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You Just Never Know


I'm fifty six years old. I'm married (seven years) to a great woman of forty three. She's my second wife and she was married once before, too. We each have two daughters from our first marriages. All the girls are out on their own now, so it's just the two of us at home.

The situation makes it nice for us. We both love our kids but it's wonderful to have the freedom to walk naked to and from the shower, as well as simply sit around in the nude. Even at our 'advanced' age we have sex three or more times a week. Candy is adventurous and so am I. She discovered almost by accident that being spanked is a turn on for her. When she turns the tables on me, making me bend over her knee, I find that I have to be in a certain mood to enjoy it.

Another fetish I had been curious about is what is known as 'water sports'. It had never even occurred to me that people might enjoy wetting their pants. My last experience with that – embarrassingly at the age of ten when I was shy about raising my hand to go to the boy's room – left me less than enamored of the experience. But I had explored many different subjects in my internet surfing.

I am as straight as anything, but I've perused some bisexual, gay and transsexual sites. I find things about all of them that turn me on, though I'd hardly try them. There was just something about the peeing sites that kicked something up a notch in me I guess.

Candy has mentioned that it 'grosses her out' thinking about people even peeing in the shower. Now, to me, there's nothing wrong with that. After all, we wash our armpits and asses in there. A lot worse things than pee must fall down the drain. I've always peed in the shower when necessary. At any rate, I was reluctant to approach the idea of our peeing on each other with her. What tipped the scales was after I'd tasted my own pee.

The first time I just put my finger under the last drops and took it into my mouth. Other than a salty taste, it tasted like nothing. The next time I caught a little more in my palm and sipped it. It was the same. Finally, I took a juice glass to the bathroom with me when I felt the urge. I held it under my cock and caught a full glass before pinching the flow off and continuing into the toilet. I drank a good mouthful. It was still the same. In fact, it tasted like one of those sports drinks: chock full of minerals and things that a person loses through perspiration – or through urination.

It hadn't occurred to me until right then that there might be a benefit from drinking urine. If my body excreted good things when I peed, drinking it should return them to me. As Alice said, "Curiouser and curiouser..."

Still, as time progressed, our sex life dwindled. As usual it seemed like we were covering the same ground over and over. We fell to making love once a week or even less. I finally decided to broach the subject. We were lying together after making love when Candy said she had to pee.

"Want me to come along?" I asked. She had slipped out of bed and straightened up to face me. Her chest was shiny with sweat and the delicious aroma of sex emanated from her crotch.

"Why on Earth would I want that?" she asked me with a frown.

"Oh, I don't know. It's just another intimacy. I could wipe you when you're done." Her frown dissolved into laughter.

"What the hell are you up to?" she demanded. She knew I was angling toward something, but I was reluctant to tip my hand.

"Nothing. Never mind then," I said and I watched her butt as she left the room. My dick started to awaken again as I pictured her sitting on the bowl, her hot stream splashing under her open crotch. I sighed.

Candy came back to bed and started to crawl over me to her side. I waited until she put the first leg across me. Then I grabbed her thighs and pulled. She let herself go with it and ended up just where I wanted her. I stretched out my tongue and dipped between her labia. There was the slightest tang. I knew it was from her urine. "God, Dan, I just peed!" she exclaimed.

I pulled back enough to say, "I don't care. You taste delicious!" I went back to licking her and thrusting my tongue into her hot slippery pussy. It wasn't the first time I'd eaten her after depositing my semen inside her. That shocked her the first time I tried it, too.

Candy relaxed and in a few minute she was wiggling back and forth on my mouth, having another orgasm. We slowed down and she rolled over me. As she slipped under the sheet she said, "Where did that come from?" I decided to be honest with her.

"Honey, you know I look at porn online, don't you?" It was a rhetorical question. She'd known from the time we first got together and had even told me once she was glad I did.


"Well, I've seen some water sport sites," I said.

"Water sports? What...? Oh my God! You mean peeing?"

"Yeah. I have been wondering about it. I think I would like to do that."

"Wait: do you mean being the pee-er or being the pee-ee?" I had to laugh at her word crafting.

"Either one. I mean, I remember how warm it was when I wet my pants when I was little." I hadn't told her about my fifth grade humiliation. "It just seems...intimate, you know?"

"It seems nasty, you know? I don't think I could do that, honey. I'm sorry."

That seemed the end of it. At least we went to sleep and nothing was said about it for a while. In private, however, I thought about it. I would pull up shots of women kneeling under men – and even opening their mouths sometimes -- to receive that golden shower. I looked at men lying under their partners and drinking the hot urine that fell down on their faces. I would get hard as I looked.

Candy tipped her glass back and finished her drink. The ice cubes tinkled in the glass as she set it down. "Whew! I'm pretty wasted," she declared.

"Honey, you only had two drinks," I protested, though I'd mixed her gin and tonic and I knew I'd made them strong. Still, it shouldn't have been enough to make her drunk.

"You know me: the original lightweight," she said. Then she reached over to tangle her fingers in my hair. "Wanta go fuck?" she asked bluntly.

I looked at her. Her eyes held that spark that told me she was up for something kinky. I sort of just shrugged my shoulders. "But first, I think I want another drink," I said.

"Oh, Jesus! Okay, as long as you're willing to put up with a raving drunk, I'll have one more!" she said. I kissed her then. My hands found their way to her breasts and I fondled and tweaked. Her hand went to my crotch and found my stiffening dick there. She moaned into my mouth in anticipation. We broke the kiss.

"But I have to pee first. You go make the drinks and I'll go pee." She got to her feet and turned toward the hallway. I grabbed her hand and stopped her. I got up and – still holding her hand – led her down the hall. "Dan! What the fuck?" She hadn't gotten the idea yet. I said nothing.

In the bedroom I stopped her by the bed. I pulled her tee shirt over her head and unbuttoned her pants. "Oh, okay, this way we can play while we have another drink," she said with a crooked smile. She didn't know that the drink I wanted was in her bladder, waiting to be set free. When she was naked, she pranced with urgency while she undressed me.

When I was naked too she started to pull toward the bathroom. I was enjoying her discomfort because it made it more likely that she wouldn't be able to hold back when I accompanied her to the bathroom. I put my hands on her shoulders and propelled her toward the bathroom. She sputtered, not understanding my role in her urination. I held my tongue.

Once in the bathroom she turned to look at me. I took her hand and stepped into the empty bathtub. I pulled her in with me. When I got to my knees her eyes went wide. "Oh no! I can't pee on you! Dan, you know I can barely pee when you're in the room! Please!" I didn't say anything but I made sure she couldn't get free. I knew she had to go bad enough that she'd be unable to help losing it, no matter where she was.

"Dan! Goddammit! Let me go!" She was not really mad, just frantic and embarrassed. I held my ground. I went from my knees to my back, pulling her gently along. Candy didn't kneel. She simply squatted, because she wanted to be ready to bolt for the toilet when I let go – which I surely must do when my joke was over. Squatting made control more difficult for her.

She glanced down and saw that my cock had stiffened. She tells me my hard cock is the most beautiful thing she's ever seen. Okay, well, that's what she said! Anyway, when she saw that I was that excited she reconsidered. Besides, she simply couldn't hold it any longer.

With a moan, she let go. The first of it came out in a gush, splashing onto my belly and groin. She looked into my eyes and whimpered as the stream continued to flow. I never let my eyes stray as I held out my hand to catch some of it. When I brought the handful of urine to my mouth and tipped it in, she groaned. I think she had a little orgasm then, though she denies it.

After quaffing my first taste of her urine I scooted down so that she was peeing directly on my face. She gasped but I opened my mouth and took in what she had left (which wasn't much). When she finished I pulled her down to my mouth and licked at her folds. I sucked and licked up all the piss that was there. Behind that she was exuding a lot of pussy juice – much more than she usually did. We went to the bedroom and had the hottest sex we'd had in a long time. Candy asked later about the taste of her pee and what it felt like. All I could tell her was about the saltiness and pointed out how hard it had made me. She laughed.

A few days later I was feeling frisky after dinner and we were making out on the couch. When I suggested we move to the bedroom, Candy said, "Why not the bathroom first? I think I have to pee." I don't think I've ever grinned that hard.

I sighed as I reclined under my wife. She was standing up, not squatting as she'd been the other time. As a result her stream felt harder but a little cooler when it hit. She stood with her feet at my hips. She used her fingers on her pussy to direct the stream. She maneuvered it from my hard cock up to my mouth. I drank her in with relish.

When she was done she started to step out of the tub. I rose up and grabbed her arm. She turned to me. "My turn," I said simply. She frowned but the frown disappeared immediately.

"I don't know, honey..." I didn't give her room to decline. I just moved her back into the tub. My hands on her shoulders caused her to go to her knees. She closed her eyes and I took hold of my dick. I had to wait until the stiffness went a way a little bit before I could pee. After about half a minute of anticipation I felt the first squirt running out of my cock. Candy gasped when t hit her. I watched the yellow liquid flow from her tits to her crotch and fall into the tub around my feet.

It was her idea to lean forward and taste my urine the way I'd done under her. She didn't complain. She didn't 'drink' it, but she let it run into and out of her mouth. Too soon I was finished and my bladder was drained. Inside, the feeling was much the same as when I spanked her. It naturally gave me a feeling of superiority, or of dominance. It was the opposite side of the way it felt when I allowed her to spank me or of when I subjected myself to her urination.

The effect on her was what I'd expected. As repelled as she professed to be about peeing in the shower, she admitted the similarity between water sports and spanking. We've made it a part of our sexual repertoire, indulging in water sports about as often as we indulge in spanking. The biggest difference has been that she wants to spank me more often. And I find that I want her to spank me more often. Hmm...

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