You Choose


"Slow girl, slow. Let it build."

"Sorry, I'm not used to this thing."

"Just do what you'd like, and I'll enjoy it too," I told her.

I concentrated on what was shooting up from my very active erogenous zones all at once. I'd always been an easy girl to have her sexual fire lit. A few minutes foreplay and I'm ready for round fifteen. Give me the full treatment and I'm willing to do most anything. Some might say that I'm over-sexed. I call it loving the experience.

"There, you have it just right," I said.

My hips began a Hoola-hoop movement laying down, and that wasn't easy to accomplish.

I love being naked, especially when someone finds me irresistible to touch, like Alyssa was doing now. Her mouth was full, using teeth, lips and tongue, felt like three different people giving a sexual massage. Her hands weren't empty either, roaming, rubbing, caressing, pinching. She took a nipple between her front teeth, stretching it to maximum until I squirmed with anticipation. Her tongue slid across the tip like extra fine emery cloth, exhorting a deep moan from me. She released it and sucked the other into her mouth. Did I say that I love sex?

I have large aureoles and very sensitive nipples, which Allen loves to suck like a baby. I've felt several times that I could actually climax just by having my nipples sucked. Right now, Alyssa was doing an excellent job of producing the correct amount of vacuum, lip pressure and movement.

At first, I didn't recognize my voice, it was so husky. "I want to taste you."

"Be my pleasure."

"Mine too," I said, helping until she had a knee on either side of my head. From here I could use my hands on her teats, but before that I threw my arms around her small waist, and pulled my face full into her womanhood. She tasted so good that my tongue zipped inside until it could go no further, my lips munching on the outside, wanting in too. I made my tongue wiggle around as if searching for something, and I was . . . more of her.

Alyssa reciprocated, burying her face in my shaved twat, giving me what I gave her. We both came up for air about the same time, and she began working the Wanger once more, my hips started an uncontrolled undulation.

"Ohh, you like this?" she asked, but it was more statement than question, and I didn't answer, so wrapped in the feeling. Alyssa opened her legs further and her lovely tasting female parts dropped until were only a centimeter above my face.

My fingers found the butt plug, and I worked the wedge-shaped head into Alyssa's dripping pussy, getting it well lubed. Then I inserted the very tip into her butt. I had to hurry because her juices wouldn't stay slippery long. She squirmed, pushed back against the pressure.

"Yesss," she said, but I wasn't sure if it was the butt plug she liked or my tongue and lips over her clit. Perhaps it was a little of both.

Deep into our sixty-nine position and having a great time, when . . .

"Holy Shittt!"

We both jumped. Alyssa leaped to her feet. All I could see was bouncing tits and flashing skin as she left the couch.

"I . I . . ." Alyssa said, her voice cracking, unable to form words.

I followed her startled gaze.

Rod stood open mouthed just inside in the room, his eyes large and unbelieving. I hadn't moved as he stared from Alyssa to my naked body. He'd seen everything so covering up wouldn't make much difference, and I didn't have any covers anyway. The horse was already out of the barn, and running free. I thought he took in my full figure like a man who'd never seen a naked woman before.

"I would never have thought," Rod said, putting his hands on his hips. Two lesbian's in my house, and one is my wife."

"Were not," I said. "Just friends enjoying each others company."

That didn't come out like I wanted.

"I can definitely see that you're enjoying more than just company."

"I'm sorry baby," Alyssa said, "but we've been working on something for you."

"I don't see how performing oral sex on each other, is for me."

"It wasn't the sex . . . we did get carried away with the moment, but it was something we'd been working on all week."

"And just what in the hell, would that be?"

Alyssa was beyond embarrassment, and talking fast, I thought, to keep Rod from slamming the door and leaving. Then she remembered the plug still in her ass, and turned around and bent over. I made that my time to get up from the couch.

"We've been getting it ready for you," she said.

"What the hell . . . is that in your ass?"

"A butt plug," I said, "Getting her used to it."

"For you, honey," Alyssa said, "for you,"

Like he couldn't believe what he was hearing, or that thing in his wife's ass, Rod reached out, touched the plug, grabbed and pulled.

"Ahhh." Alyssa said, and I recognized pleasure when I heard it. It took a few seconds for her sphincter to fully close, and Rod seemed to forget that I was in the room, so intent upon his wife's bare ass. The front of his pants looked like a log lodged there.

He tossed the plug to the floor, and pushed the bent over Alyssa toward the couch. Her eyes held something different in them before she fell to her knees. I couldn't tell if it was fear or anticipation. Her head bounced on the cushions, chest flattened against them, ass level, legs touching the front of the couch.

My first thought was to run, except the sexual tension in the room kept me rooted to the floor.

Rod's pants dropped, made a subdued clunk when the belt buckle hit the carpet. He kicked the pants behind him with his heel, got behind his wife's ass, and struck her hard on one buttock.


An instant red handprint appeared and he hit the other cheek. The soft flesh rocked with the blow. Alyssa whimpered, but did not cry. He hit her again and again, her ass cheeks glowed so red they looked like sun ripened tomatoes.

Her body shook, those long delicate legs I was between just a few minutes ago looked like they might fold any second. I saw him pull on his dick, getting it ready. It was huge, too large to go into her snatch, let along that tiny ass. He didn't bother with lube, and I prayed that she would still have a little left in there. This was going to hurt, and I couldn't help myself from stepping closer. That spear shaped head seemed to devour her ribbed brown spot, stretching it to oblivion. The glans of that large penis disappeared inside her.

"Shitttt!" Alyssa said.

I grabbed the lube, squirted a bunch over his huge shaft and at the point where he entered her, but I wasn't about to smear it around.

He glanced at me without saying anything, his eyes fastened to my breasts and I swear I could feel his eyes squeezing them. Then his hips whipped forward.

"Yeowww," Alyssa yelped. "You son-of-a bitch. That hurts."

"Serves you right, bitch," he said, and slapped her ass once more.

Her body began to shake again, and I don't know if from fright, pain or pleasure, but she never said another word as he ripped into her, slamming her little body against the couch. Rod's public hairs crushed against Alyssa's soft, flattened ass cheeks with each thrust, his extensive prick disappearing inside all the way.

"You shouldn't have done this without me," Rod said. "You thankless bitch."

He began a long and quick rocking back and forth, a grunting, rutting animal, his cock battering her. She turned her head then and I saw the unbelieving smile. Her eyes were half closed in ecstasy, rolled up into the whites. She was enjoying this, and her body really trembled now as she pushed back into each of his thrusts. Her mouth opened as a wave of pleasure hit her. When he tired, she continued, forcing him toward climax. Her breathing became very fast and ragged, and I noted mine had matched hers. By far the most fascinating erotic thing I had ever seen. Rod lifted his head toward the ceiling, and I prepared for a wolf like howl, but with one long continued shout of elation, he shot load after load into Alyssa's tight little ass. She squealed with each of his ejaculations.

Alyssa joined him seconds later with her own orgasmic peak, two animals in the mutual heat of extreme desire and ultimate pleasure. Rod fell over his wife's back like a loose sack, while she continued to tremble under him, trapped by his weight. He kissed the back of her neck, her ears, and it seemed he was unwilling to pull out of her.

"Thank you baby," she said. "That was marvelous."

In my nakedness, I stood smelling the sensual reek of total unrelenting sex, and knew I'd been had, my insides shaking, my aching pussy dripping with need. Rod pulled out of his wife's backside, which snapped me to reality, and I grabbed my clothes, threw them on, and darted out the door.

Allen would be home soon, and I raced across the street feeling like a weasel who's been tricked by its own elaborate planning. Alyssa and Rod had wanted me to be witness to their little charade, and the only reason I could think of . . . to build my sexual desire so high . . . they actually believed being in that state, that I would join in their little foray. Not today, people. They had accomplished one thing though. I was hornier than I remembered ever being.

Soon as the door opened, Allen didn't have time to say, 'Honey I'm home,' when I snatched his brief case, ripped off his shirt and pants. Buttons flew everywhere, rolled across the floor.

"Holy shit, honey, that's a new shirt. What's got you worked up?"

"You," I said, pulling his underpants to his ankles and his dick went in my mouth before it could get hard. He realized that his ass hung out for the world to see, and he kicked the door shut with the heel of his foot, dragging him from me.

"Oh, no you don't," I said. "You're not getting away that easily. When I really start sucking, I'm not going to quit until I have all your sweet juices, and you watch me swallow every drop."

His throat contracted, and not a word came out.

I pulled him to the couch, and sat, never allowing him a second from my clutches. I tasted salt, and a heady pre-cum, loving it as I played with his nipples, taking him more deeply into a hungry mouth. His pubic hairs tickled my nose, and he was getting hard. Remembering what I had seen next door made me suck with reckless abandon. I wanted more of him, and keeping in contact, drew him down with me, placing my head over the rounded arm of the couch, facing up where he could get to my breasts.

Allen took my lead. Now that wonderful cock was level with my mouth and I drew him in until the back of my throat was reached. I needed all of him and tilting my head, pulled him to me. My throat opened all the way and I had him where I needed him, my lips around his cock, touching his lower belly, his balls on my forehead. I couldn't breathe, but held him there until I was red faced and he was beginning to panic. I pulled his hips back and forth showing that I wanted him to fuck my face. Always the gentle Allen, he moved too slow not wanting to hurt me, and I forced him to move faster. I couldn't tell him what Alyssa and I had done, but wanted him without knowing, to punish me for it. Then he was cumming, and I thrust my face further onto him like a fresh caught whale speared by a fleshy harpoon. My tongue rubbed the soft and tender underside of his delicious meat. His final spurt lay on my tongue, and when he pulled out my lips squeezed what was left from that marvelous tip, I showed it to him, and swallowed. "Sorry there wasn't more," I said, "I know you like to see me take all of it, but the rest went down my throat, before I could stop it."

"This is a wonderful surprise, baby."

I took his softening penis in my hand, kissed the shriveling head, licked off some of the surviving juice, and sucked it inside, swishing it around like a piece of soft candy. His heavy balls had settled down from their upward ride of ecstasy, my fingers caressed those delicate creatures, tried to push one into my mouth alongside Jim-dandy.

"Easy, those are tender," he said.

I released his deflating shaft, sucked on his two friends.

He took both my nipples in his hands, leaned forward, his tongue flicking my clit.

I reveled in the smell and taste of him on the buds at the back of my tongue, and what little had been caught between my teeth.

"I don't know why you take care of me so well," he said, coming up for air. "What have I done to deserve you?"

"You take care of me in many, many ways," I said, "so please continue. I love you, so why shouldn't I take care of your needs?"

"That I do . . . love you." Moreover, he kissed me passionately. There was nothing that came from this man that made me not want to please him. Maybe I didn't like the taste of his man-spunk, but he didn't need to know that. He went back to work and before I became lost in the sexual patronage, I wondered if he would still love me as much if he knew what Alyssa and I had been doing. I didn't want to find out, and needed to talk to her, find out if Rod would say anything to Allen?

"That's despicable. You preyed on my good nature, and my sexuality. Why would you do that?"

"Because, my dear," Rod said, "we have very special needs, and you're just the person to help us with them."

"And," Alyssa said, "You are so very good at it."

"I don't want to have anything further to do with you."

"That's quite unfortunate. How will your husband react knowing you and Alyssa have been extremely intimate? What would he do seeing the pictures?"

"What pictures, you son-of-a-bitch?" I shouted, taking a swipe at him. He caught my wrist, stopping the swing just inches from his face. I felt like a broken manikin as he held me in that iron grip.

"I wonder how the owners of the company where Allen works will react when they see them?" Rod said. "Them being devote church goers . .?"

My mind whirled. Allen would be fired that same day, and he worked so hard to get where he was in the company.

"All you have to do is follow instructions," Rod continued. "Do what you're told and everything will be fine. Your husband and his boss will never need to know."

"That's blackmail."

"Of course." Rod smirked, "but we'll make it as pleasurable for you as possible."

"That sucks," I said.

"For all of us," he said, and laughed. "You could start now, if you want." He cupped his crotch, and Alyssa slapped him on the arm.

"Be nice," she said, and turned to me. "Daline, we've been having delightful sex for a week, let's not change that. Just think how good it will be with three."

"I thought you were my friend."

"I am sweetheart, I really am. It will be a treat for all of us, I guarantee it."

"Yeah, sure."

"Well you think about it tonight, give us an answer in the morning. That should be soon enough." She looked at her husband, and they both nodded.

I shuffled across the street. What had I done? Why had I allowed my stupid horniness to control my actions? I was totally beaten, had to do what they said. If the McDonalds told anyone, Allen would be fired, we'd have to find a new place to live, and he'd probably leave me, and I couldn't blame him.

Inside, I looked at the clock, almost four. How will I face my husband? What will I say to him. Not going to tell him, that's for sure. That would be stupid, I argued with myself. I'm worse than a common criminal. I didn't see any way out of this. I might be able to steal the pictures, but then they'd tell Allen what I'd done. But, it would be my word against them. Not good, be two against one. Allen would believe me, but first I have to find and destroy the evidence. The only way to do that is to play along, find out where they keep the pictures. What if they have videos? Steal them too.

The following day, after Allen left for work, I called the McDonalds. Alyssa answered.

"Good thinking," she said, when I told her I'd do it. "Come on over, and don't worry about dressing . . . like on that first day."

"People are going to work."

"So what? They won't know you have nothing on underneath your robe. Consider this your first assignment. Hurry," she said, "I'm waiting."

Crossing to the house I once thought was so pretty, I now loathed everything about it, including the over-white picket fence, and the bumpy cobble stone walkway. Alyssa opened the door when I came up the side of the house to the backdoor.

"Come in sweetie," she said, all syrupy and I wanted to puke. That smooth pixie face needed my fist right in the middle. I envisioned blood spurting from that too-perfect nose, and of blackening her eyes, and that breaking something important would be great fun.

Inside the house, I didn't want to even look at the Ashley two-piece sofa and love seat we'd been using yesterday, praying it had mysteriously disappeared, like my want to be here.

"Where's your husband?" I said.

"At work, honey . . . don't worry, we'll be alone until after four," she said, all happy and smiley, her fingers went to the front of my robe, and I took a step backward. "Whoa there, sweet cheeks, remember our deal," Alyssa said, and I hated her more for what I had gotten into.

I didn't like it, but I saw no other way, and she pulled me close, her full lips mashing against mine, that pink monstrosity she called a tongue seeking entrance, slipped across the entrance of my clenched mouth, coaxing it open. Her breath, an exotic breeze tearing at my defenses, and they faded one by one. Betrayed by hormones, my hot blood overrode the will to resist.

"That's it," she whispered, her lips velvety, timid and toying, "Let yourself go, you know you want to."

She kissed a cheek, breathing into an ear, murmuring of the crudest fornication and filthy sex. Alyssa opened my robe and stepped inside, her arms circling my bare back, hands caressing the back of my neck. Her hot skin under the thin clothing kindled my desire, the bare parts of her enflamed an already glowing sexual thirst. She knew all the correct places to stroke, because she'd found them so many times before. I gasped without meaning, and when my mouth opened she pounced, her lips glued to mine, tongue touching tongue, devouring everything that lecherous mouth examined including any resolve I had left, and I kissed back with an obedient and wanton desire.

"Can't wait to get between those tanned legs," she whispered between kisses, her hands running up my thigh, and though the very thought of what was happening made me cringe; I anticipated her lust for me with great and uncomfortable zeal.

Alyssa brushed the bareness at the junction to my legs. An involuntary shiver ran through me, knowing it was more craving for the actual sex, than for her, but I couldn't convince myself that it was absolute loathing I felt. Some feeling for her still existed . . . just couldn't put it into words or exact feelings.

A box of contradictions is what I am. My brain told me to hate her, my emotions knew different, and my body looked forward to every single physical contact. One out of three wasn't good.

"Rod," she said, her voice rough and heady, "you can come in."

"He's here?"

"Of course."

I recoiled. Alyssa held me in place as I struggled under her weight.

"Let me up, I have to go."

"Not yet, honey," she said, her nose touching mine. "It's only two, and relax, you'll be home in plenty of time."

My mind reeled, but Rod's home. Oh, he likes to watch. Now that was news. Hopefulness and fear intermingled. Two hours was not much time. We had to be done by then for Allen could never know.

Alyssa's entire face was a mask of smirking delight, and I hated her at that moment.

Well, Rod certainly got an eyeful. I don't think we forgot to do anything.

"I want you, now," Rod said from the end of the couch.

Alyssa got up, gave one nipple a quick pinch with her fingers making me winch, the other she gave a wet, sucking kiss as counterbalance.

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