You Wanna Tap That? Go Tap That!


She smiled as the man in the bright orange jump suit entered. The jump suit was zipped down all the way to show a plain white t-shirt behind it. The man's head was bald. He was large and strong. He seemed to be twice the size of Kristel. "Yo, my name's Dagger. What's up in this house?" Kristel send a bright welcome smile at the man standing large at the entrance. "I am Kristel." She added with a little dip of her head, you are "half and half." The deep voice asked, "Now, what's that, sweetie." Dagger laid one hand inside the palm of the other and took a broad stance. "That's when you are half muscle and half fat."

Dagger thought it over for a moment. Then, he walked like a mix of a sideways swinging cowboy and the speed of a steaming train towards Kristel. His broad hands grabbed her high at the upper arms. He lifted her off the chair and pressed her against the white wall behind the green medical table. Kristel's heart was pounding. She felt scared. At the same time, she had this urge to submit and surrender. There was the idea that giving in would make her feel good and resolve her anxiety. Dagger seized her up with his face close to hers.

They both listened to the noises of the other stalls. Apparently, Faheema's man was complaining about having gotten a frigid woman. Andrea was getting hands on pulling down the clothes of both the protesting man and Faheema. Betty was gushing at her man, how hot he was. The sound of her slapping various body parts of her own to turn the man on clearly came over. Kimberly's low voice was making perfunctory small talk.

"You ain't talking shit at me," hissed Dagger. "I am yours," melted Kristel. Dagger hugged her warmly. The enormous mass of his body enveloped Kristel. Kristel cried a couple tears of relief on his large pecs. She felt the well trained muscles of Dagger's body. She felt the growing erection in his penis. She could smell the clean basic soap of the prison that he had lathered himself with. She wanted to be taken and possessed by Dagger.

The light above the wardrobe switched to the symbol of a coat. It was the hint to start taking off clothes. Betty immediately lurched into cheer leading cheers. The sound of her snapping waste bands and clothes flying softly against the screen walls was heard. Kimberly made slurping French kissing sounds. Dagger pulled himself out of the orange jump suit. His biceps were large. A tattoo with Japanese symbols was painted on them. He flexed them for Kristel, while he held his fist at his forehead. Then, he lifted his white t-shirt to show the bulges of his six pack abs. He meandered over to Kristel. Kristel slipped her small female fingers under the top of his drawers. She pulled them down. As she pulled the rubber band of his drawers over his penis, the erect member snapped up into the air. It was a full girth eight inch long beauty. She leaned her face almost against it, as she bent down to pull the drawers of Dagger's feet.

Dagger picked up Kristel of the ground. He placed her on his hips. Kristel straddled him with her legs. He was so wide, like a whole playground hut by himself. Dagger lifted her top over her head. Her hair fell back down. Her Frederick of Hollywood bra looked gorgeous on her skin. Dagger's large hand could cup one of her full boobs completely. He fumbled with her bra straps for a moment, before a flash of anger crossed his face. He ripped the whole bra of her body. She breathed in air sharply. A red line marked her skin on the opposite direction of the pool. The fabric had been strong. Kristel exhaled as this dangerous man was right at her skin. She would be here for a while longer, forced by the laws of the state of California.

The fear turned her on at the same time. She could feel her pussy getting wet. She could feel how the strong man's body made her tremble down to her bones. It made her clutch him harder. Her arms were a quarter of his large biceps. She looked like pretty adornment on him. He let her slide to the ground. She pulled down her jeans. She pulled down her panties. He picked up her panties from the desk to smell them. She was split naked and exposed in front of the prison inmate with his large muscles and stout erection.

The light above the medical table switched to the outline of a sexy woman. It was the signal to start arousing each other. Betty was the loudest as she gave a gulping and sucking blow job. Kristel slowly danced away from Dagger. She raked her arms up into the air in a wave like motion. She leaned on the table and stuck her fanny out. She slapped the naked skin of her ass: "All of this is for you, Dagger." Dagger came closer. She turned around. She pressed one hand flat against his chest. She twisted side to side as she squatted down. She pressed her boobs together to make them appear fuller. Dagger looked down on her. His large penis hovered in front of her face. He hissed: "Cut the crap." She slowly got up running her hands up the back of his hamstrings. She had her fingers glide up between his bulging butt creeks. He pushed her on the medical table. His body was over her naked body. She tried to turn her body a bit sideways in a little last minute fear. He kissed her full lips. His lips and tongue were large. Her were like fine china, as small and delicate.

The light above the medical table turned to the symbol of male and female to signal the beginning of intercourse. Dagger's penis thrust into her mound. He pushed deep. She felt like she was a sacrifice on a large tribal statue. Dagger was like a giant. She was like wax melting on him. She split her legs to straddle his thighs. The sweat of his chest and heavy breath bore down on her. Betty was apparently doing cow girl, because she was cheering like a cow girl. Andrea kept talking sternly to Faheema and her man. Kimberly yelled at her man to get hard.

Dagger rose of the medical table. His massive legs made a large stance. His penis was still inside of her. He grabbed the back of her knees. Her knees acted like a door hinge. He'd slap his body against her pelvis. She would swing up along his penis and come smashing back down right against his pelvis. She was like a little whale rider, sitting on him and riding. She looked deeply into his eyes that were starring straight, as he was taking in the pleasure. He pressed her hard against him, almost painfully as he came inside of her. His pelvis curved forward to penetrate her deeper. She hugged her naked boobs closer into his body. Her blood was curdling with an orgasm. Betty's screams of ecstasy had her half turned on as well. Betty made her skin tingle with the deeply felt screams. Faheema was sobbing in a muffled way. Kimberly was urging her man still on.

The sign above the medical table switched to a suite case ushering them to pack up. Dagger pulled his clothes back on. Kristel was still dazed from the raw force that had run through her. As Dagger turned to leave, she stopped him. She reached into the crotch of his orange jump suit. She pulled his penis out and kissed the head of the penis good bye. She had read that it would create a nice memory for inmates to hold onto until the month for the next service visit was over.

Dagger left. Andrea peered into her stall and frowned on her for still peeing naked. Andrea threw the clothes from the table onto her naked body. She got dressed. Her boobs were sagging a bit deeper without the bra. Her nipples showed a little through her top. Betty immediately jumped to Kristel and hugged her in exuberance. Kimberly was careful to organize her hair and straighten out her makeup. Faheema had her clothes piled on her unevenly. Her right shin showed her naked leg. Faheema seemed relieved that it was over. Andrea stamped the woman's wrist to recognize their service with a rubber stamp: "Serviced an American today."

Kristel was glad that she did not have to go to work today. She walked along the government hallway. She looked at the metal and silver insignias along the walls -- patriotic symbols and lists of important people. In between, little glass boxes had current postings for government workers. She replayed the feeling of Dagger entering her belly. She replied the curdling of her skin. She replied the feeling of such a large, strong, and angry man.

She came to a little opening to the side. It was a smoking terrace. A few green plants and chairs had been placed there. A thick railing ran around the outside. It was made of a concrete wall with a large sized metal black metal tube on top of it. Near the side of the railing was a man in a blue janitorial suit. He was tall. He was shuffling. His pelvis was moving. In front of him was Betty. She was looking outside down onto the traffic. Her leggings were pulled just beneath her chubby butt. The janitor was fucking her from behind. Betty was all happy shoving her body into the janitor's pelvis with each of his thrusts. She was happy to get an extra chance to be patriotic. She looked at the people beneath her walking on the side walk. Kristel stood there for a moment imagining the sexual appetite and good feeling of having her pussy stimulated again. Betty turned around to get screwed from the front. She saw the bashful Kristel and cheerily waved at her like a separation of a ship leaving to cross the Atlantic. Kristel walked on.

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