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You Never Know


Note from the Authoress: For any one who has read the Julie Journals they will know I always mention that my stories are a mixture of fact and fantasy. The content of this story is pure fantasy but the characters are fact. For that reason I have not included this as part of the Julie Journals. It is dedicated to a woman who I know and love very dearly.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Amanda sat at the bar staring at the door with a longing look on her face willing that the next person to walk in would be the woman she had travelled 12,000 miles for a chance to see. Her heart sank a little when through the doorway walked an elegant woman with long blonde hair that fell straight to her shoulders. Amanda sighed, as she knew that the woman she yearned for had dark brown wavy hair, so the blonde couldn't be her.

Amanda sat back in the comfortable leather chair and opening up her laptop bought up the log of the last Instant Messenger conversation she and Julie had taken part in.

Message Log

Amanda – I love you and want so much to meet you when I visit London

Julie – I love you as well but you know that it would be madness for us to meet. I am married remember and hubby doesn't know I am bi, and anyway you might make me 'jump the fence' as you always keep threatening to.

Log Closed

Amanda laughed softly to herself as she read the comment about 'jumping the fence.' Amanda had been a lesbian for as long as she could remember and had never been with a man, however Julie, her Internet lover, was bi and lived a man and kept her bisexuality a secret from him.

As Amanda read on the log became more heated and closing her eyes she remembered how often as they had chatted she had pleasured herself, first with her fingers and then finally with a dildo. Driving the toy in and out of herself in such a frenzy that she couldn't type, just read as the words that appeared on her laptop from Julie describing in graphic detail what they would be doing if they were together.

Amanda felt her nipples harden under her t-shirt and the warmth in her groin started to spread, and she started to blush, as she was sure that people in the bar could read her thoughts. Shaking herself back to reality Amanda returned to the log scanning for the passage she was seeking.

Message Log

Julie – So where are you staying? Amanda – Tower Thistle Hotel, London Bridge. Why you going to come and see me and let me ravish you?...lol

Julie – You know what I always say, never say never.

Amanda – Yeah never say never but I can say highly unlikely

Julie – Are you mad at me?

Amanda – *sighs*... no not mad just hopeful

Julie – Well if I do make it be in the bar between 7 and 8, but if I don't turn up I bet you will find someone to interest you.

Amanda – LOL what do you take me for? Some kind of slut like you?

Julie – LOL yep

Log Closed

Amanda looked at the clock that was just reaching 8.00pm and sighing to herself she realised that if she was honest meeting with Julie was just a dream. Although she had never met Julie over the months their friendship had grown and developed and they had shared many things. Helping each other with words through the bad times and just through words fallen deeply in love.

Amanda knew that Julie fiercely protected her privacy and for her the Internet was her private world that she kept apart from the real world. For Amanda real life and the Internet were much closer together and she had hoped that on her visit to England she could have met with her mystery lover.

Amanda closed her eyes and started to fantasise about how she would have seduced Julie. First with her tongue, then with her fingers and finally ridden her English lover with a strapon until she passed out with pleasure. Amanda wasn't butch by any means but in most of her relationships leaned towards taking the more dominant role.

Amanda was just thinking about calling it a night when she felt a presence standing next to her table. Thinking it was one of the many men who had been trying to hit on her all night she looked up ready to give him a mouthful and found herself looking into the eyes of the blonde woman who had walked in earlier.

Amanda had seen the woman in the bar a few times over the past days, often with a small group of friends. They were always quiet although sometimes she had heard soft peals of laughter from the tightly knit group that seemed somehow to exclude everyone not in their circle.

The woman's eyes were a deep emerald green that shone brightly and Amanda dragged through her memory and tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice as she remembered that Julie's eyes were bright blue. "Hi I'm Amanda."

"Hey you are Australian," the other woman laughed.

"Sure am" Amanda smiled appraising the woman more fully, appraising her skin tight black designer jeans tucked into black ankle boots, the casual, but clearly expensive leather jacket over a white blouse that was stretched over her full breasts.

"You waiting for someone?" The blonde woman enquired nodding at the empty seat beside Amanda.

"Yes .... well no.... Don't suppose your name is Julie is it?" Amanda laughed.

Smiling softly the woman held out her hand, "You can call me Lorna, and welcome to England."

Amanda felt lust stir within her and couldn't help glancing again at the tight blouse and was certain that Lorna wasn't wearing a bra under the blouse.

"So are you staying at the hotel?" Amanda enquired, "I have seen you in here with friends before, yet I notice you are on your own this evening."

"Nope" Lorna replied, "I was at a meeting just over the river and thought I would stop for a drink on my way home."

Amanda ran her hand through her short hair and patted the seat next to her as she said, "Well why don't you join me and maybe I can protect you from all these men who are prowling about."

Lorna smiled and looked directly into Amanda's eyes as she said in a low husky voice, "They don't interest me at all, do they interest you?"

"Not my type at all," Amanda said as she stared back intently at Lorna's eyes and to her own surprised found herself smiling in a flirty way. Amanda's brain reeled slightly, was that lust she was reading in Lorna's eyes or was she fooling herself with hope.

"Tell you what, I have an idea," said Lorna, "Rather than being part of the floor show for these men why don't we share a bottle of wine in your room?"

'My god' Amanda thought to herself as she found herself nodding and clicking her laptop shut as she stood. I am not normally this easy she thought, but there was something about this woman that attracted her deeply. Maybe it was the thoughts of Julie, or the wine, or the sexy English accent Lorna had, but whatever it was Amanda felt a deep and desperate need to get laid.

As they travelled in the lift Amanda turned to Lorna and said quietly, "I am a lesbian you know, so you sure you feel safe going to my room?"

Lorna looked at her calmly and smiled softly as she said, "Are you saying that you are going to tear my clothes off and have your wicked way with me?"

Amanda was dumbstruck for a second not knowing what to say, but before she could reply Lorna leaned forward and kissed her full on the mouth. At first Amanda didn't respond then opening her lips felt Lorna's tongue dart inside and Amanda felt her pussy flood with wetness. Returning the kiss with passion the two women were locked in a passionate kiss when the lift door opened with a ping. Breaking apart almost guiltily they walked up the corridor and Amanda's hand was shaking as she tried to work the lock.

Amanda almost cried with frustration as the red light kept blinking on the door denying entry when Lorna's cool hand covered hers and took the card from her trembling fingers. "Let me," Lorna purred as she swiped the lock causing the green light allowing entry to come on. Opening the door Amanda stumbled inside, putting the laptop on the desk and turned to face Lorna.

Amanda was just about to utter the words 'are you sure' when they were stifled in her throat as Lorna kissed her hard again. The two women clawed at each other's clothes as they kissed until they were both naked. Amanda felt Lorna's fingers play across her hard nipples, rolling them between her finger and thumb making them even harder if that was possible. Amanda moaned with pleasure as Lorna bent her head and took one between her lips and alternated between sucking it and then grating her teeth across it.

Amanda tugged Lorna towards the bed but Lorna stopped her whispering softly, "Let me feast on you first," and with that pushed Amanda onto the large bed on her back.

Amanda sighed softly as she felt Lorna's tongue trace slowly up the inside of her thigh and she opened her legs wide to give her full access. As Lorna's tongue worked higher Amanda reached for her hair and went to tug her head closer to her throbbing soaking pussy. Lorna reached up and moved Amanda's hands away from her hair and pinned them by her side in a strong but gentle grip.

Amanda was moaning and writhing on the bed as she felt her passion grow and couldn't help a loud moan escaping her lips as she felt Lorna's tongue trace along her pussy lips causing little electric shocks to run through her body.

Amanda tried to move her hands to touch Lorna but found them firmly pinned and this feeling of semi-helplessness heightened her excitement. "Oh my god" Amanda groaned and had to bit her lip before she added the name Julie, 'that feels wonderful Lorna."

Lorna ran her tongue across Amanda's engorged clit before taking it slowly between her lips, causing Amanda to mew helplessly as she began to hum making vibrations run through her clit and causing her tummy to flip over and over. Then as Lorna changed from lips to teeth Amanda moaned "Finger me please I beg you. Finger me hard and deep let me cum on your fingers."

Amanda was to turned on to be shocked at her own blatant sexual lusting and groaned and rocked her hips upwards as Lorna sat up and drove two fingers deep into Amanda's soaking pussy. "Does that feel good baby?" Lorna whispered as she slowly finger fucked Amanda on the bed, twisting her fingers deep inside Amanda's body.

"Fuck yes" Amanda moaned throwing her head back and arching her hips high of the bed so she was bent like a bow.

Lorna started to pump her fingers in and out of Amanda's pussy and the room was filled with a wonderful squelching sound. Amanda thought her head would explode as Lorna forced a third finger into her and plunged them deep inside her body. "The bedside drawer" Amanda gasped and then screamed loudly as she felt her orgasm burst as she fucked herself against Lorna's fingers.

Almost blacking out for a second Amanda felt Lorna's fingers withdraw and heard the bedside drawer open. Nestling inside was a thick 8-inch strapon that Amanda had intended to fuck Julie with but right now Amanda was desperate to feel it deep in herself.

Before she could ask if Lorna knew how to use a strapon Amanda felt herself being rolled onto her hands and knees and looking over her shoulder saw Lorna fastening the harness of the strapon with skilled and practiced hands. Amanda looked down at the bedclothes with a contented sigh as she felt the head of the strapon being rubbed against her pussy lips.

"Is this what you want baby?" Lorna cooed, "Do you want to be fucked hard?"

"Yes, yes, oh yes please" Amanda mumbled then gripped the sheet tightly as she felt the head of the strapon slide slowly into her willing pussy.

"Oh fuck yes" Amanda moaned and pushed back to meet Lorna's thrusts, savouring the way Lorna would fuck her slowly and deeply twisting her hips slightly before grabbing her hips and fucking her with passion and speed for a short period. Amanda yelled at the top of her voice as a second orgasm raced through her body and almost before it had subsided she felt the strapon being slid from her pussy.

"You know what's coming don't you baby?" Lorna whispered softly.

Amanda didn't speak but just reached round and pulled the cheeks of her ass apart, willing to accept whatever Lorna gave her, never had she been fucked so well in her life.

Watching over her shoulder Amanda couldn't suppress a long groan of passion as she saw Lorna coat the strapon with gel, smiling lewdly as she rubbed the thick shaft that was already slick with her juices. Amanda winced with shock as she then felt a generous dab of the ice cold gel being placed on her anal star and Lorna's finger pushing deep inside her ass, working the gel in. Amanda moaned with pleasure as Lorna slowly twisted and probed first with one finger, then a second, opening her and preparing for what Amanda knew was coming. Amanda sighed with pleasure and anticipation as Lorna withdrew her fingers and placed the head of the dildo at her anal opening.

Despite being prepared for it Amanda couldn't help groaning even more loudly as the head of the strapon slipped inside her ass. Lorna stopped for a moment letting Amanda adjust then continued with the thrust slowly and relentlessly pushing it ever deeper.

Amanda's whole body felt consumed with lust as her ass burned with pleasure and pain as the strapon was fully embedded in her ass. Amanda could feel Lorna's breasts on her back as she leant forward and kissed the back of her neck gently, then grazed her teeth across Amanda's neck in a primeval gesture of ownership.

Amanda felt total surrender and moved her hand to her own clit and began to rub as Lorna fucked her slowly at first then, as her thrusts increased in pace Amanda rubbed harder and faster. Amanda was screaming in pleasure as she felt her juices flood over her own hand. Then hearing Lorna begin to moan herself she felt the strokes become more frantic and less coordinated. The knobbly base plate of the strapon was rubbing against Lorna's clit and as Lorna's own orgasm burst she thrust with an animal ferocity into Amanda's ass causing yet another orgasm to burst through Amanda's body.

Amanda collapsed on the bed and lay there in a semi stupor as Lorna lay on top of her slowly gathering her breath. Amanda winced slightly as Lorna eased the strapon out of her ass but then relaxed as she felt Lorna begin to kiss and gently massage her back.

Amanda knew she had only drifted off for an hour and when she woke she found that Lorna had disappeared. Wondering if it was a dream Amanda rolled onto her back and feeling that wonderful throbbing in her pussy and ass that only comes from being fucked smiled to herself and hoped she would see her English Lorna again.

Opening her laptop Amanda lay on the bed naked and logged on hoping to be able to chat to Julie and maybe share her experience with her.

Amanda – Hiya sexy

Julie – Hiya sexy kisses, how are you liking England?

Amanda – Mmmmmm it's pretty good, just had an amazing session with a lovely English blonde. Wish it had been you though.

Julie – sounds like she was pretty hot, did you fuck her good?

Amanda – giggles, oh no I was on the receiving end and I loved every minute of it. In fact my pussy is still throbbing.

Julie – giggles, you receiving that's different, You touching yourself now?

Amanda – yep

Julie – so if had been me what would have happened?

Amanda – You my darling would have been where I was tonight. On your hands and knees as I fucked that wonderful pussy of yours as deep as she fucked mine. Driving the strapon in and out with deep savage thrusts. Kissing the back of your neck as I have always promised I would as I fucked you.

Julie – mmmmmmm that sounds good

Amanda – You touching yourself now?

Julie – Yesss 2 fingers in deep keep talking

Amanda – Then like she did I would have pulled out of your pussy and fucked your ass. I wouldn't have been gentle like she was; I would have fucked your ass hard, had you screaming the place down.

Julie – mmmmmm sounds wonderful, I would have pushed back to meet your thrusts. Willing you begging you to fuck me harder.

Amanda – oh god think I am gonna cum again

Julie – me too

Julie – aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Amanda saw the words cross the screen and knew that her lover had cum and this sent her over the top as she came herself.

Amanda – I know we will never meet but I do love you so

Julie – And I love you baby, this way is safer for me. Kisses and speak soon.

Julie smiled to herself as she closed her laptop and padded naked to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror she flicked out the green contact lenses, which joined the blonde wig on the side of the bath. Looking at her own reflection she pulled a rueful face as she whispered to herself quietly, "Yeah I know but its better this way ......."

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