tagExhibitionist & VoyeurYou Should Be Naked More Often Ch. 05

You Should Be Naked More Often Ch. 05


If you want to read this story in context you may want to go back and look at the previous chapters. If not, then go ahead and read it as a stand alone adventure. Don't both with any hate email as the story is fiction.


After the last adventure we had in Karen exposing herself to one of the men who had come to our place to buy some car parts we both thought it was time to sit down and discuss what had taken place and where did we want this to go.

Karen explained that although she really enjoyed showing off and being seen naked by men that she didn't know she felt that it was also dangerous for her. As the length of exposure increased she told me that she would get more and more turned on as every minute passed. By the time it got to about a half hour of her being exposed she felt that she had lost control.

She told me that the last time she'd exposed herself the feelings were so intense that she didn't even think twice about masturbating in front of me, and a complete stranger. Once again she said expressed her fears that if this continued she would do something that could damage our relationship and that I would hold against her in the future.

After many more hours and days of talking this through we finally reached a conclusion and both of us were satisfied. I would try to arrange a few more situations where she could be exposed to men she didn't know and that I would be ok with whatever might happen. She still wasn't real certain about the last part but I assured her that nothing would happen unless I either suggested it, or at the very least allowed it.

I spent a couple more weeks trying to put together just the right opportunity where Karen could once again be exposed while laying out in the sunshine in the backyard. Since I had already sold all the excess car parts that I had in the garage I needed to find some other way to bring someone over to the house.

It took awhile but I finally found an out of state buyer for a parts car that I had purchased long ago. Dave was looking for parts for his 1948 Chevy pickup and although the car I had was pretty beat up and rusty it did have a nice interior and would be able to supply all the parts Dave needed.

We discussed the price and although he thought I wanted too much money he finally agreed on a price and a pick up date when I told him that my wife enjoyed laying out in the sun nude and that as a free bonus he'd be able to see her naked as we loaded up the car and closed the transaction. We set up a meeting for the next Saturday as it was supposed to be sunny and warm.

However, just as so often happens the weather forecast was wrong and when Saturday morning arrived it was cool and cloudy with a light rain. It was obvious that Karen wouldn't be able to show off in the backyard as she'd done before and we were both disappointed that what we had planned couldn't take place.

We discussed some other possibilities and Karen told me that she'd try anything I wanted as long as I stayed in control of the situation as she knew that after some time she wouldn't be able to make rational choices.

Dave showed up at 11am, which was the time we had agreed on, and when he came to the front door I invited him in for some coffee before we looked at the car. We talked about his drive over, which took 4 hours, and eventually came to talk about the weather and how disappointing it was that the day had turned out cloudy and wet. He finally asked me "no sunbathing today, huh?" to which I replied that I was working on an alternate plan.

After we'd finished our coffee and completed the paperwork for the sale of the '48 Chevy about 20 minutes had passed and the rain had stopped. As we began to move towards the door I called out for Karen to come and meet Dave before we went outside. Previous to this she'd been in the back of the house and had listened to our disappointment as we talked about the weather and how she wouldn't be outside naked for him to see.

Karen came around the corner and walked into the kitchen to meet us. I was very surprised as she came into view as she was totally nude. We had talked about this before, it was my preference that she come out naked, but she had wanted to at least be wearing some type of robe. I was so proud of her as she walked right up to Dave and stuck out her hand to shake his and greet him.

Dave seemed stunned and it took him awhile to stop looking at Karen's tits and shaved pussy before he finally shook her hand and said hello. As he shook her hand Karen's tits wobbled and shook and it seemed that his eyes were stuck to her breasts and it took him quite some time to release her hand. All I said at that point was "I told you she's naked most of the time" and then pushed him out the door to load up the car.

Dave seemed to be in a hurry to get the car loaded up and didn't even look it over to see if it had the parts that he wanted. We got it pushed up on the trailer and chained it down without any problem and had it down in what seemed to be only minutes. Since we had both gotten a bit dirty and greasy I suggested that he should wash up before leaving.

We moved back towards the house but this time went down in the laundry room to wash off the dirt and grease. I could tell that Dave was hoping for at least another peek at Karen's naked body as he kept looking around hoping that she might come around the corner at any minute like she had before. I offered Dave a beer before he left and he readily agreed so we moved up to the kitchen and sat at the table. I knew Karen would be close by so I asked out loud if she'd like to have a beer with us, her we had already determined her response and if she was brave enough, and she was, her would say "no thanks, but I'll get them for you both." I was more than pleased to hear her say those words as I knew the show was going to happen.

Karen once again walked into our sight completely naked and send over to the fridge and after opening the door bent down to pick up a couple bottles of beer from the bottom shelf. By doing this she was bending down so Dave would have a clear view of her ass and shaved pussy as she bent over. This was another sign for me that she wanted to show off some more.

Karen handed us our bottles and as she turned to leave I asked if she would please sit with us for awhile. She didn't respond but only pulled out a chair and sat down between us. Today was the first time that she had been seen naked and face to face by anyone other that me, and now she was sitting with us like it was the most usual thing that would happen.

Although she appeared calm and cool about sitting there naked between her husband and a stranger I could tell that she was covering up her emotions. Dave wasn't able to keep from staring at her nudity and although Karen did her best to not pay attention to his looking she did glance his way now and then.

I kept trying to have a conversation with Dave about old cars, his '48 Chevy project, but he didn't seem to be listening to me. Finally I asked him "do you like Karen's tits?" It seemed to take awhile for it to sink in that I had asked him something. He snapped his eyes away from looking at her tits and nipples, blinked a couple of times and said "what". So I repeated my question; "do you like Karen's tits?"

Karen blushed at being discussed so openly in front of both her and a stranger she had just met but as Dave went on to describe how great her tits looked and how he liked her dark pink nipples I could see that she was also getting turned on as she squirmed around in her chair. He kept on talking about how great her tits were and that they looked better than those of many younger women, he also told Karen that looking at her tits and her naked body was extremely exciting and that she had made him hard as a rock.

I stopped his comments when I asked "would you like to touch them?" Although Karen knew I might want this to happen she seemed to shudder a bit when I asked Dave if he wanted to feel her tits. (She later told me that she'd experienced the first tremor of an orgasm at that time). Dave didn't anything, just looked at Karen and then at me and finally said "hell yea!"

I asked Karen to move over and stand in front of Dave so he could play with her tits. She quickly got up and moved over to his chair and stood next to him. Dave didn't waste a minute an immediately grabbed her tits with both hands and started to squeeze, pull, pinch and pretty maul them. I told him she likes to have her nipples pulled and as he pinched each one between his thumb and finger she let out a small gasp (second tremor) and then as always pulls back and pulls her nipples out of the pinch.

They went through this motion several more times until Karen pushed his hands aside as her nipples were getting sore. I watched as Dave began to run his hands around her body and he soon had both hands firmly gripping her ass. As he held her ass he pulled her towards him and quickly sucked one of her nipples into his mouth.

I was watching as he sucked and nibbled on her nipple and breast and it wasn't until Karen's body position changed a bit that I realized one of his hands had found it's way to her shaved pussy. I knew that Karen was now beyond stopping anything and would have gladly fucked Dave if I had asked but I wasn't ready for that yet, and I knew she would regret it afterwards if it went that far.

I moved my chair around a bit and could see that Dave was now pumping three fingers in and out of her pussy while he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Since everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves I watched to a few moments more as Dave kept on working Karen's pussy.

After just a couple minutes Karen tensed and took a deep breath and she grabbed Dave's hand and head and held him tight. As she held him she also fucked his fingers a couple more times and when he bit down on her nipple she her orgasm took over and she was lost in the moment.

After hanging on to him for a couple minutes Karen sank down onto his leg and pulled his fingers out of her cunt. She sat there for a moment and seemed to need to catch her breath. Finally she looked up, smiled at me, kissed Dave on top of the head and said "thanks" and moved into the bathroom. Dave's hand was covered in her pussy juice and so was his pants leg where she had sat after her orgasm.

As we moved out to the driveway and Dave got into his truck he told me he was going to have to be careful going home as he didn't want his wife to meet him when he was covered with Karen's juice and his pants were full of cum! I didn't offer to let him clean up or shower, just told him good luck on that one!

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