tagNonConsent/ReluctanceYou Wanna Tap That? Go Tap That!

You Wanna Tap That? Go Tap That!


UC Davis is a public university nestled in the Northern part of the Central Valley of California next to the small town of Davis. Professor Wendel cheerily tapped on the metal bar on the seat in front of him. He was sitting on a red double-decker bus on his way to Meyer Hall. The university creek with the Arboretum way looked lovely with the pink flowering trees. Professor Wendel was excited to run his own version of the Stanford experiment. The department paid little attention to the tenured professor, who mildly meddled around.

The students were already sitting on the tables of the community room. The community room was simply a spacious area at the beginning of the hallway on the top floor. The university had added a few tables, chairs, and other surfaces for students to study between classes. There were ten students in their sweat pants, baggy t-shirts, cute skirts, and tight jeans. He gave five of them a corduroy cable that they tied around their upper arm. This marked them as the prison guards. The other five received a trash bag sling to wear over the shoulder and across the chest. Theses prisoners further received a paper coaster from a local bar pinned with a safety needle to their chest. The paper coaster gave them a number one through five.

The experiment was intended to demonstrate the dehumanization of the prisoners and bring out the tyrannical nature of the guards. The entire upper floor was expected to be empty for the next three days. The experiment developed into an entirely unexpected direction early on. After the guards had exercised the prisoners with drills, they left them in a class room, while the guards played games on their IPhone. Secretly, guard Jameson sneaked away from the guards. He commanded prisoner 3, the girl with the green skirt, tank top, and bra beneath showing out. They stole a plastic mattress from the makeshift beds and set up in a distant room.

They were fresh lovers. As fresh lovers do, they lay on the plastic mattress kissing, making up, and screwing like the birdies. Prisoner 3's face glowed with happiness of love making. Guard Jameson's blond hair was tussled. A green skirt was hanging of the edge of a desk. A t-shirt was lying on the floor. The female body was reaching up to the sky straight on top of the male body lying back and marinating in pleasure. The female body was moving with self pleasure around.

All the rooms had video surveillance for the experiment. And, the scene had later leaked on the Internet. Now, came the famous moment. Guard Mustapha entered the door. He was a large man with man boobs and an oversized black t-shirt. He lethargically swung his body through the doorframe with an earnest face to chew them out. Prisoner 3's face seized him up flowing over with love and compassion. She asked the now famous words: "You wanna tap that? Go tap that!" She rotated both hands reached out toward him to come closer. Guard Mustapha wobbled closer. She hugged his large face and kissed him with the warmth of a tanned loving Italian. Her dark brown curly long hair framed her face. Guard Jameson helped pull the large black t-shirt, the size of a tent, over the head. Two big man boobs fell out.

Prisoner 3 turned around to lie on her chest on the plastic mattress and reach her naked behind up into the air. The butt and thighs were wonderfully toned from spinning classes. A little above his penis, guard Mustapha had a prominent gut fold. Beneath it dangled his small flaccid penis. He was kneeling on the plastic mattress. Prisoner 3 scooted her butt against his pale hairy flesh. She reached behind to hold his penis: "You don't need a condom. I am on the pill." The penis half stiffened, enough to insert it into prisoner 3. She moaned. He grabbed her hips to thrust in and out of her. His torso was erect and he looked into nowhere, glancing down at the naked cute coed body every once in a while. She had her eyes closed and hugged her breasts and face into the plastic mattress.

Guard Jameson looked on for a while, until he moved his butt in front of prisoner 3's face. She grabbed his firm penis and swallowed it. An ethereal, warm, and soft light flowed in the room. Happiness and joy was created. They all came together. At dinner prisoner 3 ate with the guards. As the word for the reason of the privilege spread more sensual adventures happened among the ten students. The Stanford prison experiment had turned into a love nest. Guards and prisoners treated each other with much love and privilege.

Professor Wendel was much disturbed that his experiment did not develop as he wanted to. His role was to observe and analyze and never to interfere, except for the protection and safety. However, Professor Wendel got a hold of two real inmates. They had been hardened in the state penitentiary. Inmate Ron had killed two people, one of them in prison. Inmate Robert was notorious for raping his cell mates. The introduction of the two inmates did turn things ugly for half hour or so. A leg was broken within the first half hour. After the first half hour, one of the female coeds had seduced them into a little erotic adventure. They mellowed out immediately. After the second pussy giving, they became friendly. They taught the college kids, how to pass the time of the experiments and get really comfortable with the bare essentials of desk, chairs, and a few plastic mattresses.

The unexpected progress of the experiment left Professor Wendel permanently changed. He spent many days in his professor's office. It was a small little room that barely fit the desk, two chairs, and a couch. Half year later, he emerged as a renegade and weirdo. He had formulated a theory of 'sexappy.' The basic idea of sexappy was that people getting regular sex were happy and functioned pretty well. He claimed that prison inmates would self patrol themselves, if they had access to sex. He claimed that murder, rape, and theft rates would drastically drop. The core motivation for human being is to screw the other gender. If you can have sex, you don't need to steal anymore. If you can have sex, you don't really need to take risks taking bribes. Professor Wendel was convinced that all society's ills could be cured with more sex. He was isolated and sidelined in academia.

However, two years later, California state governor Schwarzenegger surprisingly picked up on the ideas. The state budget had a trillion dollar gap. Nobody could explain how such a large gap happened despite tax increases and service cuts the prior year. The governor was almost forced to close all schools and disband half the police force. Streets had already decayed for years into pothole heavens. Professor Wendel's sexappy theory gave the governor a Hail Mary opportunity. He would introduce a service duty similar to the jury duty. By random choice, state citizens would be picked to render sexual services to anyone, who wanted to have sex. By that theory, he would be able to disband most prison guards and leave the prisoners to stay imprisoned by the honor system. Crime would drop low enough to close three out of four police precincts. Students would love each other so much that the older students would teach next year's class. Corruption would drop. Tax evasion would nearly stop. If the black hole of the budget had not been as severe, he would have never had the law approved. "You wanna tap that? Go tap that!" had been the fighting slogan to gather popularity for the law.

Kristel was a young twenty something, who had received her first form summoning her for service duty. She had called the 800 number to confirm and check in. The morning was a little darker than usual, because she had to get up an hour earlier than work. The streets and sidewalks were black and reflective from the rain that had fallen earlier. Few people were driving or walking near the government building. The solid rock face of the building, the pillars, and Roman design elements clearly marked it as a government building.

The entrance door had a thin black metal frame with vertical push bars. A wide entrance with linoleum floor and gentle steps guided her to the post with a white paper printout taped to a portable barrier: "Service duty report in room 104." Room 104 had rough office carpet and many rows of chairs. The walls were mostly mobile walls hinting at an army of government worker ants in little cubicles with high piles of paper cartons behind it.

Kristel got to seize up her compatriots. There was Faheema, gray faced Arabic woman. She guessed that most of her face was gray, because she could only see the skin around her eyes. She was wearing a scarf over her mouth and nose. The rest of her body was hidden under a layer of clothing that made her body shape look nondescript like a whale. Faheema was holding a large handbag. The design was simply a bag with two large straps. Her shoes were old and scuffy.

Betty sat right opposite to the window that had called their names to sign in. She was a chubby eighteen year old teenager. She was happy and excited. She wore sneakers, purple leggings that made her chubbiness clear. The fabric was a bit overstretched in places to seem transparent. She had a pink t-shirt on that was equally tight. It showed her the outline of her large boobs clearly as well as her love handles. She wore a metal button on her chest with the American flag, an eagle, and the inscription "glad to service." She had asked the government worker during her signing in, if she could service two men, because she was a true patriot. The government worker solemnly declined her request: "We don't do that."

Kimberly sat apart from them all. She was completely aloof of the proceeding. She was in her mid thirties. She seemed to work on a grocery shopping list. She'd scribble a lot of things on it. Her hand bag contained odd knickknacks like a pacifier and a school permission slip. The only thing that she had said all morning was a brief comment to the sign-in clerk: "I know the drill."

Andrea, our government guide, appeared next to the sign in window. She was a pear shaped woman wearing a floral blouse and brown pants. Her gut waddled as she walked. She had a gold ring and a gold bracelet. She called all four of them. She walked them behind the portable walls into the government ant farm. A little cubicle had a large black camera on a tripod. Opposite was a white pedestal with a red, white, and blue American flag hanging lifeless in the office.

Kimberly was the first to give her oath: "I swear to sexually service another Californian today. To my best ability, I will arouse him and stimulate him to orgasm. I believe in my duty of making this state better." She held two fingers up high. Andrea flashed the camera to take evidence of the oath. The oath was a legal vehicle to imprison anyone getting second thoughts later and declining to have sexual intercourse with the designated person.

Betty was quick to jump up on the white pedestal. Her heavy boobs bounced. She lightly blushed as she belted out the words, emphasizing sex. She made fists and waved her outstretched arms left and right like a cheerleader. For the final, she jumped down into a squat and back up. As the camera flashed her, her fingers were in her mouth suggesting a blow job. She mumbled with her full mouth: "I am a patriot."

Faheema was reluctant. She had followed up to here. She started inarticulately to scream 'eeeeh aaaah.' Andrea reached into the pant pocket of her loose pants. She got an orange prescription bottle out with a white cap. The label had Diazepam 20 mg written on it. Andrea tackled Faheema. The confused Faheema was no match to Andrea, who was twice her weight. The large hands of Andrea pushed down on Faheema's mouth until Faheema swallowed. Andrea waited for an extra minute to make sure that Faheema had chewed and swallowed the Diazepam. Faheema sunk into the corner of the cubicle. Kimberly helped her pick up the items that had fallen out of her purse.

While the drug started taking effect on Faheema, Kristel got on the white pedestal. She tried to say everything correctly and follow the hand motions to seal the oath correctly. She stood there with her blue jeans and the pretty top. The top showed her décolleté. The décolleté was framed by blue ruffles. It had a little waste band under her boobs. Her Latin face looked cute that day. Her cheeks were full and her hair was done neatly. She was wearing special Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie beneath to please the lucky man that she would be assigned to. Her lingerie was flesh colored with a pink heart and red trim covering her nipples and vagina. Thin black strap ran over her shoulder for the bra and around her hip for the panties. She was wearing turquoise blue high heel slippers with playful feathers over the strap that covered her foot. Her cute and moist feet were done with red toe polish.

Faheema was drowsy. She had to hold onto the flag to tell her oath. Andrea would tell her each word individually, because Faheema could not remember more than one word ahead. Her eyes shifted open, half closed, and closed. Andrea stomped her foot on the ground to get Faheema to lift her hand for the final oath photo. Andrea grabbed Faheema by the hand and dragged her to the meeting room behind her. The other three women followed them.

The meeting room was a converted break with a sink and white counter. The counter had a black pot of coffee. A woven wood basket had a white sheet and presented bagels and sweet bakery things. A neatly typed white page asked any intrigued person to put 50 cents in a paper cup for coffee and 75 cents for a bagel and so on. The five women sat in a circle with thinly upholstered chairs. Faheema was drooling out of her mouth and slowly wiping the drool stain on her clothes. Andrea welcomed them to their patriot duty. She promised that they could have fun as well. And, everything would be over sooner than they realized.

The first segment of the lecture explained how to turn on a man. Betty immediately leaped to her feet. She swung her straight leg semi high. She pushed her boobs together, so that the nipples almost kissed. The two boobs formed a tight slit. She turned around to show her behind to the class. She grabbed her ankles and started alternately squeezing her jiggling butt cheeks. Then, she looked at the class between her legs and gave a warm smile. She jumped around and slammed her groin with her hand. She held it there and smoothly drifted back to her seat. The overweight Andrea looked at Betty with disapproval.

Andrea continued her lecture. She stressed that taking off the clothes was a great opportunity to arouse the man. Do it slowly. Pull down a section of the clothes to let him peer without actually removing the clothing. Wiggle clothing off instead of taking it off efficiently. Put the man's hands on the clothing to let him pull it down. Especially, opening bras works wonders, because men take a long time to open the bra hooks. That provides plenty of time for arousal. Betty bellowed "I am a patriot". And, she pulled down her top to show her naked boobs for a moment.

Andrea continued to explain sexual positions. Missionary is basic and fine. Doggie style can sometimes be an extra turn on. Betty swirled standing on top of her chair. She squatted on the chair. She said proudly, "I love it from behind squatting, when he goes all crazy." Andrea cut Betty off. "Okay, we know what she likes. Let's share a bit of our sexual fantasies. This lets us warm up and open up to have a good time later. Kimberly, you go first."

Kimberly explained that since she had kids, simply having peace and quiet was her biggest dream. However, when she did have sex with her husband, she liked being tied up. Once her arms were tight spread out to the door or she was tied into a neat bundle, she knew that she had no more obligations. She could simply relax and enjoy her husband going nuts on her. A blind fold sometimes added a special spice, because it kept her guessing, what happened next. That would heighten her senses. Andrea assured Kimberly that the office had ropes and blinds available on request.

Kristel was shy. She said that she would love to be caught naked in a hot steamy shower and have the man lick her up and down. The man would lick the soles of her feet. He would lick her inner thighs. He would lick her ass. He would lick her arm pits. He would lick her face. He would finally settle to lick her burning hot sex.

Faheema was still drooling semi conscious. Andrea snipped at her: "I guess she likes her first hard cock."

Andrea rolled a portable white screen from the wall. It was a metal square with white fabric in between. She placed it in front of the counter. She put the coffee and bakery items on the floor. She rolled a little mat on the counter. "Kristel hop on here." Kristel obeyed. She lay on her back with her butt at the edge of the counter. "Pants down." Kirstel opened the fly of her jeans. She lowered the jeans to her thigh. Then she hugged her knees onto her chest. Her naked ass and pubic zone was exposed to Andrea. Andrea fingered around her clitoris and labia to check for any signs of disease. Andrea inserted a metal cold speculum into Kristel's vagina. Kirstel's nipples stiffened a bit. Andrea poked inside of her with a long cotton tipped applicator. "I am checking for dentata. Some government rebels like to hide dentate in their vagina. The common tape is the snap trap. A pressure plate will have two spring-loaded metal teeth byte into the penis. I would have set them off by now. The other device is a needle that injects pain inducing medication. I will have to flush your vagina to get any of those out." Andrea raised a douche bag. The water seeped into and out of Kristel's vagina. "You have a nice young and tight pussy."

Betty hopped onto the counter next. Kristel could see her sneakers lurking out behind the white curtain, as Betty was holding her knees to her chest and spreading her legs. Betty squeaked occasionally as Andrea rough handled her for being so enthusiastic earlier.

Kimberly followed mechanically and slightly bored. Her black high heels were showing past the white screen. Andrea was working between them. The white screen had been bumped against and moved slightly. Kristel could catch glimpses of Kimberly's vagina. A silver ring was pierced in the hood of her clitoris with a silver dolphin hanging from it. The vagina lips were a bit stretched from the childbirth.

Faheema was dragged onto the counter. Andrea ruffled through the layers of draped clothing until she called out: "Faheema is a virgin. Does anyone want to take a look?" Betty was the only one, who immediately bounced to Andrea's side. Betty gushed, 'wow, it is so shiny, thin, and white!'

After the exams, the women sat in the circle waiting for the blood results to clear them of STDs. Betty tried to chat up Kimberly: "So, how was your first service duty like? You are such a proud American for going the third time." Kimberly looked down on Betty: "Honey, it is in and out. The parking garage has only three hours of free parking. We better be getting practical soon."

Faheema softly leaned against Kristel. Faheema's hands were tenderly placed on Kristel's olive tanned forearm. Faheema snored mildly. Kirstel kept her feet under the chair leaning forward. She kept running her tongue over her lips and checking the lineup of her eye brows.

Finally, go time! The service room was sterile like a doctor's office. They shared the same room. The room was divided with white translucent clothes dividers. Each stall had a green medical table with a wedge as a pillow. There were two chairs and a small table to get acquainted. Above the table was a board with lights. The first light was switched on. It showed the symbol for two hands shaking. Kristel neatly sat down on the chair facing the entrance to her stall. She folded her knees and poised her folded hands on her upper knee.

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