tagNovels and NovellasYou Just Been Angela'd Ch. 02

You Just Been Angela'd Ch. 02


It arrived with his morning mail a very beautiful velum cream colored envelope tri-fold. His morning mail wasn't touched until early afternoon. Once he reached for the mail he fingered the envelope. Mindlessly wondering what advertisement ploy of sending such an expensive envelope.

Opening it a scent of delicate perfume wafted up into his nose. Looking down he read "You have been Angela'd" nothing else just that elegantly written. He turned it over brought it to his nose smelled it again. This campaign would cost megabucks have a huge failure rate. He set it aside to finish his mail he would ask around find out about it.

His day went without any event, turning off the lights he headed for the elevator to go home. Not noticing who or what was around him he read his paper in the elevator. Door slid open down one floor-slid open his senses were awaken. The perfume permeated inside the elevator. He looked couldn't see any woman new he missed her.

His anger at himself never left him even after reaching home. He threw down the brief case looking down he couldn't remember what he did with the envelope. Mindlessly he listened to his phone messages. "Hi Bart, welcome home. Oh by the way this is Angela." Bart's neck almost snapped as he lunged for the replay button.

Hitting it he waited for the voice it didn't come he must have hit erase? His mind was going just numb with this Angela thing. It was an advertisement but how did she get his personal home line?

He was able to recall the intoxicating scent it was tantalizing him even now. Hours after he smelled it for the first time. He ate while he finished his work going to bed well after midnight. He slept fitful his mind playfully bringing Angela into his dreams.

She must be stunning to look at. Could she be an old girlfriend? Could she be a secret admirer? His dreams had him touching her shoulder to wake before she turned. Awaking sleepy he chided his ignorance in losing sleep over some advertisement ploy.

If it were for perfume he loved it, he hated to admit it but he was hooked already by the intoxication it had played upon his senses. He would ask around find out what company was tapping in on this market.

Arriving to work he went straight to the day's appointments. He hadn't forgotten about the envelope he didn't want to find out it was a mass advertisement. Right now Angela was his.

"Your two o'clock is here Mr. Peters." Virginia said nasally.

Bart looked at his watch assured all was well in his life. His work life was always perfect his dating life was the broken side of him.

The door opens and in I walked with an air of importance. I walked straight in shook Bart's hand. Motioned for him to sit reached for his humidor opened it positioned for him to help himself. Bart reached in and sniffed it but didn't light it. I knew he wouldn't. I opened my brief case pulled out a maroon and gold box handed it to him and he knew immediately it was filled with three truffles. His weakness, his eyes fell upon my face the sunglasses hid what the hat didn't.

"Any questions Bart?" I asked softly with great interest.

"Yes. One who are you?" Bart asked politely.

"Straight to the answer's I like that in a man. I am here for you, Bart." I said softer.

"What my soul are you an angel?" He laughed.

I found that funny laughed with an honest laugh, I liked him but I knew I would. I had studied him for almost six months. Nothing was left to chance. His receiving my 'Angela'd wasn't done without a lot of examinations.

Questions were answered by sources; my one certainty was everybody's friend's family had a point they spoke. Bart sounded so wonderful I was truly impressed by him.

"I would love to invite you to my home for a dinner Friday evening, Bart." I said with an honest sincere invitation. I smiled sincerely swiped my lips looked at him directly. I knew he enjoyed eye contact so I slipped off my eyeglasses. My eyes were penetrating his he was grinning with a lop side grin.

"I will feel absolutely honored Angela." Bart was blushing his hands were firmly on the desktop. I knew he loved animal print lingerie. I knew he loved the woman to be the one in control to a point. I knew I would fuck him senseless, he knew it too.

Bart was a self made man not a millionaire but money never entered into my equations. The ordinary guys with something I found tantalizing were mostly my clients. They didn't have to be built either sexually or body type. They did have to have a side of sense of adventure and willing to act upon it. His sense of fun sexually was one of the top ten reasons I was there now.

"How about standing rib roast with baked potato fans, filled with garlic and butter? Buttered and dilled carrots coins along with creamed peas. For dessert Caramel crème cheesecake?" I stopped speaking.

"How in the world do you know what is my favorite meal?" Bart was well pleased.

I smiled that was something I knew but I knew a sheath of papers of much more important things about him. How he loved to come screaming in French? How he loved being tied? How he enjoyed being brought to many close orgasms? His wish was to know two women at once.

Tonight would be dinner seductive dining he wasn't going anywhere. Not before he was Angela'd and perhaps Gwynth.

"Tonight Bart eight sharp." I said as I stood up reaching across the desk shaking his hand.

"My pleasure Angela." Bart said in wonderment.

Time flew by for Bart he dressed with success and wondered even more about his hostess. Angela what an angelic name he sensed she wasn't an angel though.

Angela made sure the food was intricately prepared beautifully able to be served before readying myself. Once again I found myself in my bath preparing for a male guest. Sex wasn't on the menu tonight; I would watch his movements carefully. Intricacy intimacy without sex was an art. I slipped my body into a teddy that looked like a zebra. It covered my body like a second skin. Hugging my curves dangerously. My breasts were displayed without being overly on display. I slipped a floor length skirt on hugging my hips brushing the floor open to above my knee.

I knew his likes were bare skin no stockings. Atmosphere was delicately balanced it was time for the prey to enter the lair. Walking into the living area I noted it was letter perfect.

"Welcome Bart right on time a plus." I smiled as I leaned in for a kiss on the cheek.

"I couldn't let myself be late for this evening Angela. You have had me so intrigued. How beautiful you look. I love the zebra print. What a beautiful place you have here. Dinner smells deliciously." Bart was nervous.

We sat down on the sofa close he could smell my scent I could see his eyes his pupils. His hand gestures his many moves. I had poured him a glass of wine his favorite of course. 2001 Domaine De La Janasse Chateauneuf Du Pape Vielles Vignes. He was well pleased I would have served him this. More pleased than surprised it seemed. I loved that in a man. After all pleasure was enjoyed shared.

"Dinner is ready Bart let us go." I offered my arm as we walked to the table.

Conversation was tantalizing my senses. I noted his every move his every gesture. I also noted his space from his forefinger to his thumb the wedge always told me what I enjoyed knowing before having abandoned love with a partner. He threw his head side ways in moments of great joy. His scent seemed to be him no cologne. His body was telling me everything oh I found this so scintillating it made me almost forget my rule.

No sex on first personal contact Bart's movements was provoking me to let go of my number one rule. Dinner was over Bart stood up pulled out my chair his hands touched my bare arms. It caused me to quickly think and I held onto my rules.

"Well Bart this was tremendous tonight you have entertained me totally. How interesting that you have traveled so extensively. Your so well versed on everything it seems. Thank you for such a beautiful evening." I said charmingly.

"Oh no Angela this was magical tonight. We connected on so many levels. May I be so bold to ask to see you again?" Bart said with a pleading sound but an endearing way.

"Yes Bart. Are you free on Friday evening perhaps?" I said with a hint of a promise to be held.

"Oh I will be here Angela nothing could stop me from being here again with you." Bart said excitedly.

We parted he leaned into a friendly peck upon my cheek. I allowed that benign touch it made what was going to take place Friday seems outrageous to ever sense he held dear.

Friday was to hold dear what was going to happen to Bart. My home was transfixed into a jungle with so many alcoves of pillows for passionate pits. I had worked upon the atmosphere it all meant timing. Candles on floor length wooden holders being graced with vines. Mirrors being placed in positions for greater intimacy. Turning the fireplace into waterfall. Pillows thrown around. Music making sounds of the savanna Bart described his trip without knowing I was saving the descriptions to the finest detail.

After the change of the outer apartment I found myself pushing time to be ready for Bart. I desired for Bart more it always happened this way. My desires would take me the rest of this evening.

I undressed looking at my body knowing that I would wear my lion corset squeezing my tits together. A tiny little nothing sliver of clothe to cover my pussy with a floor length tiger print sheer robe.

Feeling the part was intoxicating from the mere dressing to the moment he arrived I was a seduction in progress. The doorbell rang alerting me to his arrival. Instead of myself opening it Gwynth opened the door totally nude she bowed down low. Allowing him entrance into the room. His eyes were darting from either side my place wasn't the same?

"I'm Miriam I'm here for your pleasure tonight before mistress Angelica comes to you. May I have your clothing?" Gwynth had the perfect accent down to the persona of a lady in waiting.

Bart's sense of sexual acceptance came out he started undressing for Gwynth and myself. His body was quite handsome soft in places, which I enjoyed at times. Once he was nude she gave him a robe. He placed it on but did not tie it his wonderfully uncircumcised cock was gloriously hanging for our pleasure.

Gwynth walked to him without an intimate kiss she started kissing his bare chest making slow process to his waist. Bart was moaning with the thrill of being succumbed with such an exotic beauty kissing and licking him with erotic touches.

"Miriam I can see Bart is quite taken by you. Please keep going I would love to watch such a beautiful sight." I said with an accent he hadn't heard before.

Bart's eyes riveted to mine allowed Miriam to follow through as he drunk my beauty in. I was standing for his enjoyment wearing what I knew he had walked past only a few days prior in a lingerie shop.

"Oh my Angelica how do you know what it is I want? What it is I desire? What I have touched?" Bart's voice cracked.

Miriam had licked his cock for the first long lick. Bart's head tilted side ways I knew by that he was in heaven. His cock was responding with slipping outside its protective outer covering. I licked my lips wanting the taste upon my lips.

I walked towards his body slipped off my robe pressed into his hands dared him to rip off the cloth that kept us apart. His fingers easily did slip under their silken material and I was bare to his eyes. The corset he worked as though he had done it a million times. Miriam had been licking him this whole time. I squatted down thighs apart he could see from the mirror angled my pussy was open clit was hanging down I slipped his cock down my throat. His body quivered but he kept standing. She went around him slipped his robe off and kissed his back and got to his ass. We were insatiable with kissing and licking him. His cock became engorged with so much cum.

We moved to a pillow thrown area and kept his assault going upon his body. When he decided he was going to have us both he had us both get upon our hands and knee's. He slid his cock into my wet pussy making me scream out.

"Oh this is soooo oh fuckkkkk youuuurrrrrr harder harder harderrrrr." I screamed into the pillow.

He pulled his wet slippery cock out and plunged into Miriam's wet open pussy it was a slash of red and swollen hot folds of flesh. She bucked him she wanted more than a mere hard fuck she wanted him to rip her wide.

"Harder I am so hot for you nowwwwww!" Miriam screamed.

As he was piston pumping making us both squeal he would pull and pinch on my clit as he pounded her to the ground. When he got to me he would twist and pinch her nipples until she cried out in pain/pleasure. His senses were overload he wasn't comprehending the fucking of two long legged women.

He grabbed tits nipples, pussies and clits he kissed licked bit and sucked us off both. His stamina was outstanding. His body was a marvel of raw sex.

Neither of us knew what was about to happen until we heard the language of French come out so vulgar yet it came out so beautifully erotic. His cum splashed upon our faces his body jerked. Falling into a heap we were tangled arms legs we were exhausted.

Bart was another client I enjoyed many times sometimes one on one but Gwynth enjoyed him as much as I did.

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