tagInterracial LoveYou See Right Through Me Ch. 03

You See Right Through Me Ch. 03


The weekend passed in a blur with hours of no-holds barred sex, filled with extreme passion. Not a single phone call was answered or a text message replied to. They only left the bedroom when the gnawing feelings of hunger took hold of them. Xavier and Brianna couldn't keep their hands off each other. It was as if a new fire was kindled between them and the desire for each other was insatiable. Every doubt that Brianna felt was temporarily dismissed by the sensuality of his touch and the electricity that zapped through her veins by his kisses. The way he stroked into her, making her weep tears of pleasure as she climaxed over and over again. Staring deep into her eyes, Xavier professed his unconditional love to her again and again, reminding her of the promises he made to never leave or hurt her.

Late Sunday night, after they'd made love for the umpteenth time, Xavier clutched his sleeping beauty tightly in his arms. He kissed both of her eyelids affectionately as she slept soundly. He knew she was worn out from their bouts of love making. He had to be in his office by nine tomorrow morning and the workout of this weekend's coupling finally took a toll on him. Checking his IPhone before going to sleep, he saw there was a text message from Shorna, reminding him of the nine thirty appointment he had in the morning. Though he remembered, he appreciated her competence for always thinking ahead and making sure he followed his work schedule. Her work ethics were on par and he was glad he hired her.

Xavier still couldn't understand why, when Brianna had visited him at his office one day, she saw a threat. Why women would feel threatened on a whole by another woman being around their men was beyond him. Each person had their own choices to make and he always tried to make good ones. He didn't know why she thought another woman could just walk into their relationship. Yes, Shorna was very beautiful and had a great personality, but that meant nothing to him. Shorna had showed her interest when she had first started by trying to flirt with him but he drew the line then, and he made her understand that. Xavier had never cheated on Brianna since they started dating and he wasn't going to start now. As far as he could see, his relationship with Shorna was platonic and she was the best legal secretary he had in a while. He just wasn't going to dismiss her because of Brianna's insecurities. He just didn't see what threat Shorna had on his relationship.

The following Monday morning, Xavier's meeting with a lawyer from Gibson and Company and his client went better than he hoped. They were trying to settle on a divorce agreement and he was representing the wife, Angela Cramer, and Gibson represented her ex-husband to be, Hoyte Cramer. It was a tedious task finalizing on a settlement. Mrs. Cramer wanted nothing and only wanted to move on with her life, but Xavier personally thought it was fair that she got something so he saw it fit that she did. Hoyte Cramer was a greedy bastard, and even though he wronged his wife by leaving her for a younger woman after twenty years of marriage, he wanted to keep everything leaving her with nothing. It was men like Cramer that sickened him and Xavier made sure she got her fair share. Mrs. Cramer was a soft spoken, down to earth woman and he was sorry she ended up marrying a man like that.

Shorna watched as the gorgeous hunk of a man walked back to his office. 'Mmmmm. He was something else,' she thought as she licked her lips. Ever since she started working for Walters she had admired Xavier. The confidence in which he carried himself and his down to earth personality. It was a damn shame when she found out he was not single and she'd met the uppity little bitch that was his girlfriend. But that didn't stop her from ogling him every time she got. Every opportunity she had in his presence, she relished in it. He was that fine and she wanted him badly. He played the leading role in all her fantasies and wet dreams. She'd done everything she could to win his approval; she met deadlines and made sure every task she was given was always done right. Her performance appraisal was flawless, giving him a reason to always keep her around.

Shorna checked her makeup in the glass mirrored door before walking into his office. She knocked as he was just about to pick up his cellphone, smiling to himself. When Xavier looked up and saw her, he rest it back down.

"Knock, knock."

"Good morning, Shorna."

"Good morning Xavier, and how are you?" she sang, her voice excessively sweet.

"I'm doing great, just got back from my divorce settlement."

"How did it go?" Her insides quivered when that panty dropping smile plastered across his face, causing his eyes to twinkle. Well with that gorgeous smile, I can see everything was great, she almost said out loud but instead asked, "Did you get them to settle?" While taking a seat in one of the visitors' chairs in front of his desk.

"Yes. It is a good substantial amount I'm happy with."

"Did Mrs. Cramer agree to the settlement?"

Xavier settled back casually against the expensive office chair, his shirt stretching across his muscled arms. Large hands rest on the chair handles causing his biceps to flex underneath his shirt. Shorna tried not to gape at how fine he looked. He was always immaculately dressed and moved with a pronounced grace and swagger that defined how sexy the man truly was. Shorna wished she was that lucky woman.

"Yes, but the amount didn't matter to her, nothing could compensate for what he put her through," he answered regretfully.

"You are a great lawyer. I'm sure Mrs. Cramer would appreciate what you have done," she said, trying to boost his ego.

Xavier only sighed then changed the subject. "Well that's already settled. How was your weekend?" he asked, gathering documents on his desk.

Shorna perked up. "It was great. I spent it enjoying the beach with a close friend."

"Lucky fella?"

She laughed and looked away, "There's no lucky fella. I haven't found one yet. It seems as if all the good ones are already taken."

Xavier missed her insinuation. "No, don't say that. You are a very beautiful woman. I'm sure there are a lot of good men out there looking for you."

Shorna couldn't hide the smile that spread across her face; he thought she was beautiful. She wanted to find someone like him or better yet him, but she couldn't say that out loud.

"You should be celebrating, you know."

"For what?" he asked without looking up from the manila folder in his hand.

"Well you closed the settlement with Gibson and I know he has lawyers that are not easy to negotiate with and... today is also my birthday so I thought we could celebrate together." she finished quickly, hoping he wouldn't turn her down. It wasn't technically a lie. Her birthday was three days away and now that she had the opportunity to be closer to him, why not celebrate it early with the man that frequented her dreams?

Xavier looked up then, "Are you serious? Why didn't you tell me?" He rose from the desk and came around, opening his arms to give her a hug. Excitement spread through Shorna. She finally got the chance to feel his strong arms wrapped around her.

'Good God,' she thought. He smelled delicious and she relished in the way his arms enveloped her.

"Come on. I'm taking you to lunch, you're one of the best secretary I've ever had. You deserve it."

"Really?" Her eyes widened, surprise that he was offering to take her lunch.

"I'm a man of my word, Shorna."

"Okay let me get my purse." She hurried out of his office praying he doesn't change his mind.


Brianna made plans with Xania to meet up for lunch. After the spectacular weekend she had with Xavier, she was so excited to tell her friend she finally made up her mind to trust him. How she could she still doubt him? They had made love again this morning before he left for work and before she left for class. Even when he was about to leave, she couldn't tear herself away from his lips and he couldn't keep his hands off her. It was bliss and she couldn't stop smiling. When she got to class, she tried calling him to let him know how much she missed him but his cell phone only rang out. Then when she tried again it had only gone straight to voicemail. She only assume he was caught up with work.

Brianna was completing her last year in a degree in Information Technology and only had one class before lunch on Mondays, so she drove to their favorite restaurant which was also the best in the city. Xania had told her to go ahead and hold a table for them and she would meet her there.

As Brianna waited for the maître to take her to a table, her eyes fell on a man and woman dining three tables away but looked away. She did a double take when she recognized who the man and woman were. She gasped and then her stomach dropped, describing the horrifying feeling that gripped her. Nausea rose to her throat and her body swayed. The maître came up to her then and looked at her with concern. "Ma'am, are you alright?"

Brianna didn't respond. Her mind had gone numb and she could only stare in dismay at the man and woman sitting at the table laughing and talking. Her belly ached at the realization that it was Xavier sitting at the table with the one woman she didn't trust around him and she kept touching his hand.

"Ma'am? Ma'am, are you alright?" The maître asked her again worriedly. "You don't look well."

Brianna inhaled shakily. Pulling herself together, she gave him a forced smile. "I'm fine, just feeling a little light headed. Can you cancel that table?"

"Sure." Concern etched across his handsome features and he wondered what had caused the young woman look like she had a seen a ghost.

"Thank you." Brianna responded weakly and quickly walked away before he could ask her anything else.

Brianna rushed out of the restaurant. She willed herself to take deep breaths, trying to regain her composure. Her emotions were warped and all over the place, she didn't know whether to be angry or let the tears that pricked the corners of her eyes just fall. Brianna felt like there was a hand literally squeezing her heart. She wanted to get out of there immediately before all sense of logic left her and she went back inside and do something she would regret. So many thoughts were going through her mind. Brianna didn't know what to think. How can he be out with the very same woman she told him she didn't trust around him? She had tried calling his cellphone countless times but had only gotten his voicemail. Did he turn his cellphone off on purpose so she wouldn't know where he was or what he was doing? She didn't know what to believe.

Brianna called back her best friend to cancel their lunch date. She tried her utmost best to sound normal but her voice still cracked.

"Bri, are you okay?" Xania asked when she heard her shaky voice. It was then Brianna burst into tears and she told her everything.

"Bri, it's alright. There has to be a logical reason why he's out having lunch with her. Try not to think too much into it. It's probably what it was, just lunch. Think of this as a test in learning to trust him. Try not to think about anything negative."

Brianna wiped the tears that coursed down her cheeks, trying to fight the doubtful thoughts that invaded her mind. She could have gone back into the restaurant and made a scene but it would have only made matters worse.

Brianna promised Xania she wouldn't do anything stupid and drove home feeling depressed. She could always confront him when he got home but that would only prove to Xavier that she still didn't trust him. Her only choice now was to give him the benefit of the doubt and not jump to any conclusions.

Brianna went straight into the shower after she drove home. She just wanted to take a warm bath, lay down and get some sleep. Probably when she woke up she would feel much better. Climbing out of the bathtub moments later, skin glistening wet with droplets of water, Brianna wrapped a towel around her body. Turning away from the tub she almost jumped out of her skin. Xavier leaned casually against the doorway watching her.

Brianna's breath caught as she found his dark gaze silently studying her, exhilaration pumped through her veins.

"W-what are you doing home so soon? You startled me." Brianna was unaware of how tightly she clutched the towel around her.

Xavier smiled and blatantly looked her up and down. His gray eyes spoke volumes of what he was thinking and what he wanted. Brianna's body having a mind of its own came alive by just the way he his eyes devoured her. Her pussy quivered and she felt the telltale signs of her own need for him already trickling down her thighs. She wanted him.

"I can ask; why are you not in class but I'm staring at my reason." He answered advancing on her, taking so slow deliberate steps. Xavier stalked her until she was backed against the bathroom counter. Thoughts of the restaurant flitted through Brianna's mind but everything was quickly forgotten when Xavier reached under her towel and slid his hands up her thighs. Her body shuddered from his calloused touched. Xavier dragged his hands up, deliberately brushing her mound with his fingertips before gripping the curve of her waist and lifting her on to the cool surface of the counter.

Xavier wasted no time in pulling away Brianna's towel and spreading her legs wide so he could fit between them. The clean scented smell of her pussy wafted up through his nostrils and it was like a sweet aphrodisiac. His cock strained against pants zipper. He pushed her shoulders back gently, prompting her to lean back on the palm of her hands for support, and then pulled her buttocks forward just a little to the edge of the counter. Brianna's eyes followed his every movement, her swollen breasts heaving with anticipation. She didn't protest or open her mouth to say anything. Every last thought was instantly diminished when he lifted her legs over his forearm, spread her pussy lips and buried his tongue into her pussy. An inaudible moan escaped from Brianna and her hips jerked at the sensational fire that started burning where his mouth touched.

Xavier's tongue rubbed her clit back and forth, twirling his tongue around it then sucking it into his mouth and inserting two thick fingers into her at the same time, slipping them skillfully in and out. His onslaught on her vulva had disintegrated into warm bolts of delicious lightning that had her whimpering loudly. When Brianna's first orgasm hit, a scream tore from her lips and her hands gave out underneath as her world finally came shattering around her. Xavier hands instinctively wrapped around her waist, stopping her from hitting her head.

Xavier licked her sore clit tenderly because of how sensitive she became after an orgasm. After he rose up, he undid the two first buttons of shirt and pulled it over his head. He unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his pants, zipped open his fly and let his pants drop. Xavier lifted his undershirt to midriff and positioned himself between her thighs again, pushing her down until she was laying on her back. Xavier leaned over Brianna, propping one of her legs onto his shoulder. Then spanning his throbbing cock, he started teasing her wet opening causing copious amounts of her milky white cream to coat him. Xavier finally breached her tight opening, groaning through gritted teeth when the wonderful feeling surrounding his cock was enough to make him lose himself within her warm depth. Brianna felt so tight, hot and so wet, it took every ounce of Xavier's self-control not to ram his cock all the way into her. But to Brianna it was pure torture. She grabbed his firm backside, trying to force him all the way inside of her.

"Oh baby girl, you are going to kill me," Xavier rasped giving in, pushing all the way into her greedy pussy. Brianna's back arched at the 'full' effect of his cock and she was thankful that his thickness and length didn't make sex uncomfortable between them but extremely pleasurable.

Xavier started working into her steadily and slowly, biting down on his bottom lip at the erotic sight of his dick sliding in and out of her. The sweet friction of having him inside her created a thick creamy white line every time he pulled out and entered her again.

Xavier felt the first rush of his climax when Brianna's pussy started making repeated rhythmic contractions around his cock. He knew her second orgasm was imminent. Determined to hold out a little longer he used both hands to cup her backside, lifting her off the granite counter. He started thrusting vigorously into her pussy with every inch of his nine inches. The unmistakable squelching sound resulting from his skillful ministrations to her sopping cunt echoed in the bathroom, along with his grunts and her moans.

Brianna's body stiffened for a mere second and then there was silence just before she shouted, "Oh God! Baby---I'm---cumming!" The rocketed sensation that blasted through her was a pulsating burst of intensity as her vaginal wall started contracting fast.

Xavier knew his mission was accomplished when his woman started jerking and trembling in his arms. Letting go of his final restraint, sweet ecstasy started at the base of his drowning manhood and spread throughout the nerve endings in his body like a wild fire. "Fuuukkkk," he gasped as his body seized up and his climax sent him sailing on waves of passion that caused his vision to darken momentarily.

Through pounding heartbeats and heavily labored breathing, Xavier gathered his woman into his arms and planted kisses all over her face. Pulling away, he gazed deeply into her honey colored eyes and whispered, "I love you."

She whispered back, "I love you too." Followed by a happy sigh.

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