tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Should Be Naked More Often Ch. 06

You Should Be Naked More Often Ch. 06


Well, I wasn't sure where to take this series so I've decided to start to write and see where it ends up. I also apologize for the last installment in this series as I rushed it to Literotica and didn't spend enough time proofing it for errors. I will try to do better with this story.


After our last adventure with Karen being naked in front of strangers we spent the next several days trying to come to an understanding of what should happen next, or should we stop, where we were at?

The weather had cooled off enough that Karen would no longer be able to accidentally show off in the backyard by doing garden work or laying out in the sunshine so that option was no longer available. That also meant that it was too cool in the house for her to be naked so she couldn't flash any delivery guy as it would be too intentional even if they only caught a peek through the window.

This left us with two options: we stop trying to show her naked body to strangers, at least until the next summer, or we move inside and try some kind of situation that would still allow her to be exposed to someone that she did not know.

However, this still left us with a problem that could happen like our visit with Dave and she would end up not only being shown off, but also touched by a stranger and perhaps even more would happen. Karen made it very clear that if she was exposed to someone for more than a half hour or so that she wouldn't be able keep control of her desires and emotions.

She finally asked me if I wanted her to be used by other men and what would that mean? Used as in having her naked body felt up and caressed, or used as in fucked by who ever was in the house. I asked her what she wanted to do and she wouldn't give me an answer at first but finally said that she didn't know.

When she was feeling turned on, either by being exposed or when we were having sex, she was ready to take on anyone. But, in the between times when she was thinking rationally she didn't want to do anything more than she had already done.

After several more weeks of discussion I surprised her and told her that I had a couple of visitors coming over on Saturday and that I was hoping she would be able to show off and get naked for them, and me too! She frowned at me, and looked deep in thought before finally saying, "OK". I made sure that this information wasn't shared in the heat of passion, but during one of her rational in between times when she wasn't experiencing or thinking about sex.

We discussed some of what I hoped would take place and what I wanted to see happen. She expressed some questions about how far things would go and finally asked me "do you want them to fuck me?" I told her that I didn't know but if she wanted to do it at the time I wouldn't hold her back. I also told her that if she wasn't interested she could simply go into the bedroom and get dressed and everything would end at that time.

I had already sold most of my car parts on Craigslist so I contacted a couple of other car guys that I knew who would be interested in coming over to look at the last pieces and perhaps hang around for a drink or two. Karen didn't know either Steve or Dan and although I had invited them over I had only talked with them by phone or email and hadn't met either one.

They both showed up at 10 am on Saturday and after we had looked at the car parts and loaded them up I invited them into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. I had emailed Steve several times over the past month and suggested that he would have a very good chance to see my wife naked if he would come over, and an even better chance it he would bring a friend with him. So I knew that he would be expecting a show.

As we moved into the kitchen Karen greeted us at the door and although she was still dressed in a lightweight white bathrobe there were still plenty of moments for the two guys checking out her body while she was doing an assessment of them at the same time. Both guys were about our age and they still were in decent physical shape so after a quick once over she nodded yes to me.

She filled our coffee cups and offered us some sweet rolls and then moved out of sight. I knew that she was still close by and could hear us so I asked Steve what I thought of Karen. He looked a little sheepish but finally managed to say a couple of nice things about her and the way she looked. Dan wasn't quite as bashful and offered that she looked like she has a nice ass and sweet tits but it was hard to tell since she was still dressed.

I suggested that if they were brave enough to repeat their compliments directly to her that perhaps they'd get a chance to see more. Both readily agreed and soon after Karen came back into sight and into the kitchen. As she filled our coffee cups one more time I told her that the guys really thought she looked good, but that she was too covered up so they really couldn't tell. Dan immediately chimed in that he thought she had a great ass and that it was too bad she had it covered up and hidden.

Those comments gave Steve enough courage and he finally said that he really wanted to see her tits as I'd told them both how nice they were. Karen smiled just a bit and as she stood by my side, across the table from Steve and Dan, she slowly untied her robe. I wasn't sure if I should watch her or the looks on their faces and almost twisted my head off as I keep watching Karen slowly open up her robe and Dan and Steve's faces as she exposed herself to them.

Karen moved very slow and deliberately as she first untied the robe and held it closed and then slowly opened it just a bit to expose the inside curve of her tits and her tummy. This also gave them the first look at her freshly shaved pussy. She continued to pull the robe open wider and after what seemed like an hour, but was only a couple of minutes was standing next to me holding her robe wide open in the classic "flasher pose" showing her naked body to two men that she had just met a few minutes before.

After holding that pose for a couple more minutes she shrugged the robe off her shoulders and let if fall to the floor. I put my arm around her waist and pulled her towards me like it was the most natural thing in the world for a man to have his naked wife standing next to him while two men explored her body with their eyes. She put her arm across my shoulders and although we tried to carry on a conversation both Steve and Dan seemed tongue tied at the moment.

I finally asked them if they liked what they were looking at and reminded Karen that Dan thought she had a nice ass so she should turn around for him. She turned slowly and stopped as her ass was towards Dan. When he let out a wolf whistle everyone laughed and the tension of the moment went away. Karen asked if we wanted more coffee or rolls and although they both said "yes" Steve also said that he'd like something else too!

I was going to ask, but Karen beat me to it and said "Steve what would you like?" Don't you like what you see, or is there something else that you would like? He blurted out that he wanted to not only see her tits, but that he wanted to feel her tits, pull them and suck on them too. I thought that was a pretty bold statement since he'd only meet Karen less than an hour before but it was obvious that everyone was getting turned on at that moment.

Karen turned to me and asked me "is there anything else that you would like" and although she was talking about coffee or food the intent behind it was clear. I looked her directly in the eyes to see if I could tell what she was thinking. She'd already been showing off to us for quite some time and I could tell that the exposure and the comments about her body were getting her turned on and I knew that before long she would be ready for anything.

I suggested that since Dan thought she had a nice ass and Steve liked her tits that perhaps she should go over and stand between them as that way each of them could have a close up view of their favorite side. Karen only nodded at me and moved over towards Steve and Dan as they moved their chairs apart to make room for her. She slid in between them and stood still as they began a close visual exam of her body.

I asked Karen if she remembered what Steve had said about her tits and she repeated that he "wanted to pull them and suck on them." I then asked her what she wanted Steve to do and she replied that he should "pull on them and suck on them" if he'd like. It didn't take more than 2 seconds and Steve had one of her tits in his mouth as he started to pull and tease her other nipple. Dan didn't need any encouragement and quickly started to squeeze her ass and as she spread her legs a bit he moved his hand up between her legs to play with her shaved pussy.

Within a minute I could see that Karen was starting to lose control of her desires, she later admitted that having one man play with her pussy and ass while another sucked on her tits was an instant turn on for her. I wasn't sure that I wanted her to fuck these two guys, but I was also convinced that if I didn't do anything that was what would happen.

I could hear Dan's fingers squishing in and out of her cunt and knew that Karen was already close to and orgasm. By now he had also shoved one thumb up her ass and was using the other hand to pump her pussy as she started to buck and thrust herself on his fingers. At the same time she'd grabbed Steve by the back of his head and pulled him tight as it looked like he was trying to swallow her right tit as he pulled her left nipple out as far as it would go.

I walked around the table and leaned over to kiss Karen and as soon as I did she froze in place and tensed up as she started to orgasm. We all held on tight, Dan to her pussy and ass, Steve to her tits and me to her lips until she finally shivered and relaxed. What a feeling to be kissing your wife during an orgasm that was caused by others feeling her body. We held her like that for a few more minutes and finally she pushed us all away and backed up a bit.

Karen looked right at me and asked, "do you want me to fuck both of them? What would my husband like, I'll do whatever you want me to do. Should I suck them off, do you want me to fuck them both at once, do all 3 of you at the same time? What do you want me to do?"

I moved over to her and as I held her tightly I told her "you've already done enough." She looked into my eyes and said "thank you" and walked away to take a shower and clean up.

I told Steve and Dan that it was time to go, and that the show was over. Steve suggested that if I ever changed my mind and wanted to enjoy watching Karen have sex with another man, or two, that I should keep them in mind. I told him that I would but that I didn't think I'd change my mind.

I suggested that perhaps the next time he should come to visit and bring his wife Kathy along as I'm sure she would also like to get naked for someone she didn't know and let them feel her up and enjoy her body too.

After all, we had both enjoyed having our wife be naked and exposed under the pretext of having strangers come over to see our car parts for sale. Perhaps we could get them together for some mutual nudity and exposure?

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