tagRomanceYou Take My Breath Away

You Take My Breath Away


Do you realize the effect you have on me? Do you understand just what being close to you does to my system? I really don't think you do.

From the start it was you pursing me. It was you who asked me to see you. I was content just living my life, chatting and trying to imagine what you looked like. I loved talking with the "sexy" voice on the other end of the line. The everyday talk, the flirting . You persisted and I gave in. I came to meet you on your turf even. Something I never do.

You were there in front of me with bounding glory. Sweet, sexy, and honest. I felt safe, warm, and comfortable with you. I felt the attraction the moment I got close to you. The heat that generated from your body was almost unbearable. My body shuddered at your touch. My stomach did flips. My head was swimming.

Your touch was gentle, yet so full of passion and desire. It was a hungry touch. It consumed me and swept me away. I was hooked on you and your touch; on your kisses; on your smile; on your eyes; on absolutely all of you.

It felt like forever since I had seen you. The last time we were together it was holding hands and stealing kisses in the park. We spent so much time together those first few weeks. Then as quickly as you rushed in, you pulled away. I had gotten use to your calls, to your messages, to the visits we shared. Then ..."POOF" no more. We once had found the time to be together, at least once a week. And we needed to capture those minutes again.

We had finally gotten some time set aside to be together and as usual your work had to be done first and I was stood up. No call telling me that you weren't coming, no nothing. I was crushed. I had put a lot of things on the line to be there with you. Not that I didn't want to, I did. I so desperately wanted to see you. I left text messages, voice mails, everything I could think of on your cell phone. It was the only way I knew how to reach you. I got nothing back. I left for home a broken woman.

A couple of days went by and I was frantic with worry about you. Even though we only knew each other a short time, I felt as if you would not do that sort of thing to someone. I figured if you didn't want to see me you would tell me. You may appear hard and rough on the outside but I do know you have a soft sweet side as well. With this in mind, I searched the hospital reports, the police reports, and even the obituaries. Nothing.......

I had just given up hope. I decided to move on and forget it. I had been blown off I thought. Oh well, life moves on. I thought to myself. We were brought together for some reason and if we are meant to be together we will be. Then another day went by and still nothing from you. Out of the clear blue my phone rang, it was your ringer. I answered it and it was you. You told me about the ordeal of losing your phone. You, like me only had one way to contact me and the cell was it.

You said you were not angry at me for the comments I had made when I was so upset, and that you did want to see me. I was relieved just to know you were ok. What a huge feeling of pressure that had been released.

Damn you for making me feel this way. I had promised myself I wouldn't do this. I wasn't going to get hooked. I was in it simply for the heated sex, the snuggling, and the companionship, definitely not the attachment. I was not going to get emotional. I would not allow myself to get that way. Why oh why did I go and do exactly the opposite of what I promised myself I would not do.? I haven't figured that one out yet, other than we can usually control what we have on our minds, but not our hearts.

Now that I know you want to continue to see me, I am moving with caution. I still desire you. I still want you more than ever, but my emotions can't take it. So if I seem a little distant, that is why. I can't believe things have went to the levels they have. But who can ever predict where things will go. I do not regret anytime we have spent together. I do not regret anything we have done. It has all been beautiful. The only thing I am upset about is the fact that I let my emotions run away with me.


We have made plans to meet for an overnight rendevous. I at first thought we would be together all day starting in the early morning...NOT....but I guess someone has to work. I sat most of the day playing on the computer and texting you when I could. Just waiting for a sign from you.

The time comes when I can no longer wait, I have to go or it will blow my cover. I get in my car, gas up and the drive to a hotel. Thank goodness they had a room. I text you letting you know that all the plans are set in motion. You just have to show up. Hours go by and no word. I get this sinking feeling you aren't coming. As usual I am let down, or at least I feel that way at this point. I am here in an empty room, two big beds, hoping to be with you, yet where are you?

The questions start to turn and twist in my head. Do you really want to be with me or are you just tell me things to string me along? The phone rings and it is you. You explain how a rain storm has come and ruined one of the jobs that you were almost finished on. Now you will have to do some of it all over as soon as the rain stops. So now it will be even later before you can be there with me. You assure me you will be there and that you want to be there. I take that in confidence and settle back on the bed.

Two hours pass by and I am stewing, staring at the tv but not watching. If you don't show I still have to stay. I can't go home now. What would I say? I really don't want to go home. I want to be with you. That is what this whole day has been about. US and being together. Am I going to be the stupid fool again? I sure hope not.

My cell rings and it is you. You are just outside the door but can't get in. I go and let you in. IT is so good to see you. I thought I had forgotten what you looked like. I thought I had forgotten that smile, those eyes. Once in the room I put my arms around you and give you a kiss that has been waiting on my lips for a very long time. The embrace is warm and inviting and the kiss is full of the passion I remember. I can feel that you still want me as much as you ever did.

You put your things down and tell me how much you have missed me. We go to the bed and stretch out across it just kissing and caressing. You smile at me and I see the gleam in those beautiful blue eyes. That one that tells me you want me. I want you so badly I feel my knees go weak. My stomach turns over several times and you take my breath away...once again.

I remove my dress and reveal nothing underneath. You watch at me with hungry eyes as I undress and slide in beside you on the bed. I get on top and passionately kiss you and then wonder downward to the top of your jeans. I take my time to remove them looking at you with a wanton stare. I hope you feel the heat that emits from my body as I lust for you. It has been such a long time since we made love that I can barely control the hungry urges as I undress you.

You see the famished look that spreads across my face. You know it is hard to control your own animal urges. You want to make love to me as badly as I want it and you can barely keep your hands from just plunging into me. You eagerly run your hands across my silken milky skin taking time to enjoy the softness under your touch. You send shivers across my body as I melt at the touch of your warmth. I reach for you to kiss you and caress you letting my hand glide across your masculinity. I have missed you so very much. I know you can feel my heart pounding. I know you can feel the heat that radiates from my loins. You start with gentle kisses that tour down my body to the vaginal lips that emit the hot juices that you so desire.

Those juices have been building up since the minute I knew you were on your way. Even before that. I think of you often and that is what happens to me....I just get all hot and so aroused at the thought of us together in one heaping mass of sweat and passion.

You take your mouth and gently start to taste my fluid. You tickle my clit as you flick it with your tongue making sure to do it soft and gentle then faster quick licks....ahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm sooooooo very erotic and arousing...I gyrate my hips to the touch of your mouth. Moans of pleasure escape me and I can't stop the noise. It feels so very good. I grasp your head in my hands groping your hair. You continue to feed from me as a hungry child. Your hands beneath my buttocks squeeze my cheeks as you engorge yourself. Pleasuring me to no end. You keep up the feeding as you feel me spasm around your tongue expelling a fountain of fluid. You drink from the fountain as it flows forth lapping up every drop moaning at the taste. I then feel you kiss your way back up my body. I want to return the pleasure but you won't have it. You want to have your way with me. You turn me onto my stomach and begin to kiss your way down my back to my buttocks. You begin licking my clit again sucking on my vaginal lips and plunging your tongue into my cave as you lick up to my anus licking the outer portion of it. Oh my what pleasure I have never felt. SO wonderful. Magic. Different. I was enjoying it more than I thought I would. Using your fingers you continue to lick my anus as you plummet your two fingers into my vagina moving them in and out feeling the warmth of my womanhood and the wetness that was escaping me. The moans of pleasure just reeled you to the edge. You got so turned on by hearing me want you more and wanting you to pleasure me. You loved seeing me gyrate under you at your touch. It was like a puppet on a string as you pleasured me I moved to inhale more of it. I could hear you moan and feel you move. Your rock hard dick was pressed against me as you moved up my back with soft gentle kisses. I could feel you enter me from behind.. It was so wet and warm and you slid in with out any problems. You took your finger and used it to slide into my anus giving me another sensation. Nothing like I had ever done. No one goes near that. Always say an exit only. I guess when the heat pleasure and passion takes over it makes no difference as long as it is pleasurable and not painful. I felt you move in and out of my vagina as I arched my back to take more of you. It felt so good I wanted more I wanted all of you. It was as though I could not get enough of you. I moved to your rhythm. I could feel you tighten up and your hard cock was swollen and throbbing. I could tell you were on the verge of a mighty eruption. I moved faster to meet your enterance. It was such an overwhelming feeling. I felt my clit throb and my vaginal walls convulse and spasm as I climaxed to your stroke. I heard you gasp with an ahhhhhhhhh sound as you took a hard stroke and spewed your seed into me. Your grip tightened around me as you held me close expelling all of your fluid, with a couple of quick strokes. Oh my it was so powerful so wonderful...indescribable. If a person could bottle everything I had just experienced, that person would be a forever rich person.

I turned to look at you. I stroked your hair and kissed you. I let you know just how amazing the session we had just experienced was. It was absolutely like nothing I had ever done before.

You smiled at me and said, "I know, but I also said if it is done right you would like it."

"Yes you were right." I said with a pleasing grin across my face.

You pulled me close to you and held me tight as we lay together just enjoying the afterglow of the moment. This is nice, I thought as I snuggled in your arms just thinking about what had just happened and feeling the exhaustion that had over come me.

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