tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Teasing Bitch!

You Teasing Bitch!

byDrippin Wet©

"You teasing bitch." rings in my head as I shower for the second time today, a huge devilishly wicked grin splitting my face. Tease! I have not even begun to tease you yet, baby!

Stepping from the shower as I dry off. I walk into my lover's room; it reeking of musky sated sweat and sex. My lover is naked and dozing heavily on the bed, his arms stretched above his head. I stand at his feet and gaze down at him.

An angel floats down onto my right shoulder, her delicate whispers brushing my ear, reminding me of the absolutely, incredible, delicious pleasure he gave to me this morning, how wonderful it was, remembering the intense orgasms rolling and writhing through my body.

A soft buzzing in my left ear distracts my thought's, I turn my head as a little devil plops down on my left shoulder. I gasp as I peer startled at the little devil perched on my left shoulder, "what did you say?"

"RED! RED! RED! Have you forgotten so soon", the little devil hisses at me!

Frowning, I think upon it.

The angel whispers, "But he was so good this morning, so giving, so caring, so very loving..."

"Yes! He rocked your world this morning, but that doesn't excuse WHAT he did to you! Hisses the devil.

"Just what did he do, that was so bad!" cries the angel. "He gave her one incredible orgasm after another."

"Yes! He did, he played your body like a perfectly tuned instrument, and then he turned it upon you with a vengeance! Teasing you so mercilessly!" the devil whispers in my ear, mockingly chanting "RED, RED, RED..."

Smiling mischievously, I walk into the closet and grab a handful of your neckties.

The devil laughs mirthfully, as he chants "RED, RED, RED!" Over and over again into my ear, drowning out the mortified cries of the angel, which disappears in a poof of white smoke.

I slip into the kitchen, grabbing a can of whipped cream, a jar of maraschino cherries, chocolate syrup, a small jar of jalapeno peppers and a Popsicle.

Strolling into Tony's room, a sadistic smile upon my face, I set my contraband on the bed next to his sleeping form. Scoop up two of the ties, knotting them loosely in a hangman's noose and tying them to the headboard above his wrists. Carefully, I slip them around each of his wrists, grab his hands and give a quick tug down, tightening them upon his wrists as he jerks awake yelling, "What the hell! What do you think you're doing"!

I reach down and hook his right ankle, tightening a tie around it and attaching it to the bedpost as I saucily reply, "Getting even!" I reach for his other foot, securing it as well.

Confusedly, he snaps, "what for?"

I step up, smiling sweetly at him and quip, "This morning!"

More confused than ever, he opens his mouth to spit out a question and I take the opportunity to gag him with his own tie.

Stepping back, looking at my handy work as his face darkens with irritation, he looks up, tugging on his bonds, tightening them even more. Realizing his predicament, his head whips around, his eyes boring into mine to release him.

I slap my hands together, smile and sweetly mock, "Now, lets get down to business, shall we."

Surveying my pile of goodies, I deviously look at him and pull a red Popsicle from the box. Tearing off the wrapper, I generously lick it as I watch him. I press the tip just behind his left ear; his eyes widening at the cold, I draw it slowly down his jaw, across his chin and along and up the other side of his jaw, sweeping it down his nose and circle his lips until they're nice and chilled at which point I leaned down suck his bottom lip between my teeth and nipping it as the cold Popsicle skates along his throat to circle his nipples. His body tenses up as his nipples painfully contract, I drag it across his chest rubbing it back and forth before letting it rest there.

Confusion and impatient irritation shining from his eyes, I get nose to nose and whisper, "just say RED." His eyes widen as he realizes he can't say anything, anything at all with the gag in his mouth. His hand fists as he sees the smirk of satisfaction on my lips or perhaps it might just be from the cold numbness settling into his frozen nipple.

I remove the Popsicle from his tightly puckered nipple and drag it along his tense ribcage raising goose bumps as I go, getting closer and closer to his groin. His eyes bulge at the thought of what I'll touch next as muffled sounds issue from behind his gag. I stop to look at him glaring at me, trying to warn me away from the course I'm on.

Raising my eyebrow, I query mockingly, "Did you say something? No, okay then, just checking" as I drop my hand down to his balls.

He growls at me around his gag as my hand drops to the juncture of his thighs, his eyes widening as the popsicle makes contact with the base of his ball sack, I roll it all over and around them, chilling them thoroughly, pressing in as he groans and his eyes roll back into his head, his balls tuck up closer to his body for protection from the cold. Pure delight quivers through me as I watch his body strain.

I glide the slowly melting Popsicle up his semi-hard shaft, ever so slowly circling it around his tender bulb as he tugs desperately on his bonds trying to get away from the chilling cold.

"Oh look baby, your penis must be really cold, its shriveling up. What do you think?"

His eyes snap at me, like he's ready to give a serious ass whipping.

Taking some pity on him, I wrap his cherry-flavored cock within my hot mouth. Sucking and nursing it back to life, it starts to grow in my mouth, getting harder and larger as his body relaxes from the warm pleasure his cock is receiving, I greedily, suck his stiff prick. Then, lean down and lick the sweet cherry flavoring off his balls, slowly working my way back up and over his prick. I suck him deeply down my throat in one smooth quick motion, my lips moving up and down his shaft hard and fast.

I lower my body down onto the blue satin sheets, resting between his thighs. His leg tenses beneath my hand as his balls tighten against his body; preparing to shoot his cum. I firmly press my Popsicle against his tight asshole, his ass cheeks tense against the cold invasion, his head whips up, blue eyes flying down, pleading with my green ones. I gaze at him as I suck on the head of his cock, like it's my very own unending lollipop. Watching him watch me, I wonder whether he's pleading for mercy or more.

And still the devil whispers, "RED, RED, RED..."

I shrug my shoulders at him, grin around his prick in my mouth and think, what the hell, in for a penny, in for a pound, as I push my frozen Popsicle into his helpless ass, and gobble his dick down my throat. Moving them in tandem up and down, in and out. Fucking him with my rapidly melting Popsicle.

Almost completely immobilized he thrusts his head back into his pillow, shallowly panting and groaning, body tense from the multiple sensations assaulting his senses.

Realizing he's getting too close to coming, I withdraw his cock from my mouth, pull the almost melted Popsicle from his ass, tossing it into the wastebasket by the bed, I crawl alongside his body and lower the gag from his mouth.

I whisper into his ear, "Say RED!"

He turns his head towards me and harshly rasps out, "You BITCH!"

I grab the jar of maraschino cherries, opening it and plucking a couple from inside. Holding them by the stem, I run it over his lips, eyes and cheekbones. Leaving sweet juice all over his face.

I pop them in my mouth as he stubbornly watches and wonders what I'm up to next. Sticking out my tongue, I start ever so slowly lapping the juice trails from his face, Licking his eyelids, the tip of my tongue trailing down his nose, kissing the tip pertly, my hot sweet cherry scented breath washing over him as I work. I glance down and see his cock has softened a little. I slash my mouth across his, licking the cavern of his mouth, stroking his tongue with mine, softly sucking on it as if it was his cock.

He groan's deeply and responds to my teasing by thrusting his head up, his tongue forcefully invading my mouth, mating, seeking more.

As I pull away, I look at him and whisper, "Say it, say, RED and you'll get relief."

He grins up into my face and whisper's, "Fuck You."

Frowning, I look into his eyes and whisper, "wrong answer."

I reach over and grab a jalapeno pepper, breaking it in half, I run it across his upper lip as he struggles and curses at me not to.

Kissing his forehead I thoughtfully say, "Maybe next time, you'll be ready to say it." Bounding off the bed, I smile wickedly at him and insightfully remark, "Oh, by the way, I wouldn't lick your lip if I was you."

Looking down his body, I realize his cock needs teasing again. Hum, what can I do next, looking at my remaining supplies; a light bulb goes off in my head. I glance up from my pondering to see him warily watching me, wondering if what I've got in mind will be painful or pleasurable. His upper lip stings; whatever it might be, he realizes I haven't replaced the gag; perhaps I forgot.

But, I haven't! I have my reasons and they are well thought out.

Smiling down at him, I remark, "You know, it's been a long, time since I've eaten a banana split, and you have a ripe banana that is just perfect to eat."

Trying to focus on what I said instead of his itchy top lip, he realizes it's going to be pleasure. Smirking; he thinks no problem, I can handle this!

Seeing the smirk upon his face, "I ask, are you sure, there isn't something you want to say to me?"

He silently grins at me, his lips sealed as he watches me.

Grabbing the cherries, chocolate syrup and whipped cream, I slide between his legs, open the syrup and pour it up and down his shaft and over his balls. Popping the can on the whipped cream I spray it over his cock, set the can aside and reach for a cherry, placing it right on top.

Watching me, he smugly believes this is going to be a walk in the park.

Smiling into his blue eyes, I breathily reply, "I guess I should dig in."

Leaning over his groin, I start licking the sweet concoction from his cock and balls, gripping the cherry between my teeth, I gaze at him while softly chewing it, leaning back over I lap at the chocolate and melting whip cream, hearing him softly sigh. I look into his eyes and suck his chocolate covered cock down my throat, Swallowing hard as my throat muscles caress him, his cock expands with excitement filling my throat; shutting off my air. I come up off his cock. Grab the can of whipped cream, insert the tip into his ass and fill it with some of the sweet creamy concoction. Tossing the can aside I smile nastily at him and start licking, dipping and thrusting my curling tongue inside his ass. My hand strokes the shaft of his chocolate covered cock as I feast on his ass, licking the rim clean, Sitting up, whip cream smeared all over my face, I glance up at him while stroking his hard cock with my hand, I see that he's pretty much delirious with ecstasy, but not quite ready to cum.

I straddle his cock, forcing his big swollen head into my quivering excited pussy. I look over my shoulder at his smiling face and inquire as my cunt bobs up and down on his shaft "are you ready to say RED." His grin widens as he shakes his head in the negative. I hop off his cock, grab three of his ties, knot them together slide it behind his neck and loop it under his knees, grasping the free end I knot them together, effectively immobilizing his legs and exposing his ass, making him feel very vulnerable. I crawl between his legs, kneeling on my knees as his grin slips slowly from his lips and his eyes look questioningly into mine, I ask "For the last time, are you gonna cry RED?" He tentatively but stubbornly shake's his head from side to side negatively.

I lean over him with a sweet smile, gaze into his eyes and slowly wet my lips as they descend upon his, I lightly slide the tip of my tongue along the seam of his mouth drawing his bottom lip gently between my teeth, nipping him pertly, I straighten, grab a tie and stuff it into his mouth. Reaching past his head I grab the jar of jalapeno peppers off the headboard, slither back down his body, kiss his cock, nip his balls, lightly lick his ass, sit up and grasp the largest pepper by the stem, swirling it around in its juices as his jaw drops and his eyes widen, I cock an eyebrow, grin triumphantly at him as I slowly drop the pepper back into the jar, as he exhales a sigh of relief, he drops his head back onto the pillow, as his eyes close I take the opportunity to dip my index finger deeply into the jar of pepper juice until my entire index finger is coated, pull it out and press the cold wet tip against his asshole, his eyes fly open as I quickly push my finger in as far as it will go, sawing it in and out of his ass, dipping it briefly back into the jar of pepper juice before thrusting it back into his ass as he thrashes about with strangled sounds coming from his gagged mouth! I yank my finger out, grab the jalapeno pepper from the jar and push it in, hop off the bed and trot into the bathroom to wash my hands with soapy water as he's squealing, squirming and scooting his ass into the bed with his asshole on fire.

I grab a pair of scissors off the dresser to cut the tie from around his neck, tying the loose end to the footboard, forcing his legs to remain extended. I briskly walk over to the headboard, place my foot on the bed beside his head, so that my pussy is over his face, reach back and grab the jar of cherries and start stuffing them into my pussy until my cunt is filled as I watch him wiggle and squirm his ass against the sheet. I grin down, yank the gag from his mouth, and lower my cherry filled pussy to his mouth as I command him to "eat." I lean over, greedily devour his cock as he sucks, chews and desperately swallows the cherries as fast as he can to keep from suffocating. He finally screams, "RED" from between my thighs...

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