tagIncest/TabooYou Look Good, Mom

You Look Good, Mom

byFrederick Carol©

This is the sequel to 'I'll just borrow Matt, sweetheart. Pure fantasy, so you don't need to tell me it's unlikely!

Anne sat for a while after Matt left, with a smile on her face, remembering the taste of him in her mouth, the feel of his lips at her pussy as he ate her to climax, of the sensation of his rock-hard prick as he took her from behind, taking her over the top to another climax. After four years without any sex after her husband's untimely death, Matt's teenaged virility had certainly reminded her of the pleasures to be found.

Her pussy still throbbed, reminding her again, and she stroked herself lightly through the opening of her robe, enjoying the feel of her fingers against her shaved mons. She glanced at the clock. Almost four. Matt had said he'd have Kathy home just after six, in plenty of time for dinner at seven. Anne smiled to herself. She'd make enough to serve three, just in case he could stay, but first she'd better get dressed. She stood, then sniffed her fingers. Another shower first!

In the shower she absently soaped her breasts, cupping them, reminding herself of the feel of Matt's hands. Her nipples stiffened and she pulled at them gently, then one hand stole down between her legs and she began to stroke herself, to bring herself up to a solo peak, a peak attained quickly on her remembered pleasure. Her climax was strong and satisfying and she hummed to herself as she came down from her high and resumed her washing.

Get a grip on yourself, Anne Evans, she thought. Okay, you have just been most satisfactorily fucked by your daughter's boyfriend, but Kathy will want him herself. I wonder, she did say she would share. How long? Until they break up, or get married or something? Anne smiled. I'd better look for a man of my own, now that Matt has brought my pussy back to life!

She finished her shower and donned a pair of panties and a pair of loose shorts. About to put on her bra, she stopped. No, she thought, I think I'll swing free for the evening. My tits aren't that big. She put the bra back in her lingerie drawer and pulled on a loose t-shirt.

She decided on a tuna salad for dinner, reasoning that it would neither spoil nor get cold if dinner was delayed for any reason, and soon had it prepared. She poured herself a glass of iced tea and settled back with a magazine, waiting for Kathy's return from her trip to the mall. It was nearing six-thirty when she heard Matt's pickup pull up outside and Kathy and Matt came in.

"Hi, Mom," said Kathy, "what's for dinner?"

"Tuna salad, ice-cream for dessert. Okay?"

"Very okay." Kathy turned to Matt. "Thanks for the ride. See you tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow it is," said Matt. "I'll get myself off home."

"You don't have to go, if you don't want to, Matt. Stay for dinner if you like," Anne said, smiling at her daughter's boyfriend. "In fact, if you want to, you can stay overnight." She regarded the two teenagers thoughtfully for a moment. "I'll let you sleep together if you'll promise me that you'll use protection. I'm not ready to be a grandmother yet," she added, smiling.

Kathy flushed but regarded her mother with sparkling eyes, then turned to Matt. "Do you want to sleep with me, sweetheart?" she asked impishly.

Matt glanced across at Anne, flushing in his turn, but took Kathy's hand in his. "You know I do, very much," he said. He turned to Anne. "I have to collect something for my Uncle Bob, then tell my Mom where I'll be and pick up a change of clothes. It will take me about an hour. Is that OK?"

"Not a problem, Matt," Anne said. "Like I said, it's tuna salad for dinner and ice-cream for dessert. They won't spoil. You go ahead. Kathy and I will make sure everything's ready when you get back."

"Okay, I'll get away then," said Matt, kissing Kathy briefly; but soundly, Anne noticed. Kathy went out to his pickup with him and came skipping lightly back in as Matt drove away.

"Kathy, everything's ready for dinner, but we have to talk," said Anne, flushing.

"Yes, we do, don't we?" said Kathy dryly, frowning at her mother.

Oh dear, thought Anne, he told her.

Kathy grinned suddenly. "Don't look so worried, Mom, I told you I didn't mind."

"He told you?"

Kathy nodded. "He looked so sheepish I thought you must have managed, Mom. I asked him outright, 'did you fuck my Mom?' and he told me then. Was he as good as you hoped?"

"Better, much better," said Anne.

"I guess you enjoyed it then," said Kathy, taking her mom's hand and squeezing it. "Do you want to know what he said about you?"

"What?" asked Anne, dreading the answer.

"I asked him if you were any good, you know, kidding, and he said that you were 'an absolutely incredible fuck', and I quote his very words!"

"He said that?" said Anne, feeling obscurely pleased to be so described by someone half her age.

"He certainly did. Mom?"


"Would you like to fuck him again?" Kathy asked gently.

Anne paused for a moment. "Gods, yes, very much, but he's your boyfriend, Kathy, and I will not come between you."

Kathy gave her Mom a rueful smile, colour in her cheeks. "Actually, I was thinking more in terms of 'beside', rather than 'between'. Your bed is big enough for the three of us." She stopped, then shook her head. "No, sorry, Mom, I shouldn't have said that."

"Then why did you?" Anne said, a shiver of excitement building in her. "Was it because you like the idea of sharing your man with another woman?"

"Not just any woman, Mom, but in some ways I guess I do, either that or sharing my Mom with my boyfriend."

Anne gazed at Kathy for a long moment, thinking furiously. Should she, shouldn't she? What exactly did Kathy have in mind? Then a thought struck her. "Kathy?"

"Yes, Mom?"

"Have you and Matt had sex with someone else there before?"

Kathy flushed again and nodded.

"Do you want to tell me about it?"

Kathy grimaced, hesitating.

"I won't tell anyone, you know that, don't you?" said Anne.

"I guess so."

"Well? Was it another girl?" A thought struck Anne and her pussy throbbed suddenly. "Or was it another boy?"

Kathy glanced at her mother and grinned suddenly. "I've never had two guys at once. Have you?"

Anne nodded reluctantly. "A long time ago."

"What about another woman?"

"Yes, that too. But we were talking about you."

Kathy took a deep breath. "You promise not to tell anyone?"

"Who would I tell? I promise, sweetheart."

"OK, then. The first time Matt and I fucked, it was at Lisa's as you already know. Well the way it started, Lisa and I were playing about with a dildo that Lisa found belonging to Suzi, you know, Lisa's sister."

"I know. Go on."

"Well we were naked and Lisa said something about the first pri -- umm, penis -- that got to her promised land had to belong to a real live male. What we didn't know was that Matt was just outside the door. He'd just come from the hospital, where Todd was getting his ankle examined. Well, Matt said 'can I volunteer' or something, and the next thing I knew we had agreed that he should fuck us both. Matt had Lisa first, then me. It was just so exciting having someone else there, even just watching, not joining in." Kathy looked up at her mother, her face flushed, eyes bright.

Anne squeezed her hand. "Did you want Matt to fuck you, or were you persuaded by the situation?"

Kathy frowned. "At first I think it was the situation," she said, "but we had a swim after Matt fucked Lisa and then we showered together, and the more I thought about it the more I wanted him. I could have said no and Matt wouldn't have tried to force me, he's not like that, but we did fuck and I loved it and I've never regretted it, Mom, and I want to do it again as often as I can." She grinned at her mother. "He makes me feel great!"

"Good," said Anne. "I can vouch for him being a good lover," she said grinning back at her daughter.

"Yeah!" said Kathy.

"Any other shared situations you want to tell me about?" said Anne.

"Well, one morning after Mr and Mrs Larson left for the gallery, Todd and I fucked while Matt fucked Lisa."

"In the same room?" Anne asked, wondering suddenly how many lovers her daughter had had.

"Yeah. I think Todd and Lisa were a bit uncomfortable with each other at first, I mean, being brother and sister. It's been great since Lisa started going with Jeff and Todd with Cindy, it means I can have Matt to myself. That's the way I like it. Except that I want you to have him, too, Mom, if you want."

"I want to," said Anne, gnawing at her lip, "I really want to, if you are absolutely certain you don't mind." She shook her head, a bemused look on her face. "This is all moving so fast."

"Mom, I worry about me sometimes. At the moment I have this vision in my head of Matt's prick disappearing into your pussy and I want to be there to see it."

"You do?"

"Yes, I do, I want to a lot, and I can't explain why."

Anne took a deep breath. "Then you shall, but only if you return the favour." Have I really just agreed to sleep with my daughter and her boyfriend? Not only that, but join in their love-making? Watch, and be watched?

"It's a deal, Mom. Mom?"

"Yes, sweetheart?" I guess I did!

"Shall we give Matt a treat?"

"Like what?"

"Let's put our sexiest underwear on for him to find later," said Kathy, grinning at her mother.

"Hmm, yes, that could be fun. Let's go raid some lingerie drawers."

The two women went upstairs and were soon comparing skimpy apparel. Kathy held up a blue and white teddy. "Remember that day you came home and found me and Matt here. You know, last week?"

"Yes, I remember."

"If you'd been two minutes earlier I was wearing this and we were fucking."

"Just that?" asked Anne dryly.

"With stockings, of course."

"Of course."

Kathy giggled.

"What?" said Anne.

"Remember when I went out, with my wrap-around skirt and my t-shirt?"


"That was all I was wearing. No bra, no panties."

"I could see you had no bra on, Kathy. Your lack of panties wasn't as obvious, I'm pleased to say."

"I should hope not. Mom?"

"Yes, sweetheart?"

"I don't think the teddy is a good idea. Matt's seen it before, in any case."

"So what are you choosing?"

"How about this?" Kathy held a red and black bustier against herself.

Anne grinned. "Nice, and you know what?"


"I have a very similar pink and white one."

Kathy looked thoughtful for a moment, then looked up at her mother. "I dunno, it means our tits will be covered when our outer clothes come off."


"I think, under the circumstances, that separate bra, panties and garter-belt would be more fun for Matt." Kathy grinned suddenly.

"What?" said Anne.

"I know Matt likes stockings, rather than pantyhose."

Anne snorted. "Show me a man who doesn't."

"Yeah, but I have those thigh-highs with the grip tops, they don't need a garter-belt, and they sure look sexy when you aren't wearing anything else." She giggled. "I checked myself in my bedroom mirror to make sure."

Anne had a sudden vision of herself and Kathy, naked except for the stockings, and her pussy throbbed. "How many pairs do you have?" she asked.

"Three, two dark tan and one black."

"Can I borrow a pair?" asked Anne.

"Sure, Mom. Complement or contrast?"

"How about we dress the same?"

"You mean our other clothes, too?"

"Yes, Kathy my sweet, that's exactly what I mean."

When Matt returned some thirty minutes later he found two elegantly clad ladies waiting for him, each of them clad in crisp white blouse, buttoned to the throat, and charcoal skirts, although Kathy's skirt was noticeably shorter than her mother's. Each of them was wearing tan stockings. High-heeled sandals completed each outfit.

Matt smiled in delight when he saw them. "I'm pleased I changed," he said, laughing. He was wearing crisp tan chinos and a light blue sports shirt, snug to his well-muscled swimmer's torso.

"Very good you look, too, Matt. Here give me your bag, I'll put it upstairs," said Anne, thinking, but I won't tell you which room I'm putting it in. "Kathy, pour three glasses of wine, please."

"Sure thing, Mom," said Kathy, suiting the action to the words.

Anne took Matt's bag upstairs and put it in her bedroom. I'm wet already, she thought. She grinned at her reflection and went back downstairs. In the living-room Kathy was just disentangling herself from Matt's kiss.

"Hey, don't I get one?" said Anne.

"Of course," said Matt, about to offer her a dry-mouthed peck but Anne hung her arms around his neck and offered her moist and open mouth. Matt's hesitation was infinitesimal and Anne's senses were reeling when she reluctantly broke the kiss. Kathy was grinning at her, her eyes sparkling.

"Dinner," said Anne breathlessly, "is ready."

Anne and Kathy had arranged the table so that Matt sat opposite them and the three were soon enjoying their dinner. Anne had bought a liter bottle of wine and there was enough for two glasses each. Enough to prime Matt's pump, not enough to make him droop, she reasoned. We'll have coffee afterwards in any case.

Matt's eyes had been flickering between them as they ate and as Kathy was gathering the empty dessert dishes he stopped her. "You two have got something planned, haven't you? Some devious female scheme that could only come from the mind of an Evans woman, haven't you?"

"Us?" said Kathy, innocent, then grinned. "Of course we have."

"Will I enjoy it?" Matt said, grinning in his turn.

"I think you might," said Anne, "if your recovery is good."

"Like that, is it?" said Matt, smiling at the two of them.

"Just like that," said Anne, "but coffee first." She gestured. "You two go through to the living room, I'll get the coffee."

The two teenagers went off hand in hand as Anne cleared away the last few dishes and took them through into the kitchen, stacking them in the dishwasher. She paused for a moment, leaning against the kitchen workbench. Do I really want to do this, she asked herself, do I want to go to bed with my daughter and her boyfriend, do I want to watch as Kathy fucks Matt, and do I want her to watch as Matt fucks me? Well, save me for a sinner, but yes, I do! She took a deep breath and went through to join the others.

Kathy was sitting at one end of the couch, Matt beside her in the center. Anne sat down beside Matt, laying the tray of coffees on the small table in front of the couch. The three sat in comfortable silence for a while, drinking their coffee and chatting idly, mainly about the subjects the two teenagers intended to take at college. The three of them were all aware that something was about to happen and there was a palpable tension in the air.

Coffee finished, Anne gathered the cups and went out into the kitchen, quickly loading them into the dishwasher. Anne waited, and in a moment or two Kathy came into the kitchen. She grinned when she saw her mother.

"Ready for stage two?" she asked.

Anne took a deep breath and nodded. "I guess so," she said, feeling her pussy moisten. "Let's go."

The two women quickly removed their skirts and loosened the buttons of their blouses. About to return to the living-room Anne paused. She looked at Kathy and grimaced. "Let's go for broke, sweetheart, I need that lovely prick sooner rather than later."

"Naked, Mom?"

"Not quite. Stockings and shoes, I think."

Kathy grinned. "Stockings and shoes, Mom. Let's do it!"

The two women quickly stripped off their remaining clothes, except for their stockings. Anne reached up and tugged the ribbon from Kathy's hair, letting her dark-brown curls swing around her shoulders, then took her daughter's hand. "Once more unto the breach..."

Kathy giggled. "That's where Matt's headed."

Anne snorted and led the way. Matt's face was a picture when he saw the two of them. As Kathy said to her mother later, "I swear I heard his jaw drop." His recovery was quick, however, and he stood as the two naked women came close. He reached out and took Kathy in his arms, bending to kiss her briefly but thoroughly, then did the same to Anne. The two women hugged him, their naked breasts pressing against him. Anne took his left hand, Kathy his right and they led him upstairs.

In Anne's bedroom a low-powered bedside lamp gave a honeyed glow to the skins of the two women. A knitted rug was draped over the bed and extra pillows made a mound against the headboard of the bed. Kathy reached up and began to unbutton Matt's shirt.

"Don't do anything, Matt. Let us undress you, then you can choose who you want first."

Anne moved behind Matt and let her nipples brush his shirt as she reached around him to loosen his belt, then moved her fingers to unfasten the button at his waist and slide the zipper down carefully over the growing bulge. She went to her knees behind him to loosen his sneakers. Matt kicked them off and Anne pulled at his chinos, sliding them down to his ankles.

On Matt's other side Kathy looked down as she lifted his shirt off over his head. She grinned and bent sideways so that she could see her mother.

"There's something huge in Matt's undershorts, Mom. Pull them down so that I can see. Right, that's it. Ooh, yes-s-s!"

Anne heard Matt hiss in a breath as Kathy's hand closed around his erection and stood, so that she could move around in front of him. Kathy was fingering Matt's erection gently and Anne put her arm around her daughter, resting her head on Kathy's shoulder, her eyes on Matt's face.

His eyes were closed, a blissful expression on his face. Anne locked glances with Kathy and they both smiled. Kathy gave a squeeze to Matt's prick and then released it. His eyes came open, moving between the two naked women before him and he smiled happily.

"Who do you want first, Matt? Me, or Mom?"

"Isn't there some way I can have both of you? Remember . . ." His voice trailed off and Kathy realized that he had been about to say, 'remember when you and Ellen sat on me', but they hadn't told Anne about Ellen.

"Remember what?" asked Anne, her gaze flicking between them.

"A suggestion Matt made to Lisa and me, that one of us sat on his prick and one of us on his face. How about it, Mom?"

Anne pondered briefly. "Another time, perhaps. For now I'm happy to wait my turn. Kathy, you go first. I've haven't watched another couple make love for a long time, and I certainly never expected to watch my daughter." She reached out and hugged the two teenagers. "I love you both. Now let's start the fun."

"On your back, Matt," said Kathy, grinning at her mother. "Now the idea's in my mind I'm gonna ride you. Mom, you lie beside Matt. Best view in the house!"

Anne giggled, probably hysteria she thought, but she followed Matt onto the bed and propped herself on one elbow. Kathy climbed onto the bed and straddled Matt's legs, reaching to play gently with Matt's erection. She glanced at her mother. "Ready?"

Anne nodded and Matt spoke up. "Very!"

"Not quite," said Kathy. "I'm not on the pill yet. Doctor Bianchi says I start taking it when I get my period, next week. Until then it's still rubbers for us, stud." She made a long arm to the bedside cabinet and grabbed one of the now-familiar foil packets, tearing it open and skilfully, Anne thought, rolling it onto Matt's erection. She grinned down at Matt. "Now you're ready."

Kathy eased herself forward until she was poised over Matt's hardness and lowered herself until the tip was just at her entrance, her hand guiding him into her, the blunt head just beginning to spread her lips. She took her hand away.

Anne was fascinated. Yes, she'd watched other couples in her youth, but not in such a relatively bright room. The swollen condition of Kathy's labia was clear to her and she held her breath as Kathy began to lower herself, Anne's fascinated gaze fixed on the rock-hard pole as it pushed its way into her daughter. Kathy lowered herself steadily until all of Matt that would fit was inside her.

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