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You May Share Me


Dear Master,

You were not quick enough by far to tie or detain me last night. So I went my dear...I had to...for the attention...attention from all the big boys at the bar because I crave it so...and for your attention as well. Now that I've returned home and once I have rested sufficiently from my unbelievable foray into naughtiness, once I have recovered enough to tell you fully of my shameful, disgraceful acts...the bad behavior, the poor choices, such a flagrant display tsk tsk...perhaps I will leave it up to you what to do with me then. Whatever your pleasure or displeasure with me, whatever your reprimand or command I will endure, I swear! But just now I will drag myself wearily back to bed, to the softness of fine pillows, to the warmth of silken sheets, and to the bliss and comfort of my slumber.

But in an effort to ease your ire, if you experience any in anticipation of my tale before I am fully able to tell it, I promise you this, no one will ever penetrate me unless it is with your absolute approval and instruction and under your benevolent, watchful eye and only if that is what you care to do with me. You can dress me up or down as the case may be, lead me scantily clad across a parking lot to the mall where you take me shopping, give the shoe salesman a heart-pounding thrill with a glimpse and delightful whiff of the delicacy between my bare naked legs as he smoothes the zipper on my brand new patent-leather thigh highs, you can share me with your friends, a business associate or two, or an entire rugby team if you know one...I mean, if you care to.

Whatever it is you wish or care for them to do with me, they may. However it is you instruct me to have or grant them access in, on or of me, I will. They may lick me, they may suck me, they may shove big fat fingers wherever they can fit or force them within me. They may cum all over the gentle, silky cascade of glorious golden red locks that tumble forever untamable from my head and they may spill themselves in gobs upon my shoulders. I may feel the weight and the viscosity of all their hot fluids shot recklessly upon my pretty, upturned face, or caked and clotted on my beautiful bare breasts; my high, firm tits which no doubt heave and sway deliciously from the unending exertion of having to suck every last one of them to explosion.

I may smell the muskiness of their sex, wretch violently at the overwhelming stench of their sweaty unclean groins...I may hear their groans of pleasure as I rhythmically lick and fuck their hairy assholes with my velvety tongue and pump their bursting cocks with slim fingers. For days I may wear the redness and the bruising of their rough, stinging slaps upon my lovely white ass or my dripping wet slit. Yes Master, you can do whatever it is with me you please but no one will ever have me without your permission! I promise. I swear. You believe me, don't you?

And anticipation of your wrath, Master, just the thought of what you might do to me, just the thought of how you might demand my repentance, extract your payment for my deviant, shameful behavior, left me unendingly moist and incredibly short of breath all through last night.

My panties, delicate, black and silky soft resting high on the hip and so obviously displayed above the low-cut fashion of my short, short skirt were perfumed with the sweet smell of my sex. Slicked almost clear by my traveling warmth they tantalized, teased and caressed me mercilessly and were plastered, no doubt, by my own wetness to the tightness of my delicious slit all night. Enhancing the definition of my small pussy lips and the gentle crevice in between; that smooth, bare naked, sensitive place...mmmm!

I can tell you the sight certainly elicited some affection from the crowd. Generated at least some of the attention I desired. Perhaps I should reward you for your help with my evening's endeavors!

But you must know you were with me. You were in my head and you were in my heart. It seems heavy with you of late...which is also why I had to go. To try and exorcise some of what I feel, shake my head, so to speak, and a good deal of my ass and everything else as well. To rid myself of just the thought of you!

In time, I will tell you of it all, as I am able...able to walk, able to talk, able to reason, able to think. And then, my pet, my Master, my friend you will do with me what you will, what you must. You know what that is...please! If not, I shall never, ever forgive you and I will probably not return! And one thing more Master, I will never share you...EVER. If you so much as suggest it again, I will be done and so will you!


Your Whore

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