tagLesbian SexYou Enchant Me Ch. 03

You Enchant Me Ch. 03


Hello! This is the third installment, and if you're just seeing this I recommend reading the two parts before this, for a context that makes sense. I loved hearing everyone's feedback and comments, and can't wait to read the future ones. Thank you a thousand times over for my editors Alicia and Azure_skies for toning this up. Enjoy!


Everyone trailed out of the classroom, and with that brought a rising tension into the room. I felt like Nisha expected me to say something, but I just stood there clearing up the materials.

I wasn't going to say anything of consequence though, considering that I wanted her to talk about it first. Yes, I know that it's petty! I just wanted to hear what she had to say first.

"This was the last class scheduled here, no one else should be coming in," I called out to her. My voice came out a little bit squeaky, considering I was nervous. It seemed to me like it echoed throughout the classroom, but I kept a mask of calm.

Nisha got up from her seat and walked up to the front of the classroom, while I took a seat at the main desk. I couldn't help but admire the way she walked, as upset as I was feeling.

It was feline, graceful, and spoke a different story than her running away from me at the club. When I say it like that, it sounds like some Cinderella bull shit.

My chair was turned to the side and she took a seat on the ground, leaning against the drawers of the desk. Her long legs were crossed, elbows on her knees. I tried not to look at how good she looked in shorts. Her legs were smooth and a beautiful mocha that I could imagine how smooth they would be to lick and kiss over.

Damn it, I wasn't supposed to be thinking about this. How could someone be so frustrating and still make me want them at the same time?

Nisha looked up at me with penetrating eyes. Mind you, contrasting completely, it was pretty different from in the club where I had always been looking up at her.

It was difficult to keep staring back at her, knowing that the last time we had looked into each other's eyes was when we were wet and wanting. Not to say I still wasn't aching for her, but this was a different kind of an ache; an "achy breaky heart"- and I didn't even know her!

"Arie..." Just like before, my name came out easily from her lips; however, this time it was weaker. I didn't change the expression on my face though. Sometimes, I can be the master of self-control - at least only so that others don't know what's going on inside of me. "I fucked up ..."

This time I let my eyes meet hers as I couldn't help a tremble from inserting itself in my voice, nor could I help the words that came tumbling out of my mouth.

"Okay so... in what WAY? Because it seems to ME that you know more about the situation than I do." My words tripped over each other, "Not that you owe me anything... I'm just a girl that you messed around with."

"Arie," Nisha said again, softly, her brown eyes glistening, and not in that happy way. "Please, just listen to what I have to say and then you can tell me to fuck off -but please, just listen to me first" her voice was low.

Taking a deep breath, I tipped my head back and I closed my eyes, "Okay, talk."

It was one of those moments when you could feel someone looking at you, but I kept my eyes closed. I couldn't look at her right now if I wanted to be strong. How did a girl I've only known for a few hours affect me so much?

Why was I so angry with her? It felt like we had shared more than just a rising body temperature at that club. It felt like there was something unspoken with us...whatever it was, was making me act like a drama queen. Okay, a big freaking baby.

Just as she was about to talk, I opened my eyes, sat up straight and looked right at her, "I know that you don't owe me anything and that I'm acting like a big baby. It's not like we even know each other really. I just felt like it was different. But I KNOW that you don't owe me anything." There! I could be mature about this. Her next words surprised me, or rather shed positivity when I needed to expect the worst for my own welfare.

"It was different Arie. I promise," her voice was more determined now, but she couldn't hold my gaze. Her hands were in her lap, and she was clasping them together, index fingers making a triangle, Nisha cleared her throat, "The first time you met me at the club wasn't the first time I've seen you. You probably didn't recognize me because I was in a crowd of students... in class. I've seen you time and time again for these classes that you've been one of the TA's for... But I've never picked any of your classes. I didn't know that you would be the TA for this one," she stalled now, her brown eyes met my green ones and she gazed intently into mine. Her hand was up in her hair, nervously curling one of her thick locks around her finger. Even her damn nervousness was cute.

I was completely speechless at the thought that she had known me before I had known her. A little silly too, considering that I had been so convinced that I had never met her before. Though, I hadn't met her per se.

I cleared my throat, "So that's how you knew my name- what else did you know about me?"

Nisha was blushing now; I had seen this look before, though under completely different circumstances.

Flashes of her flushed cheeks, the strobe lights of the club on her skin, how I could see her upper thighs by the way her dress was pushed up by my body in between her legs threatened to make itself the main focus, but I pushed it back down.

However, part of the distraction from that was how adorable she was in her nervousness. While before, she had been this tall seductive woman, she was now showing a reachable, touchable side.

I grabbed her hand and tipped my head down, ignoring the tingle that ran through my body at the touch of her smooth skin, "Nisha, I get why you were scared at the club or even why you felt uncomfortable knowing that you knew me and that I didn't know you, I just want to know why you didn't tell me at first and what else you know about me. I just want to even the playing grounds."

She gave a sheepish smile and bit her lip, "So we're still gonna play?" Her brown eyes sparkled at me, and I couldn't help but let a smile slip between our serious conversation.

"That's all you got out of that? No wonder you haven't taken any of my sections before. You wouldn't have been able to keep up with me!" I was grinning widely now, and she let out a giggle, and then smirked.

"Well, I mean I think I proved I could keep up with you pretty well..." this time it was my turn to blush.

I murmured out, "I plead the fifth on that one."

I then slipped off my chair and went to sit on the ground right in front of her, crossing my legs. I squeezed Nisha's hand and held it in my lap, admiring her strong hands for only a moment, and totally did not think about how they had felt when they had squeezed my ass at the club, "Okay, so answer my questions, since we are literally on an even ground," I said smiling encouragingly.

"Okay, okay," she scooted closer to me so that both of our knees were touching, as we sat on the ground behind the desk, "I didn't want to tell you about this situation, because I thought you would treat me differently knowing that I was a student. Though, you should know that I'm officially graduating after these summer classes end. I wanted to just be with you, without that influencing us. And, like I said, I can be selfish, so I didn't want you to turn me down on that basis." She traced her thumb over my hand and then brought it into her lap, making small circles on my wrist with her nails.

Nisha continued on, "The things that I know about have been through what I've seen at your guest lectures and what I've asked a couple of my friends who have taken your classes before. I know that you always make cheesy jokes in class. That you're a hard grader but you offer more help than any other TA. I know that the students who have had you always try to get you again. I know that the professors like you too. I know that you're intelligent, witty, fair, and kind. But I guess I could also say I know things like how in class you wear your hair in a messy bun...that you chew on the end of your pens, and that you always write a lot of notes. I know that five minutes before lecture ends, you're just as antsy as us. Every new detail just makes me want to find out more and more," and then, she scooted closer to me, angling herself so that her legs were spread on either side of me and so that her lips were close enough to kiss.

I won't even try to pretend like it didn't happen. My cheeks flushed and I felt my body tingle with self-awareness. The fact that someone had cared enough to watch me like that, who had been drawn in by little things about me, is probably one of the most priceless things in the world. I couldn't believe that someone could be so entranced by me.

Nisha's eyes darkened as she looked at my eyes, and then down towards my lips. "I also know things from that night. Like the fact that you touched yourself before you came to talk to me," she was short of breath as she said this. I licked my lips subconsciously, lulled by her words and her voice which had dropped an octave.

She threaded her fingers through mine, and then dropped a kiss on my shoulder. I was still speechless and slightly embarrassed about her knowing that, and I think she could tell.

My voice was low and rough when I spoke out, "How'd you know?"

She grinned wickedly, "Well, for one, it wasn't just perfume I smelled on you, not when your fingers were on my face." My cheeks were even more red - it felt like the room had risen with our own temperatures.

Those big brown eyes were hypnotic as she watched me. Her voice was smooth as honey, "Now you owe me a little. Why'd you touch yourself at the club Arie?" Her hand rubbed small circles on my side as I bit my lip, my eyes going back and forth between her lips and her eyes.

I had to clear my throat before saying a word, but I was committed to not showing how self-conscious she was making me.

Leaning in closer, I brushed a small kiss to her jaw line, and grinned wickedly, "Wouldn't you have wanted to, if just one look at a particular woman, made you as wet as it made me?"

Nisha dropped her head and shook it, I could see her biting her lip as well, "You really don't play fair," she stage whispered; I could see a smile dancing on her lips.

"Mm, so we're back to playing?" I raised an eyebrow suggestively, a look of amusement on my face as my fingers found her chin to look at her beautiful eyes. I brought my face closer and pressed my cheek against hers, feeling her body's temperature just as hot as my own.

"If you still want to, I still want to," she murmured out, her deep brown eyes once again looking intently at my own. "Unless you're already satisfied from playing with yourself," her lips curled into another smirk, and she leaned in and planted a hot kiss on my neck before leaning back and watching me. That sexy minx. I can't say sexy little minx, since she's a lot taller than me - but that sexy minx.

My eyes drifted down over her body, her shorts were riding up her thighs, and I couldn't help but wish that they weren't there at all so that I could see her delicious mocha skin (and more). I licked my lips and shrugged, "I'm definitely satisfied with that, but I'm not yet satisfied with how much of you that I've had."

Nisha's eyes glittered and I could see that she was turned on with the way that her chest rose and fell through her shirt. I couldn't stop myself from checking out her breasts. I knew that she knew, because she pushed her chest forward when my eyes were noticeably drawn there.

Her voice betrayed that she was short of breath, "That so?"

I uncrossed my legs and moved so that they were tucked to the side of her legs. Putting one hand behind her back, I still held the other to me. Moving forward, I nudged her hair aside with my head, breathing in her perfume and scent. I planted a warm kiss over her long smooth neck, and then another and another. Whispering softly against her skin, "Uh huh."

In a sudden decided motion, Nisha moved her hands and cupped my cheeks, holding my face still.

She pressed forward and kissed me deeply, lips pressing against lips. They were so soft, so warm, and perfect. That same liquid heat that I was feeling from her, and then all throughout my body, permeated everything. Her hand let go of my cheek and she wrapped an arm around my waist, tugging me to her.

Nisha brought me between her legs, letting them wrap around me as we sat on the floor.

Her mouth was minty, her body was hot, and she felt amazingly good wrapped around me. I had missed her even though I had only spent that time with her at the club. Nisha's kiss melted everything around us as her tongue flicked into my mouth. It was like she was trying to tell me what she had told me today in other ways. Instead of just saying it, she also wanted to make me feel it.

I let her tongue in my mouth, I was getting so wet from the way she had just surprised me like that. Pressing my body into hers, my arm wrapped around her neck, and I pressed my fingernails into her skin, gripping her, wanting her to stay with me.

She kept tugging me into her body and I was rubbing and wriggling closer into her. Nisha's tongue explored my mouth, and I let my tongue slide against hers, letting them meet again.

Out of Nisha's mouth, came soft little sighs and moans with each different position. I took all of them in, and let out a few of my own. I wanted her - no, I needed her.

Suddenly, from a distance, I heard a door slam. We broke apart suddenly and breathlessly. I had to blink a few times; we were both disheveled with swollen pinkish lips. I bet my hair was all over the place and some of my make-up was smudged. I could feel my panties wet underneath the jeans covering it.

Nisha was a decidedly delightful, sexy hot mess. Her thick curly hair was pushed back, and there was a slight sheen of sweat over her collarbone. She was watching me and grinning.

And then we heard a rolling cart and a jangle of keys. I laughed out in disbelief, "No new class, but the janitor." We both laughed out of the silliness of the situation. I slipped a bit away with some disappointment, and moved onto my knees. I used one of my hands to rest on her thighs as I pushed myself up to stand. Lowering my hand, I helped Nisha up as we got ready to leave the classroom.

She smiled and shrugged, "Well, I mean, it probably wouldn't have been the smartest thing for us to have continued on in this classroom considering this was just the first class, and you're my TA now."

"That is very, very true", I conceded. I mean I had thought about it, while she had been telling me her side. I'm her TA now, and she's a student, but, we're both adults and capable of making the right decisions about these sorts of things and I knew I couldn't just leave it alone.

As we gathered up our things, I knew I had to address the issue at hand, and I had to do it in a way that showed I had actually put some thought into it, "I know that these aren't the best of circumstances... considering that I'm your TA, but you said you only have this summer session left before finishing. I try to be as unbiased as possible, like not reading whose names it is when I grade papers or outwardly playing favorites in class. I know that this isn't the most ethical thing in the world, but I think we can be adults about this, and if we're going to do this... see each other, and still be in the classroom, I need to know that you're comfortable with the situation."

"Arie," Nisha grabbed my hand after I had just rushed through that speech. Her face had this amused bright look on it. "I think it's safe to say that I'm okay with you being the TA and me being the student, considering I knew the situation at that club."

I laughed and squeezed her hand before letting it go. We walked out of the classroom to avoid the janitor when we were both still off kilter. We headed towards the school's parking lot together, small little sparks flickering between us with every hand bump and glance.

We didn't really talk much, because walking without forgetting the destination was pretty much the only task that we could handle. Well, I can't speak for Nisha, but it was the only task that I could handle at the time.

When we got to her car, she leaned back against it and watched me with piercing eyes. I smiled at her, wanting to step forward between her legs, press her up to the car, and kiss her, just as we had kissed at the club. She looked so goddamn sweet and seductive that I didn't know what to do with myself.

But, I didn't want anybody to see us in that moment, so instead I let my eyes wander.

I smiled as my eyes lingered up and down, from those long legs, strong thighs, those breasts hidden under her shirt, over her long neck that I wanted to kiss, and onto those lips that I had been kissing. She looked perfectly sun soaked with her mocha skin and her messy, curly, fuck me kind of hair.

"So give me your number then, Nisha," I grinned and eyed her.

A coy expression filled her face, "Always ask for the girl's number after you've kissed her?"

I laughed, "Uh huh, and then I kiss her again after she gives it to me."

Nisha scratched her neck and craned it upwards, imitating The Godfather, "You're makin' me an offer I can't refuse."

I couldn't help but let out another round of laughter at her imitation. This woman, she was too much. No, she was the type that just made you want more and more.

Taking another step forward, after noticing that most cars were gone from the parking lot, I placed one hand on the car behind her and pressed her against the car, "Alright, alright Don Vito, give me your number already!"

She bit her lip for a second- and I think I'm getting good at reading this now but I had an inkling that she wanted to kiss me.

Okay, you're right, I really wanted to fucking kiss her. I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers slowly and sweetly. Her lips parted and she let out a small whimper when I leaned away. Flashing a grin at her as she looked a little dazed and confused, "Arie..."

I was still pressing close to her, a wide smile on my face..."Don't you need to have your phone out to get my number?" Nisha burst out giggling and my face flushed red almost immediately, which on my coloring is instantly seeable- this minx.

I fumbled and took my phone out of my bag, I could feel my face still pretty red and I was laughing despite it all, "You win this time Don Vito." At this rate, both of our cheeks were going to hurt from smiling so much.

We exchanged numbers then and there, along with a lot of kisses, and a lot of smiles. Okay, we weren't as discreet as we should have been, but no one was around so it was pretty safe. And despite me asking her to come home with me, she refused a second time! And that was the end of that.

Alright, it wasn't the end of that and Nisha reminded me that it was a school night and that she had an early class tomorrow. In retrospect, I guess it was a good point. Just maybe.

So we said our goodbyes, and now I had a number and the promise that she wouldn't run away like that again.


I went home that evening and tried to do things around my apartment - honestly tried to. I ended up calling Gina to tell her what had happened after dinner.

An abbreviated version of the conversation was me telling her what happened, a lot of "oh my God no!" and then a lot of "oh my God YES"- in only the way that your closest friends can explain without it getting annoying and truly meaning it. Gina was shocked but delighted by the story, and I couldn't wipe the grin off my face worth a damn.

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