tagInterracial LoveYou Guys Are So Cool

You Guys Are So Cool


It was late Sunday afternoon. My buddy Dave and I had finished playing (basket) ball. We usually got loaded on the weekend and sweat it off on Sunday. With the shit we had to deal with at work, we needed a way to release the stress. We both work at the same dealership. The work week sucks, but I make good money. Enough to live in this apartment, not far from the beach. It's cool because we can hoop it up down on the beach and check out the women walking around in bikinis.--Lots of tits, lots of ass-- We got are share of them too. Dave was kind of shy, but I hooked him up all the time. You could say he came of out his shell when he drank. He was a “happy drunk”, which was cool. Needless to say, all I had to do was bring some ladies to the pad, which was a stone's throw away, add some alcohol and we had a party.

Well, we were back at my place after balling. I wasn't worth a shit on court, as I was still feeling the effects of all day Friday and Saturday. I had taken Friday off, and turned it into a binge-day. We started out pounding beers. Dave was only three deep, when I saw he was getting tipsy. You see, Dave is a big ol' corn fed white boy from Oklahoma. He tries to act like he's from Cali but he ain't foolin' nobody. You'd think at his size (6'6" 265") he would be able to drink on, but the contrary: he get's SHITFACED!

"You fuckin' SUCK!, he said. He thought it was funny making fun of my game this afternoon.

"Yeah, funny. Considering you're Michael Jordan's height and can't dunk." I hate getting into with him when he's drunk, because he doesn't shut up.

He started into some more drunken banter, so I headed for the bathroom. I unzipped my trousers, pulled out my dick and let it flow....

"You fuckin' SUCK!"

I heard it again, only in a higher pitched voice than Dave's. It was a female voice. I zipped up and ran to the window to see what the fuss was. I could see my neighbor Lillian hollering back at her daughter. Lillian was older than Dave and I, but she was hot! She was short, about 5'2", but thick, with big natural, jiggly breasts and a thick juicy booty. She and her daughter have lived next door to me since I've been there. Her daughter, Monica, was hot too. I think she was still only 17. She was taller and skinnier than her mom but had her tits and ass. They were yelling back and forth at each other, Lillian at the window, Monica outside. They would say most words in English, but some in Spanish. They are Dominican. Boy! Were they going at it.

"I hate this SHIT,” screamed Monica, throwing her hat.

That shit was funny, because she was wearing a silly ass purple shirt with a picture of a dancing hot dog on it.

"You are 18 now, you need a job!" Lillian shouted and with that slammed the window shut.

Monica picked up the hat she had just thrown and threw it again, this time at the window and yelled: FUCK YOU!" topped off with the finger. As she turned to walk away she saw me staring at her through the window. I was too slow to get out of sight before she could see me. I ducked down as if she hadn't seen me. I raised my head over the sill and saw her walking towards my door. "OH SHIT!" I said to myself.


Opening the door: "Hi, can I help you,” I said like nothing happened.

"Can I use your phone?" she asked, as she walked in anyway. "Looks like you guys are having fun" she continued, looking over at Dave who was now nodding off.

"Oh yeah, he had too much" I was probably 10 years older than this girl and she made me nervous. I had always seen her from afar but she was much cuter up close. She had small feet, but long slender legs. Even in her work pants, her ass looked tight. She was tall and skinny, about 5'10" but had round bubbly boobs like her mom. Her long black curly hair was pulled up, showing off her cute brown face. She had big pouty lips, with slightly crooked teeth. She was giving me a hard-on that was impossible to conceal in these basketball shorts.

"I need a drink" she said, "Did you hear that? My mom is such a bitch." she was running off at the mouth. "Can I get a drink? That would be so cool. You are so cool"

"Whoa now" I thought. "go ahead and make yourself a drink. I am going to hop in the shower." I had to freshen up if I was going to make a move.

"Right on. What's your name?"

"John" I replied

"Hell yeah, John. You're so fuckin' cool. Hurry up let's party man."

I was off to the bathroom in a flash. I stripped off my clothes and jumped in the shower. I quickly soaped up and rinsed off. Man I couldn't believe Dave was going to sleep through this. I'll wake him up and let him have seconds.

Man, was I wrong. When I returned to the living room Monica’s ass was in the air with her face in Dave’s lap, but Dave was still out like a light.

“Starting without me?” I said, feeling my cock stir under my towel. Monica turned to face me, still on her knees with Dave’s limp horsecock in her hand. Now, we had grown up together and had been in locker rooms together, but I never looked at his dick. It must have been a foot long. As I got closer to her, she looked up at me with a starved look in her eye. She reached up and pulled the towel off my waist. My dick sprang forward, right in front of her lips. She was still stroking Dave’s hammer as she slid her puffy lips over my modest 8 inches. She lazily let it slip half way in and out of her mouth. Her mouth was so hot. She began salivating and bobbing her head faster and faster, making slurping noises like the ones you hear in the really dirty porn flicks. It was great!

Monica pulled her hand away from Dave’s dick and really started working me. She had me pulsating in her mouth, but I didn’t want to cum yet, so I got her up on her feet and kissed her on the mouth. I didn’t care that she had just been sucking me and my buddy; I just couldn’t resist those lips. She worked her tongue all inside my mouth and worked my hand all inside her shirt. I unhooked her bra and released her brown globes. However, instead of drooping down, they just sat there. Her tits were unbelievably firm for being natural, but hey, she was only 18.

She pulled her shirt over her head and stood back. “You like?” she purred. As if she couldn’t tell by my throbbing boner. It felt like it was going to bust through the skin. I didn’t even speak. I just grabbed her by the waist and planted my head right between her boobs.

She giggled, “You are so fucking cool. Do you want to fuck me now? I want your dick right now”

I threw her down on the couch next to Dave. I got down and pulled her pants and panties down and off. Her pussy had a small trimmed patch of black hair. Her pussy lips were puffed out and slick. I don’t know why I did it, but I stuck my nose right into her mound and took in a deep breath.

“Ahhhhhh” she was so sweet. I slid my tongue along her juicy slit. “So sweet.” I continued licking her pussy lips and sucked on her clit. She kept cumming and glazing my face with her sweet nectar. She writhed around and began franticly rubbing her engorged clitoris while I tried fucking her with my tongue. I tried pushing it in her as far as I could.

“Oh SHIT, YES!” she screamed, “EAT MY PUSSY just like that.”

In her young life, I bet she never cam like this. I just kept slipping my tongue in and out of her snatch. When I thought she couldn’t take anymore, she decided to change up on me.

“Lick it from the back” she said as she got on her knees, facing the back of the couch. She bent over and stuck her ass right n my face. “Eat me from behind,” she continued.

Who was I to argue? That caramel ass was round and bubbly. I grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart. I slid my tongue from her pussy all the up the crack of her ass and stopped at her puckered little rose bud. She shuddered and squealed “More, More!”

I licked up and down again and again. Once, twice and on the third lick jammed my tongue in her pussy and my middle finger in her butt hole.

“Aaaaaayyyyyyy!!!” she screamed in pleasure. She was so loud; luckily nobody could hear us through the walls or outside. Dave, however did hear and finally woke up. When he did finally open his eyes, I bet he thought he was still dreaming.

“What the ---“ Dave couldn’t even finish his sentence, as Monica shifted her head and filled her mouth with Dave’s footlong. Dave just shut, leaned back and gave me wink. She began bobbing her head on his now hardening cock. As she sucked, it got harder, thicker and longer. She was working up a good slobber (like when she was sucking my dick) and now could only get about half of his schlong in her mouth. I went back to teasing her clit from behind, enjoying her sweet Dominican juice.

Within about five minutes, Monica was prime for fucking. I stood up and slid my cockhead in her from behind. She let out a slow moan over Dave’s rod as I entered her slowly. She was soaking wet but tight as hell. Dave was really getting into the blowjob and held her head down over his cock. She gagged a little as he shoved more of his meat down her throat.

“That’s it, take some more.” Dave grunted, pulling her head down further. This caused her ass to rise up further in the air, which gave me better access. I worked my cock all the way in her now and she loved it. She started backing into me fucking herself on my dick. I picked up the pace and slammed my cock into faster making her coca-brown ass jiggle and smack into my hips.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!” Monica was moaning and humming over Dave’s massive member. His head was back and his mouth was wide open. He looked like he was ready to explode any minute now. I gripped her ass tighter and pounded even harder. Dave was now moaning himself.

“Oh shit…awe fuck, don’t stop….OH SHIT!!!!!” Dave yelled. Monica’s cheeks ballooned as Dave pumped her mouth full of semen. She lifted her head off his lap, pulled away from me and covered her mouth as if she was going to hurl.

“What the fuck!?!” said Dave, firmly. “Swallow that shit.” Monica thought for a second, looked him in the eye and gulped down his offering.

Dave asked, “You ever sucked cock before?”

“Yes, but I don’t swallow” she hissed back. She still had a thick string of Dave’s cum on he chin.

Dave laughed, “Next time I’ll pull it out and cum all over you” he said. “Now come here and clean up this mess.” He pulled her back to him and held his still hard cock out to her. She held his huge slab in her hand and licked up all of the cum that was oozing out if his apple head.

I wasn’t about to let him have all of the fun, though. I still hadn’t gotten off. I again got behind her and licked away at her tasty hole. As I was behind her, stroked away at my own dick to keep it hard.

I kept her pussy nice and wet and now had a taste for something else. I worked my way from her pussyhole to her chocolate asshole. I swirled my tongue all over her cheeks and then jammed my middle finger back into her ass. She tightened up and but then released my finger as I worked my tongue back to her pussy. This relaxed her and I now was able to get a second finger in. This time, the middle finger from the other hand. With both hands, I spread her ass wide open.

She was on her hands and knees still licking away at Dave’s cock when she pushed her ass back in my face and squealed. “Fuck me, NOW!”

“Oh, we’re gonna’ fuck you baby.” Dave said.

“You guys are so fucking cool,” she cooed

I stood up and helped her to her feet. She straddled Dave, his cock fully erect now. He must have grown to 14 inches by now. She lowered herself over his meaty tower and I kept my finger in her asshole with the other on her shoulder pushing her down onto his dick.

“Aaaayyy! Oh…It’s fucking huge!” she cried, pushing down, trying to take in more of Dave’s mammoth white dick.

Dave had her by the hips pulling her tight little body onto his spear. I was working her asshole, preparing it for my own needy cock. I pushed her forward a little, giving Dave a face full of her dark nipples and giving me a perfect angle to plunge into her brown buttery butthole.

Monica finally settled onto his lap. She now had his full length in her tight vise. I only gave her a second to get used to the size as I pushed my cockhead in to her ass. Monica looked back over her shoulder at me and hissed. Her look turned me on so much I didn’t even give a fuck. I shoved more of my dick into her ass. I was half way in when she really loosened up. She was really into this double stabbing. She started gyrating her hips over Dave’s cock and opened up for me to slide all the way into her butt. I reached around and grabbed her tits with both hands and pumped into her ass. As I pushed in more and more I could feel Dave’s hammer through the wall that separates her ass and pussy. Monica screamed in delight at being stretched so far. We found a perfect rhythm and fucked Monica silly. I knew Dave was about to blow because he began grunting and cussing.

“I’m going to cum!” he shouted, “You’re going to taste it again girl, GET UP!” I pulled out of Monica as Dave got up and pushed her on the couch. He grabbed her by the hair and stuff the 7 inches he could into her mouth and grunted like a freakin’ barbarian.

“AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Dave yelled, bucking his hips into Monica’s face, his heavy, cum soaked balls slapping her chin with each thrust. His dick juice leaked from the sides of her mouth. I had my dick in my hand thinking: “What the fuck?”

I pushed Dave aside, freeing his cock from her abused mouth. “I want some more of that ass, baby” I said, then flipped the sexy little Latina on her stomach. I grabbed her hips and pulled her up onto her hands and knees. With her asshole relaxed, nice and lubed, I popped my hard-on back into her butt and sawed away, showing no mercy on her tender hole. Her hot, brown butt cheeks gripped my ivory member like a vise. “Ugghh, John! Fuck my ass, fuck me harder!” Monica cried, digging her nails into the couch.

Dave had cracked another beer and sat back to enjoy the show. “That’s it baby, take that cock in your ass” Dave cheered on. I could see, out of the corner of my eye, Dave stroking his dick to our fucking. I couldn’t believe it. He had come twice in her mouth and he was still hard as a brick. He was butt-naked with a beer in one hand and his 12 inch-plus pipe in the other.

“I’m gonna’ fill your ass up Monica, I’m gonna’ fucking come” I muttered.

“No, cum in her mouth”, Dave shouted, “Let her taste her own ass”.

“Cum baby, cum in my mouth!” Monica pleaded.

I pumped and pumped away until I couldn’t hold it. “Turn around” I cried, releasing my swollen bone from her punished butt. Monica sat back on the couch and opened her mouth wide for my gift. However, before I could get my cock between her lips, I let loose. Stream after hot stream of jizz shot all over the couch, Monica’s beautiful brown breasts, her gorgeous brown face, her beautiful hair, the wall behind the couch, everywhere. As the last drops of cum left my body, Dave pushed me aside and blew another massive load. His aim was better than mine as he coated her face with several thick shots of hot cum. Monica loved it. She reached out and grabbed our cocks, then rubbed them all over her face. She even alternated between us, sucking our deflating members, making sure she got every drop.

I plopped down on the couch next to Monica, whose pretty cocoa skin was now basted with our white sperm. I was fucking drained.

“Think fast!” Dave said, tossing me a cold beer. “Want a drink Monica?” he continued, pouring her a fresh drink.

Monica took the drink to her lips, covered in cum and all, and pounded it. “You guys are so fucking cool.” She whimpered. She tried to stand up, but her knees buckled and she crashed to the floor. She broke out laughing and said, “Oh fuck! you guys are so fucking cool.”

I just laughed, slammed my beer and headed for the shower.

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