses.

She visited briefly with each of her fuck buddies, as she tried to decide if she would run in the woods behind her home later that night with one of her 'Were' men, or do a pole dance for her human lover?

She was feeling kinda dominant, so it looks like her human guy is gonna get lucky tonight.

It is unlikely her human friend knows anything of the two 'Were' men. In any case it is the same here as it is with her Fraternity in Charleston; no one dares to speak a word about Alpha Bitch Lacy Palmer's personal business.


Alex was having a great time as she always does, but she did seem to be pacing herself just a tiny bit. She was drinking bottled water as well as wine.

"I'm glad you added this casino themed room tonight," Alex said to Fifi through their bond. "I lost my ass on the poker table, but I'm killing it playing craps.

"C'mon, roll a pair of two's for momma," Alex said to the dice, after blowing on them, and then a moment later she hissed, "Yes."

"That's great sweetie," Fifi responded to Alex, while sitting back and observing the party, and feeling very pleased with herself. She would definitely be writing a letter to the editors of Jezebel, thanking them for their article.


Julie was having a better time than she normally has at these full moon bashes. Probably because there were more human guys in the house, and she was enjoying their company.

The night would have been perfect if that big stinky wolf hadn't followed her around all evening sniffing her. Her wolf had said that he smelled like ass and rotten eggs to her.

But that didn't matter right now, because she was paying attention to a special human at the moment. She was even wearing a soccer kit with his name on it, over her navy blue leggings. Ziggy Wulf plays for the Big City MLS soccer team, and he is Julie's first human lover since she moved to Panola Mountain three and a half years ago.

"Ziggy, you didn't have to do that. You played a tough match today, and here you are at this hot, hot pit helping the guys cook."

"Juliana was my pleasure," said Ziggy, in that Jamaican accent that makes Julie's juices flow like the Chattahoochee River. "It only takes about a minute to cook a piece of meat for the Werewolves. In fact, I am almost done here, and I want to dance. You promised me you'd Dutty Wine with me."

Julie smiled seductively, and then said, "You're not going to make me do that in front of all these people are you? I mean, that's really just for you to see" She was suddenly feeling even more turned on by him, if that was possible.

"Lucky for her he wasn't 'Were', or he would have smelled the scent of her boiling hot pussy the entire three weeks they had known each other," she thought.

Unfortunately for her, there are usually a 'Were' around, and recently she'd seen many flared nostrils on men when they caught the scent of her arousal, along with knowing looks from women.

She was also sure that the girl from the R and D lab with all the tattoos, the nose ring and multicolored spiked hair had come into her office more times in the last month then she had all year.


Around 11:00 p m Lacy walked outside the events center to chat with Spike, who was seated beside the pool keeping an eye on the crowd. Spike smiled and his cock started to swell as he watched her walk toward him. With the flood lights shining on her, he could see right through her white lace leggings and linen top that stopped at her waist.

Every time she sees him she smiles on the inside and recalls that night he ran her down in the woods behind her house. She still can't believe that small wolf has a cock the size of her forearm. "Hi Spike," she said as she smiled warmly. "How are things going tonight?"

Spike, along with a small group of off duty city police provided security for the overflow crowd. He responded to her, saying, "Everybody's having a great time so far. I've noticed a few larger wolves that I haven't seen before. Maybe they're with the band. I will have my men keep an eye on them," said Spike.

"Thank you Spike, we appreciate you and the deputies working tonight, instead of partying with the rest of us. We'll have to make it up to y'all," said Lacy as she headed back inside. "And don't hesitate to hit me up on my cell at the first sign of trouble."


It was 11:30 pm and the stage was being setup for George Clinton to do his thing. All the wolves were well lubed on good food, good booze, and the power of the full moon. You could smell their arousal. Clothes were already being shed, and male wolves were howling.

The human who were at their first full moon party were about to see the spectacle they came to witness. Soon, the rest of the single male and female 'Were' along with a few married couples who are probably swingers would also strip before shifting into their wolf.

The DJ dropped three Snoop Dogg jams in a row on them from his Doggystyle album.

Ziggy pulled Julie onto the dance floor, and started to move sensually, when 'Doggy Dogg World' started to play. "Do you see how he's moving, it's like the music is moving in time with his body?" Julie's inner voice said to her wolf.

Her wolf yawned dramatically, feigning disinterest, then said, "Wake me when you two are done."

"You're such a bitch," Julie's inner voice said to her wolf.

"Takes one to know one," said her wolf, before she turned out her light and pulled her covers over her head.

"You didn't cover your eyes last night when he was fucking me," Julie's inner voice spat. "You little Perv."

Her wolf spoke from underneath the covers, her muffled voice said, "That was because he was fucking you 'Wolf style'." And then she giggled.

At that exact moment, the DJ punched up 'Gin and Juice' by Snoop, and every hand and every paw went up and they started to sway from side to side. Snoop sang, "Rolling down the street smoking endo, sipping on gin and juice," and Julie sang loudly along with him.

She was staring at Ziggy the entire time, undressing him with her eyes. He was the epitome of tall dark and handsome, with his dreads, nappy beard, and skinny jeans. She planned to see the rest of him later that night.

As Snoop faded out, the room went completely dark for a moment and the guitar riff, along with the well time WOOF started, there was a puff of smoke and flash of strobe lights, followed by the big dog himself, George Clinton walking on stage.

The band played a much extended version of Atomic Dog, giving Fifi her money's worth.

Every time they sang the verse, 'why must I feel like that? Why must I chase the cat?' more 'Were', including members of the band, would strip and tear out running into the woods.

Fifi hadn't planned to run but she got caught up in the moment when one of the band members, whose cock she'd be fantasizing about sucking leapt from the stage and shifted. She took off her very expensive blouse and favorite pair of fishnets before making a mad dash outside.

"Having conveniently lost a couple hands of poker, Alex's wolf sniffed a couple guys that she owed a debt, and then skipped toward the door with her tail in the air and the scent of her hot pussy trailing behind her.

When the remaining band members hit the final note of Atomic Dog; they dropped their instruments and jumped from the stage to join the other male 'Were' running into the woods.

There were even some humans who stripped and ran into the woods, following behind the wolves.


Julie pulled Ziggy outside and led him along the bike path to the area where the first chase would end. She was explaining to him how the whole thing worked. She said "Running is like foreplay for wolves.

"Once they've run down to the river and back, the thrill of the chase will have increased their arousal. The males will pin the females down, and when the females submit, the males are gonna fuck them."

What Julie didn't tell him, was that she was planning on the two of them joining in the fuck-fest.

When the wolves started running out of the woods, Julie put her arms around Ziggy's waist and watched as the males began to tussle for dominance. Tonight the males outnumbered the females by more than three to one; therefore it was necessary for the dominant males to fend off all challengers before claiming one of the single females.

"Damn, look at those two, they are seriously fighting," Ziggy spoke in a dramatic whisper at first, and then in his natural voice. "Will they hurt each other?"

"When they're in their wolf things can get rough," responded Julie "They're fighting to see who gets the pussy, so yeah they might hurt each other, but 'Were' heal quickly."

"And over there, that one has the other one by the throat." Ziggy said breathlessly.

"She's giving herself to him," Julie said to Ziggy, speaking with the sound of lust in her voice and staring at two wolves that had just started fucking. A chocolate wolf was slamming his thick cock into a gray wolf's swollen pussy.

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